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Undeserving By Madeline Sheehan Undeserving Warning This isn t a romance but instead a tale of love between two despairing people from two different worlds both aching for something Debbie Reynolds is a runaway New York City bound Living on

  • Title: Undeserving
  • Author: Madeline Sheehan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Undeserving By Madeline Sheehan Warning This isn t a romance, but instead a tale of love between two despairing people, from two different worlds, both aching for something Debbie Reynolds is a runaway, New York City bound Living on the road comes with many challenges fighting for her next meal, seeking safe places to sleep, and dodging men with less than honorable intentions, all while searchingWarning This isn t a romance, but instead a tale of love between two despairing people, from two different worlds, both aching for something Debbie Reynolds is a runaway, New York City bound Living on the road comes with many challenges fighting for her next meal, seeking safe places to sleep, and dodging men with less than honorable intentions, all while searching for meaning in a life she finds painful and pointless Damon Preacher Fox, vice president of the Silver Demons Motorcycle Club, has been in prison for club related crimes As his release draws near, he begins to reevaluate his choices in life, realizing that if he stays with the club, this won t be his last stint behind bars Suddenly Preacher finds himself doubting everything he s ever known, wishing for a life beyond the club When Preacher and Debbie s paths cross, they find in each other a sense of peace they had been lacking But life is about to catch up with Preacher, and Debbie, desperate to keep the one person who s ever shown her any kindness, finds herself caught between forces far deadlier and powerful than she could have ever imagined This is Debbie and Preacher s story At the end, we should all go back to the beginning, if only to remind ourselves that we once lived.
    Undeserving By Madeline Sheehan

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      431 Madeline Sheehan

    One thought on “Undeserving

    1. Jennifer Kyle on said:

      5 STARSI knew Preacher s story would be epic and Madeline Sheehan sure delivered I gotta start at the beginning Lemme start at the beginning, baby girl Lemme tell you the whole damn story For those of you asking the question as to whether this book was worth the wait Eva has always been told that her mother was a junkie who left her as a baby and nothing Yet from his death bed, her father reveals the truths about the young man he was before her birth Falling in love with a runaway amongst a clu [...]

    2. Jennifer on said:

      What WaitWhat SooooThis book released yesterdayter 3 years of waitingd there was no build up for the release.Le Sigh I know some people are uber excited about this, but I find myself with mixed emotions Do I even remember who these characters are any Does anyone else feel this way

    3. Candace on said:

      Madeline Sheehan has done it again If you re like me, you ve been waiting a long time for the next book in the Undeniable series This series is probably my favorite biker series of all of them, and there are plenty of them to choose from And let me tell you, this book was worth the wait When I first saw that the book was going to center on Preacher, I have to admit that I didn t expect to love it After all, he was Eva s father and was already kind of old in Undeniable For some reason, I had envi [...]

    4. ◆ Anna's ƦªϻƁℓℹռg$ ◆ on said:

      Wow.No wonder people were so pissed they had to wait for so long I forgot how good she was.Because books like this They are far and few between.And I don t care if I have to wait 5 years for another book Just as long as I get to read it.

    5. Judith on said:

      5 Stars.Loved it I read the first book in this series way back in 2014 when Biker books were totally my thing.Over the years my tastes have changed dramatically and I kind of forgot about this seriesis one wasn t even on my radar until i saw a friend s status update and to be honest I wasn t that interested in Preacher s story but I thought,why not My God.I m so glad I decided to read it.It s quite simply stunningI honestly don t have enough words to describe how much I was captivated here.It s [...]

    6. Amy (Foxy) on said:

      IT S LIVE amzn 2shvQeLUPDATE 4as of June 12, 2017From MS Instagram page bit 2smx4Jk Undeserving update Undeserving is currently in editing And ARCs have gone out Give or take a few days, it looks like publication will be in two weeks UPDATE 3 as of Oct 2015From MS facebook fan page UnDeserving UnDeniable 5 Update.Good morning I have a bit of bad news, although it s not all THAT bad, but I hate being a disappointment no matter how small the disappointment may be.UnDeserving will not be coming out [...]

    7. Gail - Slitty on said:

      I love this story, but I love it for different reasons than the other books in the series For me it was watching as one of the pivotal characters in the Undeniable series comes full circle It is a story filled with beginnings and endings, of not only Preacher s story, but the ushering in of different epochs of his journey As one door opens, another door is blown to smithereens, and there s so much dust and debris, that you can t see clearly the aftereffects until it s too late, and by then anoth [...]

    8. Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤ on said:

      I m so excited Omg omg I can t believe it s finally here, I feel like I was waiting for this forever 3 dp B073NPJF5H

    9. Eda** # Dax Lahn's Golden Tigress# on said:

      RELEASE DATE We have no f cking idea.This book needs to freakin come out already that we can finally get to ZZ s storyGGGGH

    10. Elfina Renee on said:

      What can I say Madeline Sheehan hasn t lost her touch This amazing writer once again delivered another heart stopping, emotionally climatic story and reduced me into a puddle of tears Remember that old television series, Cold Case Files How police detectives solved decades old forgotten true crime murders and you were taken along for the ride Only after the mystery had been solved you had that lump lodged firmly in the back of your throat, weepy eyed and emotional from the scenesat s what readin [...]

    11. Sabrina on said:

      NOW LIVE US UKSometimes when a series takes such a long break, like this one did, it s hard to get back into it It s happened a lot to me where I guess my tastes just changes and when I start up a once loved series, I end up hating it Well that was not the case with this book, no matter how much I feared it would be Even after so long with not reading these characters I jumped right back into the world Madeline Sheehan had created and loved all of it Her writing still has the ability to suck me [...]

    12. Jan on said:

      6 Deserving Stars Dear Author, Before I start to wander in a frenzied and flattering speech can I just say something Every time a book comes out in this series I feel betrayed and affronted because gasps where the hell is ZZ s book I ve been waiting for ZZ s book for fucking ever Lie, I ve been waiting for it since I finished book 2 in 2013 Not to mention the three years you took to deliver this one That was just cruel and mean to us, your fans Thank you very much.As you can see, until a few day [...]

    13. NMmomof4 on said:

      4 StarsOverall Opinion This was just as heartbreaking as I thought it would be I ending a blubbering mess, BUT it was just what I wanted too Every once in a while I m in the mood for a good cry, and this fit the bill just right It definitely isn t rainbows and unicorns with a sweet HEA in the end, so don t take the author s warning lightly It is about two lost people finding love in each other It shows that sometimes our heroes and heroines don t get a HEA when the odds are stacked against them [...]

    14. warhawke on said:

      Genre Romance Type Book 5 of Undeniable seriesPOV Third PersonRating After being freed from a prison sentence, Damon Preacher Fox had an existential crisis As the VP of Silver Demons MC, he started to reevaluate his role within the club He was riddled with indecision until a chance meeting with a runaway changed the course of his life.Debbie Reynolds was young and desperate After running away from her past, she scraped by to survive Meeting Preacher gave her hope amidst her bleak situation But c [...]

    15. Copper78 on said:

      I put this book on my TBR list 14 months ago In that time, the author has not given any type of possible or reliable release date nor has she answered even one question posted on this book s page Frankly I find it a bit rude to not acknowledge your customers fans I have lost complete interest at this point I respect an author s creative process, I just feel that authors should in turn respect their fans who WANT to spend their hard earned money on books enough to at lease post an update every fe [...]

    16. KAT ⚛ Kitty Kat's Crazy About Books ⚛ on said:

      WOOOHOOOOO This mother fukking bitch is live

    17. Jessica on said:

      Holy freaking hell There are so many things that I love about this story It is a story that stealthily seeps into your mind until you suddenly realize that it has taken over your brain and you can think of nothing but the characters and the storyline and you hope your kids don t mind eating pizza because that is the only way they are going to get fed So many things happen in this book, and this review is going to be than a little vague, but I don t want to give anything away.Although he was nev [...]

    18. Michelle on said:

      5 Stars WOW I LOVED it It was so worth the wait Anybody that was a fan of this series and decided to give up on it because of the wait is crazy You missing an awesome book my friends Preacher is twenty two and is sent to prison for two years When he gets out he s a different person He s lost and not sure where he belongs He takes off one night leaving his family and club behind It s the only life he s ever known But his dad is tough and Preacher is tired of being treated like one of his soldiers [...]

    19. Elaine on said:

      6 Stars I ve waited to try and put a few lines together as this book has been on my mind all day.Along with many others I ve waited patiently for Damon Preachers Fox story And it didn t disappoint, in fact it totally consumed me from start to finish.I wasn t surprised, this author can write Even with a different feel than her others in the Undeniable series it was up there once again but taking it to a new level.There aren t alot of books that leave me with this feeling of being swallowed up and [...]

    20. AleJandra on said:

      5 Worth it STARS No matter what my father had done, and I knew his sins were many, he would always be the first man I d ever loved, and the man I still measured every other man against Rese a pendiente Para cuando deje de llorar Las fans podemos llegar a ser tan nefastas, en serio es horrible ver la actitud de algunas chicas estoy hablando de las personas que ya le pusieron 1 estrella a este libro que aun no sale Si yo tambi n espero con much simas ansias este libro, y si me desespera la espera, [...]

    21. Tina...born to be a Biker Babe on said:

      No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no noBook 5 has to be ZZ s story OH GOD WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

    22. Page on said:

      5 stars I get it, Preacher in this book is newer, quiter, less powerful, less jaded, and so was his voice, and so was his story Well donebut I m still pissed.I can think of no reason this book had to publish prior to ZZ s story The tie into ZZ s story is invisible The fact that Undeserving released less than 24 hours ago and is ranked at 55 on all of is very visible She s a cash cow Delivered a decent product, and is laughing her ass off at the 3 year novella turned book that has no series tie i [...]

    23. Bev on said:

      So, here s the thing I avoid non HEA s like the plague, no exceptions Yet I couldn t wait to read Preacher s story, even knowing there was no hearts and sunshine ending for him I m so glad I read it, even though it had me in tears that ending gah I fill up every time I think of it.I loved seeing the other side of Preacher, how he loved Debbie, Eva and his family I loved seeing how he was shaped into the man he became because of circumstances out of his control and although at first glance that m [...]

    24. Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞ on said:

      4 s I have to admit that I was not really interested in reading Preacher s story I mean, if you read Unbeloved, you know what happens and I just wasn t feeling that Plus s been three years since the last book came out and well, my interest was waning But then the reviews started coming out and while I didn t read them, it wasn t hard to catch words that made it sound promising so of course, I had to read it And I m glad I did I had no idea that I would come to LOVE Preacher as much as I did Prea [...]

    25. Olga therebelreader on said:

      I m so sad I didn t get to enjoy it as much as I expected The start was promising but in the end it was only an okay read The story was extremely slow paced and I got tired The characters were very one dimensional and I didn t feel the chemistry between Debbie and Damon In short Hero 4 5 Heroine 3 5 Plot Point, Originality 4 5 Writing Style 3 5 Steam 2 5 Romance 2 5 Angst Suspense 3 5 Darkness 1 5 Humor 1 5 Secondary Characters 3 5 Drama Conflict 3 5 Mystery 0 5 Twists 3 5 Pacing Slow Action 3 5 [...]

    26. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews on said:

      Madeline Sheehan can put words to paper and come up with a story that is sweet and heartbreaking and hopeful all at the same time Undeserving was a long time coming and the telling of it was perfect It was the story of Eva s parents, Preacher and Wheels, and like her story with Deuce, it wasn t pretty and it wasn t clean, but it was theirs And it was amazing.Throughout the series, we ve gotten to know Eva s father, Preacher, through hers and Deuce s eyes We knew that he was the President of the [...]

    27. Heather❀Book and a Blanket❀ on said:

      5 Stars Oh man, Oh man, Oh man I am so blown away This book was so worth the wait The Undeniable series is my first and still my favorite biker romance series.This is the gut wrenching, soul quenching love story of Damon Preacher Fox and Eva s mom Debbie I fell in love with this man and their story breaks my heart The first half of this book actually felt very different from the previous books The Undeniable books are known to be raw, gritty and unapologetic This book actually started out kind o [...]

    28. Kim Bailey on said:

      This book oh my word this f ing book Madeline Sheehan writes with such eloquence there were times I forgot I was reading a fictional story The atmosphere, the feelings, the true depth of her words amazing I loved this story It was than worth the wait.

    29. Saunders on said:

      5 plus stars Worth the wait and a perfect delivery I Loved every word the creme de la creme of MC stories and I completely lost myself within it.

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