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The Dark Rival

The Dark Rival By Jude Watson The Dark Rival Qui Gon Jinn s past is not at rest How can he forge a bond with young Obi Wan Kenobi while he is haunted by the betrayal of his first apprentice Xanatos Xanatos was also a promising student until the

  • Title: The Dark Rival
  • Author: Jude Watson
  • ISBN: 9780590519250
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Dark Rival By Jude Watson Qui Gon Jinn s past is not at rest How can he forge a bond with young Obi Wan Kenobi while he is haunted by the betrayal of his first apprentice Xanatos Xanatos was also a promising student until the dark side of the Force intervened Qui Gon thought he was gone forever.But now Xanatos is back And he wants revenge.
    The Dark Rival By Jude Watson

    Jedi Apprentice The Dark Rival Wookieepedia Fandom The Dark Rival Star Wars Jedi Apprentice, Book The exciting tale begun in Jedi Apprentice The Rising Force continues in Jedi Apprentice The Dark Rival.While thankful for Obi Wan s life saving help on the trip to Bandomeer, Qui Gon must put aside his mixed feelings over the young apprentice and take care of his peace mission. The Dark Rival Watson, Jude The Dark Rival Paperback Import, January , by Jude Watson Author Visit s Jude Watson Page Find all the books, read about the author, and See search results for this author Are you an author Learn about Author Central Jude Watson Author . The Dark Rival Star Wars Jedi Apprentice, by Jude Watson Jan , Star Wars Legends Project Background The Dark Rival came out in May , weeks before The Phantom Menace was released in theaters on the exact same day as the previous book in the series, The Rising Force, in fact, my review It was written by Jude Watson.

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    One thought on “The Dark Rival

    1. Clair on said:

      Upon a grown up re read, these are surprisingly still awesome I am a 25 year old woman, and I stand by this statement.

    2. Iset on said:

      As this particular series are children s books, I ve rated them as such and not against adult level novels with the same rating My reviews for these are also a bit shorter just a few comments here and there.Overall fairly good It was quite frustrating to see Obi Wan go through another book with the threat of rejection from the Jedi Order looming over his head, but it did build up the anticipation Once , the plot wasn t exactly stellar, especially the part that saw Obi Wan on the deep sea mining [...]

    3. Lucy Ghost on said:

      ENGLISH REVIEW AT BOTTOM SPOILER ALERT Qu hermoso cuando por fin pasa lo que ten a que pasarMe muero.Me encant este volumen Es muy lindo La historia es corta y sencilla pero el final lo vale Lo vale muchoMe encant c mo al final Qui Gon por fin acepta a Obi Wan como su aprendiz Era obvio, pero me encant.Soy fan de Star Wars desde hace mucho tiempo pero con estas novelas cortas me he dado cuenta de la infinita sabidur a c smica de Yoda Mis citas favoritas de esta serie son todas de el enanito verd [...]

    4. fenrir on said:

      Non ho proprio capito perch considerato un libro per bambini giovanissimi, ma fa lo stesso sono troppo fan di Star Wars per curarmene.Ero curiosa di sapere qualcosa sulla storia di Xanatos Qui gon che conoscevo solo per sentito dire, quindi questo libro mi incuriosiva parecchio E senza dubbio migliore del primo, la storia scorrevole e si legge bene e sono curiosa di sapere come andr a finire Yoda Xanatos spat the word That knee high troll He thinks he has power.XD

    5. Gabriel on said:

      I FORGOT ABOUT XANATOS I forgot about Qui Gon s completely trashy former padawan I forgot that what the entirely questionable dynamic duo of Qui Gon and young Obi Wan needed was an even questionable sexy evil apprentice that Jude Watson created for dubious motives Anyway, for many of the same reasons as The Rising Force, The Dark Rival is a fun short read and a good nostalgia trip from my childhood Thanks for being really weird, Jude Watson.

    6. мεgяεร. on said:

      Molto, Molto meglio del primo Non soltanto perch Xanatos un personaggio interessante ma perch la trama ha molti pi spunti del primo libro, e si legge sicuramente meglio.

    7. Cris Lightwood on said:

      En realidad es un 3.5, porque este libro ha sido mucho mejor que el primero El salseo y los feels han conseguido que lo disfrutara el doble que su primera parte Deseando continuar con la saga.

    8. pamsreading on said:

      Awwwwwww I m making this weird disgusting noise Obi Wan, you little chubby fluffy thing The symbolism in this book astounds me, considering it is a junior young adult novel About the symbolism, view spoiler the collar ring put around Obi Wan symbolises the connection of past, presentation, and future, and seamlessly so Whereas Xanatos C shaped disconnected ring represents how the past would meet the present but it never met, it never reconciled And because of the explosive collar, literally, Qui [...]

    9. Alayne on said:

      4 5La verdad que no s si cada vez se pone mejor o est n casi todos igual de buenos, pero s que es atrapante la historia al fin acept Qui Gon a Obi Wan como Padawan M s all de que uno habiendo visto las pel culas y siendo fan de star wars sabe que tarde o temprano van a terminar siendo maestro y aprendiz, desespera e inquieta bastante lo mucho que tarda y duda en aceptarlo a Obi Wan De todas maneras, lo hace a n m s atrapante y entretenido, pero no pude evitar sonre r cuando finalmente pas y deci [...]

    10. Miss Clark on said:

      3.5 starsAs I reread these for the first time since they were released, I am genuinely surprised at how well they hold up to my hazy but fond memories Generally, when I return to a childhood book, I am struck by how shallow or weak it is now These are by no means brilliant, but they are still fun and actually pretty smart apart from the oft dull, serviceable prose.In this one, Qui Gon is still reluctant to take Obi Wan as a padawan and Obi Wan, soon to turn thirteen, is running out of time to be [...]

    11. Michael Yankovich on said:

      Oh nostalgia I grew up with these books and decided to reread them for my chronological Star Wars reading adventure Nice and short, showing how Qui Gon and Obi Wan became master and Padawan We re introduced to Xanatos, Qui Gon s former Padawan now turned enemy All in all a solid short read.

    12. Drew Ck on said:

      Despite sharing an adventure with Qui Gon, Obi Wan is still not his apprentice Deciding to accept his new job, Obi Wan strives to learn all he can about using the force to nurture plants, until he is captured by Xanatos, a former Apprentice of Qui Gon s until Xanatos turned to the dark side.

    13. Aleja on said:

      Obi Wan Kenobi, me sentir a honrado acept ndote como mi padawan FEELS

    14. Ivy on said:

      5 starsGood book Glad that Qui Gon and Obi Wan became Master and Padawan Wonder if they will see Xanatos again.Can t wait to read Star Wars Jedi Apprentice novels

    15. K on said:

      Excellent follow up in the Jedi Apprentice series Book 2 details the further adventure of how Obi Wan became Qui Gon s padawan Looking forward to the next book 4.5 5

    16. Jen on said:

      I am still all on board for mentor relationships, especially this one because I 3 Obi Wan and Qui Gon all day long This is an entertaining read that actually does keep suspense, surprising for so short a volume Watson is clever, though, and builds in betrayals and layers and all sorts of things that keep you guessing not in an oh he might not survive kind of way but in a wait is he really totally awful kind of way It suffers from the kids book need for all the good characters to be good and the [...]

    17. Julie on said:

      I m hopping back to this series, having started with a few volumes of the Jedi Quest series I m really liking seeing the relationship develop between Obi Wan and Qui Gon The author really puts a lot of effort into showing us what each one is feeling about things and so you can really see how two flawed people are developing their relationship or not, at any given moment They both make a lot of mistakes, Qui Gon being heavily influenced by the betrayal of his former apprentice did they really hav [...]

    18. Jared on said:

      Star Wars Legends Project 42Background The Dark Rival came out in May 1999, 2 weeks before The Phantom Menace was released in theaters on the exact same day as the previous book in the series, The Rising Force, in fact, my review It was written by Jude Watson Watson is quite prolific in the Star Wars YA catalog, having written the remaining 19 Jedi Apprentice books, all 11 Jedi Quest books, and all 10 Last of the Jedi books, as well as various others She s also written several non Star Wars book [...]

    19. Lisa on said:

      It would have been so much better without all the inconsistencies At the end of the first book of the series Obi Wan has accepted his fate to be a farmer, at the beginning of this one he has angry again Hutt s can t be persuaded by the Force yet Qui Gon easily manipulated a Hutt And I thought Agri Corps was run by Jedi In this one a native of the planet is in charge and there is no one around You would think Obi Wan would have recognized some former trainees but no.

    20. Carles Muñoz Miralles on said:

      Otra entretenida entrega de esta saga para j venes lectores que resulta mucho m s interesante que otras novelas m s sesudas del antiguo universo de Star Wars Es una continuaci n directa de la primera entrega, con la que forma una suerte de d ptico que sienta las bases de lo que ser la serie Jedi Apprentice Mientras se mantenga el nivel y seguramente lo har , porque es la misma autora la de casi todas las novelas la seguir leyendo.

    21. Aldrin on said:

      In this book, I think it was Obi Wan or Qui Gon but one of lived in a depressing and sad life He lived a depressing life because he found out that his disciple Xanatos was a traitor What I don t like about this book is that is that I get confused with their name What I like about this book is that it s star wars and I used to watch it when I was younger.

    22. Nolany Jones on said:

      Une suite tout aussi bien que le premier tome, on en apprend davantage sur Obi Wan et sur Qui Gon et c est vraiment plaisant lire.

    23. kesseljunkie on said:

      Just like the first one I d have given it 2.5 stars if the app let me But 2 seems chintzy, so 3.

    24. Travis Nacke on said:

      It was enjoyable A fast read to get into the mood of Star Wars again.

    25. Brad on said:

      Obi Wan and Qui Gon travel to a mining planet on separate missions Obi Wan as a Farmer, Qui Gon as a Jedi peace keeper Qui Gon did not want Obi Wan as an apprentice as he has such bad memories of his last apprentice who fell to the dark side And guess who they run into on this back water planetA good read, but not as good as 1 It is noticeable there was a change of author in the series.

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