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Captains and the Kings

Captains and the Kings By Taylor Caldwell Captains and the Kings This is a great surging novel about the amassing of a colossal fortune the political power that comes with it and the operation of a curse laid on an Irish American dynasty and the ruthless driving

  • Title: Captains and the Kings
  • Author: Taylor Caldwell
  • ISBN: 9780449205624
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Paperback
  • Captains and the Kings By Taylor Caldwell This is a great surging novel about the amassing of a colossal fortune, the political power that comes with it, and the operation of a curse laid on an Irish American dynasty and the ruthless driving man who founded it.Joseph Francis Xavier Armagh was thirteen years old when he first saw America through a dirty porthole on the steerage deck of The Irish Queen It was the eThis is a great surging novel about the amassing of a colossal fortune, the political power that comes with it, and the operation of a curse laid on an Irish American dynasty and the ruthless driving man who founded it.Joseph Francis Xavier Armagh was thirteen years old when he first saw America through a dirty porthole on the steerage deck of The Irish Queen It was the early 1850 s and he was a penniless immigrant, an orphan cast on a hostile shore to make a home for himself and his younger brother and infant sister Some seventy years later, from his deathbed, Joseph Armagh last glimpsed his adopted land from the gleaming windows of a palatial estate A multi millionaire, one of the most powerful and feared men, Joseph Armagh had indeed found a home CAPTAINS AND KINGS is the story of the price that was paid for it in the consuming, single minded determination of a man clawing his way to the top in the bitter sweet bliss of the love of a beautiful woman in the almost too late enjoyment of extraordinary children and in the curse which used the hand of fate to strike in the very face of success itself.Once again, Taylor Caldwell has looked into America s roistering past as a setting for a drama of the consequences of savage ambition and its meaning then and now.
    Captains and the Kings By Taylor Caldwell

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    One thought on “Captains and the Kings

    1. Philip on said:

      Taylor Caldwell is largely unknown today, and CAPTAINS AND THE KINGS is virtually the only novel of her left in print in mass market paperback, and less than a handful are available in oversized paperback editions But from 1938 DYNASTY OF DEATH through her last published novel, ANSWER AS A MAN 1980 , Caldwell kept countless readers enthralled with her powerful sagas of ambition and destiny, set during various periods of American and European history along with a few diversions to Ancient Rome an [...]

    2. Amy on said:

      I don t even know where to start with this book My dad told me about it years ago Its not exactly one you find lying around on library shelves waiting to be checked out And, in fact, I only have a copy because I borrowed it from my dad and HE only has a copy because my sister found it at a thrift store Anyway back to reviewing it.First beware it is what I call old writing What I mean by that is it is of a Margaret Mitchell or MM Kaye style than say a modern day popular author It has details tha [...]

    3. Laura on said:

      Ok Be very careful with Taylor Caldwell books She has geared these toward women who want hardcore romance if you know what I mean It is usually brief I hear, but the point of her books is not about heaving bossoms it s to educate the average reader about governments and what goes on behind the scenes She is very educated and a very talented writer and usually writes about a specific conspiracy They may sound strange but I would highly recommend any of her books minus the bedroom scene for anyone [...]

    4. Jason on said:

      A truly extraordinary book in every way My mom told me that a long time ago, she read a book that was so good, and I thought to myself, I have to read this I enjoyed every page, and it s amazing to think about how it applies to our lives today If you read it and think about it, the book should both frighten you while making you wonder who the hell is actually running our country and the world Men behind curtains that no one has ever heard of making decisions that change how the world functions, [...]

    5. Lynette on said:

      For everyone who did or has ever voted in a presidential election, this is a must read When an unknown can come out of the woodwork, unstudied and untested, without any sort of litmus test, and become our president, we must ask ourselves, Who is he and who owns him Read this book It is haunting

    6. Jeanne on said:

      This is a fascinating read You feel totally involved in this world while you are reading I read it as a teenager and as an adult and it s loosely based on the story of the Kennedys particularly their father Joseph with a lot of intrigue and nasty back stabbing thrown in Creepy doesn t even begin to describe the kind of people that are in this bookd anyone who comes in contact with them is fighting a losing battle.

    7. Bettie☯ on said:

      TV miniseriesGreat watching but glad I didn t read know what I mean

    8. Tesa Jones on said:

      One of my favorite books The characters are strong and the story line is compelling When you are finished reading it, you are left with a disturbing thought who are the people in charge calling all of the shots

    9. Gerald on said:

      Captains and the Kings is the sweeping 1972 novel of the family of Joseph Francis Xavier Armagh, who departs Ireland as a 13 year old with his mother and younger brother Sean to join his father in America His mother dies upon arrival in New York harbor giving birth to his baby sister Regina He promises her to take care of the family They are penniless and find out they will not be allowed to debark in New York at the same time that he is informed that his father has recently died They debark in [...]

    10. LemonLinda on said:

      This is a pretty powerful HF from the early 70s Caldwell was quite a prolific writer This is one of her later books which was made into a popular mini series in the 70s On the surface it is a book of a young Irish immigrant who with hard work and a willingness to do whatever was needed for success was able to build a multi million dollar business empire and to consort with the world s most powerful people Joseph Armagh closely resembles Joe Kennedy in his Irish heritage, his interest in politics [...]

    11. Laura on said:

      A long awaited book, just arrived from USA through BM.The tumult and the shouting dies,The Captains and the Kings depart.Still stands Thine ancient sacrifice An humble and a contrite heart.Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet,Lest we forget, lets we forget Rudyard KiplingThis is the story of Joseph Armagh, an Irish immigrant, and his family He struggled in order to survive as soon as his mother and two little brothers arrived in America but his perseverance made him a rich and powerful man, which o [...]

    12. Ken Rossignol on said:

      Taylor Caldwell reveals the ruthless world of the era after the industrialization of America began and one could imagine the same world of today s corporate climate in the digital era The common thread of course is mankind with the good and the bad traits shining through Captains and the Kings was made into a mini series and CD set is available even now on I am going to order the set After reading the book in the 70 s, I gained a great insight not only into the history of the era but also a pret [...]

    13. Valeria on said:

      Captains and the Kings is such a great all around read in my opinion So much so that it is one of my favorite books of all time and that s saying a lot coming from me While the theme at first glance seems to be a rags to riches story, it goes so much beyond that You have history, romance, politics, drama plenty of it yet not overdone , and it also delves into the different natures of human beings It is easy to read, yet pretty intense and I had a difficult time putting this book down Caldwell w [...]

    14. Renie on said:

      This book started out super strong with vivid details, moving images, and character investment I loved, loved, loved it Then, imagine my surprise when on page 100 the author tells all about the protagonist moving to Titusville, PA my humble home town in order to strike it rich in the oil fields It was absolutely fascinating reading about my town 150 years ago I enjoyed the book, except there are places where it gets bogged down in politics which, although I recognize is the main theme of the boo [...]

    15. Deborah Pickstone on said:

      3.5 stars, really It would have been 4 but for the oddness of a key issue in the narrative out of nowhere it appeared to me I am told I may have missed a whole part of the storyline see below , we suddenly learned of the man who had cursed our main protagonist s family but the narrative of that happening and how and why was never included Yet, from its first mention, this curse was referenced over and over again in the rest of the story Weird.

    16. Ahmad Sharabiani on said:

      Captains and the kings, Taylor Caldwell 1900 1985 1361 530 1363 20

    17. Kate on said:

      This is rightly called a saga of an Irish American family the Arghmahs Had I read it as a youth I would have been totally entranced, with this tale of suffering Irish who at last made good I would have perhaps embraced the cynicism and dystopian views of man s very nature a teen is taken with Nietzsche and that darkness.It is high on melodrama, which was rife in sagas of this time, and while I enjoyed the characters and the fact that man is often his own worse enemy, that what he strives for is [...]

    18. Walter on said:

      19th Century America was an exciting time of economic growth, a time in which fortunes were made and lost, the time that Mark Twain called The Guilded Age , when fortunes were made and lost and empires were built It is in this context that Taylor Caldwell s novel The Captains and the Kings takes place This novel is a typical Caldwell novel Despite her love of historical novels, Caldwell is not a historian and tends to get the basic facts wrong concerning the era about which she is writing Anothe [...]

    19. Richard on said:

      Powerful and lengthy But it held my attention, especially when I realize what family this story was based upon The author has a way of making you feel the period and emotions of the main character as he grows from man child to man hood Being driven by his circumstances to take on the responsibility of caring for those in his circle of life to realize in the end that will lets say, money answereth all things.

    20. Recynd on said:

      What a great book As run of the mill historical fiction, it was good great character development, wonderful writing keep a dictionary handy , fresh plot As social commentary, well, it was fantastic Caldwell obviously understand how our world works, and the story is as relevant today than it was when it was written, if not so.

    21. Peg Gasperoni on said:

      Rereading this book 40 years later Often recalled this book especially during election years I am, again, totally engrossed again The story of Joseph Armaugh takes place back in the mid 19th century, but it seems like only yesterday and, yes, today It will color your view politics as usual Always thought it shoukd be a required read discussion book.

    22. Daniel on said:

      Taylor Caldwell s novels are always good readsbut I must say, I prefer her novels about biblical characters She takes you into the minds and lives of people like, Paul, Luke, Judas and others with such emotion and insight

    23. Linda O on said:

      1983 Powerful story that had a great impact upon me in my younger adulthood, the way I looked at the world of leaders, power and the existence of good and evil as it exists in the world of the powerful and the not so powerful.

    24. Marilyn on said:

      This is the second time I have read this book, and I enjoyed it and understood it much better this time Maybe that s because I looked up words I had never seen like epergne and Panjandrum.

    25. Holly Panter on said:

      love Taylor Caldwelle can t do wrong in my bookis is another great

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