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Blood and Lust: Under the Skin Serial Part Two

Blood and Lust: Under the Skin Serial Part Two By K.B. Ladnier Blood and Lust Under the Skin Serial Part Two This is part two of a four part reverse harem serial Recommended for for language and sexual situations It is approximately words Note this does end on a cliffhanger Lucy Bryant has just bee

  • Title: Blood and Lust: Under the Skin Serial Part Two
  • Author: K.B. Ladnier
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Blood and Lust: Under the Skin Serial Part Two By K.B. Ladnier This is part two of a four part reverse harem serial Recommended for 18 for language and sexual situations It is approximately 18,000 words Note this does end on a cliffhanger Lucy Bryant has just been saved by the mysterious and handsome STF Agent Hollis Grey after a ruthless attack Things become complicated when it s suspected that the attack was a set up, a This is part two of a four part reverse harem serial Recommended for 18 for language and sexual situations It is approximately 18,000 words Note this does end on a cliffhanger Lucy Bryant has just been saved by the mysterious and handsome STF Agent Hollis Grey after a ruthless attack Things become complicated when it s suspected that the attack was a set up, and it all seems to be circling back to the reason Hollis showed up in Lucy s life in the first place As Hollis s case begins to heat up, so does Lucy s love life Her feelings for Hollis and Sloan are confusing the hell out of her and she can t decide who her heart wants Surprisingly, the guys are suggesting a why choose option Shouldn t that make things easier What s a vampire to do With everything that s going on in her life, taking a vacation in the sun is starting to look appealing than even blood Order to read Blood and Ink Blood and Lust Blood and Bondage Blood and Revenge
    Blood and Lust: Under the Skin Serial Part Two By K.B. Ladnier

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      392 K.B. Ladnier

    One thought on “Blood and Lust: Under the Skin Serial Part Two

    1. ReadingisMyEscape on said:

      Book 2 picks up exactly where book 1 left usLucy has been saved by the mysterious, uber sexy Agent Hollis Immediately we get some hot, totally unexpected at least IMO sexy time Lucy and Hollis are extremely hot together and what follows set us up for on drool worthy, panty melting RH Everything gets worked out with Sloan and I was extremely happy to see that Lucy completely opened up to him and helped him realize just how much she really does love him I was a little surprised how quickly he jump [...]

    2. Kayla on said:

      We learn about Lucy and her men this time around And a little twist about Hollis We get to see her relationship evolve with both of them fans self can I clone them for myself I can t wait for part 3

    3. Victoria Schaefer on said:

      Seriously This is even better than the first Lucy still amazing and totally love her Sloan is still hot and sexy werewolf but getting to know about Hollis was the best part I can not wait for book 3 and however many to come Thank you for another fantastic read

    4. Whitney (Shooting Stars Reviews) on said:

      Reviewed by Whitney Shooting Stars ReviewsThe second book in this serial starts off right after the first one ends Lucy is hurt, and Hollis is helping her, but something happens between them And Lucy seems to be torn between to guys However, they create an easy solution to the problem, Lucy seems to be the only one having an issue with it But they have bigger issues to deal with when Hollis case seems to be spilling over into Lucy s life and making things complicated This book wasn t as good a [...]

    5. Erin on said:

      K B Ladnier has done it again She has managed to draw us in with her sassy amd fiery characters and scenes Part 2 of this serial surprises you with Hollis secret and you get to learn about my personal favourite character, Lucy Even though this is only part 2, I have already fallen in love with Lucy with her sassy attitude and character and also being a vampire Sloan, for his annoying behaviour and of course being a werewolf and Hollis for being a secretive yet fascinating character I just can t [...]

    6. Twinsie Talk Angie J on said:

      Check out this review and others atTwinsietalkFacebook TwinsietalkTwitter TwinsietalkTsu TwinsietalkNewsletter eepurl brwkPv I received this book from the author for an honest reviewH YES This book made me super happy To turn on my kindle and see this little baby sitting there waiting for me yup I told the family to figure out dinner because I was going in So Luce.welll at the end of the last book Hollis saved her from some bad vampires who were trying to kill our girl so not cool FYI Hollis is [...]

    7. Anna on said:

      After being saved by the sexy Agent Grey, Lucy is confused She feels guilty for what happened between her and Sloan and what he finds out shortly after She may have to rein him in a little bit Sloan and Hollis have their plan though They just have to work on getting Lucy on board Things seem to be going along fine and Hollis is making progress on his case Until things get crazy Lucy finds herself in another dangerous situation, but will help make it in time Really really loving this serial K.B g [...]

    8. rose houston on said:

      Blood and lust was just as good, if not better than the first part We pick up where blood and ink leaves off and it gets even exciting We get three points of view as we learn about the characters I absolutely love Solan and Holis, I can t wait to see who else might join the harem and what is installed for these characters in the next part This is extremely well written, I was glued to the pages and could put it down Can t wait to get my next fix Everyone should read this as soon as they can.

    9. Tracy on said:

      Well I picked this one up with high expectations after reading Blood and Inkd it certainly did not dissappoint This book starts right from the cliffhanger of BI and my gosh doesn t KB take you straight into the hot steamy oh so sexy action This book gives you great insight to the guys POV which I Love Oh and I couldn t stop laughing at a certain incident with Sloanhilarious This book also ends on an oh my freaking hell WTF cliffhanger so be warnedank God I don t have to wait long for the next in [...]

    10. Anna on said:

      I m happy to say that Blood and lust was just as good as the first book and I enjoyed reading it immensely I liked the way the story progresses and the relationship between the characters I found it really funny how the boys talked out and agreed on creating their little reverse harem without even consulting Lucy, who was sitting right there So, all in all, I m really glad I found these books, they re a total joy reading and I m looking forward to the next one.

    11. Amanda Showalter on said:

      This starts off right where the last ended Lucy was in trouble and Hollis saved her and showed her a side of him she never thought possible A big secret is revealed leaving her shocked and with feelings for him as well as Sloan With 2 hot men in her life how can she choose one, or can she Luckily things happen to make her think it s possible and then we are left with an amazing horrible cliffhanger which leaves you gasping for

    12. Rebecc Tippins on said:

      Not what I expected I really like the quirky characters KB has a way with the fun I wish it wouldn t have ended when it did it was just getting good Thanks for another awesome book

    13. Nicole on said:

      I may desperately need Lucy s life, or at least her men Blood and Lust picks up right where Blood and Ink leaves off We are thrown back into Lucy s life and it just keeps getting better and better If you fell in love with Hollis and Sloan in part 1 then you are ready for a wild crazy sexy ride with these two I fell hard for these two and part 2 just confirms why K.B has created this fantastical world that seems almost perfect I may need 1 guy added to the mix before I can call it 100% perfectio [...]

    14. Julie Selby on said:

      I received and ARC copy of this book in return for an honest review This part of the serial picks up right where the last one ended and the best part is it s in multiple points of view, which is something I just love when it comes to books I can t wait for the next part especially because Ladnier likes to leave books and parts on cliffhangers In this part we see Lucy get the opportunity to get her cake and eat it too however, nothing can ever just be butterflies and rainbows Especially when deal [...]

    15. Andrea on said:

      There are so many things I enjoy about this book I held on to it for 2 days because I knew once I started, I d go til I finisheden of course, it s over I m not sure how i m supposed to make it until the next release Wonder if bribery would work.So in this book, I very much enjoyed getting to know Hollis sooo much better While I enjoyed his appearances in book 1, I really fell for him in this book To me, this book was mostly his which was a good thing The ending though So much excitementch a nerv [...]

    16. SJ on said:

      Told in triple point of view we learn about Lucy and the 2 men in her life, Hollis the STF agent and Sloan the shifter she works with.The story picks up where the last one left off and it just gets and exciting she has feelings for both men but does not know what to do, with revelations coming her way Lucy has a lot to think about.This is extremely well written, my eyes were glued to the page and I just could not put it down I am loving everything about this serial from the storyline to the [...]

    17. Nicole Martinez on said:

      This part was amazing It started right at the cliffhanger of part one This book shows the Lucy s budding relationship with Sloan and Hollis whychoose This Part had the right amount of action to keep you entertained and wanting Fair warning It ends in another cliffhanger This was an awesome read I can t wait for part three P.S K.B I loved the RH author reference That was not how I envisioned the talk to start.

    18. Sabrina on said:

      I must have of this book I love the chemistry between the characters I had some amazing laughs and ended with a huge need to know WHAT HAPPENS NEXT I can t wait for .

    19. Amanda Cash on said:

      Must read I don t know how she does it, but K.B manages to pack a whole book into a serial without it feeling rushed or incomplete in any way Book 2 provides information about the men in Lucy s life and has you fanning yourself over the sexy times And Sloan, I laughed so hard during one particular scene that I almost fell out of my chair When you read it, and you definitely should, you will know exactly what I m talking about.Definitely a must read

    20. Aleah Knudson on said:

      Wowdid not see that coming This book was beyond amazing With this being the second book in the serial K.B Did not disappoint I can not wait for the next one and will definitely be reading this one again I definitely am excited to see what happens next and who Lucy meets next.

    21. Michelle on said:

      Keeps getting betterWell now I like Hollis just as much as Sloan This was another great installment that is leaving me anxious for the next one.

    22. Ceri English on said:

      This book was just as great as the first It made me laugh out loud with Sloan s antics, the author has done really well having humor and seriousness mixed together Things are happening with the vampires and it s getting out of control the Viper is part of that I can t wait to read of what s happening in book 3 Why does it all seems to lead back to Lucy And will she will be ok It ends on a cliff hanger I need that next book right now

    23. Jennifer G on said:

      Blood and Lust returns us to the serial of one of my favorite little tattoo artist vampires, Lucy Bryant We pick up with Agent Hollis saving Lucy from the violent vampire attack and in a panic taking her to his place We immediately find out some major info on the sexy agent and since this part is told in Hollis s POV, we learn exactly how he feels for Lucy By the time he takes Lucy home the next day to an anxious Claudia and a frantic Sloan things have changed, become significantly complicated [...]

    24. Beth C. on said:

      Just can t read fast enoughOMG, I love this series What a life Lucy haso super hot supernatural guys lusting after her and willing to share her But it s not all rainbows and butterflies Lucy has the leader of a vamp drug interested in her for some reason So she s trying to come to terms with her relationship s and trying to stay safe and do her job all at the same time Super addictive story and series But the cliffhanger at the end of this book Aargh The next book can t come son enough

    25. Brittany VanLanen on said:

      Wow Loved the second installment to the Under the Skin serial This is great serial length because you really are able to get into it before it s over I love how the author was able to incorporate real life into the book, like how Lucy reads RH and the actual book Of Death and Despair It s fun to be able to relate to characters that way I also loved how the author broached the subject of an RH style relationship in the book Can t wait for

    26. Kirsten Yates on said:

      Oh my goodness I need Words just cannot explain how good this serial is The cliffhanger has me impatiently wanting I m excited to see what happens next with Lucy and her sexy men Sloan and Hollis You cannot go wrong by reading this Lucy s tale will definitely keep you enthralled

    27. AmandaMorgan on said:

      Great serialAnother great installment for this serial Absolutely love the characters and storyline Face paced and keeps you wanting Can not wait until the next one Only thing I would wish for is character development But this by no means takes away from the story line.

    28. Tiblu on said:

      Not bad but I still don like serials Not bad but I m not a fan of serials and his isn t changing my mind I honestly don t get why any one wants to sting out a book like this, get a little taste ,start to get into it and ooops TBCGood story per say but not really enough

    29. Kim Latham on said:

      Loved this Loved this so much K.B Ladnier has done an amazing job with her Under the Skin serial I can t wait to see what happens next I love the characters and their growth Oh and Let s not forget she mentioned Brandy Slaven s Of Death and Darkness I cant wait for Blood and Bondage.

    30. Sara on said:

      KB s killing me Gah I read through this so fast and then it ends on a cliffhanger It s a good thing I adore her I ll forgive her.Yum She s building her reverse harem I ll take Sloan and Hollis please.Like now.Seriously.You need to read this series It may kill you, but it s ohhh so worth it.

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