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The Salmon of Doubt

The Salmon of Doubt By Douglas Adams The Salmon of Doubt Douglas Adams changed the face of science fiction with his cosmically comic novel The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy and its classic sequels Sadly for his countless admirers he hitched his own ride

  • Title: The Salmon of Doubt
  • Author: Douglas Adams
  • ISBN: 9780345455291
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Salmon of Doubt By Douglas Adams Douglas Adams changed the face of science fiction with his cosmically comic novel The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy and its classic sequels Sadly for his countless admirers, he hitched his own ride to the great beyond much too soon Culled posthumously from Adams s fleet of beloved Macintosh computers, this selection of essays, articles, anecdotes, and stories offers aDouglas Adams changed the face of science fiction with his cosmically comic novel The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy and its classic sequels Sadly for his countless admirers, he hitched his own ride to the great beyond much too soon Culled posthumously from Adams s fleet of beloved Macintosh computers, this selection of essays, articles, anecdotes, and stories offers a fascinating and intimate portrait of the multifaceted artist and absurdist wordsmith.Join Adams on an excursion to climb Kilimanjaro dressed in a rhino costume peek into the private life of Genghis Khan warrior and world class neurotic root for the harried author s efforts to get a Hitchhiker movie off the ground in Hollywood thrill to the further exploits of private eye Dirk Gently and two headed alien Zaphod Beeblebrox Though Douglas Adams is gone, he s left us something very special to remember him by Without a doubt.
    The Salmon of Doubt By Douglas Adams

    • The Salmon of Doubt Best Read || [Douglas Adams]
      283 Douglas Adams
    The Salmon of Doubt

    One thought on “The Salmon of Doubt

    1. Jon on said:

      Readers beware The Salmon of Doubt is not a single novel, but rather a collection of goods pulled from Adams computer after his death including a draft of the first few chapters of his next Dirk Gently story also titled The Salmon of Doubt, thus the larger part of this collection s title Also enclosed in this volume are a series of short stories, essays, travelogues, and other random snippets, some of which date back over a decade, and most of which have little to do with the next entry, except [...]

    2. Bradley on said:

      It s really amazing the amounts of nostalgia that can build up in a person s system before it kinda explodes into a kind of reverse word soup full of interviews, introductions, epilogues, and snippets of novels we wish we had but they were never penned because the author up and died on us.I m writing of Douglas Adams, of course I almost didn t re read this one because I remember it WAS mostly just magazine articles and interesting early computer tech stuff and ruminations on science, god, and ot [...]

    3. Paul on said:

      I waited sixteen and a half years to read this and I just about managed to get through it without bawling my eyes out Douglas Adams was the first author to make me laugh uproariously, back when I was a wee nipper Sure, Roald Dahl had given me a few chuckles, but it wasn t until I read Hitchhikers for the first time that I realised a book could make me laugh so much I nearly wet myself.As such, this was a bittersweet experience Reading Adams unpublished work, including several chapters of a new b [...]

    4. Trish on said:

      This technically is the 3rd book in the Dirk Gently series Sadly, it s not really a Dirk Gently book You see, before Douglas Adams could write finish this third book, he died of a sudden heart attack in a gym in Santa Barbara in 2001.But he left behind fragments of chapters or chapters and their rewritings and a lot of other notes on his various computers His wife, daughter, agent, editor, assistant and other people then pieced together what is now The Salmon of Doubt which would have been the t [...]

    5. Johnny on said:

      In early 1998 or was it 97 , I experienced one of the most heady experiences of my life A literary idol approached me at a conference we were attending in France it was in Cannes, but it was a media festival rather than the famous annual event , invited me to join him at dinner and debate the existence of God Douglas Adams, self proclaimed radical atheist, wanted to consider God s existence or lack thereof with me As a minister, I d like to write myself in as the hero and claim that I at least [...]

    6. SoManyBooks SoLittleTime (Aven Shore) on said:

      What a delight to revisit the mind of Douglas Adams I like that this is a collection of emails, speeches, one liners, and rants Yes, there s the start of a novel in there, that he may or may not have intended to call the Salmon of Doubt The result is so much better than it sounds like it s going to be Douglas Adams died, but his buddy knew his password and emptied his Mac onto a CD, the various unfinished writings were lightly edited and printed as this But gosh, am I ever glad that they did, be [...]

    7. MJ Nicholls on said:

      A collection of essays, speeches, ramblings unearthed on his hard drive s , one short story culled from a BBC annual, and the titular unfinished Dirk Gently novel The essays are breezy and witty, often lacking focus when discussing science and technology, but comprise realistically the most readable of his non fiction output There are some readers, yours included, who feel Adams spent himself on the Hitchhiker s books although the Dirk Gentlys were absurdist romps sutured with awesome logic, the [...]

    8. Nick Fagerlund on said:

      A kind of poor book which just happens to be filled with awesome I d really like a well organized and indexed collection of all of Douglas Adams short writings Round up all the columns and editorials he wrote, the text he did for his websites, everything, and get it all tied up with a bow and some context Salmon isn t that collection the writings are just tossed into poorly defined buckets with no real TOC to speak of and let us not speak of indexes , and there s no real way to tell what s missi [...]

    9. Katherine Furman on said:

      If you love Douglas Adams this book is an absolute must read It s got some great incite into the man who could make a pot of petunias think to itself, Not again A large part of my enjoyment was finding out about Adams as a person, and in turn finding out that I ve got some stuff in common with him I mean sure I haven t ridden a stingray like he has or written the funniest books of all time and granted I m not British, BUT we do make our tea the same way, we re both have the same religious belief [...]

    10. Robert on said:

      This partially posthumous volume consists of a collection of magazine articles, newspaper columns, interviews and such like, along with one short story about a young Zaphod originally published in the Utterly Utterly Merry Comic Relief Christmas Booka copy of which I ownd the very incomplete conflated text of three versions of the third Dirk Gently s novel This novel was abandoned whilst Adams was still alive, in favour of a 6th Hitchhikers novel Adams had decided that the material theme was bet [...]

    11. Lena on said:

      This is a delightful and maddening book This collection of essays, columns, speech transcripts and random musings was culled from Adams computers after his tragic death at the age of 49 The collection offers new insight into one of the world s most gifted humorists, and there is both pleasure and education to be had in reading his thoughts on such diverse topics as music, atheism, evolutionary biology, conservation and computers.The last section of the book contains the beginning of an unfinishe [...]

    12. Alex on said:

      I don t want to finish this book.I really don t.If I finish this book that means I ll have finished the last work of Douglas Adams And since it is technically unfinished , that means I ll actually need to acknowledge that he s gone Dead Breathed his last Snuffed it.Have you read anything by Douglas Adams If you were born in the last fifty years and are a fan of British comedy, I ll assume you ve come across The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Maybe you ve even read about his detective Dirk Gentl [...]

    13. Trish on said:

      So far I ve only read The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy but I do intend to read the other four books of the trilogy Then, when I was scanning through articles and stories by and about DNA Douglas Noel Adams , I came across this collection of essays, interviews, speeches and the partly written The Salmon of Doubt I think it s a great idea that those remaining snippets on DNA s computer have been put together as a sort of memoire.I have laughed so hard my stomach still hurts and it was a real j [...]

    14. Kristina on said:

      Very very fascinating but also very very sad I think some of Adams best writing is found within this work Sadly, the publication of this book meant that there would be no new Douglas Adams books.

    15. Margaret on said:

      I resisted reading this for a long time because I was under the misapprehension that it was merely a presentation of the sections of the Dirk Gently novel Adams was working on until his untimely death in 2001 Having seen multiple references to it in Neil Gaiman s excellent Hitchhiker s companion, Don t Panic, I finally broke down and got it from the library, and I was glad that I did.The last third of the book does indeed contain the unfinished Salmon of Doubt, but that was to my mind the least [...]

    16. ringoallavaniglia on said:

      Potrei scrivere un fiume di parole su quanto apprezzi l Adams scrittore e l uomo, quanto condivida le sue idee a parte sulla Apple, ma se vedesse cosa diventata credo si schiferebbe anche lui e su quanto la sua scomparsa mi rattristi molto pi di quanto sarebbe lecito aspettarsi Ma non il caso.Questo libro raccoglie tante interviste, aneddoti ed idee che raccontano molto su chi era Adams quindi se avete apprezzato i suoi libri e desiderate scoprire qualcosa su di lui la lettura giusta.Inoltre con [...]

    17. Sarah u on said:

      Where do you get the ideas for your books I tell myself I cannot have another cup of coffee till I ve thought of an idea This book is such a beautiful tribute to the late Douglas Adams The pieces in it are laugh out loud funny, deeply meaningful, and often poignant Surely I am not the only person that cried reading Sunset at Blandings the feelings that Douglas felt at losing one of his favourite authors are so reminiscent of what his fans must feel This book is absolutely wonderful Douglas Adams [...]

    18. Marcus on said:

      It was inevitably at least a little disappointing, but then, this is the price of entry paid at the start, and we understand it explicitly we will never know the end of this last tale Further, we ll never know whether Adams would have kept it in Gently form, or figured out how to transform it into another final Hitchhiker The journey through was sometimes a little dull, which for me was a disappointing realization as a fan of DNA s many styles and interests This isn t at all unusual for a journe [...]

    19. Mark on said:

      This is most definitely not Dirk Gently 3.This is a motley collection of odds and ends found on Douglas Adams many hard disks after his sudden death There is the beginning of a Dirk Gently story here that is going nowhere, padded with some stuff that just possibly might be connected to the plot, based on three sentences the author mailed to his editor This whole mess runs to 79 pages Very disappointing.The rest of the collection I enjoyed Letters, articles, speeches, interviews The spirit of Dou [...]

    20. Lara Ramos on said:

      Mais ou menos como se pegassem seu computador e publicassem seus arquivos doc e bloco de notas depois que voc morresse, j que foi t o repentino que ningu m soube lidar muito bem com aquilo Contudo, nesse caso, voc uma das pessoas mais genuinamente engra adas e queridinhas do mundo O que timo Mas ainda assim n o sei lidar com um trecho inicial de livro expondo um mist rio do qual o final nunca saberemos Volta, Douglas Adams

    21. Michael Economy on said:

      2.5 starsSince you come into this book expecting Douglas Adams, and what you get is only somewhat Douglas Adams, it was a huge let down The man s writing is very distinct, and while the little bits that are his are good, the other bits aren t.

    22. Alice, as in Wonderland on said:

      There s honestly really no way of me writing about this book without gushing all over the place Despite the undeniable brilliance of his other books, Salmon of Doubt very quietly takes you into the mind of the introspective and thoughtful Adams that must have spent time staring deeply into the unknowable It gets to the core of what he wrote about and why his fascination with science which he would eventually find amusing and eventually have it evolve into jokes that he d write into his books And [...]

    23. Lucie on said:

      The Salmon of Doubt is a hard book to categorize It contains various items from Douglas Adam s hard drive downloaded after his death, along with some items from other sources, and his half finished novel The Salmon of Doubt It was compiled and published after his death The book as a whole is an interesting look into the mind of a man who, although remembered for The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy, is so much If you want to truly know all the facets of his mind, this is the book to read He was [...]

    24. Suzanne Fournier on said:

      Did not realize that this was the incomplete book Adams was working on at his sudden death An interesting read the majority of the book is interviews with Adams, thoughts by his friends and bits and pieces of his writing The actual Salmon of Doubt part is only about 100 pages I was glad to have once last glance of Dirk but as is usually the case with unfinished works wished it was longer

    25. Serena on said:

      La scienza ha perso un amico, la letteratura ha perso grande autore, i gorilla di montagna e i rinoceronti neri hanno perso un coraggioso difensore, Apple ha perso il suo pi eloquente apologeta E io ho perso un insostituibile compagno intellettuale e un degli uomini pi buoni e spiritosi che abbia conosciuto in vita mia Richard DawkinsD.N.A manchi e mancherai sempre

    26. Abigale Miller on said:

      I stopped reading this book I enjoyed the first part, but I think this book is really for people who know and love Douglas Adams and want a little bonus of reading all his book introductions and opinion pieces in one place I might come back to it after I ve read some of his other work.

    27. Susan Strickland on said:

      If you miss the friendly, exacting voice of Douglas Adams, I recommend this posthumously published last visit to the familiar retreat of his silly metaphors, triple negatives, and delightful humor This is a compilation of essays, interviews, letters, lectures, and fiction, which covers everything from swimming with manta rays to running with dogs atheism, religion, and quantum mechanics There is one particular model of the universe that has turtles all the way down, but here we have gods all the [...]

    28. Tatiana on said:

      Just reread this and wanted to register my reaction Douglas Adams was very funny in a way that was intelligent and insightful I m so sorry he s gone This book is sort of a tribute to him, and is fitting, as such, but the part of a novel that is contained therein is about as disappointing as you d expect from an unfinished draft version His books are really all about the wonderful hilarious ideas he has, I think The plot, characters, pacing, and settings, if any, are quite haphazard and scattered [...]

    29. Melissa Diaz on said:

      Published upon his death The Salmon of Doubt is Douglas Adams final work It is composed of various interviews, speeches, observations, short stories and the beginning of a new Dirk Gently novel It is a combination of technology, science, fiction and humor It is also the title I assumed would be my fiftieth I liked the book, but think I would have liked it had I heeded the advice on the back cover and not read it straight through There s not enough continuity to make it that kind of book Apparen [...]

    30. Zaru on said:

      When i first heard about this book, I went very quickly from exitement, through confusion and ended up in serious doubt I was exited at the prospect of a book by my favorite author that I had not yet read, confused as to how that had happened, and finally in serious doubt if I should when i learned what it was about This is an unfinished Dirk Gently 3, and mabye some other stuff Or so I thought, it turns out that the DG 3 is only about 80 pages out of 280 I was scared that it would be really obv [...]

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