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A Portrait of Pain

A Portrait of Pain By Jane Washington A Portrait of Pain I had to understand that grief would be a constant in my life and that it would be different every time it returned to me the same face hidden beneath a brand new hat I needed to say goodbye to this

  • Title: A Portrait of Pain
  • Author: Jane Washington
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 170
  • Format: None
  • A Portrait of Pain By Jane Washington I had to understand that grief would be a constant in my life, and that it would be different every time it returned to me the same face hidden beneath a brand new hat I needed to say goodbye to this chapter of my life, to the grief that had clawed at me, to the threat that had stalked me through the shadows Seraph Black s entire world has changed There are no s I had to understand that grief would be a constant in my life, and that it would be different every time it returned to me the same face hidden beneath a brand new hat I needed to say goodbye to this chapter of my life, to the grief that had clawed at me, to the threat that had stalked me through the shadows Seraph Black s entire world has changed There are no secrets in her life, but knowledge comes at a price Memories take their toll Reality demands a due.The silent shadow of her past has stepped into the light and revealed himself He has lost everything, and the only thing left for him to do is to make sure that she loses everything as well Survival is a complicated game, but her pairs are determined to become experts at it before they run out of time If only they knew about the brand of pain in her portraits that was never there before, because something is seriously wrong Her visions are changing People are dying The world is turning on its head once again.Warning As the characters in this series are maturing, so is the content Not suitable for persons younger than 17 years.
    A Portrait of Pain By Jane Washington

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    • A Portrait of Pain Best Read || [Jane Washington]
      170 Jane Washington

    One thought on “A Portrait of Pain

    1. Cece Rose on said:

      Holy fucking shit.Be prepared my friends I am about to rant About how much I freaking loved this book.The Basics Genre Paranormal Reverse Harem Series standalone Series Book 4Stars 5 oh my freaking God stars Would I recommend this book Hell yes Start with book one Charcoal Tears, and while you re at it pick up everything else Jane Washington writes, it s all gold Would I read again Um, already trying to figure out when I have some spare time to re read the whole series, so yes.The slightly less [...]

    2. Sh3lly ☽ Guardian of Beautiful Squids and Lonely Moons ☽ on said:

      This is just a quick overall review for the series I haven t been this excited about books in a long time I haven t binge read a series in a long time This series isn t perfect, but I loved it I totally shipped all four guys for Seraph I haven t swooned over book boyfriends like this in a LONG time.I loved the world and think there could be written about it I m already ready to re read it The resolution of the messenger Seraph s nemesis was a bit anti climatic but I didn t even care PERFECT I L [...]

    3. Kelly Martin on said:

      This is a beatific end to an amazing series and I m only sorry that it s over I fell in love with these characters long ago, and it was so hard to say goodbye but APoP does it in the most perfect way possible If I had three wishes, they d all be for Jane to write a spin off series for Poison and Clarin Or Jayden Or Tariq No, wait, I d wish for it to be scientifically possible to make myself Jane s pair Both of them I d literally clone myself, and then we could sit together and read her books At [...]

    4. Maggie Lynn on said:

      Whaaat NO There s a fourth one Im feeling very conflicted right now 60% of me Yes Yes Omg, big huge YES More Seraph Black fangirl But another part, the 40% dark and angsty and impatient and hopeless at waiting for good things part Nooo I thought I only had to wait a little for the end Jane, I know you re going to make me cry a lot in two books instead of one.I m going to die from anxiety by the time this one comes out.I really need to finish the second book before I continue to freak myself th [...]

    5. Priscilla Lemes on said:

      AAAAAAH i really need this book im so in love with the story, that im not sure i can handle the wait hahapleeeeeeease dont break them apart, all five of them, and being realistic and not a totally harem fan girl haha , it would totally screw up that they love her so much but in the end she end up chosing only one of themar author, pleeeeeease hear the prayer of a really big fan of your work hahakeep the hard work, im rooting for you

    6. Jessica on said:

      This is for the whole series MacHalo Buddy Read So, I ve got a bit of a book hangover I didn t expect to get so caught up I couldn t put it down I get this may not be for everyone Reverse harem can be overwhelming for some, but it works for me here Somehow, Jane Washington pulled it off and made it seem totally normal and natural and so swoon worthy Although, I do have a favorite The mystery adventure was good as well Although, the way it ended could ve been yes That s it It could have been MOR [...]

    7. Helen Weale on said:

      OK, so I really don t know where to start with this one It was amazing, fabulous, sensational I ll stop there before Jane starts getting ideas above her station and thinks she s a good writer The final book in this series was everything I wanted it to be It cleared up all those little niggling doubts we had about Seraph and her guys and it was all tied up in a nice, neat little rainbow coloured bow.Miro was just sigh adorable and so freaking hot in this one he was always my favourite though And [...]

    8. Rhea_sways on said:

      I ABSOLUTELY LOVED ITIts all doneI want please JaneI beg you I want some sexy angsty times with all the Hs and one hIt was so good, I LOVED their chemistry The end was too beautiful.The plot in the beginning was a little slow but it got really good The author wrapped everything in a nice little bow at the end, the ending was everything all those sexy times that we were salivating for I just want with our lovely MC s and mature chemistry scenes I will sell you my soul if that s what you need J [...]

    9. Alyssa on said:

      First off, let s just say that this book blew my freakin mind Sweet baby unicorns, Jane, you ve done it again That said, let s move onThe basics Genre YA NA kind of on the line, 17 audience recommended , paranormal, reverse haremSeries Final book book four in the Seraph Black seriesWho should read it You No seriously, if you re here reading this review, read the book I mean start at the beginning though, as this is book four The restI honestly don t even know what to say, you guys The book was a [...]

    10. Jasmine on said:

      Okay imma be honest I didn t love this book as much as the others, mostly because I was hoping for Seraph to end up with one guy Silas, obvs because I guess it didn t really get through to me that it s a reverse harem book Or maybe I was in denial I guess in a way they did end up together view spoiler HE TOOK HER VIRGINITY, YES BITCH, HER TRUE MAN GOT TO HER FIRST, I M WHOOPING WITH JOY hide spoiler , but still I wanted to see scenes with her and Silas but instead Jane decided to include a plot [...]

    11. Jenn on said:

      I received an ARC in exchange for a fair review This review is spoiler free I don t even know where to start To be honest, I was super nervous when I learned this was going to be the last book in the series It felt like so many loose ends needing tied up that I had no idea how Jane was going to be able to do that fairly in one book I shall apologize to her because this exceeded my expectations The loose ends were tied up and the scenes I needed along with the ones I didn t realize I needed were [...]

    12. ReadingisMyEscape on said:

      I liked the first book ok rated it 2.5 and I think I could have liked the additional books better if it weren t for the behavior of the Heros.I spent books 2,3, and part of 4 hating the guysere was way to much OW drama a huge NO in RH IMO , the treatment of the heroine by the Heros was horrible it s seriously started to give ME a complex, and the doormattiness of the heroine was sickening.The older two repeatedly told the heroine they didn t want her even after bonding with her, the younger two [...]

    13. Kriss on said:

      A Portrait of Pain is a great finale In fact, there s not much to say because I just overall liked it so much It s the best of the four books in the series because it has the most romance, action, and resolution to offer Everything is wrapped up, loose ends tied, and we get a great ending where we get left on a happy, hopeful note that all will be well and continue to be well While I did expect there to be a final showdown sort of situation between Seraph and the messenger since that s a common [...]

    14. Vicky on said:

      I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.My heart hurts Jane has put me through an emotional wringer and left me as a limp, soulless rag with the biggest, stupidest, soppiest grin you have ever seen splattered across my face It s true when they say you know you have read a good book substitute with bestseller when you turn the last page and you feel as if you have lost a friend replace friend with BFF.She gives you things you didn t even realise you should have asked for the multiple p [...]

    15. Jennifer G on said:

      Jane Washington is the Queen of RH The Seraph Black series is brilliant A Portrait of Pain, the final book of the series, is the ultimate perfection Honestly, I expected nothing short of excellence having read all of Jane s books, but she exceeded my expectations I can t recommend this series enough This book picks up not long after where Lead Heart leaves off Seraph s life is still in turmoil Danny is still on loose and determined to punish Seraph in the most extreme ways possible There will mo [...]

    16. Anna on said:

      Where to begin with this one I came across Jane Washington shortly after the first book in the series was released I devoured the first book and impatiently waited for the second to release I became enthralled with the characters and had to know everything about them I m sad that this book brings about the end of this amazing series but Jane did an OUTSTANDING job closing it out It was action packed and had me hanging on every word for what would happen next The way things played out with certai [...]

    17. Sooz Willow on said:

      Hmmm okayy where to start Jane it slayed me Seraph matures so much in this one she grows into herself and becomes so self aware Silas learns to share that s nice he learns a modicum of self control and only wants to maim or kill every second person he meets Progress did i mention sexy as hell.Cabe for me didn t change alot for me still a goof but necessary he seems to be able to remove alot of tension from potentially bad situations.Noah became Noah not an extension of Cabe or the douchebag, thi [...]

    18. Maria Dimitrova on said:

      I loved this Like I can t even express how much And now I only want to curl up and cry because it s over I m pretty sure someone brainwashed me because I don t get obsessed with YA PNR I like kick ass heroines that love blood and gore And when I read reverse harem books I do it for the smut And you know what there s no smut here Just a hot scene here and there but almost no sex And I m okay with that because I grew to care for these characters and their world I wanted to see view spoiler Danny h [...]

    19. Kelsey Knox on said:

      Another solid work of art from Jane Washington What a great conclusion to what has been such a wonderful series Ok so I m not going to spend this whole time gushing over the awesomeness that is Jane Washington I WILL get to the book, BUT can I just take a moment to address what a FANTASTIC writer Jane Washington is Seriously, she s not just a great author for the RH genre, she s a great author Period The writing is so strong and so engaging it just sucks you right in That is exactly what happene [...]

    20. Michelle on said:

      I feel like I have a split personality after reading On the one hand I loved this book but on the other I am terribly depressed the series is over If you are debating reading this series, I would strongly advise you to do so Let s start with what I liked about the book 1 Loved the different POV It was great to get insight into everyone s minds.2 All of the characters of grown and changed for the better Silas and Miro most noticeable 3 Miro Welcome to the party sir We were all waiting for you 4 T [...]

    21. K.B. Ladnier on said:

      WHAT THE SHIT Ok JaneI m kinda mad at you now You give us this epically written series then just quit out on us by ending it This is why I give you four stars You re supposed to write until your characters are old people with Silas sawing the legs off of Miro s rocking chair and Cabe hiding everyone s dentures I have suffered the Book Pain Syndrome from having to situate myself for hours on end being sucked into your fantastic f %king writing and now I ve got nothing to show for it I hate you fo [...]

    22. Natalia on said:

      so this is going to be the review of the all serie And I have mix feeling with this one The story is OK, but all the reverse harem is not my cup, she end up with a fuck schedule was that it Also the fact that Seraph is a teen does not help with the all thing she stars the book with 17 and ends the book almost 2 years after with 17 All the guy are so nice, Silas being my favorite I figure out that Danny was the messenger right away The ending was my biggest no no It felt rush with Danny dieng by [...]

    23. JemimahZafoune on said:

      5 stars doesn t feel like its good enough to give to A Portrait of Pain when this whole series feels like its been a big part of my life, even though I only started reading it last year Have you ever had a book series consume you Have you ever felt like the characters are part of your life Well that how I ve felt about the Seraph Black series, and now it s over I m not too sad well I am sad as I ll miss all the characters as Jane Washington has done a brilliant job in wrapping up the series.From [...]

    24. Secretly Adorkable Readers on said:

      A Short Spoiler Free Review by SAR Blog 5 Harem Stars Finding an author that can give you a new fresh of supernatural twists, send your heart into a twisted frenzy, edge of your seat page turning scenes, and a hot harem in the mix Well, let me tell you now that Jane can do all of that plus She is a genuis This is the type of series you will never get enough of and then you are in a major book hangover now begging for a spin off series Seraph and her pairs continue in the final book of A Portrai [...]

    25. Jennifer on said:

      So every time I start reading the last book in a series I always fear that I will walk away not satisfied with the ending I am happy to report that is not the case here, that this book did a great job in concluding the seriesThis is book four, so if you haven t read the first three books, go do so now Like immediately Do not pass go, do not do anything else until you have read them.APOP has points of view from Seph and all her guys which is departure from the previous books I loved seeing and th [...]

    26. Nicole Namen on said:

      This book is a spectacular ending to the Seraph Black series It leaves you jumping for joy at times, and then ugly crying immediately after because it s over I loved the chapters written in the guys point of view I loved how their romantic relationship were taken to the next level, but I also loved how their emotional connection to her is like one beating heart I loved how Cabe and Noah were leaders to Miro and Silas, too, but so so protective of Seraph I mean finally there was some Miro action [...]

    27. Sharon on said:

      I m shocked, this is definitely not for young adults Let s just say that Seraph is quite the busy gal with her pairs, though all of this happens after a scary accident, threats to her BFFs and brother, betrayal by the people who were supposed to protect her, a ghostly vision, and an explosive encounter with the messenger It feels like the book unraveled near the end in order to make sense of everything I m not sure how to feel about this book except it was not what I expected at all A little sad [...]

    28. Jamie (The Kansan Reader) on said:

      Well that was eventful but at the same time anti climatic A good ending to the series but at the same time a little lack luster Oh well I will be giving Washington another shot with another one of her series.

    29. Cindy Woodruff on said:

      insert booming applause Jane, you continue to blow up har, har, Danny pun my freaking mind Just when I think you can t possibly make me love Seph and her pairs any, you go and make it impossible not to laugh, cry and be plain ol hysterical while I read your books When I found out that the series was ending in this book, I was devastated How would it end I had that gut wrenching fear that I would feel like there should be to the story, but alas, you didn t disappoint There is absolutely nothing [...]

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