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The Oath

The Oath By Frank E. Peretti The Oath An ancient sin A long forgotten oath A town with a deadly secret Something sinister is at work in Hyde River an isolated mining town in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest Something evil Under the

  • Title: The Oath
  • Author: Frank E. Peretti
  • ISBN: 9781595541895
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Oath By Frank E. Peretti An ancient sin A long forgotten oath A town with a deadly secret Something sinister is at work in Hyde River, an isolated mining town in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest Something evil Under the cover of darkness, a predator strikes without warning taking life in the most chilling and savage fashion.The community of Hyde River watches in terror as residents sudAn ancient sin A long forgotten oath A town with a deadly secret Something sinister is at work in Hyde River, an isolated mining town in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest Something evil Under the cover of darkness, a predator strikes without warning taking life in the most chilling and savage fashion.The community of Hyde River watches in terror as residents suddenly vanish Yet the locals are pressed for information, the they close ranks, sworn to secrecy by their forefathers hidden sins.Only when Hyde River s secrets are exposed is the true extent of the danger fully revealed What the town discovers is something far deadly than anything they d imagined Something that doesn t just stalk its victims, but has the power to turn hearts black with decay as it slowly fills their souls with darkness.
    The Oath By Frank E. Peretti

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      371 Frank E. Peretti

    One thought on “The Oath

    1. Robert Beveridge on said:

      Frank Peretti, The Oath Word, 1995 I got this a few years back from my mother as a Christmas present I pointed out to her that Peretti is widely known as a Christian author one would think that the book s publisher, who also releases books by folks like Billy Graham, would have been a giveaway there , and her response was it certainly doesn t sound like Christian fiction It sounds like Stephen King And Frank Peretti is, without doubt, the Christian version of Mr King, both in subject matter and [...]

    2. Craig on said:

      I found this book at a campsite in the mountains of Wyomingexpecting it to be a horror novel about murder in the mountains Turned out to be a horror novel with an evil monster lurking in the mountains Needless to say, when I got to the end, all of the pages were ripped out So I had to wait until the next day to go to the library to finish the last fifty pages Damn that mountain man that used the ending of the book to keep the fire alive

    3. Klasko on said:

      This book proves that Frank Peretti is the Stephen King of Christian fiction I think I read this one in about a day and a night I was worthless for the whole time I was reading it because I couldn t put it down I read it while my husband was away on a business trip and then I wouldn t put it down until I finished it because my imagination about what might happen next creeped me out than continuing to read it So I read it until moving into the larger of the wee hours of the morning All the while [...]

    4. Rachel on said:

      None of the reviews I ve seen attempt to judge Oath on its merits as a thriller only as a Christian thriller I find this insulting and sad The implication is that it is unfair or irrelevant to weigh Christian cultural artistic efforts on the same scale as secular culture This is akin to saying that it is unfair to judge art produced by women by the same standards as art produced by men it s patronizing and wrong Bach wrote sacred music of enduring power and beauty suck on that, Jars of Clay The [...]

    5. Werner on said:

      Peretti is generally viewed as the dean of supernatural fiction writers in the commercial Christian fiction market which he was largely single handedly responsible for opening up to this genre Although I haven t read any of his other work, I d be inclined to say that he deserves his stature in the field His characters at least, in this novel are utterly believable, fallible people his plot is gripping, and perfectly paced the Oregon mountain setting is well drawn the author makes his home in Ore [...]

    6. Alexandra Swann on said:

      I love this book I read it many years ago right after it first came out, but for me it remains the quintessential classic Christian fiction Peretti s dragon is a great analogy for how sin blends in around us and works almost unseen until it devours us.In my opinion this book is Frank Peretti s best work and I have read a lot of his books Great storytelling with a great message.

    7. Barbara on said:

      This is a fictional story that addresses the very real sin that dwells within each of us The first 1 3 of the book is very interesting then, as I read it, I found myself falling asleep through the next 1 3 But the last 1 3, when all the ends start tying up and the pieces fall into place, I literally could not but the book down The author did an excellent job describing the mountainous area in which the story takes place I felt like I was really there His style of dialogue was o.k A tad stereotyp [...]

    8. Faith on said:

      There is a little bit of everything in this book A bit of romance, action, mystery, thrill, fear, and of course a good moral lesson in the end I was able to read this novel for hours and never grow tired Frank Peretti has never disappointed me yet with his novels and is one of my favorite authors His stories are comtemporary and extremely addicting This is the first books I read by him I was about 13 or 14 when I first read this book I saw it on my parents bookshelf and wanted to read it because [...]

    9. Marie Sexton on said:

      I don t know how I ended up with this book on my shelf, but I m a fan of horror and monster stories, so I obviously picked up a used copy somewhere along the way I wish it had been MARKED as Christian fiction It wasn t Not the edition I own, at any rate The book started out okay The prose was tedious, lots of telling instead of showing, but it wasn t all bad, so I kept going Wasn t until the third act that it became clear it s all about being saved Find Jesus, y all, or a dragon will eat you I g [...]

    10. Michael Huxley on said:

      The first half of the book really was quite good and hooked me pretty fast Then things started getting preachy I didn t realize Peretti was a Christian author Stripped of the religion, this could have been a very good book There were some other complaints I had namely, characters start acting erratic and oddball with no real explanation or reason I will say, if you re a fan of Horror and Christian authors, you ll really enjoy this, I do give Peretti credit as a good writer, where things weren t [...]

    11. Toi Thomas on said:

      This book is not what I thought it would be, but I liked it The Oath tells the story of a town with so many secrets that people are beginning to die because of them, but maybe this has been going on for a while At the beginning of the story it is a stranger from out of town who s the victim of a horribly violent death that begins to bring light to the existence of the Oath The Oath itself is a little difficult to grasp, but it seems that the people of this town have collectively decided to do wh [...]

    12. Lynai on said:

      Ah, Frank Peretti, you did it again Review coming up.EDIT Here are my thoughts on this book Frank Peretti is love.He is one of my most favorite authors when it comes to Christian fiction I have read and loved The Darkness Set, especially Piercing the Darkness, while Prophet is waiting to be read in my shelf The Oath is a gift given by my dear husband last year a little trivia Gian is a Peretti fan too He gave me a copy of This Present Darkness as his first courtship gift, haha but it is only rec [...]

    13. Ashley Bogner on said:

      Really good Really creepy, but really good.I won t say too much, since this book is hard to explain without giving spoilers, but I will say thatThe Oathis a deep, thought provoking novel with a theme that sticks with you long after you ve read the final page It s creepy, as in don t read before bed creepy, and is definitely not a fun, light read But I love how Frank Peretti isn t afraid to include overt Christian themes in his books Content Note two characters have sex outside of marriage nothin [...]

    14. Beata on said:

      Definitely one of my all time favorite books I love F Peretti s writing style Usually his books have me captivated from the very first chapter and keep me captivated even late through the night Something I really try not to do for my family s sake Mommy zombie is someone I try to avoid to be at all costs This book has all I love in a good suspense book ancient mystery, supernatural stuff, realistic setting and characters, a great Christian message and even a dragon

    15. Aubrey on said:

      I expect my story will be largely ignored by those who come after me, but who knows It just might prove useful to the next hapless soul who suspects he s being followed, marked, and hunted After all, we all live in Hyde River We all have our dragon I admit I m not sure what I think of this story On one hand, it s definately an interesting analogy Although it doesn t really play in until the late second half, the analogy came together well and it makes a good mental picture of sin and it s power [...]

    16. Savannah on said:

      I really enjoyed this book, it was a pretty great thriller that kept me thinking.It didn t read as fast as I would have liked, it did take me a little while to get through it, but it s also a nice chunk of tree to put on ones bookshelf, so I suppose that makes sense.It certainly does a good job of keeping you on your toes and your heart racing, especially in the beginning and the last half I mean, the hero is hunting a freaking invisible being that marks people in a way that causes them to go cr [...]

    17. J.S. Bailey on said:

      Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup All silliness aside, I like how Peretti used the dragon as a metaphor showing how we can be enslaved by our sins And the townspeople made me so mad They were too stubborn to change their ways even though it was clear that they were going to view spoiler be eaten hide spoiler if they didn t Which makes me wonder how many of us are like that in real life Now I ll have to chew on that for awhile

    18. Lori on said:

      It was a fast paced story and a good reminder of how sin can get it s hook into our heart This would make a great movie with an opportunity for awesome special effects

    19. Anne Hawn Smith on said:

      This was one of Peretti s best The plot centers on the effect of evil on the human soul Professor Steve Benson, comes to the town of Hyde River because his brother, Cliff, has been killed by some enormous animal that seems to defy description It is assumed that he was mauled by a bear, but Steve, with a Ph.D in Biological Science and a professorship at Colorado State University teaching environmental science and biology, is not satisfied He and the conservation officer of Fish and Game manage to [...]

    20. Riss on said:

      I ve never read Frank Peretti s stuff before and had no idea he was a prolific Christian author, so when I got a mouth full of Jesus in the middle of a book about a dragon who eats a bunch of people, I wasn t happy The book was shelved in the horror section Heavy handed bible beatings never came with bigger surprise before I picked up The Oath I think I still have the concision years later, actually It s not a bad read, I guess The suspense will probably keep you turning pages, and the gory scen [...]

    21. Rain Ferrul on said:

      HrmLet me just begin with the fact that I was not happy with this book It began well It had a very enveloping premise and I poured through half of it in half a school day yes, it was so engrossing of a beginning that I read it during class However, I was thoroughly disappointed with the climax Do you mean to tell me that the heart of this supposed thriler mystery is this demonic embodiment of sin in the form of a black draconic crocodilian And do you mean to tell me that all you have to do to be [...]

    22. Mike (the Paladin) on said:

      Don t get me wrong, I really like Frank Peretti I ve had recordings of him speaking, I ve read several of his books I think The Visitation is an incredibly good book.Unfortunately I can t say the same about this one I didn t even finish it I almost put couldn t finish it , but I suppose I could have forced myself It just didn t seem worth it I found the story itself somewhat at fault This might have worked better as a youth book if I go deeper into why, I ll give the BIG secret away, but it real [...]

    23. Keiki Hendrix on said:

      Peretti at his best Deep characters with authentic issues and real resolutions.An absolute must read.

    24. Sarah Guthery on said:

      One of my ABSOLUTE favorite books I try to re read it every year

    25. Marcia on said:

      If this was just a book about good vs evil, I may have been able to enjoy it But when a dragon gets tossed in the mix, I just had a hard time getting on board with this storyline I found myself cheering for the dragon and hoping the whole town would be wiped out Not the response the author was probably trying to achieve.

    26. Christina Wilder on said:

      Being part of a Reader s Advisory group with my library means I have to find books to read in certain genres and discuss them with the group This can mean that I m forced to find a book I like in a genre I don t enjoy, and when I found out that I had to read a Christian fiction book at our last meeting, I was appalled.Not only am I a staunch agnostic, but I don t like anything overly sentimental or preachy I thought all of Christian fiction had a boring storyline someone has the perfect life, th [...]

    27. Carlos Bazzano on said:

      Este libro resulta, por lo general, aburrido En primer t rmino es necesario se alar que el autor se reconoce a s mismo como un autor cristiano de hecho es un exponente del sub g nero denominado ficci n cristiana de manera que la obra gira en torno al concepto de pecado falta de fe redenci n Sucede en un pueblo que oculta oscuros secretos y en el cual un ente me misterioso asesina personas El concepto no es nuevo empero s que lo es el punto de vista desde el cual el autor aborda los temas tratado [...]

    28. Ezra on said:

      This book was an OK book by my standards I do believe that it could have been covered in 200 or 300 pages, not the 500 it was There were lots of dull moments in this book, places with absolutely no action whatsoever And the way that God was suddenly put into the book That s a big don t I don t mind the aspect of God and sin in books at all, but you can t just say oh, you need to find God or you are gonna die If the aspect of God and sin had been put in earlier and subtly, it wouldn t have been [...]

    29. Dundee Library on said:

      One of my favorite Frank Peretti books that I ve read several times, The Oath is a great combination of a thriller, supernatural suspense, and spiritual allegories.Trouble starts in the small, Northwestern mining town of Hyde River, a place that has a big, dark secret that began with the city s founding fathers When scientist Steven Benson s brother is brutally and mysteriously killed on a camping excursion in the hills, Steve comes looking for answers Unfortunately, he s asking questions in the [...]

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