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A Voice in the Distance

A Voice in the Distance By Tabitha Suzuma A Voice in the Distance In his final year at the Royal College of Music star pianist Flynn Laukonen has the world at his feet He has moved in with his girlfriend Jennah and is already getting concert bookings for what promi

  • Title: A Voice in the Distance
  • Author: Tabitha Suzuma
  • ISBN: 9781862303553
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Voice in the Distance By Tabitha Suzuma In his final year at the Royal College of Music, star pianist Flynn Laukonen has the world at his feet He has moved in with his girlfriend Jennah and is already getting concert bookings for what promises to be a glittering career Yet he knows he is skating on thin ice only two small pills a day keep him from plunging back into the whirlpool of manic depression that oncIn his final year at the Royal College of Music, star pianist Flynn Laukonen has the world at his feet He has moved in with his girlfriend Jennah and is already getting concert bookings for what promises to be a glittering career Yet he knows he is skating on thin ice only two small pills a day keep him from plunging back into the whirlpool of manic depression that once threatened to destroy him Unexpectedly his friends seem to be getting annoyed with him for no apparent reason, he needs less and less sleep, he is filled with unbridled energy Events begin to spiral out of control and Flynn suddenly finds himself in hospital, heavily sedated, carnage left behind him The medication isn t working any , the dose needs to be increased, and depression strikes again, this time with horrific consequences His freedom is snatched away and the medicine s side effects threaten to jeopardize his chances in one of the biggest piano competitions of his life It seems like he has to make a choice between the medication and his career But in all this he has forgotten the one person he would give his life for, and Flynn suddenly finds himself facing the biggest sacrifice of all.
    A Voice in the Distance By Tabitha Suzuma

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    • Unlimited A Voice in the Distance - by Tabitha Suzuma
      104 Tabitha Suzuma

    One thought on “A Voice in the Distance

    1. Ceitidh on said:

      Ok Im crying too much and I need to say something about this book because I can t just keep this inside of me This was a heartbreakingly beautiful story This book, is not only about Flynn and his career, or how to deal with someone with bipolar disorder and depression Tabitha Suzuma also portraits love through one of the saddest way it can be demonstrated and probably, in one of the hardest way we can say I love you to someone Tabitha Suzuma gives readers the most beautiful message of love in on [...]

    2. Tiffany on said:

      This is how it all ends I definitely should not be writing my review right now because I ve just finished and this one has left me a wreck I was hoping desperately to see when I got on the computer just now that I was wrong, and that there will in fact be a third book, but the publication was in like 2008 so I m pretty sure this was meant to be it and I m CRUSHED This one was far better than the first book for me Maybe it s the relationship in this book that made me feel that way because while I [...]

    3. Tabitha Suzuma on said:

      In his final year at the Royal College of Music, star pianist Flynn Laukonen has the world at his feet He has moved in with his girlfriend Jennah and is already getting concert bookings for what promises to be a glittering career Yet he knows he is skating on thin ice only two small pills a day keep him from plunging back into the whirlpool of manic depression that once threatened to destroy him Unexpectedly his friends seem to be getting annoyed with him for no apparent reason, he needs less an [...]

    4. Vishy on said:

      After reading Tabitha Suzuma s A Note of Madness I couldn t resist reading the sequel A Voice in the Distance I read a few pages a couple of days back and yesterday I finished the whole book It is not often that I read a whole book in a day Here is what I think A Voice in the Distance continues the story of A Note of Madness Flynn, who is diagnosed with bipolar disorder, manages to stay normal by medication and periodic medical checkups Jennah and Flynn now live together and are very much in lov [...]

    5. Declan Quinn on said:

      A wonderful and beautiful piece of writing This book touched my heart It dealt with the issue of not only someone suffering from Bipolar, but the ripple effects it may cause to those family and friends that see their loved ones suffer from this extreme form of depression It is a beautifully woven book, and gives us an Insight of one young teen s struggle, and how it is effecting his life, yet split, we see get a great and powerful insight to his young girlfriend s point of view and what she see [...]

    6. Lala on said:

      Ummm WOW Tabitha does it again OMG She always makes me cry My Lovely Jennah, my beautiful Jennah Your happiness means everything to me I will listen for your voice in the distance I will look at the moon I will keep you in my pocket I will carry your smile with me everywhere, like a warm and comforting glow Incredible book I reccommend this to anyone looking for a beautiful heartfelt story Lovely readfull of saddness, happiness, laughter, joy, hope and pain A rollercoaster of emotionsbut a rolle [...]

    7. Mel (who is deeply in love with herself) on said:

      Isn t it awful when you pick up a sequel without knowing it Isn t it one of the most frustrating things a reader can be put through Well, the misfortune fell upon me when I picked up A Voice in the Distance After the first few pages, I felt like I wasn t being told enough, as if I had missed a whole bunch of pages at the start And then my suspicion arose, and I checked the bookjacket a bit carefully than I had in the library, and realised this was a sequel Ugh But I had already started reading, [...]

    8. La Mala ✌ on said:

      EDIT MAYO 2013Extra o a Flynn Loca , no me exilies de tu bocapor la culpa que te toca , mencioname una vez.Tipico de mi que vivo en penase me da una mano buena y la tengo que arruinar.Vos te esmeraste conmigo a mi vieja le dijiste que me ibas a arreglarMi revoluci n era apariecia me perdiste la paciencia cuando estaba por flaquear Tomo prestada esta canci n hermosa de La Chicana para darle un sonido a este libro desgarrador de Tabitha Suzuma Nada mejor que ese estribillo y sobre todo la frase Mi [...]

    9. Emma Louise on said:

      I made a big mistake here and I m not too proud to admit it I didn t actually realise this was a sequel when I picked up the book at the library to be fair, nowhere on the cover does it say sequel to or second book etc in fact, lots of sequels don t actually say they re sequels so how the eff are you meant to know without being And I did not realise this was a sequel until the 75% mark when I decided to go and check out what other people thought of the book, and went, hang on book two TWO This b [...]

    10. Kat on said:

      This was my third book by Tabitha Suzuma, and following on from A Note of Madness, when I couldn t help but fall a little bit in love with Flynn, I was excited to see where his story would go next Of course, I knew this would be another emotional read, and I was quite surprised to find that the story was told in alternating POV between Flynn and Jennah.But it really couldn t have been written any other way and in fact the whole feel of the book was Jennah s story than Flynn s, which was perfect [...]

    11. Amanda on said:

      Back in the days, in Year 10, before I discovered , I randomly picked up this book at the school library Like many other readers, I only read this book and didn t even know there was a first book until I finished it That didn t matter.A Voice in the Distance has got to be in the top 3 most beautiful books I ve ever read Suzuma captures both Jennah and Flynn s point of views so well Her writing style distinctly alternates between them where Jennah is written with deep, well thought out sentences, [...]

    12. Jojo (The Reading Bee) on said:

      It s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful.I love it as much as I loved the first one.I ve read other reviews and you are all crying but,I am not.I mean the ending is sad but the book is so beautiful I can t help but smiling from this amazing book.I loved how this book is from both Jennah and Flynn s POV.The first book was just from Flynn s POV,we know how he felt and what was it like for him but,to read it from Jennah s POV too was pretty amazing.I actually think she suffers the most because [...]

    13. Stephanie (Stepping out of the Page) on said:

      I enjoyed reading this book as it was quite effective and very realistic Flynn has bipolar disorder and this is what the book is based around showing Flynn s actions, decisions and the impact that it has upon his family and friends especially with his girlfriend, Jennah I think the two prominent aspects of Bipolar Disorder manic and depressive episodes were portrayed well The story was authentic and the struggles both Flynn and Jennah faced felt genuine It didn t feel as though things were simpl [...]

    14. Faizan on said:

      Like Always , Tabitha Suzuma made me sad Review later On my blog I am going to do a joint review of both books Note of MAdness and this one bookaapiBook Review on BlogVisit and read

    15. Tasneem Jamal on said:

      4.25 stars I really liked this novel it was away better than the first one I liked the two points of view I really liked the world that was created by Tabitha Suzuma this NOVEL gave me many felling and made me think a lot came second as favorite after Forbiddenthis novel will stay with me and I hope for third one for this series

    16. Antonella on said:

      My heart is broken I ve nothing proper to say right now I ll just stay here, pretend that everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.

    17. Pinkcaramel on said:

      I didn t feel connected to the story, maybe because it s too short, maybe because I didn t read book 1 I didn t really like Flynn, it s hard for me to want to read if I didn t like the male protagonist

    18. Omar on said:

      When I have time, I ll write a longer review, because this novel deserves one A very sad but beautiful book about a talented musician battling depression I m really starting to like Tabitha Suzuma s work this is definitely a book I d recommend Cheers

    19. Jess on said:

      It was quite a good book to immerge yourself in the world of the bipolar, but I hated the ending, too romantic to be true after all this

    20. Annie Brewer on said:

      YES Thank you God I m almost finished with the first book and I m ecstatic to see that this one is in Flynn s POV Hell to the yes And I love Jennah So excited to read this book

    21. Joshua Boiser on said:

      They say that depression is an incredible sadness, an unbearable mental pain No, it doesn t have to be so dramatic Sometimes it is nothing than feeling tired Tired of life In therapy they tell you to remember that the bad spells pass That things do get better, that medication does work, that things don t stay the same I can t see how this is supposed to help Ultimately everything ends with death What they should say is things might get better for a while, but eventually you will go back to bein [...]

    22. Zoë on said:

      3.5 ish stars I suppose.Oh manI was disappointed by this one I still really care about the characters, so I gave it a high rating anyway If there s one thing Suzuma always succeeds at, it s creating characters I deeply care about like they re real people, even if they re not always likeable which is what makes them so real But if it wasn t for that, I wouldn t have liked this book very much at all.I was extremely disappointed by the ending, not because it was sad that they broke up, but because [...]

    23. Lan Kiều on said:

      The ending of A Voice in the Distance was like, Hey, how s your hope going on Still doing good Well you might wanna loosen your grip on it a bit, since it would hurt less when I yank it away But of course, I didn t, so you can easily imagine how it went It kinda remind me of the ending of Me Before You, but thankfully not that tearful If you love someone, learn to let them go.I hate it that it was sad, but I understand.4 stars

    24. J. Taylor on said:

      3.5 Much better then the first one and hard to put down but I felt some things were cut short and way perspective from Jennah then Flynn and I just preferred reading his parts.

    25. Liv on said:

      Oh God, why Why did I have to read this book Why did it have to be so sad Why did all of that happen to Flynn and Jennah I was so not prepared for this I just finished A Voice in the distance , after enjoying A Note of Madness , andI feel like I ve been put through the mincer.I don t know what to think and what to do after reading this book.I feel empty, but my chest hurts as if I ve been overrun by a truck.I had to cry so hard at the end and also a few times during this read I still cry just th [...]

    26. Victoria on said:

      I finished up this series in just a couple of days so it is definitely a short, fast read I really liked both books but there were some things that bothered me about the story and the writing and overall they were sad and I kept waiting for a little happiness to ooze in, but there were only fleeting moments of happy surrounded by a gulf of sadness and it just lacked balance I really loved the storyline I liked that it centered around a music school and musical prodigies, it was different and ori [...]

    27. Ddpjclaf on said:

      Um, I don t know how, but somehow, I added my review to the comments section Anyway If there is one thing I know when I pick up one of Tabitha Suzuma s books, it s that she will somehow, someway, make me fall in love with her characters It doesn t matter how damaged they are, how many mistakes they make, or how frustrated I get with them, I cannot help falling completely and madly in love with them.In the first book, A Note of Madness, I already cared deeply for Flynn All I wanted was for him to [...]

    28. *.Amaia.* BlackMagicRose on said:

      This should actually be a 4,5 but I m still so angry with the way it ends that I can t possibly give it a 5 But it s weird, why do I feel that this book is so much because it doesn t have a happy ending The same thing happened to me with Forbidden, even if this ending is not as dramatic as that one, it still hurts so bad, both do in their own way Suddenly I feel that these endings are appealing in these type of books, it makes them real in some way Can t believe I would ever say something like [...]

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