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Major Barbara

Major Barbara By George Bernard Shaw Major Barbara When a Salvation Army officer learns that her father a wealthy armaments manufacturer has donated lots of money to her organization she resigns in disgust but eventually sees the truth of her fathe

  • Title: Major Barbara
  • Author: George Bernard Shaw
  • ISBN: 9781406957167
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
  • Major Barbara By George Bernard Shaw When a Salvation Army officer learns that her father, a wealthy armaments manufacturer, has donated lots of money to her organization, she resigns in disgust but eventually sees the truth of her father s reasoning that social iniquity derives from poverty it is only through accumulating wealth and power that people can help each other.
    Major Barbara By George Bernard Shaw

    Major Barbara Aug , A young and idealistic woman, who has adopted the Salvation Army and whose father is an armament industrialist, will save souls directing her father s business A comedy with social commentary Plot Summary Add Synopsis Major Barbara play by Shaw Britannica Major Barbara, social satire in three acts by George Bernard Shaw, performed in and published in , in which Shaw mocked religious hypocrisy and the complicity of society in its own ills Barbara Undershaft, a major in the Salvation Army, is estranged from her wealthy father, Andrew Undershaft, a munitions manufacturer. Major Barbara Rotten Tomatoes Mar , The daughter of rich weapons manufacturer Andrew Undershaft Robert Morley , idealistic young Barbara Wendy Hiller rebels against her estranged father by joining the Salvation Army.

    • Unlimited Major Barbara - by George Bernard Shaw
      160 George Bernard Shaw

    One thought on “Major Barbara

    1. Laura Verret on said:

      A Marxist play.What can I say Shaw s one of a kind, And he had a great mind, But he used it to sayThat he d found a way To live without truth He believed it, forsooth He fought against God,And built his facadeBy claiming that reasonWas funding his treason.He poked at all moralsAnd fueled all his quarrels With words smooth as honey In short, he was funny It s not hard to mockOr even to shock,But for all his jeeringHis methods are queering,For Shaw fails to showWhy his strange credoIs any validT [...]

    2. Richard on said:

      A witty but devastatingly subversive play which mocks Christianity in general and the Salvation Army in particular And as is always the case with Shaw, it comes with a long winded, preachy preface designed to hammer home the author s ideology, just in case the stupid reader did not get it from the play.

    3. Laura on said:

      From BBC Radio 4 DramaAfter a long absence George Bernard Shaw returns to the Radio 4 airwaves in this new 2 part drama Starring Eleanor Tomlinson as Barbara and Rebecca Front as Lady Britomart 1 2 Barbara s mission is to save East End souls in the West Ham Salvation shelter A tale of rich privilege and a battle of wills All wrapped up in a romance, the return of a long lost father and a little matter of finding a foundling to carry on the Undershaftarms and gunpowder empire.2 2 While Barbara is [...]

    4. Manny on said:

      I last read this play as a teenager, and I don t remember it as well as I would ideally wish I recall the moral as being, roughly, that the Christian world view was entirely compatible with the ethos of the military industrial complex Can that really be right Maybe there was some level of irony I wasn t properly getting I should re read it But, ironic or not, full marks to Shaw for prescience the term military industrial complex wouldn t even be invented for another few decades, and I don t thin [...]

    5. Shriya on said:

      First of all, I d like to mention that Major Barbara just like the female protagonist of the play, saved my soul not through the salvation army but by being the first book I had read in almost a fortnight The depression that had followed was unbearable and Major Barbara literally pulled me out of it today, when I started reading it again Now about the play You read a lot of plays Some are tragic, some are comic and some are simply Shavian You go about the world, with your own notions and then al [...]

    6. وائل المنعم on said:

      After reading so many plays by Shaw, I liked only this play, In it i like Shaw the satiric but not necessarily Shaw the intellectual, although i preference socialism, but have an unrest about the the western Europeans and Americans Socialists specially the celebrity ones.Back to the play, I think the most remarkable element about it is its characters, Shaw s sarcasm of every one except maybe Undershaft is clear at least for me In this screen version he is free to present the scenes as he liked a [...]

    7. Alan on said:

      A brilliant summation of the place of capital in war mongering and peace striving The Salvation Army proposes peace, but in order to keep the charity going to support peace, Major Barbara elicits contributions from her father Undershaft the munitions maker In Eisenhower s term, Undershaft is the perfect representative of the military industrial complex Peace itself depends upon Undershaft Read as a college freshman, struck with Shaw s insight and character portrayal My Freshman Humanities profes [...]

    8. Leslie on said:

      Read as part of my Kindle omnibus The Plays of Shaw.Very witty satire about Barbara Undershaft, a major in the Salvation Army, and her family, most notably her father who owns operates a munitions factory The debate about physical versus moral power is a bit wordy in places otherwise I might have given this a 5 star rating Now I am off to watch the film version with Rex Harrison and Wendy Hiller

    9. Ericka Clouther on said:

      Talk about unreliable narrators The characters intentions are a muddle, and this is surely done intentionally The debate about good versus evil and Christianity versus capitalism is crystal clear and deeply depressing Nothing changes in history.

    10. Eric on said:

      G.B.S is a masterful devil s advocate In this play, his most vibrant character, Undershaft, is a capitalist a munitions magnate He makes a better case for individualism and capitalism than Ayn Rand ever did You wouldn t know from reading this that the author was a socialist.Shaw was a lifelong member of the socialist Fabian Society, who advocated the technique of permeation Its members, many of whom had friends in the halls of power, could express their ideas to those politicians persistently an [...]

    11. Katie on said:

      It is the Undershaft inheritance I shall hand on my torch to my daughter She shall make my converts and preach my gospel George Bernard Shaw is rarely easy and never simple He continually pushed boundaries and tested limits, and his 1905 play Major Barbara is no exception.Set against the backdrop of Edwardian Britain, where the problem of huge slum populations would eventually lead to the 1906 landslide victory of the Liberal Party and the creation of the welfare state, Shaw explores the issues [...]

    12. Laura on said:

      The problem with Shaw is that I always feel crabbier when I read him Even Pygmalion, which strikes me as a superior play, makes me slightly irritable, and Major Barbara doesn t have any musical tunes to hum while you re trudging through Shaw s dreary I Am So Keenly Critical and Nuanced dialogue The other problem is that, in my opinion, he s neither keen nor nuanced He s bigoted and cranky, and his weak humor begs an unfavorable comparison to Oscar Wilde, who probably didn t like this play either [...]

    13. Paul Gaya Ochieng Simeon Juma on said:

      When we talk about God, by extension we are talking about poverty, illiteracy, weakness, and suffering Wealth is a source of happiness, arrogance, pride, and oppression The former view is held by Mr Undershaft while the latter view by he daughter, Barbara Question is, can we all be wealthy Can we aolish poverty Gearge Bernard Shaw thinks we can He proposes the introduction of the minimum wage for everyone He through Mr Undershaft believes that poverty is the worst crime on earth Barbara on the o [...]

    14. Uday Desai on said:

      This is the first play work by Shaw that I read, and I liked it so much, even it is old written in 1905 I am going to read his other plays and novels Well I am going to read it again and may be I will edit this review If God Gave the Hand, Let Not Man Withold the Sword.All Have the Right to Fight None Have the Right to Judge.To Man the Weapon To Heaven the Victory Beautiful Having said this, The play Major Barbara is written to portray strength of realism over that of Salvation Army whatever ism [...]

    15. Rob Roy on said:

      This is a play about capitalism verses human rights, about the military industrial complex, what religion is really about, and what is right and wrong Yet, this play was written over a hundred years ago, yet is as fresh as if it were written today There will not be a reader or viewer, despite their political or religious leanings, that will not have at least one long cherished belief challenged to its core Many plays are cotton candy, this is a meat and potatoes play Lastly, you will laugh as we [...]

    16. Mike on said:

      This is now the third time I have read Major Barbara for it stands as the ultimate question answer primer on the necessity of war and the arguments against it Essentially it is about a young woman who is a Salvation Army girl and her father, the world s largest arms dealer Their tete a tete and the explosions that happen in the relationship have inspired many other books, plays and essays If you can only read two plays by Shaw, let it be Pygmalion and Major Barbara If you only read one, let it b [...]

    17. R K on said:

      I really like this play Shaw pushes the boundary of society Answers our darkest questions about society without any remorse or fear This play bashes all the do gooders out there by essentially saying Yes you do good But is it really good is it causing harm How can you stand in the light smiling whilst shaking hands with the dark The same dark that you spit on It s a play that really gets you thinking about the way society is built Are our actions of good really befitting the society or are we j [...]

    18. Jill on said:

      I feel like the genius of the play s ideas merits than 2 stars HOWEVER, this wasn t an enjoyable read Far from it From hopelessly trying to decipher the writing style Shaw uses to portray the dialect of the poor to struggling to determine what exactly Shaw was recommending, I found it difficult to appreciate Major Barbara What I think Shaw is trying to say is that only through wealth can we eradicate poverty Which, in the case of Undershaft using his munitions factory to outfit potentially oppr [...]

    19. Victor Lameirão on said:

      This is not preachy in spite many of what many of the other reviewers say Shaw is not taking a moral high ground and telling people what the should think.He is raising the level of discourse, he is putting important themes and subjects on the spectators minds This is not a play to agree or disagree with It s one to make people talk about important things when they leave the theater.I, unfortunately, didn t have the pleasure to see it on the stage.A great and short read nonetheless.

    20. Adria Maria on said:

      Shaw always manages to make tipically unloveable characters quite likeable I love that all his characters are flawed, and there s no perfect hero in his plays That results in a highly enjoyable read, devoid of any eyeroll worthy moments where the hero proves how much better they are than everyone else.

    21. Awab AlSaati on said:

      Okay Why haven t I read anything by Bernard Shaw before This play is absolutely brilliant And it s funny It reminded me of the musical plays my mother used to put, so full of symbolism and hidden politics And it s ironic, since she resembles many of the characteristics of Lady Britomart.

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