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Stories I Tell On Dates

Stories I Tell On Dates By Paul Shirley Stories I Tell On Dates Everyone tells stories on dates Sometimes we tell these stories to make people laugh Sometimes we tell them to make people think Sometimes we tell them so we can increase the chances we ll see the oth

  • Title: Stories I Tell On Dates
  • Author: Paul Shirley
  • ISBN: 9780692879856
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Paperback
  • Stories I Tell On Dates By Paul Shirley Everyone tells stories on dates Sometimes we tell these stories to make people laugh Sometimes we tell them to make people think Sometimes we tell them so we can increase the chances we ll see the other person naked.Paul Shirley s stories are about an adulthood spent all over the world living in Spain, playing in the NBA, and having his heart and spleen broken But tEveryone tells stories on dates Sometimes we tell these stories to make people laugh Sometimes we tell them to make people think Sometimes we tell them so we can increase the chances we ll see the other person naked.Paul Shirley s stories are about an adulthood spent all over the world living in Spain, playing in the NBA, and having his heart and spleen broken But they re also stories about growing up in small town Kansas triumphant spelling bees, catastrophic middle school dances, and a Sex Ed class taught by his mother.They re funny stories They re vulnerable stories Most of all, they re universal stories, just as the stories we tell on dates should be.
    Stories I Tell On Dates By Paul Shirley

    Toad The Wet Sprocket Stories I Tell Lyrics AZLyrics Toad The Wet Sprocket Lyrics Stories I Tell Don t give me answers for I would refuse yes is a word for which I have no use And I wasn t looking for heaven or hell Just someone to listen to stories I tell Now what is a blessing and what is a dream Caught between portraits and none s what it seems And why is it people expect there s a change. The Story I ll Tell feat Naomi Raine Maverick City Jun , Official Music Video for The Story I ll Tell featuring Naomi Raine by Maverick City Music Written by Naomi Raine, Alton Eugene, and Benji Cowart during a Stories I Tell Stories about our open adoption family I wasn t sure if I should write this, but maybe someone needs to read it Or maybe I just needed to write it On Tuesday, March , , my dad was admitted to the hospital with a UTI Urinary Tract Infection He had a kidney stone blocking the urethra.March , . Stories I Tell On Dates Shirley, Paul Oct , If Can I Keep My Jersey showed that Paul Shirley has been all his life a magnificent story teller, Stories I Tell On Dates confirms he is a bright and talented writer Through a smart structure that combines present and past memories he builds up a book that connects the author with the reader in an intimate way. Stories I Tell On Dates Stories I Tell On Dates is a the most engrossing, honest memoir I have ever read equal parts hilarious, heartbreaking, cringe inducing, and triumphant I found myself laughing aloud one minute, blushing with embarrassment Paul s embarrassment the next Simply put I love this book. Stories I Tell Myself Growing Up with Hunter S Thompson Stories I Tell Myself provides an intimate and unflinching look at the private life of one of the most distinctive and funniest writers and public personalities of our time Even those of us who were close to Hunter can learn from it Timothy Ferris, author of The Science of Liberty Rounded True Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Thought Catalog Jun , True Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark By Erin Cossetta Updated June , Tony Ciampa By Erin Cossetta Updated June , Tony Ciampa Making toast Making toast late one night facing the kitchen bench eating for a good mins Cleaned up and turned around and every single cupboard door and cutlery drawer were open.

    • [PDF] Read ä Stories I Tell On Dates : by Paul Shirley
      393 Paul Shirley

    One thought on “Stories I Tell On Dates

    1. Sara on said:

      I laughed out loud, cried a little, and I smiled a lot yes, I too believed in Santa Claus until I was like 12.I really enjoyed reading Paul Shirley s first book Can I Keep My Jersey , but I loved this new one The stories are relatable, honest, and funny I didn t want it to end I want stories Can t wait to share this with my family and friends.

    2. John Spillane on said:

      Paul Shirley reads the audiobook and it really flies by It has clever insights from an innocent s abroad , and recalls youth in a way that s uniquely enriching as opposed to the empty to all but the author mode I normally find done elsewhere.You ll laugh on the street, your commute, while you assemble a fake Eames rocker, however it won t be from setup, tick, tick, punchline but something much refreshing Every chapter is better than the one before and when people ask what you are laughing about [...]

    3. Stephen Mayer on said:

      It would be nice if all short story collections were this much fun to read from start to finish in my experience there might be one or two stories that fulfill expectations, but the rest quickly become forgettable and mundane This book grabbed me from the first few pages and invited me on a tour of Paul Shirley s life Well at least the parts of it he might share on a date This is easily Shirley s best work Often funny, always relatable, sometimes heart wrenching, and surprisingly vulnerable Do y [...]

    4. Amber Christ on said:

      While Paul s life may have taken a different path than most I mean, he s 6 9 and played professional basketball for heaven s sake , his stories are our stories They are stories of failure, and firsts, of loss, love, and growth You ll definitely laugh and probably cringe, because well, life is hard and Paul s storytelling is funny, insightful, and chock full of embarrassing admissions the rest of us would take to our grave I give it five red balloons

    5. Katie Savage on said:

      I really love the premise of this collection of charming essays stories that we tell people when we re first getting to know them, trying to impress them, hoping to connect with them And the premise lets you know just what to expect from the book you feel like you re sitting across the table from Shirley, his voice is that honest, intimate, funny I ve already recommended Stories I Tell on Dates to many friends and loved it my first time through.

    6. Mindy on said:

      My first thought after finishing this book was How is he still single and my second thought was NOOOO I want stories Paul Shirley is damn funny, damn smart, humble, and stomach clenchingly honest If I wasn t laughing out loud much to the consternation of my seatmates on my flight , I was trying unsuccessfully not to cry over a homesick kid away from home for the first time This is such a beautiful and brutally honest love letter to not just the women he dated but to the all people and events th [...]

    7. Tiffany on said:

      This book is something very special and I knew it would be that s why I pre ordered it There s too many authors who find conveying the honesty you do so compellingly to be completely insurmountable They gloss over or share experiences aren t nearly as engaging Paul Shirley continues to raise the bar For me, this book is was entertaining AF.Love, revenge, coming of age, schemes, drama, sex, adventure, wins and defeat, self deprecation in amusing manners probably because I do this myself self expl [...]

    8. Jane Shirley on said:

      Sincere and honest stories that will feel personal to the reader Paul makes you laugh and cry and feel both sorry for him and cheer for his successes.

    9. D. Johannes Bayer on said:

      One of my favorite books to come out this year 2017 I don t think you need to be into dating books, memoirs, or sports autobiographies in order to really enjoy this book You don t have to like all those genres or even any of them It is so skillfully, well written while being woven together in such a unique way that anyone could get engrossed in this book It may sound like an unusual undertaking to combine the elements of personal memoir finding love personal narrative , sports autobiography, and [...]

    10. Scott Muska on said:

      tl dr This book is entertaining, interesting and well written, and one I ve been citing when people ask me if I ve read anything good lately I highly recommend it In this essay collection, and in pretty much everything he puts out into the world, Paul Shirley manages to write the kind of stuff that makes me feel less alone in a world where it s often all too easy to fall into the trap that you are at least close to alone in the way you think and feel And he does so in ways that will definitely m [...]

    11. Michelle Flores on said:

      I was at Iowa State when Paul Shirley was there During my time at Iowa State, I met many players on the basketball team, but I never met Paul I desperately wanted to and tried several times To me, Paul Shirley was the best of what is right about college sports small town, talent, and intelligence Following Paul s NBA career and the writing he had done during that time, I always wondered what he might do post professional basketball His first book was good, but his second book has cemented for me [...]

    12. Katherine on said:

      This books showed up in the mail a few days ago because my boyfriend is really into sports and loved Paul Shirley s last book I picked it up yesterday and started reading it because that s what I do with random books that are sitting on my kitchen counter I finished reading it roughly 15 hours later I m a slow reader so that s almost unheard of This book is hilarious and moving, insightful and entertaining Shirley is a good writer and great story teller.You don t have to be a basketball person, [...]

    13. Brittany on said:

      What an enjoyable read The author s writing is funny and poignant at the same time And it s a lovely concept for a memoir Even though Paul Shirley s life as a NBA basketball player is different than most, you cannot get through this book, without reflecting on your own life and the stories you, yourself, carry around like party favors In fact, both my husband and I read this book, and it opened the door for some great conversations and a lot of memories that we d never shared with each other bef [...]

    14. Katharine on said:

      Truly a delightful read, and from a perspective that seems missing in both literature and in our fragile times To have an authentic and humble voice that can both fumble and charm is needed at a time when boys in particular are not given the permission to express feelings The stories get richer and deeper as the book goes on Reading all the joys and vulnerabilities of a young boy and seeing those same qualities into his mature young adulthood and the grace and learning that goes into that journe [...]

    15. Joseph Santiago on said:

      I did not want this book to end The short stories made me wish that Shirley had a few relationship stories that bite him in the butt after he got some Reading this book made me wish I recorded moments in my life that were silly, surreal, and ended up somehow working out This book shared stories that I could see myself repeating This book is one that I know will come up in conversations with others This is a good read Mr Joe

    16. Randy Brown on said:

      When I reviewed his first book, I laid out my advantages of reading Paul Shirley books I know him If you like Stories I Tell on Dates, great If you don t, the missing link is not knowing his quirky, unconventional personality and desire to say what s on his mind I know him well and I love his writing and his books.

    17. Kim Coleman on said:

      If Paul s goal was to make his readers feel less alone, he greatly succeeded No matter who you are or where you come from this book will resonate with you don t ask me how I know, I just do Paul Shirley has a rare gift few possess he is a true, genuine Storyteller Paul s truths about life, ring true for us all This book was an absolute Joy to read.

    18. Doug Gillispie on said:

      Great read, witty, entertaining with stories that you will be able to relate to and emotions you have felt He does a great job of making you feel you are on the ride with him I really enjoyed it, I think you will too.

    19. Todd Grinham on said:

      Funny, witty and insightful I found pieces of myself in these stories and enjoyed taking a ride through the unfamiliar situations Paul Shirley gives readers an honest and human take on dating in a time when dating is becoming less and less human.

    20. Tom Karre on said:

      Really great book, good stories I think any guy raised in the Midwest during the 80 s and 90 s would relate to Also interesting stories for Iowa State fans A great look at recruiting from a player s experience.

    21. teegeereads on said:

      Shirley doesn t hold back These stories are honest and earnest, and they did what any great book should they made me laugh and they made me cry, all while thinking about life a little deeply This is masterful storytelling that makes you want to come back for .

    22. Teri on said:

      This is a poignant and engaging story of the both the dating and growing up life of a nerdy but accomplished, attractive, athletic, and endearing man It is told with humor and grace It is a super great bookd even better on audio, because he reads it himself.

    23. Carol on said:

      I loved reading this book Sometimes people tell stories to make us laugh to make us think and to make us learn Sometimes we tell stories to explain our selves And to decide how we feel about things This was a great read so glad that I won this book

    24. Tom Shrimplin on said:

      Great story of boy from small town 700 gets to do what he loves for awhile, then grows up

    25. Rachel on said:

      We all have stories we tell when we meet people the same stories, told repeatedly, often altered depending on our audience and their intended effect Do we want the listener to think we re smart Funny Charming Do we want them to hire us for a job Or sleep with us These are the stories that show our best selves, that serve as a Cliffs Notes version and a fast track to a deeper understanding of who we are These tales form the basis of Paul Shirley s new book, Stories I Tell On Dates, a warm and wit [...]

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