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The Crossing

The Crossing By Cormac McCarthy The Crossing Following All the Pretty Horses in Cormac McCarthy s Border Trilogy is a novel whose force of language is matched only by its breadth of experience and depth of thought In the bootheel of New Mexico h

  • Title: The Crossing
  • Author: Cormac McCarthy
  • ISBN: 9780394574752
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Crossing By Cormac McCarthy Following All the Pretty Horses in Cormac McCarthy s Border Trilogy is a novel whose force of language is matched only by its breadth of experience and depth of thought In the bootheel of New Mexico hard on the frontier, Billy and Boyd Parham are just boys in the years before the Second World War, but on the cusp of unimaginable events First comes a trespassing Indian anFollowing All the Pretty Horses in Cormac McCarthy s Border Trilogy is a novel whose force of language is matched only by its breadth of experience and depth of thought In the bootheel of New Mexico hard on the frontier, Billy and Boyd Parham are just boys in the years before the Second World War, but on the cusp of unimaginable events First comes a trespassing Indian and the dream of wolves running wild amongst the cattle lately brought onto the plain by settlers this when all the wisdom of trappers has disappeared along with the trappers themselves So Billy sets forth at the age of sixteen on an unwitting journey into the souls of boys, animals and men.Having trapped a she wolf he would restore to the mountains of Mexico, he is long gone and returns to find everything he left behind transformed utterly in his absence Except his kid brother, Boyd, with whom he strikes out yet again to reclaim what is theirs thus crossing into that antique gaze from whence there could be no way back forever What they find instead, is an extraordinary panoply of fiestas and circuses, dogs, horses and hawks, pilgrims and revolutionaries, grand haciendas and forlorn cantinas, bandits, gypsies and roving tribes, a young girl alone on the road, a mystery in the mountain wilds, and a myth in the making.And in this wider world they fight a war as rageful as the one neither, in the end, will join up for back home One brother fin
    The Crossing By Cormac McCarthy

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    One thought on “The Crossing

    1. William1 on said:

      Enormously affecting A boy and his father set out to trap a wolf that is preying on their cattle The man who had trapped them in the past, who opened the plains for countless thousands of cattle to graze is now dead, and the wolves have begun to return to their old hunting grounds from their retreat in Mexico The father and son try to take up the trapping in the manner of the past master The Crossing is about many things the three journeys over four years into Mexico taken by the young Billy Par [...]

    2. Jason Koivu on said:

      One decision, as innocent as it may be, can fuck up your life forever Now, you can live in fear and hide yourself away, or you can keep making those decisions and hope for the best, and if and when the shit hits the fan, you can stand strong and push on.That s life That s The Crossing.Cormac McCarthy s The Border trilogy is where you ll find dusty plains, hard living, and a recent past populated by a people still living in an even distant past His characters are full of character, their own cod [...]

    3. Joe Briggs on said:

      The Crossing is an astonishing book, downbeat than All the Pretty Horses, yet not as bleak as the likes of Blood Meridian, it is a sprawling coming of age tale filled with moments of beauty and sorrow The descriptions are as beautiful as anything Cormac McCarthy writes, the action is sparse but nailbiting when it comes and the characters are brilliantly realised There are moments when the book lags but whenever this happens you can be assured that within a couple of pages McCarthy will come out [...]

    4. Annet on said:

      Beautiful, beautiful book I am such a fan of Cormac McCarthy Poetic realism, I would describe his style.

    5. Marco Tamborrino on said:

      il dolore ad addolcire ogni dono.Grazie, Cormac McCarthy Grazie all infinito Hai scritto il libro della mia vita E ti chiedo scusa se lo chiamo libro Ti chiedo scusa per quelli che lo hanno disprezzato e lo disprezzeranno Perdonali, perch non sanno quello che fanno Io non posso fare altro che inchinarmi davanti a tanta capacit letteraria Non posso far altro che piangere sapendo che un autore ancora vivente ha prodotto questo libro Sapendo che ha scritto queste pagine, che non stato un dio a farl [...]

    6. Frank on said:

      Alice Munro said in an interview that our lives begin as straightforward stories with the typical arc of fiction, but that as we go on living they become strange, experimental narratives, convoluted and difficult to interpret It seems to me that s what s happening in this second volume of the Border Trilogy Volume One was pretty straightforward, taut and clear in its construction It told a story of a young man s searing introduction to the adult world Volume Two does the same with a different yo [...]

    7. Teresa Proença on said:

      Magn fica Travessia Tem umas passagens rduas, tem Umas em que se fala de Deus e de F , e que facilmente impacientam uma mpia infiel como eu Mas o resto deixou me extasiada Cormac consegue expor o Homem no seu estado mais Puro um Ser absolutamente livre e corajoso e determinado, que se entrega e sacrifica aos outros n o por Dever mas por Querer N o ser por acaso, talvez, que a personagem principal tem apenas 16 anos j fisicamente um homem mas a alma ainda de menino Estou viciada em Cormac McCarth [...]

    8. Wayne Barrett on said:

      Part II of The Border Trilogy This wasn t nearly as good as All The Pretty Horses , but it was still a powerful novel then again, why wouldn t it be It s Cormack From his home in New Mexico, young Billy Parham decides to take a wild wolf that has been trapped and set it free in its faraway home in Mexico Billy succeeds in setting the lobo free, but not like he intended Because at that juncture there was an unseen obstacle in his path there was A Crossing I think the title is fitting for the stor [...]

    9. Jeremy on said:

      Comparisons between this and All the Pretty Horses seem inevitable Here we have another buldingsroman a teenage cowboy who rides south into the Mexican frontier, coming of age through scenes of privation and violence But Billy Parham s journey has a a peculiarly mystical quality all its own He keeps meeting these extremely odd people out in the wilderness who feel the need to explain to him, in deliriously long, wide ranging monologues, their gnostically inclined ideas of God, History, Man, Fate [...]

    10. Perry on said:

      Chupacabras, Duendes y Putas, Oh MiBajada a los Infiernos al Sur de la Frontera revised 9 16 16, in honor of Mexican Independence Day Life is a memory, and then it is nothing The Crossing, C McCarthyThis novel starts out well enough The action gets started with teenage brothers setting out into the mountains of Mexico to retrieve the horses stolen from their small family ranch when their parents were murdered, while the brothers were away Pretty much everything thereafter I detested almost as th [...]

    11. MikeS on said:

      After finishing All the Pretty Horses, I felt maybe somewhat unjustly that the bar of expectation had been set extremely high I realize that some most people have a particular favorite part of McCarthy s Border Trilogy, but I d be hard pressed to choose one after reading The Crossing However, the change was noticeable and I was relieved that the second book wasn t just a rehashing of the first in theme and tone The Crossing does maintain the elegant, sprawling prose contrasted by McCarthy s char [...]

    12. Melanie on said:

      Some novels are never over, this is one It s always going to be exquisite and cruel in the reading, it will be a book to read and love, to read and be devastated by Some vast tragedy not of fact or incident or event but of the way the world was.

    13. Jason on said:

      This is a campfire tale about the humble genesis of a teenage Bad Ass cowboy from the desert southwest The story has 4 parts, each beginning and ending with a US Mexico border crossing hence the title The crossing of the border takes Billy, the main character, a 16 year old boy, from a stark world of American reality to an almost dreamy, magical world of Mexican legend There s a transcendental relationship between Billy and the earth elements when he s south of the border The relationship is ins [...]

    14. Kathryn on said:

      The second novel in McCarthy s Border Trilogy is not a sequel to All the Pretty Horses, but rather a parallel coming of age story Billy Parham is a sixteen year old boy living on a ranch in New Mexico When a wolf suddenly begins killing his family s cattle, Billy s father sets him with the task of trapping the wolf A game of wits between boy and beast ensues, as the wolf repeatedly digs up the traps that have been set for her When Billy finally outsmarts the wolf and catches her, he feels such a [...]

    15. Will on said:

      Cormac McCarthy novels are proof that words are just as powerful, or arguably so, than images Reading The Crossing, I lost a little piece of my sanity as I traversed Mexican plains with Billy, the ubiquitous dust drying my mouth I gazed into the eyes of a starving, pregnant wolf I caressed tired horses and drank the mescal.The storytellers who captivated Billy enthralled me I saw the flickers in their eyes and the slight motions of their hands as they created a world in my mind As my Oklahoman [...]

    16. Chiara Pagliochini on said:

      Il mondo non ha un nome, disse I nomi dei cerros e delle sierras e dei deserti esistono soltanto sulle carte geografiche Diamo loro un nome per non perdere l orientamento Tuttavia, quei nomi li abbiamo coniati proprio perch avevamo perso l orientamento Non si pu perdere il mondo Siamo noi il mondo Ed perch questi nomi e queste coordinate sono frutto della nostra nominazione che non ci possono salvare Non sanno ritrovare per noi il cammino perduto Tra tutti gli oggetti che ci circondano, l oggett [...]

    17. Chloe on said:

      I ll admit it freely I was unprepared for Cormac McCarthy Sure, I ve heard all the reviews that he s bleak, despairing, has a dark and twisted worldview, offers little hope for the future, et cetera ad nauseum It s one thing to hear about this and to know that cracking a Cormac McCarthy book is not going to be an exercise in gumdrops and rainbows, it s a whole other thing to actually open a book and expose yourself to over 400 pages of brutally hard living and events that shake your faith in hum [...]

    18. Ginny_1807 on said:

      Se ci si pensa, gli strumenti a disposizione di uno scrittore, o aspirante tale, si possono essenzialmente schematizzare in una prosa fluente e una storia da raccontare e, come complemento, dialoghi credibili e ambientazioni suggestive, attenzione ai particolari e precisa caratterizzazione dei personaggi Il grande scrittore, per , possiede un arma in pi , ricevuta in dono da madre natura o, se si preferisce, per intercessione divina, ovvero una sorta di fiammella capace di imprimere animazione, [...]

    19. trickgnosis on said:

      I can t remember the last time I enjoyed a book less I was all the disappointed because I have liked everything else I ve read of McCarthy This felt like paint by numbers McCarthy to me male characters laconic to the point of absurdity, but stopping often to listen to portentous theological soliloquies Wandering through desert landscape, and experiencing sudden senseless violence It is devoid of feeling until the final page practically an autistic novel and ultimately offers nothing to counter, [...]

    20. Evan Leach on said:

      Like McCarthy s other work, this second entry in the Border Trilogy a series of novels set around the border of the U.S and Mexico near the middle of the 20th century features lyrical prose, vivid descriptions of landscapes and nature, memorable dialogue and scenes that are hard to forget This book has even of a philosophical bent than some of McCarthy s other novels, as many of the people the protagonist meets on his travels priests, ex soldiers, gypsies, etc engage him in deep metaphysical co [...]

    21. Josh on said:

      Esta es una novela occidental, pero no es una novela occidental normalesoh wait a minute, I forgot I just finished the book and am now in review mode Much of the dialogue in this one is Spanish, but never fear, you ll context it just fine.McCarthy is a master of the slow paced, philosophical novel which crosses boundaries of mankind s struggles both real and imagined He has a way of coaxing the reader along in a debate that they didn t bargain for and for which no clear side is being taken altho [...]

    22. Michael Finocchiaro on said:

      Far melancholy than its predecessor All the Pretty Horses, The Crossing is a beautiful if bleak western full of poetry and philosophical musings The Billy character is wonderfully drawn amd in particular the first part of the book with the wolf was outstanding McCarthy s sparse Hemmingway esque style lends an austere and yet often humorous tone to the dialogs particularly those both spoken and unspoken between Billy and Boyd I appreciate the author s reluctance to dummy down the story and chall [...]

    23. Lara on said:

      My impression of this one mirrors many of the reviews I ve read The first section with Billy and the wolf is stunning and surely among the best descriptions of man s relationship with the wild in literature.The middle section meanders I felt I needed a map to keep track of the brothers wanderings in and out of Mexico, and many of their encounters with minor characters were unsatisfying It was difficult to believe Boyd s connection with the girl when she wasn t even given a name The final third p [...]

    24. Mark on said:

      Judging from the four closing in on five Cormac McCarthy novels I ve read so far, he is not a writer eager to share an abundant sense of humor with his readers So the folksy and very funny joke an elder fellow cattle rancher tells to The Crossing s protagonist Billy Parham less than fifty pages into the than 400 page novel is a rarity, if not a singularity There was this Texas lion and this New Mexico lion They split up on the divide and went off to hunt Agreed to meet up in the spring and see [...]

    25. Daniel Chaikin on said:

      Eventually McCarthy gives us a date, but in the mean time The Crossing leaves us wondering about the era and how it relates to All the Pretty Horses, and why this books is so completely different, and how long does the Peter and Wolf thing need to go on I ll spoil it a bit and tell you that Billy Parham crosses over to Mexico the first time about the winter of 1939, with his lame wolf in ropes He s about 15 years old, making him about nine years older then John Grady Billy is nothing like John G [...]

    26. Sarah on said:

      It makes me a little sad to rate this so low, because there are certain parts of the book that I loved certain passages that were so breathtaking, I ve already reread them a few times over While part 1 was really excellent, especially the ending, I mostly found this book a chore to read Not a whole lot of plot, of a meandering journey meeting random people who give soliloquies lasting several pages A lot of philosophizing, which fortunately was often not so esoteric and could be personalized Bu [...]

    27. Peycho Kanev on said:

      It had ceased raining in the night and he walked out on the road and called for the dog He called and called Standing in that inexplicable darkness Where there was no sound anywhere save only the wind After a while he sat in the road He took off his hat and placed it on the tarmac before him and he bowed his head and held his face in his hands and wept He sat there for a long time and after a while the east did gray and after a while the right and godmade sun did rise, once again, for all and wi [...]

    28. Stephanie on said:

      Written in 1994, The Crossing is the second volume of Cormac McCarthy s Border Trilogy I had read the first book, All the Pretty Horses, about the time it came out, after I had spent years in Latin America and become an ardent lover of Spanish, but before I fell in love with the Southwest I m sure my appreciation of McCarthy owes much to the finesse with which he weaves Spanish and English Beyond that, however, I can t think of another writer who can so quickly transport me to a setting, a time [...]

    29. João Carlos on said:

      A Travessia 1994 o segundo livro da Trilogia da Fronteira escrito pelo norte americano Cormac McCarthy n 1933.Se em Belos Cavalos a personagem principal John Grady Cole, um jovem de apenas 16 anos, em A Travessia Billy Parham, com a mesma idade, o centro de uma hist ria, com contornos mais m sticos a rela o divina com a loba , mas igualmente enquadrada pelas bel ssimas paisagens do M xico cruza a fronteira tr s vezes , simultaneamente, agrestes e trai oeiras, mas com um conjunto de personagens i [...]

    30. Katy on said:

      If you enjoyed ALL THE PRETTY HORSES which is the first book in Cormac McCarthy s Border Trilogy, you will be equally enchanted by THE CROSSING.The first time I tried this, 10 years ago, I couldn t get into it, but inspired by THE ROAD which I read this summer, I decided to try again and have been amply rewarded.McCarthy is an eloquent writer This is the story of a young American boy and his brother, who go to Mexico in an attempt to find the horses stolen from their ranch They do find them and [...]

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