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The Hungarian

The Hungarian By Victoria Dougherty The Hungarian While vacationing in Greece in Lily Tassos the hard partying daughter of a powerful arms dealer has a sudden change in plans After her sometime boyfriend a CIA agent is murdered before her eye

  • Title: The Hungarian
  • Author: Victoria Dougherty
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Hungarian By Victoria Dougherty While vacationing in Greece in 1956, Lily Tassos, the hard partying daughter of a powerful arms dealer, has a sudden change in plans After her sometime boyfriend a CIA agent is murdered before her eyes, she finds herself holding a ticket to Moscow and a mysterious metal card A far cry from her usual pairing of a Faulkner novel and bottle or two of white Bordeaux.AlonWhile vacationing in Greece in 1956, Lily Tassos, the hard partying daughter of a powerful arms dealer, has a sudden change in plans After her sometime boyfriend a CIA agent is murdered before her eyes, she finds herself holding a ticket to Moscow and a mysterious metal card A far cry from her usual pairing of a Faulkner novel and bottle or two of white Bordeaux.Alone and haunted by her lover s death, apolitical Lily resolves to complete his mission and find out who killed him Masquerading as a gung ho member of the American Communist Party, she travels to Moscow, where she is contacted by Pasha Tarkhan Brutal, yet charismatic, Tarkhan is both a high ranking Soviet official and CIA asset, not to mention a covert supporter of the Russian Spiritual Underground This alliance of self styled deists have rejected the secular Soviet state and vowed to bring it down by means of faith, prayerd blood.Grinding her old life beneath the heel of her Dior stiletto, Lily puts her new one on the line, surrendering to fate, love and, for once, events bigger than herself.
    The Hungarian By Victoria Dougherty

    • ☆ The Hungarian È Victoria Dougherty
      124 Victoria Dougherty

    One thought on “The Hungarian

    1. Richard on said:

      So another book another book review Unfortunately, The Hungarian is any other book and Victoria Dougherty can not be easily explained as just another writer.She is like that girl at school at least a year ahead of you who everyone has a crush on and seems so out of reach Yet just occasionally you dream on as she speaks to you or passes you in the corridor and gives you eye contact or the beginning god a smile.As an author she does not easily fit into a box and her writing presses buttons, shocks [...]

    2. Denny on said:

      Dougherty has a distinctly powerful style of writing Her research and understanding of the era she is writing about, the Cold War in the late fifties, provides depth and credibility to the plot and characters, making The Hungarian far than a thriller It is an historical novel and it contains all the elements of good writing Her prose has a beauty and quality that makes the reader want to savour the language and the imagery So descriptive is the language that I found myself taking time to savour [...]

    3. Michael Emmerich on said:

      Intriguing and gripping, read right until the end I love Victoria s writing style and beautiful use of the English language This is the second book of hers I have read and I will be moving onto reading another of her books very soon already purchased and it is sitting on my ipad kindle reader.The character development is really what makes the book for me, and you also have to pay attention, its not a quick speed read book You need to slowly read and enjoy the characters and the language.

    4. Peter on said:

      I enjoyed reading this, even than the bone church and the hotel yalta Simply put, there s so much to enjoy at a pure narrative level Granted, I did choke on the mysticism and Lily s wide eyed romanticism, but her capacity to stand up for herself and kick ass when needed mostly made up for all the gloopy oh, pasha sentimentality.As characters go, both Gulyas and The Great Detective made for great reading I hope to see Semyonov resurface in future fiction.

    5. Nicholas Zwermann on said:

      Fanatic story to read and amazing author Fast paced, full of suspense, great characters A conspiracy takes you from Greece to Russia, Iran and Hungary The time is set when Russia and the United States are struggling for world power Emotion and tension is felt throughout the book This book is a page turner and you will not want to put it down.

    6. John Dolan on said:

      If Quentin Tarantino were to put together a novel from Ian Fleming and John Le Carre source material, it would read a lot like The Hungarian Victoria Dougherty s plot is muscular, her characters uncompromising and usually at the psychopathic end of the spectrum The prose is tight and spare One of the aspects of Dougherty s writing I most applaud aside from the meticulous period research is the general lack of sentimentality Folks have to work hard to carve out a sliver of happiness This is a bru [...]

    7. Joyce McKune on said:

      Action packed thriller.Lily was a bored rich girl until a CIA agent asked her to retrieve a package in Moscow He was killed before giving her final instructions but she went anyway.

    8. Peggy Honeysucle on said:

      A page turner that will keep you reading long into the night Once again, Victoria Dougherty, an incredibly gifted writer, pulls the reader into a journey through a grisly web of deceipt, betrayal, torture, passion, and espionage that spans from Greece to Russia, Europe and the Middle East during the late 50 s Her words paint intriguing, if not beautiful, imagery that place you in the moment so realistic it becomes impossible to put the book down for fear you re missing out on something I loved h [...]

    9. Larry L Wartsbaugh on said:

      Excellent Cold War Soviet Bloc Action Thriller Love StoryThis Hungarian character was central throughout, by there was so much Assassins, arms dealers, spies, CIA agents, ambassadors with questionable motives and abilities, and a lovely young woman rich by her loving father s criminal activities Victoria is really a creative story teller, with family roots in the very history of which she writes Weighty, philosophical, poetic, with great knowledge of the literature and history of the Soviet Blo [...]

    10. T.W. Dittmer on said:

      Ms Dougherty is a gifted writer and knows her subject material, but there is to this book than just that.Her characters, quite literally, came to life as I read They became people I could relate to, in situations I could sense.The plot line is so enthralling that as I neared the end of the book I got up and made myself a cup of coffee, wanting to delay the finish And at the final words, I smiled.Well done, Victoria.

    11. Georganne on said:

      Great read Conspiracy that takes place during the United States Russia vying for world power The characters are plentiful, each with their own agenda The tension and emotions are strong Hard to put down exciting A must read

    12. Jay Williams on said:

      It takes a while to figure out who this story is about because there are so many amazing and interesting characters being described in depth The book captures the cold war era very well, with all its intrigue The style of writing flowed well and made for good mental images without slowing the ongoing action and suspense With the possible exception of the sainted man, all the major players were flawed characters, but very interesting The Hungarian flowed in and out of the narrative right to the e [...]

    13. June on said:

      After reading all the rave reviews I felt somewhat guilty with my 2 star rating but upon thinking about why I did give that rating it will make sense.Lily is a carefree party girl who gets an abrupt jolt to her life when her lover is killed She is asked by him before he dies to carry his mission forward and she does first by going to Russia and later on various other places It is in Russia where I lose a bit of interest due to the various politics going on and the different fractions taking plac [...]

    14. Loretta Gabriel on said:

      A very interesting story of suspense and intrigue The author has written a very interesting story of intrigue that is sure to keep you in suspense and just where the story will take you next.

    15. Lisa Tollard on said:

      Outstanding A outstanding espionage novel st during the Cold War era Characters were well rounded and believeable Settings were well defined as well I highly recommend this book

    16. Barbara J Wicks on said:

      It draws you inOne tense moment after another Read this when you don t have things you have to do You won t want to put this book down.

    17. Msastoria on said:

      Interesting Cold War era spy novel The story wandered a bit for my taste so was hard to stay engaged with the characters and story line.

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