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More Ghost Stories of an Antiquary

More Ghost Stories of an Antiquary By M.R. James More Ghost Stories of an Antiquary The follow up volume to Ghost Stories of an Antiquary collects seven of Montague Rhodes James s classic horror stories including A School Story The Rose Garden Casting the Runes and Martin s Close

  • Title: More Ghost Stories of an Antiquary
  • Author: M.R. James
  • ISBN: 9781557425577
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Hardcover
  • More Ghost Stories of an Antiquary By M.R. James The follow up volume to Ghost Stories of an Antiquary collects seven of Montague Rhodes James s classic horror stories, including A School Story, The Rose Garden, Casting the Runes, and Martin s Close fted with an almost diabolic power of calling horror by gentle steps from the midst of prosaic daily life, is the scholarly Montague Rhodes James, ProvosThe follow up volume to Ghost Stories of an Antiquary collects seven of Montague Rhodes James s classic horror stories, including A School Story, The Rose Garden, Casting the Runes, and Martin s Close fted with an almost diabolic power of calling horror by gentle steps from the midst of prosaic daily life, is the scholarly Montague Rhodes James, Provost of Eton College, antiquary of note, and recognized authority on medi val manuscripts and cathedral history Dr James, long fond of telling spectral tales at Christmastide, has become by slow degrees a literary weird fictionist of the very first rank H.P Lovecraft
    More Ghost Stories of an Antiquary By M.R. James

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      173 M.R. James

    One thought on “More Ghost Stories of an Antiquary

    1. BillKerwin on said:

      Only slightly inferior to James first effort, Ghost Stories of An Antiquary, an acknowledged classic of the genre The first three stories here A School Story, The Rose Garden, The Tractate Middoth are emininently readable although undistinguished, but the last four are very good indeed The Stalls of Barchester Cathedral is permeated with ecclesiastical atmosphere a James specialty , Martin s Close introduces a pathetic ghost in the context of an 18th century trial trancript, Mr Humphrey s Inheri [...]

    2. Rebecca McNutt on said:

      I don t think I would necessarily call these stories horror maybe paranormal fantasy Either way, I loved all of them for their sheer eerie creepiness and profound depth.

    3. Rebecca Foster on said:

      I ve only ever read one M.R James piece before, in an anthology of stories about libraries This was perhaps not an ideal way to encounter his ghost stories for the first time Though all four Number 13, Count Magnus, Oh, Whistle and I Will Come to You, My Lad and The Treasure of Abbot Thomas are adapted by the same pair, Leah Moore and John Reppion, each is illustrated by a different artist, so the drawing style ranges from rounded and minimalist to an angular, watercolor Marvel comics style The [...]

    4. Harsh Kumar on said:

      An excellent collection of short classic ghost stories Ghost stories of an antiquary and this second volume are both very fine Each and every story has a very perfect logical and terrifying ending Much better stories than the stories in Stephen king s Skeleton Crew.

    5. Ken on said:

      This is the second published collection of short stories by MR James There are several highly influential works in this volume including my three favorites The Rose Garden , Casting the Runes and Martin s Close 4 STARS

    6. Oscar on said:

      Como ven a diciendo en Historias de fantasmas de un anticuario , M.R James es todo un maestro escribiendo cuentos, concretamente relatos de fantasmas victorianos M s historias de fantasmas de un anticuario incluye siete historias de igual calidad que aqu lla, fant sticamente escritas y construidas, con argumentos muy interesantes, intrigantes y estremecedores.Estos son los siete relatos que contiene UNA HISTORIA ESCOLAR Dos amigos est n charlando sobre los viejos tiempos escolares, y caen en la [...]

    7. Char on said:

      This collection was a lot of fun Even though some of the stories were very wordy compared to contemporary tales, it was easy to get past that because of the vivid pictures the words painted There were a couple of stories that I thought were just okay, but there were also some real atmospheric knockouts I think my favorite in this collection was Mister Humphreys and His Inheritance , but I could see that possibly changing upon a re read These tales were a good time for fans of classic horror Rec [...]

    8. Susan on said:

      These seven eerie tales include the much anthologized Casting The Runes as well as less familiar stories like A School Story and The Rose Garden My favorites were The Tractate Middoth involving a dangerous rare book and Mr Humphreys and His Inheritance with secrets found in an old library Great spooky reading.

    9. Eggp on said:

      Nice enough old guybut the cat knows what he didkilling for the church.

    10. Graziano on said:

      A School Story Si tu non veneris ad me, ego veniam ad te If you don t come to me, I ll come to you page 13 Two men were talking of their school days, especially concerning ghost stories.During Latin grammar lessons, Mc Leod stops thinking, maybe feeling something strange coming from the teacher, Mr Sampson One night Mc Leod is watching at the professor s window there was a man sitting or kneeling on Sampson s window sill beastly thin looking around and whispering as if he hardly liked to hear hi [...]

    11. Heidi on said:

      I liked the stories in the originalGhost Stories of an Antiquary better than these ones, although these were still quite creepy This second set of stories had of a moral the murderer gets his always his and never her comeuppance, etc and many of them had of a background explanation than the earlier stories did, which I thought would add to the story but didn t M.R James also assumes his readers are passably familiar with Latin, which regretfully I am not, so Google Translate had to help me out [...]

    12. Morven on said:

      Hard to rate this book It s 4 star for those who want to explore the rich history of ghost stories, but if you don t like quaint writing and slow action, it might bore you Personally, I liked it.

    13. Michelle B on said:

      There s some really good stuff here Tense, atmospheric, and told with an expert handling of mood and language I d highly recommend this to Steven King First, to let him know you don t need 1000 pages to tell a good story And second, because maybe he could find some new plots to appropriate into his work rather than borrowing from Sturgeon, Simak, and Matheson.

    14. Whistlers Mom on said:

      This is a bad edition of some great classic horror stories.Medieval scholar and school administrator Montague Rhodes James Monty to you published four volumes of his famous ghost stories Of course, ghost stories as a old as the human race, but Monty made them respectable with his excellent writing and scholarly background His specialty was blending humor, horror, and the prosaic everyday lives of the English middle class One minute a gentleman is changing his collar for dinner and the next a fri [...]

    15. Andrea on said:

      For the most part, I would rank these as pretty good They were fine I enjoyed them 3.5 5 stars, probably The first volume is better I actually read most of them back in May, completely forgot about them until an unrelated story reminded me, and finished em up But, two things Mr Humphreys and His Inheritance deserves to be called out as a spooky delight it had a foreboding maze, a creepy devil globe, an inheritance, old books, and a moment with the titular Humphreys gazing down, down, down I read [...]

    16. Phil on said:

      Not quite a 4 star book, but I definitely better than just 3 stars so 3.5, but nudged up.This is M R James second volume of Ghost Stories and while not quite as good as the earlier selection, it still than holds its own I m glad that I didn t read the two volumes collected together, because the tone and character of the tales does blend into one every tale is either starring or being narrated by a mild mannered unmarried librarian, curator or rector who discovers a book or hears of a book that [...]

    17. Michael on said:

      I often take Montague on holiday with me He doesn t take up much room and he doesn t eat all the Baby Bells I m talking about Montague Rhodes James my favourite writer of ghost stories This time Montague is telling me the stories that didn t get printed in his four haunting anthologies I prefer the individual publications to the doorstop collection here It s pretty evident why these six stories didn t make it into the original publications 1 The Uncommon Prayer Book 2 A Neighbour s Landmark 3 Ra [...]

    18. Kevin on said:

      Good, but not nearly as good as the first collection of his stories Perhaps I shouldn t have read them back to back and my lower rating is solely because of desensitization due to increased exposure.Still, there were a few good ones in here My personal favorite Either an economical suburban company had decided that their light would not be required in the small hours, and had stopped working, or else something was wrong with the meter the effect was in any case that the electric light was off Th [...]

    19. Michael on said:

      From Badelynge.I don t need much excuse to start reading some ghost stories, so it s no surprise that my break to Sandsend, in that haunted month called October, would include a whole volume of spooktacular tales finding their way onto my reading list This second collection of creepy tales doesn t quite match M.R James first Antiquarian collection The first three stories are nicely told but not quite up to being part of the ghost story top of the pops that filled the first volume The last four a [...]

    20. Rhys Thomas on said:

      I am a big fan of ghost stories, and enjoy nothing than choosing a scary book to read over the Halloween period And so you can imagine my joy when Amy introduced me to the works of M R James Ghost Stories of an Antiquary was his first collection of ghost stories, published in 1904 The tales all follow a similar route a build up of otherworldly hints topped off by a ghastly visitation and all are very enjoyable What I liked most about the stories were his descriptions of building Wonderful Becau [...]

    21. Scott on said:

      This is a selection of horticultural horror at its best M R James makes it scary to go into the back yard Not all of the tales in this collection are set in the garden, but most take place in the country, and two of the best, The Rose Garden and Mr Humphrey s and His Inheritance, take the classic haunted house story and move it just outside the kitchen door.Nearly all of the tales feature the typical Jamesian props libraries, Latin, manuscripts, and other relics of the distant past that bring th [...]

    22. Louise on said:

      Loved M.R James since I was 8 years old Perfect audiobook listening for long bike rides home from work.

    23. Ben Thurley on said:

      Not quite up to M.R James first collection of ghost stories, but still a wonderful read There s some genre bending, like the trial transcript of Martin s Close and terror set in churches or on country estates There aren t quite as many strong stories as in Ghost Stories of an Antiquary but Casting the Runes , in particular, is a gem.

    24. Suzanne on said:

      While I loved the first volume of Ghost Stories of an Antiquary, this second volume fell a little short It s not that they re not good, they re just not as good The bar was set pretty high by the first collection It s probably something like a 3.5, but I m nudging it up to 4 because I love the style so much.

    25. Aaron Schwartz on said:

      I enjoyed these stories because they re very story like I know that sounds strange, but most Halloween stories don t have that stories around the campfire, or oh, my friend once told me this story kind of feeling Notes M.R James loves his books, and loves his Latin Better have a translator.

    26. Baz M on said:

      I had the misfortune of opening this and wasting 10 minutes of my life reading the first story and half of the 2nd So incredibly wordy and a language structure that makes you feel like you re having a conversation with Stephen Fry s great grandfather Incredibly dull stories that wouldn t frighten a child assuming the child knew Shakespearean.

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