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Wings of Wrath

Wings of Wrath By C.S. Friedman Wings of Wrath The dark and mesmerizing Magister saga continuesWings of Wrath is the second novel in C S Friedman s Magister trilogy a true high fantasy replete with vampire style magic erotic action war treacher

  • Title: Wings of Wrath
  • Author: C.S. Friedman
  • ISBN: 9780756405359
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Wings of Wrath By C.S. Friedman The dark and mesmerizing Magister saga continuesWings of Wrath is the second novel in C S Friedman s Magister trilogy a true high fantasy replete with vampire style magic, erotic action, war, treachery, sorcerous danger, and one of the most terrifying dragon like creatures in fantasy Against a backdrop of knife edged politics and fearsome prophecies, those who are swThe dark and mesmerizing Magister saga continuesWings of Wrath is the second novel in C S Friedman s Magister trilogy a true high fantasy replete with vampire style magic, erotic action, war, treachery, sorcerous danger, and one of the most terrifying dragon like creatures in fantasy Against a backdrop of knife edged politics and fearsome prophecies, those who are sworn to protect the human lands must discover the truth that lies at the heart of ancient legends, and find a way to defeat an enemy that once brought mankind to the very brink of destruction.
    Wings of Wrath By C.S. Friedman

    Wings of Wrath The Magister Trilogy, by C.S Friedman Jan , Wings of Wrath is the second book of the Magister trilogy, and as such pretty much sets up the finale However the depth of Friedman s worlds is as usual excellent, and there is enough plot movement to make everyone happy. Wings of Wrath Magister Feb , Wings of Wrath, the second of Ms Friedman s Magister trilogy begins, as you might well expect, with a prologue But the prologue isn t what you d expect it to be a quick and dirty summary of what happened in the first novel The Feast of Souls , but a scene setter for something wicked that will this way come. Wings of Wrath Doom Wiki Fandom Amulet of Warding Dragonskin Bracers Falcon Shield Mesh Armor Platinum Helm Wings of Wrath The Doom Wiki at DoomWiki The Inhilicon s Wings of Wrath is an artifact that appears in Heretic and Hexen It looks like a golden skull with bat wings Activating Wings of Wrath allows the player to fly In Heretic, it is a time limited powerup that lasts for seconds. Wings of Wrath Alien Shores Jan , Wings of Wrath In a world where spells are fueled by the essence of one s own life, the young peasant woman Kamala has proven strong and determined enough to claim the most powerful sorcery for her own But her rise to power is not without cost.

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      359 C.S. Friedman

    One thought on “Wings of Wrath

    1. Felicia on said:

      Second book of this series, I was drooling for it because I LOVE CS Friedman This is a bit of a middle child book, but I enjoy the world a lot I wish I had read the first one nearer to this one to remember the world better I felt like I wanted to identify with some of the characters a bit deeply than I did, but I still enjoyed it Some really chilling scenes.

    2. Martha on said:

      good plot but, oh, my God The editing really needed work numerous errors, places where words were either left out entirely or both choices were included Extremely irritating when a writer is normally as good as Friedman to find this sort of sloppiness Why don t editors edit any

    3. Liviu on said:

      Wings of Wrath was ultimately good, but could have been better.The same meandering at the beginning as in Feast of Souls and the not quite well thought out world detract from the enjoyment of the book Too many POV s for a book that just does not have the content and world building to support them.The writing style is excellent as usual from Ms Friedman, but there is a missing ingredient probably the shallow world building, the lack of true complexity Still better than most fantasy out there and [...]

    4. Trish on said:

      I liked this one better than the first, however, it seems that once the reader finds out all the mysteries, there is no longer anything left to write about I mean, how many times can it be written that magisters don t like each other, hide their emotions, or act like really bad bene gesserit witches Dune reference, yo.Time to say something goodI like the way the writer slips into different points of view depending on which character is in action Stink becomes perfume, ugly becomes beauty, evil b [...]

    5. Disastra on said:

      If you enjoy intricate absorbing fantasy this book is not for you Further, if you are, as am I, annoyed by a complete lack of proof reading peppering the book with instances of missing words and occasional half sentences, double typed words and two words with the same meaning used in a sentence where the author forgot to go back and delete the one she didn t need, then this book will irritate you enormously Further adding to this irritation are the many instances of the exact same descriptive wo [...]

    6. Izlinda on said:

      I m writing this review a few weeks after I read it, and I don t have it with me right now I may misremember names I m awful at them I found this book an excellent continuation to the first one I can t say if this book follows the usual pattern of the middle book being the weakest, but it definitely allows for character development The moral ambiguity is also interesting to ponder I also liked that there are repercussions for some of the good guys, too, and they don t come through the battle al [...]

    7. Daniel on said:

      I love C.S Friedman Wings of Wrath is the second book of the Magister trilogy, and as such pretty much sets up the finale However the depth of Friedman s worlds is as usual excellent, and there is enough plot movement to make everyone happy I can t recommend this book any highly.

    8. Anna on said:

      The Coldfire Trilogy counts amongst my favourite books, but even it did not get 5 stars from me, because while I love the main character, some of the concepts represented in the books seemed simplified, wooden Well, in Wings of Wrath, these issues are pronounced, and at the same time, I cannot relate to the main character.Celia Friedman s world seems empty We know nothing about the countries, the cultures, apart from those few details that are essential to drive the very simple main plot On top [...]

    9. Viridian5 on said:

      I quickly devoured C.S Friedman s Wings of Wrath because I needed to know where it was going next While Feast of Souls was Kamala s story, Wings of Wrath gives the rest of the cast a lot to do and care about, and the book benefits from it In my opinion it benefits from spending less time on the petty politics and actions of the Magisters, with the stakes much higher I felt even sympathy for Siderea this time, and I m very happy with Gwynofar getting out of the castle and into her own agency T [...]

    10. Patrick Burgess on said:

      Good But No BananaI heard that phrase earlier this week and I ve been dying to use it for some oddball reason What does it even mean Why would I want a banana anyway, do I look overtly simian shrugs So it was okay A fair read, kinda dragged for me cause it kinda lost it s sparkle from the very beginning Book 1 was the better one Of course Gee, it s the attack of the sopho slump again hiss I thought the main issue was going to be that a woman had finally become a Magister, but all the focus shift [...]

    11. Blodeuedd Finland on said:

      Exciting stuff I love fantasy I was not a fan of Kamala in book 1, but here I liked her better I think much of my dislike had to to with poor Andovai, whom I really liked and then he died cos of her sucking the soulfire out of him Seems Friedman sure like killing people.Right, great world Magisters who use magic by taking other people s lives Witches who die by using too much magic And a world where winged beasts from legend are coming back to suck the souls out of everyone What is there not to [...]

    12. kari on said:

      Move aside, Game of Thrones Friedman s Magisters Trilogy does all that GoT promises to do, and does it better Political intrigue Checked Characters that are utter scoundrels, but you can t help liking them Checked Powerful magical creatures By all means And importantly while the setting is full of misogyny, it s not the usual blanket sexism overabundant in SF F Friedman gets to the core of the phenomenon, dissects it, and warps it in her plot And even if she doesn t escape all tropes already wo [...]

    13. Eve on said:

      I enjoyed this book, but as always with series where the newest book follows at some distance from the previous, I had only a hazy recollection of what had happened in the first book Much came back to me as I read, however The magisters are an interesting premise and Friedman, as always, does the somewhat dark fantasy well Don t think that this is up there with the coldfire trilogy or In Conquest Born, but did enjoy this book I m sure I ll have totally forgotten it by the time the 3rd volume com [...]

    14. Anna Wiggins on said:

      Not as polished as the first book, but still an enjoyable read And what it lacks in tightly packed cohesion, it makes up for in depth of characterization characters are driven logically by their motivations here, and are capable of changing their minds about things They feel realistically like people in a way many authors neglect and, to be fair, this isn t the only good way to write characters, but it is a compelling one The thematic change from survival to sacrifice was a surprise, and the coh [...]

    15. Blind_guardian on said:

      An excellent continuation of book 1, and things get even grimdark.

    16. Kelly on said:

      I almost gave up the series while listening to the 1st book I am giving up on the series after finishing this book.

    17. Soho_Black on said:

      The first part of Celia Friedman s Magister trilogy was a wonderfully dark piece of fantasy It contained some beasts you wouldn t be surprised to come across in a horror novel and stretched the idea of magic being a draining power to an interesting place psychologically The second part, Wings of Wrath is of a straight fantasy novel, lacking some of the horror elements that made the first part such a draw for me, but it s still a very good read.It is a time of great change in the High Kingdom Ki [...]

    18. Nic on said:

      So, there s kind of a story behind my reading or partial reading of this book Years back specifically, five or six years back I attended a writers conference at which C.S Friedman was a guest speaker and panelist She had some neat things to say, and was also handing out ARCs of Feast of Souls, so I snagged one.I was impressed with the research she d done to write the book, and intrigued by the premise I d read very little fantasy that wasn t written for children or teens, so was largely unfamili [...]

    19. Guillermo on said:

      Wings of Wrath starts off a very little while after the end of Feast of Souls By now, the story is mostly plot driven as almost everyone s business has been overtaken by the Souleater menace Kamala still needing to hide from the magisters, as well as Siderea s continuing storyline are basically the only concessions done to character initiative, and even that is dubious, as for the most part Kamala s hiding is irrelevant and never really comes to the fore Her hiding from Rhys is another issue ent [...]

    20. Ross Evans on said:

      Ugh Man I really really wanted to like Wings of Wrath so bad I was kind of on the fence with Feast of Souls but after reading book 2 in the Magister trilogy I m not sure I ll have the strength to finish the series Book 2 kicks off right where book 1 ended and we get to meet a few new characters Rhys is a Guardian and half brother to Queen Gwynofar His story started strong, but once again he gets into a romantic relationship with the main character Kamala and it goes downhill from there Look, don [...]

    21. Sarah on said:

      This is not a stand alone book I think the whole book two of the Magister trilogy says enough about that Friedman introduces some new characters and brings some new situations to the old characters I love Friedman, and am a complete fangirl for the author, but there were some things that kind of bothered me about this book hence the 4 star rating 1 This book lacked the dark, spiritual and thought provoking depth of the first book Now that the whole magister situation has been discussed, it seeme [...]

    22. Cayleigh on said:

      The second in a series, set in a world where some are born with the ability to do magic, but to do each act takes a bit of that person s soulfire essence In the end, depending on how freely they use their power an early death when their soulfire runs out Only Magisters, men who are sorcerers can use magic and not pay with their life In the first book the main character, Kamala, learns the secret and becomes a Magister even though women are not allowed She is on the run from the other Magisters a [...]

    23. Linda on said:

      In comparison to the first book in the series, Wings of Wrath concentrated on the history and religion of the world with all of its implications and on the souleaters and morati politics of course , and less on sorcery vielded by the Magisters and their power games though Kamala s and Ramirus interaction was quite interesting With the history lessons a lot of consistency was given to the world, where the events take place, for example now it is apparent, that it s a regular planet with its own [...]

    24. Christian on said:

      Wings of Wrath picks up the story where Feast of Souls left off The High Kingdom has a new king, the Souleaters seem to have found a way past the Wrath and slowly trying to make their way back into the world of men.In this novel, Kamala is on the run from the other Magisters and makes her way North We see the focus in this book shift from the first and only female magister to a mix of different characters in order to develop the main story We follow Rhys on a scouting mission to the Wrath, witne [...]

    25. Brendan on said:

      This is a big improvement over the first book in the series,Feast of Souls It s still not as good as I remember Friedman s earlier works being, but it was enough to grip my attention and get me excited about picking it up each night.The characters are distinctive, each with their own motivations, and it s the way these conflict with each other that makes their dynamics interesting.The plot is a classic case of where everything would be much better if people would just share the information they [...]

    26. Robert Defrank on said:

      The series gets even better with Book Two I won t go into detail about the actual plot, since if I gave a brief summary it would sound derivative and a lengthy summary would contain spoilers Suffice it to say that Friedman has used the standard tropes of fantasy to tell a thought provoking story with realistic characters who make difficult choices.But what is it about In brief the banality of evil And the author poses a question can there be true heroism and sacrifice if the hero s conviction is [...]

    27. Shannon McGee on said:

      The second book in a trilogy Wings Of Wrath brings back characters such as witch Kamala who makes a connection with magister Rhys Many other characters such as Rhys half sister Queen Gwynofar There is political intrigue, war, a little romance, magic and evil supernatural beings I read this not knowing it was second book in a trilogy so the characters were unfamiliar to me I began to like the characters Kamala and Rhys together although not liking how it ended up It took awhile to warm up to Quee [...]

    28. David on said:

      I enjoyed this book although the ending felt sudden That s the problem with kindle you don t know when you are approaching the end unless you glance to the page bar.I wasn t motivated to read the book constantly which is a sign of a really good book I could pick this one up, read a few pages and put it down I recently read 6 books in a week and this one took me nearly two weeks Having said that it is enjoyable but there s lots of padding The tale continues from book 1 of the series, feast of Sou [...]

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