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Shiloh Season

Shiloh Season By Phyllis Reynolds Naylor Shiloh Season In Shiloh Season Shiloh finally belongs to Marty but the dog s original owner Judd Travers has started drinking again and for Judd Travers beer and a gun are a dangerous combination Marty s famil

  • Title: Shiloh Season
  • Author: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
  • ISBN: 9780689838620
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Paperback
  • Shiloh Season By Phyllis Reynolds Naylor In Shiloh Season, Shiloh finally belongs to Marty, but the dog s original owner, Judd Travers, has started drinking again and for Judd Travers, beer and a gun are a dangerous combination Marty s family seems to be the target of Judd s rage.
    Shiloh Season By Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

    Shiloh Season Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds In this second book in Naylor s Shiloh trilogy, the formerly abused beagle and the boy who rescued him fear the abuser s return as hunting season approaches In a starred review, PW noted, Naylor Shiloh Season Book by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor Official The second book in the trilogy is called Shiloh Season What does Marty mean by Shiloh season How are Marty s fears justified Marty and David Howard are allowed to roam the countryside near Shiloh Shiloh Season Jul , Directed by Sandy Tung With Zachary Browne, Scott Wilson, Michael Moriarty, Ann Dowd When Shiloh s abusive previous owner, Judd Travers, tries to retake Shiloh again, Ray tries to find a Shiloh Season Shiloh, by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor Sep , Shiloh Season by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor is a book about a boy named Marty and his dog, Shiloh Marty earned Shiloh from a guy named Judd by doing really hard work for him Judd Shiloh Shiloh Season Shiloh Season Shiloh, by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

    • Shiloh Season Best Read || [Phyllis Reynolds Naylor]
      457 Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

    One thought on “Shiloh Season

    1. Loraine on said:

      SUMMARY Marty gets to keep Shiloh He wasn t able to rescue all the dogs that Judd Travers mistreated, but at least Shiloh is safe right Not necessarily, it turns out With hunting season approaching, Judd has started drinking again, and hunting on the outskirts of Marty s family property What if Judd tries to take back Shiloh What if one of Marty s sisters gets in the way of Judd s shotgun It seems only a matter of time before something goes very wrong.The thing is, Marty knows a secret about Ju [...]

    2. Mccall h on said:

      so far it is not as good as Shiloh but it good.Marty shiloh owner is having a sleepover with David so marty is worred about shilohke if Judd comes along or shiloh runs away or gets lostter he comes home shiloh is fineen a week later they hear shiloh barking and they think it is that greman sheperd again.But when they come out it was only a car muffler.Shiloh barks down he hill were a other road is sitting and there is judds car on its sides he broke his neck and leg and sprained his wrist.A mont [...]

    3. Rebecca McNutt on said:

      A classic book that isn t just about a dog, but about an all out battle between a boy and a man to see who will win, Shiloh Season is an unforgettable novel about selflessness Marty wants friendship, and Judd wants ownership The question is, how far will Judd, a near mad alcoholic, go to get the dog back

    4. Gale on said:

      Open Season on Beagles Hey it s not fair After all I sweated through reading SHILOH, you mean to tell me that our favorite hunting dog is not really safe I mean, Marty earned that dog fair and square with two weeks drudgery enduring Judd Travers insolence, arrogance and psychologicalbrutality Can that creep really go back on his word by trying totake Shiloh away from Marty Well it s now hunting season and Judd is handy with a gun in the woods, but he s been drinking heavily and won t trust anyon [...]

    5. Kate Matson on said:

      Ok, I m going to start out with the negative so I can get to the long list of positive It s kind of funny because the first sentence of the book has a typo It doesn t really have anything to do with the book, but it s funny Also, when changing the subject or time throughout the day, the paragraphs aren t spaced Again, this is a formatting error, but it s the only thing I could find wrong with the book The good I love the writing style It really draws me in, and I feel everything that Marty, the [...]

    6. Austin Marker on said:

      The main characters in Shiloh Season are Marty Preston s, Judd Travers, and Shiloh This book was taking place in the town of Friendly, West Virginia at in the woods of the preston resident Judd Travers has been drinking a lot lately and has been seen up at the Preston s land hunting for small game out if season Marty is very worried that Shiloh is going to be shot by Judd when he is playing in the woods The reason that Marty thinks that is because Shiloh used to be Judd s dog but Marty worked fo [...]

    7. Vanessad on said:

      Judd is a hunter and it s hunting season has started and he has been drinking Drinking and using a gun can be dangerous what if he thought it was a deer and shot it but it was Shiloh What if he shoots anyone Marty has a secret and he can t tell anyone and if something bad happens it will be Marty s fault He will have to tell the secret Will he keep Shiloh or lose one of his best friends.My favorite part in the book Shiloh seasons is when Judd Tries to take Shiloh to hunt with him Her dad stands [...]

    8. Katie Carson on said:

      Our textbook states that contemporary realistic fiction expands readers awareness and allows them the opportunity to witness life experiences beyond their own Marty goes through both of these transformations himself as he works through his own moral dilemma in the novel, Shiloh I really love the way that Phyllis Reynolds Naylor provides young readers with a story that shows just how much we can learn about a situation and actions of individuals involved by investigating further into those people [...]

    9. Jacob on said:

      The Shiloh Season is the sequel to Shiloh and I seen Shiloh the movie and book Shiloh is a dog that had a owner that didn t treat him that well Shiloh ran away from is owner and found Marty Judd Travers finds Shiloh and gives Marty chance to keep the dog forever if he does work for him Marty did the work and then Judd kept the dog After that Judd deiced to give Shiloh to Marty But in this new book Judd is drinking again and he has a gun That combination is very dangerous so you ll have to find o [...]

    10. Heather on said:

      This story shows the importance of working for those things that one wants This can be seen when the boy really wants the dog and so he goes to work with the man in order to properly pay for the dog Also, it shows that people are in need of a friend The mean man is not very nice and therefore people usually stay away but really when the boy starts coming the the man s house to work for the dog, the man realizes that he likes having the boy around.

    11. Hulstoakleigh on said:

      Shiloh is Marty s dog the original owner Judd Travers started to drink again and he was a person that threatened everyone He always had a gun on him and Shiloh was his target Did he kill Shiloh My favorite part was when Marty and Shiloh went to Judds house and Shiloh was scared to go and was shaking really bad I recommend this book to people that like sad and adventures book.

    12. Scott Jr on said:

      It is a boy in mord and he form a dog in the woods He snuck the dog home The owner of dog , drank too much, so marty told him he would wonk for the dog Its a great book if you like to read about saving animals I really liked how the story went back and forth be tween the owners story and Mart s story because I liked to hear the whole story.

    13. Brooks Barber on said:

      In this book Marty finally gets a dog named Shiloh But one day Judd Travers starts drinking Plus he s shooting This could mean bad news for Marty and his family Read the book to find out what happens to Marty and Shiloh.

    14. Kailyn on said:

      Shiloh Season All you can do is live your days normally and wait for Judd Travers to strike again He keeps holding his grudge against you and your family Is it because you took his dog Or his sudden dramatic drinking problem This is what Marty Preston and his family are constantly feeling and living among Scared to even play in the meadow, afraid a bullet will go through their brains Maybe it because he thinks you scratched his truck Shiloh season was a really great and important sequel to the f [...]

    15. Jasmine John on said:

      Book 3Shiloh A 9 year old kid, Marty Preston, was walking around in the woods looking for something to shoot When he was heading back home he spotted this dog He tried to get him to go over to him The dog only did when Marty whistled He later figured out who this dog belonged to He was real mad to because this dog he called Shiloh, was being abused Marty was caring for animals He did not really pay attention much to animals until he kept seeing Shiloh over and over again He had even followed Ma [...]

    16. Carrie on said:

      It s rare that you love a sequel every bit as much as you loved the first book, but that s certainly how I feel about Shiloh Season There are so many FEELINGS to feel with this book I love the characters, I laughed, got angry and got scared with them You can just feel how much Marty loves this dog, and how the author totally gets dogs and how they look, act and communicate with humans Like, he s always in a good mood Always ready to jump to his feet and do any fool thing you got in mind Don t ma [...]

    17. Dawn on said:

      We read Shiloh for our Gr 3 book club I hope my students decide to go on and read in this series I m not much of a series person, but I was quite taken by the first book I m not really one to get caught in a series, but I had to know what happens to that mean old nasty Judd Travers He remains mean and nasty in this book I guess I have to go on to book three now Will he ever get his just dues If you don t like guns, this is a good book to read There s so much risk and danger thanks to Judd and h [...]

    18. Diane on said:

      I enjoyed this one as much as the first one and now I have to read the 3rd one to see how it all ends Thank you Phyllis Reynolds Naylor for drawing this out to 3 books I just want to know if Marty gets to keep the dog and what happens to Judd Travers.

    19. Ginnie on said:

      Still working on a reselution Judd s dogs are a metaphor of Judd Marty realizes that adults have situations just as tricky to find the answers to as he is having and that it will be a problem the rest of his life This book is hardly about Shiloh and about Marty and Judd.

    20. Kendal Bottenfield on said:

      I enjoy this book very much because of it s touching story Each of these books in this series just shows you how much Shiloh means to Marty and how much Shiloh really needs him It is a bond unlike any other.

    21. Abbie Green on said:

      AmazingI loved this book Even though this was a little too easy for me but still it was amazing So amazing

    22. Marcus.Walker on said:

      I think that it was great and the dog Shiloh he is sooooooooooooo cute

    23. Miranda on said:

      lets just say Shiloh has had a very weird adventure with the family, and drunks and mean hunters.

    24. Sophia on said:

      Have you ever read a book that your can t put down Well I have, I read the book Shiloh season by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor This book wants me to keep reading Do you have any books like that If not then read Shiloh s Season The main characters in this book are Marty, Shiloh, Judd Travers, Ray Preston, Louise Preston, Dara Lynn, and Becky Marty is an intelligent young man He helps out around the house and is very responsible He also has a dog named Shiloh that is a beagle Shiloh is also very intelli [...]

    25. Minh Nhân Nguyễn on said:

      4 saoCu n na y la m t b c lu i so v i t p 1 Khi la m t p ti p theo cu a m t cu n sa ch v n a tro n ve n r i thi ta c gia th ng i theo 2 h ng m t la ta o ra m u thu n m i gia i quy t, ma vi c na y d n n pha i la m cho m t s y u t ph n tr c thay i i, vi ph n tr c khi k t thu c mo i vi c g n nh a n tho a m xu i r i Hai la xoa y va o nh ng c u chuy n b n ri a ma ph n tr c ch a t p trung va o nhi u, i u na y la i d d n n nha m cha n, vi nh ng c u chuy n na y v n la ph n th a ph n tr c bi ta c gia loa [...]

    26. Kyra on said:

      It s hard to sleep at night, our sofas got lumps than bean soup I really like that quote because Marty has to sleep on the couch every night He doesn t even have a room It s really sad that some kids have to live that way when they don t deserve it.I personally enjoyed this book a lot Marty is such a good owner to Shiloh, he makes sure Shiloh is in good care before he leaves to go anywhere Marty also cares a lot about his family and friends.In the book, Marty needs money for Shiloh, so he works [...]

    27. Mitch on said:

      I m a sucker for anything with dogs in it, Old Yeller, White Fang, Where the Red Fern Grows, the original Shiloh, and this sequel s no exception Got this as a hardcover when it first came out and absolutely loved it What ten year old kid wouldn t want to read about a kid his age and the dog he rescued from its old, abusive owner So I finally dug this book out of my closet, and looking back, while my appreciation has slightly waned, book s still excellent.Mostly because I absolutely love Marty an [...]

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