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Look the Part

Look the Part By Jewel E. Ann Look the Part Flint Hopkins finds the perfect tenant to rent the space above his Minneapolis based law office All the t s are crossed and i s dotted on Ellen s application Her references are good And she s easy on

  • Title: Look the Part
  • Author: Jewel E. Ann
  • ISBN: 9780999048283
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Paperback
  • Look the Part By Jewel E. Ann Flint Hopkins finds the perfect tenant to rent the space above his Minneapolis based law office.All the t s are crossed and i s dotted on Ellen s application Her references are good And she s easy on the eyes.UntilFlint discovers Ellen Rodgers, Board Certified Music Therapist, plays music Bongos, guitars, singing not Beethoven administered through noise cancelling heaFlint Hopkins finds the perfect tenant to rent the space above his Minneapolis based law office.All the t s are crossed and i s dotted on Ellen s application Her references are good And she s easy on the eyes.UntilFlint discovers Ellen Rodgers, Board Certified Music Therapist, plays music Bongos, guitars, singing not Beethoven administered through noise cancelling headphones.The cut throat attorney serves up an eviction notice to the bubbly, constantly humming redhead who s too sexy for her own good But luck is on Ellen s side when Flint s autistic son, Harrison, takes an instant liking to her A single dad can t compete with guitars and rats Yes, she has pet rats.This womanShe s annoyingly happy with a constant need to touch him adjust his tie, button his shirt, invade his space, and mess with his mind.StillShe must go.Their lust hate relationship escalates into something beautiful and tragic This sexy, romantic comedy explores the things we want, the things we need, and the impossible decisions parents and children make to survive.
    Look the Part By Jewel E. Ann

    Look the part Idioms by The Free Dictionary COMMON If someone looks the part, they dress or behave in the way that is characteristic of a particular kind of person You look the part of an English gentleman, so people trust you Friends say he was in the Foreign Legion He certainly looks the part his hair is cut very short and he has a deep wound above his left eye. look the part definition in the Cambridge Learner s look the part to look suitable for a particular situation If you re going to be a successful businesswoman, you ve got to look the part Definition of look the part from the Cambridge Learner s Dictionary Look The Part Definition of Look The Part by Merriam Webster Definition of look the part to have an appearance that is suitable for or expected of something an actor who really looks the part In his cowboy hat and boots, he certainly looked the part Learn More about look the part Share look the part Look the Part by Jewel E Ann Jan , Look the Part is a massive gem in author Jewel E Ann s impressive collection of written treasures This book is so stunning it took my breath away This book is so stunning it took my breath away It s a unique take on second chance romance, and it just may be my favorite work of hers to date. look the part meaning in the Cambridge Learner s Dictionary look the part definition to look suitable for a particular situation Learn . Look the Part Ann, Jewel E Books Look the Part is a beautiful story about regret and forgiveness, redemption and second chances I laughed, I cried, I sighed with happiness across the pages Look the Part Kindle edition by Ann, Jewel E Look the Part is a massive gem in author Jewel E Ann s impressive collection of written treasures This book is so stunning it took my breath away This book is so stunning it took my breath away It s a unique take on second chance romance, and it just may be my favorite work of hers to date Angela, Reading Frenzy Book Blog look the part meaning of look the part in Longman look the part look the part a to look like a typical person of a particular type In his smart suit, he certainly looked the part b to perform well and seem likely to be successful used in sports reports He s beginning to look the part on the soccer field part Examples from the Corpus look the part Morris s contribution to this match is unlikely to find much space in Wisden, but he already looks the part. Look the Part read online free by Jewel E Ann Look the Part read online free from your Pc or Mobile Look the Part is a Romance novel by Jewel E Ann. Look the part, be the part, motherfucker YouTube Oct , Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

    • Look the Part Best Read || [Jewel E. Ann]
      488 Jewel E. Ann

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    1. ◆ Anna's ƦªϻƁℓℹռg$ ◆ on said:

      5 STARSFunny thing how when one of the most kick ass authors in the romance genre releases a new book nothing matters to you any I can t believe I m saying this It doesn t matter there s a dead wife Or this It doesn t matter that one of the most fantastic heroes ever Sorry, Flint I just had to use that word loved his dead wife beyond words.All of a sudden, you stop being picky All your triggers, pet peeves and things you usually avoid like the plague vanish into thin air.Why is that Maybe it s b [...]

    2. Jewel Ann on said:

      NOW LIVE US amzn 2GlCHel UK amzn 2BAPI00A Chapter One first look Time to crack the cover and give you all an early peek at Look the Part Read chapter one today jeweleann look the parComing January 29th,2018 There might be rats Just saying.

    3. Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer on said:

      4.5 STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author We re that moment of light and whisper of hope that sprouts from the barren ground after the end of the world It s not him It s not me It s us We defy the laws of existence We are forgiveness and redemption What we have is not a victory against all odds, it s the inevitable.There are a few things that can be said of Jewel s books They are unique and phenomenal You can just tell she puts a lot of her soul into her writing and that she s one of those aut [...]

    4. KAT ⚛ Kitty Kat's Crazy About Books ⚛ on said:

      LOOK THE PART is a full length standalone contemporary romance novel by Jewel E Ann Spoken in Dual Perspectives The Prologue grabbed my attention straight away, a birthday celebration ended tragically, a man left broken and shattered A man locked in the past even though ten years have gone by he s still paying for the sins of his past In this we meet thirty five year old Flint Hopkins, a hot uptight lawyer with a long suffering assistant Amanda that gets fired on a daily basis, Flint is a single [...]

    5. Bibi on said:

      Ever so often and when one is privileged to read books that leave an indelible mark on the mind, you attempt to prolong the reading of it These opportunities are rare once or twice a year finds, books such as It Ends with Us or The Gravity of Us or 53 Letters for My Lover Look the Part will make you laugh, sigh and maybe even shed a tear.

    6. Jenny••Steamy Reads Blog•• on said:

      Now Available Those who love you the most, will cherish what you cherish They ll nurture what makes you you I can easily say, I think this one will be one of my top reads this year This book stole my attention from the very start It pulled my heart in literally all directions and let me tell you, holy emotional overload I was high, I was low, I was in love, I hated, I laughed, I cried, I became impatient, I became overwhelmed, and holy hell did I love I m not one for writing long reviews, so of [...]

    7. Dilek VT on said:

      My initial thoughts about the book before reading it Single dad Didn t let his wife drive while he was drunk and had an accident in which he and his son survived but his wife died Lives a life of guilt with his autistic son Has one night stands but doesn t do relationships Thinks of his dead wife all the time Falls for the heroine slowly enemies to lovers Heroine is a much too positive woman annoying maybe Unplanned pregnancyI don t think I will be able to forgive this hero and root for his happ [...]

    8. NMmomof4 on said:

      4.5 StarsOverall Opinion I really enjoyed this I tried really hard not to get my expectations too high for this one, because I hate that disappointment I get when I do that sometimes But with that cover and blurb it instantly sold me I have a 13 year old son with Asperger s syndrome high functioning autism, so this was a joy to read about the perks and struggles of parenting such a child Don t get me wrong every kid on the spectrum is different in their own special way and the author says this h [...]

    9. Paige on said:

      5 This Life StarsA masterpiece Just like Flint s suits Look the Part played every single one of my emotions, and I loved it Jewel E Ann is a genius of epic proportions Her books always slay me and Look the Part is another romance that everyone needs to read Flint made a mistake A huge one And his life is never going to be the same because of it Now he s doing all that he can do to get by and make the best life he can for his son Until he meets Ellen She s the exact opposite of Flint in just abou [...]

    10. Natalie The Biblioholic on said:

      It took me roughly 10 days to come up with something to write that would do this story justice Right now, I know there is nothing that I can say that will illustrate the captivating beauty and pain that leaked from these pages There is nothing that I can type that will give you a glimpse of the feels, the heart rocking emotions, the utter devastation, and the sublime bliss that I found in this book But I m going to try anyway.We should remember people in their most beautiful moments, but we don [...]

    11. Malene_D *BadAndDirtyBooks* on said:

      There s a reason why Jewel E Ann is one of my go to authors cause she never disappoints I m pretty sure that I always get a unique and highly emotional story I was introduced to Flint Hopkins in the book called One and was instantly mesmerized by him Look The Part can easily be read as a standalone.Flint Hopkins and Ellen Rodgers carry this book beautifully They crawled into my heart the moment they appeared in Look The Part Their interactions and chemistry are incredible Talk about characters t [...]

    12. Bev on said:

      Well, that was a phenomenal surprise Before I started this I wasn t too sure about Ellen from the blurb Then I started it and I fell in love, totally and utterly Fell in love with the characters Ellen, Flint and Harrison as well as the side characters who were fantastic, fell in love with the story, fell in love with the writing, fell in love with the honesty and realness of the characters There is nothing I can find fault with or didn t like Not a thing What a truly gorgeous read, it was perfec [...]

    13. Wendy on said:

      When I saw this one on GR it immediately grabbed my attention Awesome blurb means awesome book right Thankfully in this case it did Once I started reading the prologue there was no stopping until I was finished.This book starts out with a tragedy, leaving behind a broken broody jerky man favorite PFlint Hopkins is a single father, and a stick in his ass lawyer I especially loved how he kept firing his assistant no worries, you will like this part too.Flint only excists to do his job and take car [...]

    14. Angela (Reading Frenzy Book Blog) on said:

      5 starsLadies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to my first five star book of 2018 Look the Part is a massive gem in author Jewel E Ann s impressive collection of written treasures This book is so stunning it took my breath away It s a unique take on second chance romance, and it just may be my favorite work of hers to date.I have a serious girl crush on Ellen The woman is larger than life joyful, talented, intuitive, and fearless She is beyond cool I want to be her when I grow up I a [...]

    15. Jodi Bibliophile on said:

      I want this life Fuck a duck this book was fucking A MAZ ING Like, for real I had no idea I would LOVE it so much as I ve not read this author before so I had no idea what to expect.Well tickle my tits till Thursday I adored it Flint, after all his faults, I still wanted to sit on his face and the way that man wore a suit Wow And Elle was a crazy girl with rat babies She rocked my socks off And then there is my mate, Harrison Sweet lawd he had me cracking up with his bluntness and complete hones [...]

    16. Dee Montoya on said:

      5 Hopeful Stars Raw and beautiful Look The Part is a story that evoked a million emotions in me as I was reading it The characters and the story felt so real and relatable I have no doubt that anyone who reads this book will fall irrevocably in love with Harrison, Ellen and Flint image hosting facebookimage hosting facebookFlint Hopkins was living inside his own personal hell until a new tenant, Ellen Rodgers rented the space above his office, and starts to to turn his world upside down one musi [...]

    17. Allison ❤️Will Never Conquer Her TBR❤️ on said:

      ALL THE STARS Fans of those angsty push and pull antics of a lust hate relationship will devour Look the Part If you ve read Jewel E Ann s previous works, you ll likely remember Flint Hopkins Once a Sports Agent for Cage, star football player, he s now an attorney, single dad, and widower Living a lonely existence chock full of regret for things he cannot changeever Then one seemingly normal day, Ellen Rodgers stumbles into his life An applicant for his upstairs office space rental, she seems th [...]

    18. Sophie "Beware Of The Reader" on said:

      I got a copy of the book from the author but it didn t influence my as always honest opinion here below.4,5 humming starsAs astonishing as it can seem this is my first Jewel E Ann ever Now I understand why my friend Melanie is such a fan It won t be my last one that s for sure This story has everything I love humor, deep and complicated feelings, a hot hero seemingly grumpy but melting under the heroine s touch, an autist kid and a fantastic heroine Ellen Rodgers has just moved from Cape Cod to [...]

    19. Hulya Kara Yuksel on said:

      Flint, I know you don t like that word but this book was absolutely _ My Goodness, I laughed so bad while I was reading it I LOVED Ellen Flint s sense of humor so much And don t let me started with their chemistry It was hot as f ck DAnd this book is one of my favorites now and I highly recommend it to you Trust me, you won t be regret for reading this book 3 Will you open your heart to me His hands move to the clasp of my bra while his gaze remains locked to mine Yes Good I kiss his forehead, d [...]

    20. Kate Stewart on said:

      Brilliant, captivating, and beautiful The words within the pages hurt me and healed me This book is another fascinating and fleshed out reminder of why Jewel is one of my favorite story tellers.

    21. Danielle on said:

      Well, wasn t this just freaking fabulous.Enemies to lovers Humor Angst Steam Argh I loved it so hard.

    22. Jan on said:

      5 Stars Available on Kindle UnlimitedSometimes, when you least expect it, a story rocks your world and brings you to your knees.They are moving, emotional and take me to tears, but I regret nothing Look the Part is a refreshing and special story One of those you don t want to stop reading but life gets in your way and you get so frustrated I wish I could have started this in another moment, where I could let myself to be consumed by it, savouring it without any stop.I don t remember being impres [...]

    23. Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞ on said:

      4.5 s She tastes like forgiveness and feels like freedom This is a story about two people who have made it through some pretty rough situations, each taking a different perspective Flint is a lawyer and owner of the building that Ellen leases an office fromhe just didn t pay attention to the fact that she is a musical therapist and all that would entail Almost immediately, he evicts her giving her two weeks to find a new place But almost immediately, she has gotten under his skin and she does it [...]

    24. ~**Anna**~ A Romance Reader on said:

      Really liked it Flint and Ellen are perfect for each other I like how she brings light to Flint s life Also Harrison was amazing I loved that kid I hope we see of him in the future.This was a beautiful story of second chances, family, love and forgiveness I will be reading books by this author for sure

    25. Pam Godwin on said:

      All consuming, deep, seductive, so damn emotional this book is everything I expect from Jewel E Ann I lived and breathed every second of the pain, desperation, love, and happiness these characters go through I walked in their shoes, fought their fights, cried, sighed, shouted, and rejoiced with them That s the power of Jewel s writing She puts you in it and makes you feel This book is magical and embodies everything I love about reading romance.

    26. Jacqueline's Reads on said:

      4 StarsLook the Part is a lighter read by Jewel E Ann but with the emotional feels I love the cover and I m a fan of the author so I went into this with an open mind and not knowing what to expect.Overall, I liked the story and it was an entertaining read I read it in two sittings What I liked most about this book was that we got to the heart of the story within the first chapter We soon realize Flint s character isn t easy He has a lot of baggage and guilt I really liked that there wasn t a mys [...]

    27. Jemima on said:

      Title Look The PartAuthor Jewel E AnnGenre Contemporary RomancePublication Date January 29, 2018This is my first Jewel E Ann book and I am a fan Look the Part was such a fun and sexy book THIS is what makes a good rom com I loved it This was such a unique book for me nothing like I ve ever read before Yes, it was fun, it was sexy as hell and yes, it was bloody hilarious Plus, I love a man in suit.d Flint Hopkins delivers Look The Part is a page turner The prologue in this book is what captures a [...]

    28. Sonya ♕Chatterbooks book blog♕ on said:

      Look the part was the exact type of read that I was looking for It was funny, sexy ,emotional , and when you have those three combos, there s no way in hell you can go wrong Flint Hopkins was a man who had the world at his feet A loving wife, strong supportive family and a two year old who loved him beyond words Life was pretty damn good until one night while out celebrating his birthday, everything changed Now ten years later, Flint is still trying to pick up the pieces while holding on to a hu [...]

    29. Stacey is Sassy on said:

      Forgive, but harder to forget I love reading good books, but I really struggle with writing reviews for books that ROCK MY WORLD How will I do it justice How do I show my appreciation for fine work without it sounding like an OTT SQUEE review I have all these bubbles of emotions that need to be expressed but I can t write them all down My head is exploding trying to put my love for this book in priority order Who was my favourite Elle yes, Flint yes, Harrison yes, Amanda yes, Ron, Gene or Camill [...]

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