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Knife By R.J. Anderson Knife Once upon a time a fairy is born She lives in an old oak tree at the bottom of a garden with the rest of the fairy folk Never has she known a time when life hasn t been hard with many dangers and mu

  • Title: Knife
  • Author: R.J. Anderson
  • ISBN: 9781408303122
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • Knife By R.J. Anderson Once upon a time, a fairy is born She lives in an old oak tree at the bottom of a garden with the rest of the fairy folk Never has she known a time when life hasn t been hard, with many dangers and much adversity But when she becomes the Hunter of the group and learns to do battle in the outside world, her adventures really take offDon t read this book if you re expeOnce upon a time, a fairy is born She lives in an old oak tree at the bottom of a garden with the rest of the fairy folk Never has she known a time when life hasn t been hard, with many dangers and much adversity But when she becomes the Hunter of the group and learns to do battle in the outside world, her adventures really take offDon t read this book if you re expecting fairy dust the last thing Knife is likely to wield is a magic wand
    Knife By R.J. Anderson

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      470 R.J. Anderson

    One thought on “Knife

    1. Kristi on said:

      Another fantastic debut novel This book was just full of awesomeness I absolutely loved reading it The plot was something totally different, which was beyond refreshing No faery courts, good vs evil, life sized fae in the book This is the type of faeries that I had always imagined hiding amongst flowers.The characters were extraordinary Knife was so fascinating Such a complex character She really made this novel And the secondary characters were just as outstanding They were almost as complex as [...]

    2. R.J. on said:

      Re read for galleys of the new US paperback and e book edition, coming July 21st from Enclave Publishing Happily, I still love this story and enjoyed reading it sure, there are a few changes I might make to the prose on a line level, but not in any way that would substantially alter the book Which, eight years and eight books later, is a pretty nice feeling to have Original review I wrote this book, so naturally I love it.

    3. Nadine Brandes on said:

      What a sweet story about Knife and the faerys I don t read many faery books just not my thing but I loved how R J Anderson delivered this one Definitely one I m keeping on my shelves and making my kiddos read someday.I also loved how visual it was Totally felt like I watched a movie and read a book at the same time.

    4. Inge on said:

      Knife was cute Really cute.The story starts with Bryony, a fairy of the Oakenwyld They live in a big old oak tree and are forbidden to go outside, because humans are dangerous, especially now that they ve all lost their magic That s right all fairies were robbed from their magic and lost their creativity When Bryony, now Knife, is appointed as the Queen s Hunter, she meets a human being Paul Thus begins a truly beautiful friendship that will change the Oakenwyld forever.Let me just start by sayi [...]

    5. Bee (Heart Full of Books) on said:

      I found the fifth book in the series, which is like the second book to a companion duology so I was only going to read the fourth book but was like why not go back to the beginning and thank goodness I did, because I d forgotten just how perfect this series is First off Look at the covers They re everything EVERYTHING No cover will ever be so wonderfully magical and dark ever I ve always loved fairies and Knife is like a dark version of Tinker Bell and Pixie Hollow, with the usual fairies can t [...]

    6. Melissa on said:

      I will always think of this book as titled Knife as full disclosure I knew it in some of its earlier stages However my friendship with and love of this book s author does not at all account for the voraciousness with which I consumed it I had it in my possession for many months and due to a crazy schedule only opened it last night a bias in favor of the author s success does not at all account for staying up much too late with it, trying to read it while I was driving , using one hand to prop it [...]

    7. Chachic on said:

      Orinally posted here.Knife by R.J Anderson was published as Spell Hunter in the US and is the first book in the Faery Rebels series I got the UK edition because I think it looks much better than the US one and the UK covers for all the books in the series match The picture below doesn t do the cover justice because it s a lot nicer in person the blue stands out against the black and the print is shiny I ve heard a lot of good things about this book, especially from Sounisians because I believe R [...]

    8. Shannon (Giraffe Days) on said:

      There aren t many faeries left in the Oak Since the Sundering, the only faery with any magic is the Queen, Amaryllis, and the old skills have been lost The Silence is killing off faeries, but no one knows what it is or what causes it.When she was a young faery, Bryony was adventurous and yearned for the outdoors a place she was never allowed to go So she is shocked but excited to be apprenticed to Thorn, the Queen s Hunter, whose job it is to protect the Oak and hunt squirrels and other small an [...]

    9. Katie Grace on said:

      Aww, this book was like a blast to the past I used to read fairy stories all the time, so it felt like I was eight years old again Even though it s not my type of book any, it was still a cute and quick read happiness

    10. Kathryn on said:

      rating clarification 4.5Be prepared, this book is awesome I ve only read three book during this past month and I am ashamed but glad I haven t sunken to my routine of not reading ANY books at all Which is why it took so long for me to finish this book I am not sure if it was my lack of interest of reading this month has driven me to read this book agonizingly slow or that this book simply had a quite slow development But nonetheless, I cannot explain how glad I am to have continued reading this [...]

    11. Sherwood Smith on said:

      Bryony is a young faery, impatient with being cooped in the old oak where her sadly diminished and isolated community lives When she s apprenticed to the community s Hunter, she uses that as an excuse to spy on the humans who live nearby, in spite of many warnings and even threats from her cautious faery elders.How she meets the human boy Paul, their relationship, and why the community is the way it is makes up an absorbing, quick paced tale full of laughter and real emotional depth I would have [...]

    12. Rachel Neumeier on said:

      I finally tried this book, and yes, it is a delightful story, one that turns the concept of the fairy story somewhat on its head.In Knife, the fairies are classic garden fairies little female sprites with dragonfly wings who live this particular colony inside a large oak tree in the back garden of a prosperous estate Only these specific fairies are in trouble a generation or two ago, they lost nearly all their magic and they ve been declining in prosperity and devolving culturally ever since The [...]

    13. Susana on said:

      A very gripping and charming adventure I absolutely loved reading it Okay, I ll admit that if it wasn t for Isa I probably wouldn t ever have picked this one upLets face it, the cover _although beautiful _ seems middle school oriented than ya.Well, let me tell you, The cover lies The writing in this story is so captivating that even during this re read it still managed to capture my attention Not only that, but I ve got the feeling that this second time around, the read was even better not an e [...]

    14. Angela on said:

      This was a fun faery story with faeries that are like what I imagined traditional faeries to be like, but not quite Yeah, I think the line in the book synopsis says Forget everything you think you know about faeries is an apt description.This book builds from beginning to end At the start, I thought it was a cute middle grade story that I d be interested to share with my girls when they got older By the end I hooked and wanted to know for myself what was going to happen with Knife and some othe [...]

    15. Tracey Dyck on said:

      Reread It was better than I remembered A few random thoughts because I don t feel like writing a full review Some aspects reminded me of Disney s Pixie Hollow The plot felt a tad thin in places, but maybe that s because I subconsciously remembered some things about it from reading it years ago I liked Paul than I did the first time The book had interesting things to say about art, creativity, and the nature of inspiration and relationships The twist was not exactly what I expected This book was [...]

    16. Wealhtheow on said:

      Knife is the only child in the Oak Her people are slowly dying out, with little magic and too few numbers to sustain themselves But Knife refuses to just survive, like her elders do First she becomes the Queen s Hunter and thene strikes up a friendship with a Human.Paul is giving in to despair after an accident took the use of his legs, but his contact with a tiny fierce fairy gives him new hope and artistic drive.The beginning and end of this book aren t that impressive or novel, but the middle [...]

    17. Tricia Mingerink on said:

      This is a cute faery story and a very quick read While the characters mentioned the Great Gardener sometimes, there isn t too much Christianity or allegory involved It does deal with a few weightier topics such as suicide Towards the end of the book, some of the faery s culture was a little weird, but not too weird for me Overall, a good book and I m eager to read the next one.

    18. Nemo (The Moonlight Library) on said:

      R.J Anderson s Knife tells the story of a headstrong, wily young faerie named Knife and her adventures as she attempts to unravel why her faery people no longer have any magic.Knife is a very difficult book to review I liked some things about it and I disliked other things, and it kind of left me feeling meh In fact, I borrowed this from the library to listen to the audiobook and it had a FANTASTIC British narrator, Emma Parish, whom I loved and want to kidnap and force her to read all my books [...]

    19. Angie on said:

      I don t generally review many middle grade novels, but I had read several lovely reviews of FAERY REBELS SPELL HUNTER a debut middle grade fantasy novel by R.J Anderson and then was lucky enough to receive a copy from the lovely Ms Anderson herself Interestingly enough, the same book has been published in the UK under the title KNIFE, with dramatically different cover art The changes in title and artwork make it clear they re marketing it to a slightly older young adult audience over the pond, w [...]

    20. Miss Clark on said:

      This book was a charming delight The Faery culture that Anderson has created was unlike anything that I had encountered and exploring it with Knife as she seeks the truth about the Sundering that stole her people s magic and the plague that is now slowly but inexorably killing them was just the sort of adventure I wanted.The Faery society is foreign The niceties and emotions we take for granted are unknown to them They lack creativity They have no understanding of such concepts as love, friendsh [...]

    21. Emily on said:

      I ve wanted to write a super duper review for this book, but I just can t find the words to describe how fabulous it is I admit I m biased I ve known RJA for years, and fell in love with her writing with her fan fiction I ve been privileged to help with the editing process on this novel, but I hadn t read the most recent revision until this was published And it was amazing I ve always been a fan of fairy tales, and this one is a classic and yet, it isn t It s both familiar and unfamiliar, as RJA [...]

    22. Deva Fagan on said:

      I found lots of things in this marvelous book a compelling adventure, a nuanced world, and engaging mystery, and a sweet and occasionally heart breaking romance Most of all I found two characters to love Bryony later Knife the faery, and Paul, the young human who becomes her friend I loved seeing the worlds of both faeries and humans through Knife s eyes I read eagerly as she pieces together the clues to understand the deadly affliction upon her own people, and struggles to understand the role h [...]

    23. Cindy on said:

      what an absolutely delightful read you always know when a book has found its way into your heart when you are filled with regret when the story is over faery rebels is a middle grade novel a genre i have not read in some time but it is a book to be enjoyed by all agesife is a fearless faery intent on finding out the truth of her people s past, when she befriends a human friend, paul.with evocative prose and wonderful storytelling, anderson slowly unravels the mystery behind the faeries unhappy c [...]

    24. Denisa C on said:

      I had a rocky start with this one, but due to the love Claudia has for it and the fact that the story was really interesting, I am glad I end up finishing it and really loving it This is a story about faeries, badass faeries I have never read about fairies, as main characters, at least I don t remember reading about them This is quite a nice start The way it is written and explored makes for a fun, quick, I might say, and amazing read The characters grow on you as the book progresses, at least t [...]

    25. Yola NY on said:

      WOW aku suka endingnya another faery storieshah, cerita ttg peri emang nggak pernah bisa bikin aku bosen sebelumnya udah pernah baca crta peri yg macem2,, tapi beneran deh cerita peri yg satu ini lain dr yg lain 1 ukuran peri yang biasanya diceritain seukuran manusia di novel2 yg lain, nah di sini ukuran peri itu keciiilll bangett peri yg dewasa malah cuma 15 cm2 peri di sini bukan termasuk sumber kreativitas mereka malah belajar dari manusia3 peri dalam buku ini tinggal di dalam pohon oak.4 cum [...]

    26. Cameron on said:

      Have you ever wanted to explore the exciting life of a faery Well, in R.J Anderson s book Faery Rebels, Spell Hunter follow the life of a adventurous young faery named Bryony who has a thing for curiosity explores strange creatures called humans and wants to find answers to why long ago the faeries mysteriously lost their magic Deep inside the great Oak lies a dying faery realm, bursting with secrets instead of magic But a young faery Bryony is determined to solve the mystery of why the faeries [...]

    27. Becky on said:

      As the blurb says, Knife is not a fairytale It happens to be a story about a faery who is unlike any faery I ve ever read about She is a strong willed heroine and at times even a little savage Knife lives with a colony of faeries who each have roles to fulfil within their community Knife dreams of being a Gatherer and going outside of the Oak which is home to the colony Knife unlike the other faeries is not afraid of the outside world She is insatiably curious, particularly when it comes to the [...]

    28. Jennifer Wardrip on said:

      Reviewed by Breia The Brain Brickey for TeensReadTooThe first FAERY REBELS book, SPELL HUNTER, is a story about, you guessed it, faeries.The story begins on a day in the life of a faery named Bryony She is young, impetuous, and exactly like you would expect someone her age to be Bryony lives with the others of her kind in a huge oak tree The only faeries that are allowed to leave the tree are the gatherers when they are searching for food, or the Queen s Hunter when she leaves to protect the oth [...]

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