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The Child

The Child By Fiona Barton The Child An engrossing irresistible story about the coming to light of a long buried secret When a paragraph in an evening newspaper reveals a decades old tragedy most readers barely give it a glance But for

  • Title: The Child
  • Author: Fiona Barton
  • ISBN: 9780552172455
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Child By Fiona Barton An engrossing, irresistible story about the coming to light of a long buried secret When a paragraph in an evening newspaper reveals a decades old tragedy, most readers barely give it a glance But for three strangers it s impossible to ignore.For one woman, it s a reminder of the worst thing that ever happened to her.For another, it reveals the dangerous possibility tha An engrossing, irresistible story about the coming to light of a long buried secret When a paragraph in an evening newspaper reveals a decades old tragedy, most readers barely give it a glance But for three strangers it s impossible to ignore.For one woman, it s a reminder of the worst thing that ever happened to her.For another, it reveals the dangerous possibility that her darkest secret is about to be discovered.And for the third, a journalist, it s the first clue in a hunt to uncover the truth.The Child s story will be told.
    The Child By Fiona Barton

    The Child Wookieepedia Fandom The Child, affectionately known as Baby Yoda, Merch Up to sh backEmbrace the creature known as the Child, affectionately known as Baby Yoda, with this soft, cuddly plush toy featuring faux suede coat and fuzzy trims This irresistible infant is inspired by Star Wars The Mandalorian now streaming on Disney May the hugs be with you The Child Sep , There s some eerie atmosphere in The Child as well as some ominous guiding music and macabre scenery The pacing is slow, though, and there s much too much weirdness going on that remains unexplained The kid is okay, I guess, but not half as creepy as the juvenile murderers in The Children, Bloody Birthday or Village of the Damned. The Child Kate Waters, by Fiona Barton Jun , The Child by Fiona Barton is a brand new novel of twisting psychological suspense from the author of the New York Times bestseller The Widow While I enjoyed he Widow, I liked this one much better, as I found the characters fully developed in The Child Many twists and turns with a The Child Disney Wiki Fandom Star Trek The Next Generation The Child TV Episode Nov , Directed by Rob Bowman With Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn Deanna is impregnated by a unknown alien life form, and Dr Katherine Pulaski joins the Enterprise as the ship s new Chief Medical Officer. Updated The Child Merch from The Mandalorian is Here Dec , The surprise debut of the Child, a mysterious alien pursued by bounty hunters on behalf of Imperial interests, was revealed in the premiere episode of The Mandalorian and now it has arrived on much requested, official merchandise. The Child Barton, Fiona Books The Child is a cleverly woven mystery thriller of loss, guilt, infatuation and long held secrets, with sneaky twists and an ending that will take your breath away It is a slow burner, teasing out the plot until the last few chapters, when it explodes into a frantic page turner. The Child Life Size Figure Sideshow Collectibles Sideshow presents The Child Life Size Figure, created in partnership with Legacy Effects to bring you the galaxy s most sought after bounty Lovingly referred to by audiences as Baby Yoda , the mysterious alien known as The Child has quickly become the breakout fan favorite of Kids Clothes Baby Clothes The Children s Place Free The Children s Place makes school outfit shopping fast, fun and easy on your wallet Take care of your to do list even faster Shop online and get Free Shipping every day No Minimum Purchase Order the wrong style, size or color No worries The Children s Place offers Free Returns to any store outlet even for online exclusive products.

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    One thought on “The Child

    1. Chelsea Humphrey on said:

      3.5 STARS I was in the minority last year when Fiona Barton s The Widow was published I didn t dislike it, but I felt it was another case of the media hyping up a book to unrealistic expectations and touting a killer twist that wasn t there None of this is the author s fault it was simply a mismatching of book to reader When I saw The Child being promoted in a similar form this year, I decided to shut my eyes, close my ears, and go in blind I avoided all reviews, spoilers, media packets, etc bec [...]

    2. Pouting Always on said:

      When an old house is being demolished in London, the body of a small child is found buried The story doesn t garner much attention at first, but journalist Kate Waters sees it and can t stop thinking about following up on it As she begins to look into it a crime that happened decades ago is brought back to attention but things are complicated than they appear at first I personally didn t enjoy The Widow but I really enjoyed this one I felt like the plot for the widow felt obvious and I wasn t s [...]

    3. Miriam Smith on said:

      With a very intriguing start The Child by Fiona Barton is one of those books you won t be able to put down until your curiosity has been sated.This is an excellent example of a slow burning, suspenseful psychological thriller with an ending that I didn t see coming and was completely unexpected.Baby Alice Irving goes missing from her maternity crib in hospital in 1970 Forty two years later a baby s skeleton is found by workmen on a building site in Howard Street Alice s mother, Angela wants to b [...]

    4. Kaceey on said:

      A traveling sister read with my Canadian sisters Norma and Brenda.This is one of my favorite styles of books Multiple stories running parallel to one another until at some point they converge in an amazing, unpredictable way This one absolutely lives up to that It s told from the POV of three separate women You know they re going to cross paths in some just don t know when or how That s the beauty of this book Kept me on my toes and in the dark throughout most If it wasn t for my sist [...]

    5. Julie on said:

      The Child by Fiona Barton is a 2017 Berkley publication Many of us who read The Widow have been eagerly anticipating Fiona Barton s next book.This novel centers on a missing child, in a way, but is character driven, in my opinion.The atmosphere here is suspenseful, loaded with heavy emotions, and addictively readable I couldn t put it down The short chapters, which normally, is a huge pet peeve of mine, worked in this case, keeping the pacing brisk and the alternate perspectives fresh.This revi [...]

    6. Liz on said:

      I really enjoyed the Widow by Fiona Barton, so I was looking forward to her next mystery And I have no complaints If not quite as good, it was still a very enjoyable mystery that I can heartily recommend This is a fast paced mystery told from the perspective of four different women Short punchy chapters keep this book moving right along At first I was worried about keeping the women straight, but no problems there Kate is a reporter who zeros in on the story of a baby s skeleton found at the sit [...]

    7. Diane S ☔ on said:

      3.5 I had recently taken a break from thrillers, they had all started to blend together Never read this authors first book either, but something about this book, the beautiful blue cover and the synopsis, enticed me enough to read When an old building is being demolished the bones of a newborn are found Kate, a journalist, trying to hold on in the new world of internet news, finds something about this discovery that makes her want to find the truth behind the discovery Her search will end up inv [...]

    8. Book of Secrets ☘ on said:

      THE CHILD is an intriguing mystery surrounding the discovery of a decades old baby skeleton at a construction site Given the premise, I figured it would also be an emotional read, and it was that The story is told in alternating perspectives of four women, the investigative reporter who we first met in THE WIDOW and three others whose lives will be upended by the discovery.Journalist Kate Waters is looking for her next big story when the baby s remains are found Kate s investigation leads her to [...]

    9. Carol (Bookaria) on said:

      The author Fiona Barton delivers again Kate Waters is a journalist and the main character in this novel She was also a character on the author s previous novel The Widow but you do not need to read it to be able to enjoy this book because the cases are completely unrelated.Ok, back to the story The body of a newborn baby is found buried in a neighborhood undergoing construction Kate develops an interest in the story and her uncanny work and observations reveal the mystery around this baby.The st [...]

    10. Navidad Thelamour on said:

      I absolutely adored Fiona Barton s debut novel, The Widow, so I was all too eager to get my little hands on this one when I heard about The Child Of course, that s the problem with not reading blindly, isn t it with already being familiar with an author s previous works you go in with expectations, undoubtedly heightening your expectations on the author, and it doesn t always pan out When that happens, those reads seem to fall harder than if you d never met their predecessors in the first place [...]

    11. Norma on said:

      Traveling Sisters Review by Norma with Brenda and KaceeyNorma s thoughts After reading The Widow by Fiona Barton I knew that I had to read this one right away Although, I did enjoy The Widow I thought that this novel was a much better read THE CHILD by FIONA BARTON is an engaging, suspenseful, and character driven psychological thriller novel that was packed full of twists and suspense that had us on another guessing marathon, messaging back and forth as we were reading Soon after meeting our th [...]

    12. Sue on said:

      The Child by Fiona Barton is a brand new novel of twisting psychological suspense from the author of the New York Times bestseller The Widow While I enjoyed he Widow, I liked this one much better, as I found the characters fully developed in The Child Many twists and turns with a surprise ending As an old house is demolished in a gentrifying section of London, a workman discovers a tiny skeleton, buried for years For journalist Kate Waters, it s a story that deserves attention She cobbles toget [...]

    13. Zoe on said:

      Intriguing, disturbing, and gritty This is a character driven psychological thriller that reminds us that secrets from the past often find their way to the surface no matter how well they are hidden or buried.It is, ultimately, a story about abuse, neglect, manipulation, sexual deviance, deception, heartbreak, lies and familial dynamics.The writing is suspenseful and twisty The characters are multi layered, flawed and vulnerable And the plot, although a little slow in the first half of the novel [...]

    14. Linda Strong on said:

      Emma, Angela, Jude and Kate An infant s skeleton is found as an old house is demolished It seems like it has been buried for many years, maybe decades All these women take notice when it becomes newspaper article.Kate is a journalist She decides to do a full length article with follow up who does this infant belong to How long has she been there Why and how did it come to be buried Angela s newborn daughter was stolen from her hospital room 28 years ago and never found She s never recovered the [...]

    15. Abby (Crime by the Book) on said:

      4.5 5 stars Find my full review here crimebythebook blog 2017 4I enjoyed this one even than Fiona s debut, THE WIDOW It has a fantastic cast of characters, and a killer plot twist that I never saw coming It s definitely a bit of a slower read at the beginning, but your patience will absolutely be rewarded Loved this one

    16. Malia on said:

      I liked this a lot better than The Widow, but I did guess the ending quite early on, so an aspect of suspense was missing a little Still, an engaging story and I would certainly read this author in the future Find reviews and bookish fun at princessandpen

    17. Suzanne Leopold on said:

      A tiny skeleton is discovered at a construction site in a suburb outside of London The discovery was made during excavation for updated homes Kate Waters is a newspaper journalist and reads about this riveting story It has been two years since she has had a big feature and she is intrigued by the article She can t stop thinking about what might have happened to this child As Kate investigates the story, she seeks information about former residents from the area She is hoping that somebody from t [...]

    18. Ammar on said:

      Out on June 27th An enjoyable mystery from various perspectives Emma, Angela, Kate, and Jude And the body of a child found during an demolition Who is this child and how is he related to the various narrators The plot is fast and truly a page turner It wasn t a whodonit as much as a whydonit I think this book will follow the commercial success of The Widow.

    19. Jan on said:

      For fans of Fiona Barton s debut thriller The Widow, you will be happy to see that journalist Kate Waters is back and has found her next big story The skeleton of a baby has been discovered at a construction site The only evidence the police have to go on are the remnants of shredded paper that the skeleton was wrapped up As the story starts to unfold, new characters are introduced each with their own dedicated chapters and stories to share.Angela Who has never gotten over the loss of her first [...]

    20. Pauline on said:

      I had read The Widow by Fiona Barton and was really looking forward to reading her new book The Child and I was not disappointed I really, enjoyed this book, it had quite a few twists and turns I thought that the story was well thought out and kept me engrossed It was a real page turner I would like to thank NetGalley for my e copy in exchange for an honest review.

    21. Gary on said:

      This novel is told from four women s perspectives Emma, Angela, Kate, and Jude and makes for a fast paced story with lots of twists When a house is demolished the tiny skeleton of a child is discovered and Kate who is a journalist decides to try and uncover the story behind the remains Kate discovers a connection to a crime that occurred many years ago when a newborn baby was stolen from the maternity ward in a local hospital and was never found The second woman Angela had her newborn daughter s [...]

    22. Carol on said:

      4 Stars.Really enjoyed my first Fiona Barton novel.d Oh Boy It s a series THE CHILD is told from four different perspectives with short chapters that flow smoothly making for a very quick and engrossing read.d don t worry about keeping track of the players as you will soon find it unnecessary.Kate Waters is a journalist who knows her stuffd has a conscience On the lookout for a newsworthy story for The Daily Post, a disturbing find of a tiny skeleton grabs Kate s attention and leads her on an in [...]

    23. Chloe on said:

      The Child by Fiona Barton is a wonderful mystery read with some great twists and turns.A baby s skeleton was found in a construction site and was named as the Building Site Baby Reporter Kate Waters decides to investigate the story The book is narrated with different POV s , Angela whose baby was kidnapped at the maternity ward ,Emma who is hiding a secret for a very long time and Jude , Emma s self involved mother During Kate s investigation, mysteries are unearthed and secrets revealed Will A [...]

    24. Jennifer on said:

      The problem is that a secret takes on a life of its own over time I used to believe if I didn t think about what happened, it would shrivel and die But it didn t It sits in the middle of a growing tangle of lies and fabrications, like a fat fly trapped in a spider s web Oh, this quote is what makes The Child such an engaging story Four POV s present multiple secrets and plenty of avenues for this mystery to god where it went Didn t even cross my mind Remember Kate Waters, the crime reporter from [...]

    25. Barbara on said:

      3.5 starsLike many print journalists in the internet age, Kate Waters a reporter for the London Daily Post is anxious about her employment The paper is slated to let some reporters go, and Kate wanting job security needs a good story to impress her boss Hence, when Kate learns that an infant s bones were dug up at a London excavation site, she thinks it s just the ticket Kate proceeds to investigate the incident, with an eye to publishing the identity of the child s mother and the circumstances [...]

    26. LadyJBookishNook on said:

      For all my reviews, visit my blog at ladyjbookishnookMy ReviewI totally LOVED The Child by Fiona Barton This mysterious and suspenseful story unfolds over a period of about a year 2012 2013 , with flashbacks added from the 1970 s and 80 s Each chapter alternates between four characters Emma, Kate, Angela, and Jude.Emma is the main character and her chapters are told in first person point of view Emma is a troubled young married woman who has a dark secret that haunts her and has practically take [...]

    27. Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews on said:

      An unsolved mystery resurfaced when a baby s skeleton was found at a building site.Along with the skeleton, three main characters emerge too Kate is a reporter investigating the story Emma is a nervous adult who became intrigued as well as possessed when she sees the story of the baby Angela is the mother whose baby disappeared than 40 years ago never to be foundE CHILD took a while to get interesting simply because it was a bit slow, and there were too many characters thrown in I was lost with [...]

    28. Theresa Alan on said:

      I devoured this book in a single day When the bones of a baby are found during an excavation, journalist Kate thinks there is a story there, even if finding who the mother was will be exceedingly difficult Angela, whose baby was stolen from her years ago, is certain that the baby is hers, and Emma, who battles a mood disorder and has been treated for mental illness, reads everything about the remains obsessively.Told from multiple points of view, the mystery of who this baby is will keep you tur [...]

    29. JanB on said:

      A satisfying page turner The short chapters and multiple perspectives kept me engaged and up until the wee hours finishing the book The story opens when a tiny skeleton is found during excavation of a building site The book is told from the perspective of four people the journalist Kate, Emma and her mother Jude who used to live in the neighborhood where the skeleton was found, and Angela, whose baby was stolen from the maternity ward many years ago While it seems obvious the skeleton is Angela [...]

    30. Ann Marie (Lit·Wit·Wine·Dine) on said:

      Check out my GIVEAWAY for this book at Lit Wit Wine Dine.The Child was a quick and enjoyable read from start to finish It s told from the perspective of four different woman and differs somewhat from many multiple perspective books in that only one is narrated in the first person This gives the book a bit of an unreliable narrator feel, which is something I loved.The characters are well thought out The author gave just enough to make me feel that I knew them, while holding back enough to make me [...]

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