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The Last Cato

The Last Cato By Matilde Asensi Pamela Carmell The Last Cato A masterful blend of Christian scholarship and thrilling adventure The Last Cato is a novel about the race to find the secret location of the Vera Cruz the True Cross on which Christ was crucified

  • Title: The Last Cato
  • Author: Matilde Asensi Pamela Carmell
  • ISBN: 9780060828585
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Last Cato By Matilde Asensi Pamela Carmell A masterful blend of Christian scholarship and thrilling adventure, The Last Cato is a novel about the race to find the secret location of the Vera Cruz, the True Cross on which Christ was crucified, and the ancient brotherhood sworn to protect it.Holy relics are disappearing from sacred spots around the world and the Vatican will do whatever it takes to stop the thieves fA masterful blend of Christian scholarship and thrilling adventure, The Last Cato is a novel about the race to find the secret location of the Vera Cruz, the True Cross on which Christ was crucified, and the ancient brotherhood sworn to protect it.Holy relics are disappearing from sacred spots around the world and the Vatican will do whatever it takes to stop the thieves from stealing what is left of the scattered splinters of the True Cross.Brilliant paleographer Dr Ottavia Salina is called upon by the highest levels of the Roman Catholic Church to decipher the scars found on an Ethiopian man s corpse seven crosses and seven Greek letters.The markings, symbolizing the Seven Deadly Sins, are part of an elaborate initiation ritual for the Staurofilakes, the clandestine brotherhood hiding the True Cross for centuries, headed by a secretive figure called Cato.With the help of a member of the Swiss Guard and a renowned archaeologist, Dr Salina uncovers the connection between the brotherhood and Dante s Divine Comedy, and races across the globe to Christianity s ancient capitals Together, they will face challenges that will put their faith and their very lives to the ultimate test.
    The Last Cato By Matilde Asensi Pamela Carmell

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      198 Matilde Asensi Pamela Carmell

    One thought on “The Last Cato

    1. Carmun on said:

      Al final hasta me ha gustado Lo que pasa que no he tenido mucho tiempo para leer, y la prota me pon a y d a de hoy sigue un poco nerviosa No estoy muy convencida con el asunto de la Roca, pero supongo que lo han dejado un poco abierto para poder sacar un segundo libro.

    2. Monica G on said:

      Al final me ha gustado mucho y tengo que reconocer el gran trabajo de documentaci n que ha hecho la autora para escribir el libro, de ah mi puntuaci n sino seria una estrellita Las pruebas que tienen que superar me han encantado, en cambio algunos ratos en los que describia la historia de las religiones me ha aburrido Una obra totalmente recomendable si te gustan los libros de aventuras

    3. Susana on said:

      review in English below N o sei como explicar a minha falta de entusiasmo relativamente a este livro.A hist ria boa, a escrita bastante razo vel, a tradu o e revis o s o quase impec veis curioso que a autora tenha tomado para base desta hist ria A Divina Com dia de Dante mais concretamente, o Purgat rio , 12 anos antes de Dan Brown ter feito o mesmo desta vez com o Inferno Mas sintom tico que Brown tenha milh es de leitores em todo o mundo e Asensi seja praticamente uma desconhecida fora de Espa [...]

    4. Beth Cato on said:

      I have absolutely no interest in The Da Vinci Code or any books of that sort, but I picked this up for two reasons my last name is Cato, and it was only 2 for a hardcover at the Phoenix VNSA sale Personally relevant and cheap return return I was pleasantly surprised by this massive book Once it got going, I was completely snared The main character, Ottavia, is a high ranking nun working in the Vatican She specializes in ancient manuscripts and research, and therefore she s stunned when her super [...]

    5. Ana M. Román on said:

      Perfecto, no le doy m s estrellas porque no hay Es la mezcla perfecta de todos los g neros que me gustan Si bien la historia tarda un poco en arrancar, lo cual por otra parte es neesario para situarte en la historia, una vez hecho no pierde el ritmo en ning n momento Con un final inesperado que te dejar una sonrisa en la cara, es un libro que hay que leer si te gusta este g nero.

    6. Marc on said:

      Hace 15 a os que sali este libro, 15 a os durante los cuales hab a o do hablar de l pero no me hab a lanzado a leerlo.Contar aqu de qu va ser a absurdo, ya que un poco m s arriba ya se puede encontrar la sinopsis, as que dejar mi breve opini n Me ha gustado, bastante Incluso me atrever a a decir que mucho Un libro de aventuras en el que los protagonistas dejan a Indiana Jones como un mindungui , jejeje.Aunque hay partes que son bastante surrealistas, este libro es lo que es, un libro de aventura [...]

    7. Nebje on said:

      Adictivo y bien documentado a nivel hist rico obviamente hay cosas inventadas, pero las que no son correctas Me gustan mucho este tipo de libros y se nota porque lo he devorado en tres d as.Al principio no me ca an bien ni Ottavia ni la Roca, y despu s han acabado encant ndome todos Aunque, a veces, su comportamiento parec a un poco infantil y sus personalidades son simples.Por otra parte, las ltimas me han parecido que se resolv an con mucha facilidad Me ha faltado un poco de acci n o tensi n.U [...]

    8. Margarida on said:

      N o acredito que tive este livro na estante durante quase quatro anos, sem que o tivesse lido como eu sempre digo as coisas s acontecem no momento certo Adorei A escrita, apesar de n o se poder considerar uma obra prima da literatura maravilhosa A trama um pouco densa, recheada de Hist ria e por vezes complicada, mas t o brilhantemente trabalhada que nos envolve e nos leva de aventura em aventura, a cada p gina que passamos um daqueles livros que se pousa com muita dificuldade e que mesmo quando [...]

    9. tara on said:

      This book is along the lines of the DaVinci Code I learned a lot about the early Christian Church through this book and so I liked the historical aspect I was a bit turned off when the main character, a nun, falls in love I really didn t like the ending at all found it too ridiculous and silly and it ruined the book for me.

    10. M M on said:

      What is with the modern obsession with Dante There have already been several rather lousy works based on Dante s Inferno, and this adds to that list It s neither a proper historical thriller nor a very good crime novel There are elements of fantasy that are a complete let down There are improbable protagonists who speak particularly improbably Either the translation is somewhat lacking or the author s got a tin ear for conversation Characters don t so much speak as perorate There s a nun working [...]

    11. Max Rebo on said:

      Una aventura en la l nea de los thrillers de conspiraci n y tem tica religiosa que posteriormente puso de moda El C digo da Vinci Misterio, sociedades secretas, una obra de la cultura universal La Divina Comedia como manual para descifrar la clave buenos elementos de partida para una novela entretenida, aunque no redonda A diferencia de lo que sucede con Dan Brown, Matilde Asensi se preocupa por desarrollar a sus personajes, cosa que se agradece En cambio, su tendencia a irse por las ramas impid [...]

    12. Laura on said:

      Me esperaba otro final,ser que de tanta Canci n de Hielo y Fuego me he acostumbrado a las muertes, pero a veces da gusto leer libros con un final feliz.Me encantan la Historia y la Arqueolog a, por lo que he disfrutado much simo leyendo y estoy deseando visitar los sitios que se mencionan en el libro.Igual ha faltado un poco de acci n en la ltima prueba, pero a todo lo anterior no puedo ponerle ninguna pega.Y yo tambi n me he enamorado del profesor Boswell.Creo que en cuanto pueda seguir leyendo [...]

    13. Cristhian on said:

      L stima que no puedo dar mi completo punto de vista sin que la rese a se plague de spoilers Lo que s puedo decir es que conforme avanzaba pasando la segunda parte del libro comenc a disfrutarlo mucho m s Recomendable y todo eso 4 5

    14. Lowed on said:

      Sister Ottavia Salina is a doctor of paleography, the director of the Vatican s Classified Archives, and a member of the Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary She spends her days interpreting centuries old documents only a handful of people have ever seen When the body of an Ethiopian man covered with tattoos of crosses and Greek letters is discovered, the Vatican summons Dr Salina to a private meeting Given only the sparest of details about the events surrounding the Ethiopian man s death, Ottavia i [...]

    15. Will Byrnes on said:

      Doctor Ottavia Salina is a paleographer working at the Vatican Relics of the True Cross from across the world have been disappearing, and an obscure religious order is suspected of collecting them The pope himself has ordered Salina, together with a big shot in the Swiss Guard and a world renowned archaeologist to get to the bottom of the disappearances The trio discovers a connection to Dante s Divine Comedy, and pursuing clues left in the classic text, they pursue the truth across the ancient [...]

    16. Harriet on said:

      This book is a delightful historical fantasy The author allows the reader to experience a literary game played out with Dante s Purgatorio as the rule book and travel guide While these kinds of conceits frequently produce adventure and action at the expense of interesting characterization, Asensi s characters evolve as interesting and complex human beings The settings are detailed and richly drawn.The Last Cato also happens to be an intelligent critique of the Roman Curia as well as a lively pag [...]

    17. Paco Orozco on said:

      Cog este libro por casa y comenc a leerlo sin saber de qu trataba En algunas ocasiones te llevas sorpresas muy agradables, esta fue una de ellas Me record mucho al El c digo Da Vinci, pero este me pareci mejor M s documentado, con personajes m s profundos y una historia m s completa La trama te mantiene en vilo, aunque debo decir que al final, el ltimo tercio se hace algo largo.

    18. Ignacio Senao f on said:

      El ltimo Cat n es un moj n.Una monja que todo lo lista lo tiene en igual proporci n de caliente, es mandada que investigue junto a un militar religioso esto es lo mas contradictorio que hay y un profesor ateo que digo yo que con ansia de creer en algo , la b squeda de la cruz en que fue enmarcado Jes s C mo consiguen esto Pues con el famoso libro del se or Nariz, que la autora mete con calzador a n m s que en la pel cula El n mero 23 el veinte tres.Nada que no mes esperase, es un Bestseller sin [...]

    19. Claudia on said:

      Me ha gustado es poco decir me ha encantado y espero poder leer pronto El regreso del Cat n porque creo que me gustar tanto como este.

    20. Jaemi on said:

      If you like a good puzzle, mystery, or loved The Da Vinci Code, you ll probably enjoy this book Ottavia Salina is a nun who enjoys a celebrated career working in the Vatican Archives Her life is a simple and quiet one, until one day she is asked to help decode symbols tattooed on the body of a dead Ethiopian No one will tell her who he is or what he s done, only that she needs to figure out what the markings on his body mean It is to be her main priority, and a Swiss Guard Captain, Kaspar Glause [...]

    21. HerbieGrandma on said:

      OMG As any of my grand daughters would say I can not believe I had this on my bookshelves for two years before I read it I love this book It is not for everyone The history is THICK But the writing is wonderful, the story complicated so I did not figure it out in the first half as I usually do and the characters were unusual but believable This book was originally written in Spanish but is about an Italian family Yes, that is what I said And Dante s Divine Comedy is what holds the clues to the w [...]

    22. Adrian on said:

      La Vera Cruz est siendo robada de todas las iglesias Cristianas del mundo y el vaticano re ne a 3 expertos para resolver el misterio y recuperar los sagrados fragmentos de la Cruz de Cristo El equipo formado por una monja, un Guardia Suizo y un arque logo descubrir gracias a la Divina Comedia que deben pasar por las pruebas del purgatorio para localizar a un antiguo grupo que juro guardar y proteger la Cruz Interesante historia de aventuras, amor, misterio, religi n, amistad y retos que nos mues [...]

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