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The Complete Sherlock Holmes, Vol 2

The Complete Sherlock Holmes, Vol 2 By Arthur Conan Doyle Kyle Freeman The Complete Sherlock Holmes Vol World of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes General introduction by Kyle Freeman Introduction to Volume II by Kyle Freeman Note on conveyances Return of Sherlock Holmes Adventure of the empty

  • Title: The Complete Sherlock Holmes, Vol 2
  • Author: Arthur Conan Doyle Kyle Freeman
  • ISBN: 9781593082048
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Complete Sherlock Holmes, Vol 2 By Arthur Conan Doyle Kyle Freeman World of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes General introduction by Kyle Freeman Introduction to Volume II by Kyle Freeman Note on conveyances Return of Sherlock Holmes Adventure of the empty house Adventure of the Norwood builder Adventure of the dancing men Adventure of the solitary cyclist Adventure of the priory school Adventure of BlackWorld of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes General introduction by Kyle Freeman Introduction to Volume II by Kyle Freeman Note on conveyances Return of Sherlock Holmes Adventure of the empty house Adventure of the Norwood builder Adventure of the dancing men Adventure of the solitary cyclist Adventure of the priory school Adventure of Black Peter Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton Adventure of the six Napoleons Adventure of the three students Adventure of the golden ponce nez Adventure of the missing three quarter Adventure of the Abbey Grange Adventure of the second stain Valley of fear His last bow Adventure of Wisteria Lodge Singular experience of Mr John Scott Eccles Tiger of San Pedro Adventure of the cardboard box Adventure of the red circle Adventure of Bruce Partington plans Adventure of the dying detective Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax Adventure of the devil s foot His last bow Case book of Sherlock Holmes Adventure of the illustrious client Adventure of the blanched soldier Adventure of the Mazarin stone Adventure of the three gables Adventure of the Sussex vampire Adventure of the three garridebs Problem of Thor Bridge Adventure of the creeping man Adventure of the lion s mane Adventure of the veiled lodger Adventure of Shoscombe Old Place Adventure of the retired colourman Introduction to Doyle s parodies Two parodies by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Field bazaar How Watson learned the trick Two essa
    The Complete Sherlock Holmes, Vol 2 By Arthur Conan Doyle Kyle Freeman

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      371 Arthur Conan Doyle Kyle Freeman
    The Complete Sherlock Holmes, Vol 2

    One thought on “The Complete Sherlock Holmes, Vol 2

    1. Amy Sturgis on said:

      Reading the complete Sherlock Holmes canon by Arthur Conan Doyle in these two volumes has been a remarkably rewarding experience I m truly sorry to be finished with these stories and novels although I know from past experience that they reward rereading In this reading I ve gained an even clearer appreciation for the links between Holmes and the traditions of Gothic and science fiction literature, and I ve certainly enhanced my enjoyment of the BBC s brilliant new Sherlock series These are wonde [...]

    2. lauren kellie on said:

      It s kind of hard to write a review for this, considering it s a bind up of various short stories I do want to say Arthur Conan Doyle is a really great writer, and every time I read his Sherlock Holmes stories, I am very impressed.I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO GIVE A SHOUTOUT TO THE BBC because literally the casting of Benedict Cumberbatch is so flipping spot oh my lord.If you do watch BBC Sherlock, I would 100% recommend you read the original stories because you appreciate the show so much , and you see [...]

    3. Caidyn (BW Book Reviews; he/him/his) on said:

      The Return of Sherlock Holmes 3.96 5 total A solid start to the second volume and a very solid volume on its own There were some that I recognized from BBC Sherlock and I thought that Doyle presented them better than Moffat and Gatiss did The ones that I didn t recognize were a mixed bag, I d say Some I really liked, some I thought used some work There were a few duds, but none that I outright hated since I do like Holmes and Watson so they re always a joy to read.The Adventure of the Empty Hous [...]

    4. Borislav Nikolov on said:

      It s interesting because this is my all time favorite book There are so many reasons why Sherlock is on the top One of all is the complex characters in itConan Doyle has a special way of writing that i personally love to the bonesd if I have some hero or whatever that is, was, and it will be Sherlock My whole life i believed that the brain and the seeing things is the most important and in these books of Conan Doyle this is bright that I literally can breath with Holmes and Watson epic and in a [...]

    5. An Odd1 on said:

      For Wiki, I check, correct, verify, add, such as synopsis for Mazarin Stone, so slow progress here Summaries have spoilers, so here I ll extract teasers, enough to remind me, postpone opinions to after cogitation I prefer plots outside set format I first thought I d rather skip Baker Street and starts with what he s given, dive right into the clues he finds, then wrap up But consistent openings do increase our familiarity with the setting sips of tepid tea, crumbs of crisp crumpet, morning newsp [...]

    6. MC on said:

      Sherlock Holmes has had many adventures, but in this second volume of stories, he may have met his match, that of an author who was apparently weary of his resurrected character, and out of ideas Tongue in cheek statements aside, it is well known that Holmes creator, Arthur Conan Doyle, wanted to write other books, and that is why he killed off the famed detective in the story, The Adventure of the Final Problem Of course, pressure was brought to bear from the public, publishers, and his own mot [...]

    7. Matt on said:

      The world s most revered and famous fictional detective first appeared from the pen of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle almost a 130 years ago, but the author did not finish with his greatest creation until almost 40 years later even after unsuccessfully killing him off In this second volume of all the collected works that feature Sherlock Holmes and his friend Dr John Watson, the reader gets reacquainted with the great detective and his friend through 33 short stories and a short novella with the added b [...]

    8. Tushar on said:

      There are a few occasions when you grasp a book by chance and later on thank fate for making it land in your hand This is one such book There are a multitude of Sherlock Holmes collections ranging from boxed complete collections to individuals but this is the most well presented,well compiled and exorbitantly articulated one Sir Arthur Conan Doyle s collections were published over a long span of time and as a result, the techniques and tricks vested in Holmes Modus Operandi had changed This coll [...]

    9. Anna Larson on said:

      This was a collection of short stories about how Sherlock Holmes, a famous detective, solved a multitude of mysteries It is narrated by John Watson, Holmes friend and sidekick Since this is a collection of shorter stories, I ve chosen to summarize one of the longer and complex stories The Tragedy of Birlstone In this story, Holmes is asked by British detectives to assist them with the murder of Mr Douglas of Birlstone The crime scene makes it appear that Douglas was shot in the face by a robber [...]

    10. An Odd1 on said:

      youtube watch v td2Zjd Preview Sherlock Holmes 2 Downey Law film annetoronto1 2013 2 Reviewaneyespy 2011 12 s 1 Review aneyespy 2011 12 d Cumberbatch Freeman ReviewThis humorous, dangerous, very British 2010 BBC UK version updated with internet and mobile phones revived my interest in Doyle s classic Victorian murder mysteries promoting early forensics and deductive solutions Surprisingly, old and new Watson Freeman are both injured veterans of Kandahar, Afghanistan The city of London is still a [...]

    11. Ayush Srivastava on said:

      21% of the English people believe that Sherlock Holmes was a real person So did I, until I read about this survey before picking up the book This is the charisma of the tone set by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle while portraying Sherlock the first consultant detective of the world, and Dr Watson, an able chronicler and the only friend of Sherlock Holmes The visual portrayal of incidents and setting is so substantial that an innocent reader is almost certain to believe in the legend of 221B, Baker Street [...]

    12. Nikita Nandanwad on said:

      I ve read this book before after hearing about the TV show based on the books When I started the second volume, I was struck, as before, by the curious character of Sherlock Holmes He is unemotional and unempathetic close to the point of being a sociopath However, I deeply admire his deductive and observational skills The book is based on various crimes occurring in England, big and small Each of them have an unusual aspect to them that catches Holmes fantasy He takes cases solely for enjoyment, [...]

    13. Bear on said:

      It was very good, although I think the first book was better The I read, the less shocking the reveals became I was able to predict a number of the stories conclusions This may have been a result of reading over a thousand pages of Holmes mysteries, however But I think Doyle also started to burn out a little The mysteries became less mysterious, the adventures became less adventurous, the crimes became less criminal seriously, a great number of the stories involve no criminal behavior or police [...]

    14. Mary Anne on said:

      It makes me very pleased to be able to say I ve read all of Sherlock Holmes Thank goodness for these awesome classics collections.I found myself really interested in what changes I d encounter in this volume, especially after reading the warning in the introduction Indeed Sherlock Holmes seemed to have changed in some subtle and not so subtle ways, but I think that tends to happen, especially when a writer gets downright tired of the protagonist.While it s likely that none of the stories will be [...]

    15. Priya on said:

      So much better than the TV series or movies.Though I love them too.Baker street is a character here Through Watson you can read his mind and understand the abrupt resolution of confounding observations Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth Synopsis of his best fit inference strategy in one statement.He is a good observer and possesses a great deal of knowledge about soil,poison ,smells and anatomy.And on top of it he is good at forming t [...]

    16. Jessica on said:

      I was hoping that this would give some backstory to the characters of Sherlock and Watson how do they know each other What made them start doing this They re not with the cops, so how d they become so popular Questions that, I think, deserve an explanation Instead, this book is made up of 8 short stories, about 20 30 pages each the longest one is actually 47 pages Like any mystery, it starts with Sherlock getting word that someone needs his help He pieces clues together in order to solve the cri [...]

    17. Kerri on said:

      Moreover than the actual stories, the superior writing style of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is what really draws me to the Sherlock Holmes series Doyle was an expertly skilled writer, whose attention to detail and ability to weave together tantalizing clues into the solution of a mystery are to be envied His character development is also exemplary, as there is much to mystify one about Sherlock Holmes his aversion to women and distance from his family, his lack of friends save one physician who seems [...]

    18. Savannah Riestenberg on said:

      I didn t enjoy this quite as much as I did the first volume I don t know if I wasn t as focused or what, but I couldn t recall any of the stories the day after I had read them Perhaps the stories weren t as interesting, or they all started to blend together when read in such quick succession, not sure.My one complaint about these volumes, this one in particular is the ordering of the stories Though it is interesting to read them in the order Doyle wrote them, I was often very confused I would ha [...]

    19. Sarah on said:

      I put this down for a few months, but I will go back to itI think reading these stories gives me a great appreciation for why the characters Conan Doyle created endure Unlike the Sherlock John Watson that were represented in the PBS series with Basil Rathbone, I think the true Sherlock had a lot humor mischievousness Watson much intelligence bravery than is usually represented I thoroughly enjoyed the new BBC series Sherlock, which was set in modern day, but was much close to the original cha [...]

    20. Victoria on said:

      In Vol 2, the short stories are superior to the one novel, with the best ones in the 2 collections Return of S.H and His Last Bow The Case Book stories are not of the same quality as Doyle s earlier writing, but are still entertaining This edition contains 2 interesting essays by the author discussing the origin formation of Holmes, and a very funny and spot on parody written by J.M Barrie, the author of Peter Pan It s refreshing to finally say I have read every original S.H work.

    21. Emily on said:

      This has been a favorite collection since high school I could read these stories over and over They are unique and intricate, and that s probably why I never tire of them Holmes is perpetually beset either by boredom or fascination with a puzzle, and not much in between It makes for dynamic stories.

    22. Feisty Harriet on said:

      Is it bad that for each of these adventures Sherlock s voice was Benedict Cumberbatch Well, it was I really loved reading these adventures and stories, written by Watson, but always starring Sherlock.

    23. Carter on said:

      I think this book is a good one for students 6th Also fun for adults as well It has action and adventurous moments It also has a very good storyline.

    24. Amy Sturgis on said:

      No matter how many times I ve reread these stories, I always find something new to admire and appreciate each time I revisit them.

    25. Naomi on said:

      A classic for a reason, guys I enjoyed the longer stories best, but all of them were great.

    26. Devon Flaherty on said:

      ReadMy rating 1 of 5 stars2 of 5 stars3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 starsThe Complete Sherlock Holmes Vol.1 Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle4.55 of 5 stars4.55 rating details 31 ratings 2 reviewsWith a knock on the door, a stranger enters Sherlock Holmes s Baker Street rooms, begging Holmes to solve a ghastly and perplexing mystery The legendary detective and his longtime friend Dr Watson set out to explore the scene of the crime, making headway where the literally clueless police have f [...]

    27. Lauren on said:

      Not as strong as the first volume, the second volume which begins with The Return of Sherlock Holmes lacks much of the energy of the first half of the Holmes canon Perhaps knowing some of the background influenced my opinion, but these stories do feel like they were written by a man who was sick of his creation and that s not even including the few that may have been written by someone else altogether Overall, the riddles aren t quite as complex, and these stories didn t grab me the way the firs [...]

    28. Andrew P on said:

      I would personal rate this a 6 out of 5 because I love the book but the scale stops at five I would recommend this book to anyone who reads before they go to sleep or have a lot of time just warning if you love mystery this book would stick to your hands This book contains multiple short stories and is an adventure, mystery and a classic set in London The stories start from how Holmes faked his death and continues from there If one is looking to teach allusion, this is book for them because this [...]

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