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Avalon By Anya Seton Philippa Gregory Avalon This saga of yearning and mystery travels across oceans and continents to Iceland Greenland and North America during the time in history when Anglo Saxons battled Vikings and the Norsemen discovered

  • Title: Avalon
  • Author: Anya Seton Philippa Gregory
  • ISBN: 9781556526008
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Paperback
  • Avalon By Anya Seton Philippa Gregory This saga of yearning and mystery travels across oceans and continents to Iceland, Greenland, and North America during the time in history when Anglo Saxons battled Vikings and the Norsemen discovered America The marked contrasts between powerful royalty, landless peasants, Viking warriors and noble knights are expertly brought to life in this gripping tale of the FrenchThis saga of yearning and mystery travels across oceans and continents to Iceland, Greenland, and North America during the time in history when Anglo Saxons battled Vikings and the Norsemen discovered America The marked contrasts between powerful royalty, landless peasants, Viking warriors and noble knights are expertly brought to life in this gripping tale of the French prince named Rumon Shipwrecked off the Cornish coast on his quest to find King Arthur s legendary Avalon, Rumon meets a lonely girl named Merewyn and their lives soon become intertwined Rumon brings Merewyn to England, but once there he is so dazzled by Queen Alrida s beauty that it makes him a virtual prisoner to her will In this riveting romance, Anya Seton once again proves her mastery of historical detail and ability to craft a compelling tale that includes real and colorful personalities such as St Dunstan and Eric the Red.
    Avalon By Anya Seton Philippa Gregory

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      481 Anya Seton Philippa Gregory

    One thought on “Avalon

    1. Gary on said:

      A wonderful historical saga of the tenth century Rumon, descendaant of Charlemagne and King Arthur journeys from his native Provence to England, which is being torn apart by rifts between Christian and pagan, and violent invasions and raids by Vikings and Danes.He meets the beautiful and valiant Merewyn, in Cornwall, but is bewitched by the evil Queen Alfreda, who after Edgar s death has Edgar s older son Edward assassinated, and replaced by Alfreda s own son Ethelred.Merewyn is later captured b [...]

    2. Sarah Mac on said:

      Eh was okay, but not recommended unless you re a hardcore Seton fan spoilers ahead The story begins with Merewyn Rumon s time at the court of Edgar his son Edward roughly 970 80 AD The secret of Merewyn s non royal birth is a deathbed vow that Rumon carries only by accident he s a petulant, sanctimonious whinger who thinks entirely too much of his worth to God s creation Merewyn was likable, though something of a dim bulb, so she doesn t have much personality besides providing a bookmark for va [...]

    3. Misfit on said:

      Very enjoyable It was nice taking a travel through history in a period of time not so frequently written about The up and down see saw of Merewyn s and Ruman s star crossed love was heartbreaking at times I don t want to say to give out the end It isn t Katherine by a long shot, but still a good read, and I would recommend to any lover of historical fiction.

    4. Krista Baetiong Tungol on said:

      Avalon is my first Anya Seton read, and it is set in 10th century England during the prevalent Viking raids and the ever present discord between Saxons and Danes It tells the story of a young nobleman from Provence who has a vision of Avalon, and a Cornish girl who belatedly learns about her disreputable pedigree The two meet by chance after the former gets stranded off the Cornish coast on his way to King Edgar s court , and together they travel to England, where their lives radically change al [...]

    5. Mandy Moody on said:

      Avalon was my 3rd Seton novel, and my least favorite of the three.Even a sub par Seton is a good read, though Merewyn and Rumon, both orphans of royal descent, are on their way to the court of King Edgar Merewyn plans to live with her aunt, Abbess of Romsey Rumon hopes to be given a place at court.But Rumon carries a secret the truth of Merewyns birth She is not the descendant of Arthur, as she was always told by her mother, but the product of rape by a viking raider Her parentage will ultimatel [...]

    6. Terric853 on said:

      Based on this novel, I m not sure why Anya Seton has such a reputation as a great historical writer This book was dull and not at all exciting.Merewyn at 14 thinks she s a descendant of King Arthur She finds a 19 year old man from France, Rumon, wandering around on the heaths of Cornwall She s just made a pilgrimage to appeal for her mother s life He s voyaging to the current king s court, being obsessed with Avalon and King Arthur s court Merewyn s mother dies and Rumon has pledged to her mothe [...]

    7. Susan on said:

      This novel is in many ways the total opposite to Anya Seton s Katherine Whereas Katherine is the story of a passionate love affair this is the story of a love that never had a chance to be Merewyn and Rumon simply miss each other, first Merewyn loves Rumon but he feels himself above her and by the time that he discovers himself Merewyn has been taken taken across to Iceland to discover her true identity where she falls in love and marries Rumon traces her to Iceland and discovers he is too late. [...]

    8. Margaret on said:

      This historical novel, set mainly in 10th century Britain, tells the story of a young Cornish girl and a Breton knight, who become caught up in English politics and Viking raids As usual for Seton, it s well researched and convincing, and I liked the first half or so all right, when Merewyn and Rumon are caught up in English politics and the machinations of beautiful Queen Alfrida Later, though, it became too episodic, skipping years at a time and interrupting character arcs often, the character [...]

    9. Danielle on said:

      This book surprised me After looking at a lot of reviews on , I was a little hesitant from reading it, because many people found this book to be disappointing, and I could have agreed during the first fifty or so pages of the book, which were kind of awkwardly written and clich But after that I started to really enjoy the book The book tells the story of fictional Merewyn, a poor young girl from Cornwall who has been told by her mother her entire life that she is a descendent of King Arthur, who [...]

    10. Kathryn on said:

      I can t honestly bash on the woman who wrote Katherine but I didn t really like this book By the end of the book I felt like I didn t even know Merewyn She was so fickle and confusing And Rumon was so conflicting I don t think I liked either of them Well I liked Rumon at the end You can tell the extensive research that went into this book and I found that interesting, but the plot was ineffective I felt like I was in three different plots by the end with Alfrida in the beggining and then Rumon s [...]

    11. Coleen Dailey on said:

      Set at the turn of the first millenium, this story is about Britain, Vikings and early kings Arthur is already a legend by the time of this book It had travel to Iceland, Greenland and the New World as well as intrigue and politics of England trying to become and remain a united nation in the face of attack by Vikings I have read one other book by this author Katherine about Katherine Swynford and have enjoyed them both I would highly recommend.

    12. Nick Phillips on said:

      This was a father s day present last year from my younger daughter, she bought it for me partly because we live in Avalon though not necessarily the one sought by Rumon in the novel , partly because my office window overlooks the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey and partly because she was at the time attending a school named for St Dunstan With all these connections I had an immediate affinity with the story but that of itself would not have been sufficient should the writing be poor or the characters [...]

    13. Ami Haid on said:

      If ever been a book has been written that perfectly captures the human experience, then Avalon is it Anya Seton is able to write a story about impossible love, and longing, of pride, and mistakes and the consequences we pay for them for the rest of our lives The story is centered around the characters Rumon and Merewyn, and their love for one another albeit at different points in their lives , and all the places this love or lack of it takes them The story may not exclusively be a romance novel, [...]

    14. Deborah Pickstone on said:

      A re read of an old favourite Anya Seton really was an astonishingly good writer of HF in her era I read everything she had written in my early teens and have re read most of them at least once since Avalon is one of my three favourites of hers the others are Devil Water and Green Darkness In fact, my life long love of HF stems from the novels of Anya Seton and Margaret Irwin If you have never read either of these writers, do give them a try

    15. International Cat Lady on said:

      Meh This book was okay, and it did hold my interest all the way through however, there was a huge emphasis on Catholicism and Catholic guilt that was awfully heavy handed The part of the book where one of the main characters lives in Iceland and Greenland and for a time gives up her religion was the most engaging for me, as it wasn t beating me over the head with religious issues I don t mind religious characters, but I don t enjoy religious books, and this was definitely the latter Also, when y [...]

    16. Stella on said:

      I decided to read this book because I really enjoyed Anya Seton s book Katherine I didn t like this one nearly as well Toward the end I just didn t care any what happened, I just wanted it to be over I also had a hard time with the pronunciation of the names of some of the people and places I wasn t sure how some names were pronounced and I would get bogged down in the story trying to figure out how they should sound It wasn t the worst book I ve ever read, but it was far from the best.

    17. Phyllis on said:

      This book by Anya Seton is based on actual people and events in the 10th century before the conquest of England It is the story of Marewynn, a young girl in Cornwall who has always believed she is a descendant of King Arthur It follows her life from Cornwall to Iceland and Greenland and back to England It is also about Rumon a young man from France of royal birth These two will cross paths at different times in their lives and see many changes.

    18. Stacielynn on said:

      turns out it is sn older book 1964 which might explain the style I found it plodding and frequently dull the characters had such potential but the author never let them take off there were plenty of fascinating locales but she didn t take advantage of them to create a compelling narrative that explored new places and cultures the story line is dated and stale.

    19. Stephanie on said:

      Well this was certainly no Katherine Rumon irritated the heck out of me, not a strong enough male romantic lead The era was interesting and it was worth reading.

    20. Laura on said:

      WHAT A BOOK Another masterpiece by Anya Seton and I must re read Katherine some day.

    21. Mike on said:

      What does 3 stars mean It was good, it was OK, it was fine, I d recommend it to someone interested in historical fiction about England in years that only have 3 digits.Another 3 star novel about 3 digit England is Julian Rathbone s The Last English King, which starts where this book leaves off Avalon takes place during the reigns of Edgar, Edward, and Ethelred the Unready, while The Last English King starts with the death of Edward the Confessor, and continues through the Norman conquest Althoug [...]

    22. Anais on said:

      The Virtues of Frustrated LoveI read this book when I was very young and it made a deep impression on me, not so much because of its historical flavor, but for the structure of the romance I d never quite read another book like it It was a series of missed chances, a succession of dark nights in which two ships passed each other by Merewyn falls in love with Rumon, but he doesn t return her love Then he falls in love with her, but by this time, she doesn t care for him And then they switch again [...]

    23. Kelly on said:

      Intriguing read I appreciated the detail that went in to this well researched piece of historical fiction keeping in mind that it was written over 50 years ago I enjoyed the saga, however, I really wanted to see deeply into the characters As it was, I didn t really love any of them, though I appreciated the theme of redemption and peace 4 stars for writing style, research, and overall story 3 stars for characters whose minds needed exploring.

    24. Betty on said:

      Story set around 1000 AD about Vikings, the English monarchy and the church.

    25. Katharine Harding on said:

      Loved the setting a time that we don t know all that much about really I d have enjoyed a bit detail about Greenland especially This is only the second Anya Seton that I ve read, and since I started with Katherine which was really excellent this didn t quite match up to that, but it was still a good read and I definitely enjoyed it.

    26. Nikki on said:

      Game of Thrones meets VikingsI first came across this book on the bookshelf of American relatives I was visiting as a teenager I was attracted by the title, since The Mists of Avalon was the big hype of those days I did like this but my English wasn t good enough yet to really appreciate the story When I visited my relatives again a few years later, I was able to find the book second hand exactly the same old hardcover edition from the 60 s and re read it, appreciating it even and took it home [...]

    27. Olivia on said:

      It s a pretty serious concern when you can t actually find the romance or the history in a historical romance novel, right Avalon was enjoyable, but I was definitely cringing about as often as I was smiling I thought the characters simplistic, the writing way too melodramatic at times and the ending really tediously moralizing While Seton definitely did make the Icelandic characters speak in a way that parrots the syntax of the sagas, she really needed to research than the most superficial aspe [...]

    28. Kiri on said:

      You know what I loved about this book That the two protagonists didn t end up together I am so happy that it was realistic in that sense I was worried that it might turn out to be like her novel Katherine, where it took the whole novel for the two of them to end up married I thought this would follow the same route, but thankfully it did not I loved how we got so much history in a small novel We were in King Edgar s court, followed by the upheaval and murder of King Edward to place Ethelred on t [...]

    29. Lauren on said:

      I loved Avalon It is not the best Anya Seton book that honor goes to Katherine However, for a book set in the Dark Ages, it is absolutely fantastic Anya Seton did a fantastic job transplanting readers into a time about which we know little I knew nothing going into the novel about the Saxon kings and the Vikings Seton did a great job in helping readers understand how scary and uncertain this time period was Seton also gives a fascinating look into Viking society, something I knew little about Ho [...]

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