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Traitor By Matthew Woodring Stover Traitor From the depths of catastrophe a glimmer of hope After the capture of Coruscant the mighty heart of the New Republic a stunned galaxy fears that nothing can stop the Yuuzhan Vong Still that crushi

  • Title: Traitor
  • Author: Matthew Woodring Stover
  • ISBN: 9780099410355
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Traitor By Matthew Woodring Stover From the depths of catastrophe, a glimmer of hope.After the capture of Coruscant, the mighty heart of the New Republic, a stunned galaxy fears that nothing can stop the Yuuzhan Vong Still, that crushing defeat produces one small miracle Jacen Solo is alive Yet he can scarcely imagine himself in stranger circumstances.The young Jedi Knight is in the care of Vergere, a faFrom the depths of catastrophe, a glimmer of hope.After the capture of Coruscant, the mighty heart of the New Republic, a stunned galaxy fears that nothing can stop the Yuuzhan Vong Still, that crushing defeat produces one small miracle Jacen Solo is alive Yet he can scarcely imagine himself in stranger circumstances.The young Jedi Knight is in the care of Vergere, a fascinating creature of mystery and power, her intentions hard to fathom, her cruelties rarely concealed But this master of inscrutable arts has much to teach the young Jedir she holds the key to a new way to experience the Force, to take it to another level dangerous, dazzling, perhaps deadly.In the wrong hands, the tremendous energies of the Force can be devastating And there are others watching Jacen s progress closely, waiting patiently for the moment when he will be ready for their own dire purposes Now, all is in shadows Yet whatever happens, whether Jacen s newfound mastery unleashes light or darkness, he will never be the same Jedi again
    Traitor By Matthew Woodring Stover

    • Unlimited Traitor - by Matthew Woodring Stover
      257 Matthew Woodring Stover

    One thought on “Traitor

    1. Crystal Starr Light on said:

      Is it what the teacher teaches Or what the students learns Where is Jacen Is he alive Dead What happened to him after the mission to Myrkyr Well, if you were curious, if you wanted to learn about the Force and the mysterious Force presence Luke and Mara felt under the location of the former Jedi Temple, this is the book you want to readTE Based on audiobook and novel.Wow Just wow.That is a good wow, by the way A very good, pleased wow.Let me be frank, the NJO hasn t been a bad series up to this [...]

    2. Jordan on said:

      My favorite Star Wars book of all time set smack in the middle of the Yuuhzan Vong war focused of the character of Jacen Solo Han and Leia s son and his capture This is were the plot of continuing Star Wars book took a socking twist Read and you will love even if your not a major Star Wars nerd If you want the whole story read the other books before it starting with Vector Prime Anyways it was a great work with twists and turns and amazing character development.

    3. Scott Rhee on said:

      Jacen Solo, twin to Jaina and older brother to Anakin, is alive This is, unfortunately, news to only the readers of the New Jedi Order series The only other character who believes he is still alive is his mother, Leia Not even his twin sister feels him within the Force Sadly, Leia s protestations have been dismissed as the denial of a grieving mother Matthew Stover s novel, Traitor is the thirteenth book in the NJO It is the first time that we, the readers, are given confirmation that Jacen is a [...]

    4. Shane Amazon on said:

      After decades of books, movies, cartoons and all the other incarnations of Star Wars we finally get a grown up intelligent book that explores the Force Don t get me wrong I love epic battles and lightsaber snap hissing but I have been waiting ages for someone to sit down and delve head first into the mystical power that surrounds everything Adding in a compelling storyline with Jacen and his teacher tormentor, Vergere, Stover produces an incredible tale.After living through the Embrace of Pain, [...]

    5. M Hamed on said:

      Red gold slimelight pulsed through the smoke from the Well archway A figure solidified in that archway a silhouette approaching lazily through the smoke, haloed by the slimelight.A human silhouette.Bonelessly powerful a sand panther, out for a stroll Relaxed but alert Poised.Predatory I see a little silhouetto of a man Scaramouch, scaramouch will you do the fandango Thunderbolt and lightning very very frightening me deep psychological star wars books need good writers ,not any one can pull that [...]

    6. Adam on said:

      Easily my favorite Star Wars novel ever Close to my favorite NOVEL ever Matthew Stover, like Chris Avellone and the other writers at Obsidian Entertainment, is amazing at pulling on the loose threads in a setting and playing on your assumptions The first half of the book reminds one of Conrad s Heart of Darkness, in that it is an extensive character study first and foremost, and a philosophical treatise on pain and suffering second My only complaint with the book is that since I read it before a [...]

    7. Tomislav on said:

      My favorite Star Wars book and one of my favorite books of all time.The story centers on Jacen Solo, a very introspective Jedi Knigt who is seeking to understand how a Jedi can respect all life and seek the path of non violence while at the same time fighting as a warrior.Now he is captured and tortured by the Yuzhaan Vong and their mysterious pet Vergere, who s goals seem to be a mystery even to her masters What follows is a combination of fantastic event, intense action and, above all, a simpl [...]

    8. Adam on said:

      Matthew Stover is probably the best writer to grace the EU, and I m not sure if that s in spite of the relatively small contributions he makes to larger lore, or because of it Shatterpoint and Shadows of Mindor are one off stories that expand on characterization and philosophy with small impacts on nearby continuity With the RotS novelization and Traitor, he jumps into other peoples stories and elevates their climactic moments to transcendent heights This makes Traitor a bit weird to read on its [...]

    9. Chris (The Genre Fiend) on said:

      Last night, I erected a new bookshelf and finally got all my Legends books out of storage a friend s collection I saw the other night prompted me to rescue my own from the depths of my garage Putting beloved and some accursed books on the shelf made me remember things Most of those stories were as crucial to my childhood and teens as Dragonball Z, internet porn and English muffins though not all at once Of all the books I put on the shelf, spanning several decades of narrative and publishing his [...]

    10. Jim C on said:

      This is part of the Legends universe and is part of a long series The other books before this one must be read before diving into this novel In this book we finally get to visit Jacen who was captured by the Vong The Vong would like to turn Jacen onto their side.This was not your typical book from this universe Basically this book is about a prisoner of war who goes under various techniques in an attempt to be brainwashed If you are looking for spaceship battles or lightsaber duels you should lo [...]

    11. Wendy on said:

      The issue I have with the Force is that the movies made everything so black and white Give in to your hate and passion and poof, you re dark side The Sith have their code about killing all the things and power, and the Jedi have their code about not having sex and only killing all the things when you really, really have to Both are annoying opposites and their philosophies and drama grow tiresome after a short time, so when the struggle for every Jedi in the Star Wars universe includes going da [...]

    12. Tyler on said:

      This is my favorite book in the New Jedi Order series Stover is such a great writer his prose flows really well This book is all about Jacen and what happens when he s captured by the Yuuzhan Vong It is really interesting to read about the Embrace of Pain, and learn a little Yuuzhan Vong backstory The exchanges between Vergere and Jacen are captivating and compulsively readable, especially when they talk about the nature of the force Just a great read.

    13. Navya on said:

      what a slow, strange, self indulgent, brilliant, beautiful book it pretty much transcends genre i think it s the best star wars book out there, even if i don t agree with all the author s positions it s hard to separate my feelings on the book from its personal importance to me, so maybe four of the stars are justified and the last is just for love.

    14. Vee on said:

      This is one of the best books of the New Jedi Order series Traitor focuses on Jacen Solo s transformation There s a lot of poetry and the ongoing debate concerning truths, the dark and light side of the force But don t worry, there are some great action scenes in this book.

    15. Kyle on said:

      I should start this review by stating that Jacen Solo has always been my favorite Expanded Universe character Some of the first books I read as a kid were the Young Jedi Knights series, and I devoured the New Jedi Order books as soon as they started releasing them For whatever reason, I ve always found his character to be one of the most compelling additions to the Star Wars universe, a philosopher who questions what it truly means to be a Jedi The three books following Star by Star where he was [...]

    16. Carlajo Webb on said:

      This is my favorite Star Wars book I stopped reading them after this one came out On some very deep level, it taught me how much of our character growth comes out of pain.

    17. Michael Wiggins on said:

      Traitor, by Matthew Stover, is a welcome change from what I have come to expect from this series, which often consist of chapter long vignettes in several different corners of the galaxy Of course, the characters usually have plenty of time to ponder their feelings during these mini stories, but not so much time to engage the enemy or advance the plot This book deals almost entirely with Jacen Solo, who is no favorite of mine, but who faces and participates in his own evolution as a person and a [...]

    18. Adil on said:

      One of the best Star Wars books in the New Jedi Order series Traitor has many redeeming qualities, apart from Matthew Stover s unique and excellent style of writing, craft and putting together the story, Traitor s taking on of the massive realm of philosophy and ethics was not only surprisingly interesting, but incredibly enlightening and detailed.I give this book a triple thumbs up and consider it as possibly the best book in the NJO series.

    19. Bradley on said:

      I ll begin by saying that this book was better than I thought it would be, but not as good as I d hoped it would be.What do I mean by this statement Well, I ll try to explain throughout the rest of the review For the sake of those fans who have yet to read the book, I ll try to remain as spoiler free as possible.I have to admit that this novel was probably one of the most well written Star Wars novels I ve ever read This dialogue was believable, if not strange in some sections The language was f [...]

    20. J-D Kelley on said:

      I think there has been enough Expanded Universe material at this point to look back on it and take a collective sigh It was a good and wondrous thing, there is no doubt Many great stories have been told, and many great ones are sure to come, yet each year I am convinced and that the golden age of the Star Wars EU was the New Jedi Order It did not have the commercial popularity that the Thrawn trilogy had, video game tie ins that Rogue Squadron brought in or the support of the TV and recent mo [...]

    21. Darryl Dobbs on said:

      This was a story that needed to be told And it was told well The lack of action, though unavoidable, is what has me wondering if it could have been included piece wise as part of the other books rather than as a stand alone I m torn on that one Jacen Solo s return to the storyline is welcomed, and Ganner s scenes were glorious A quick read and a decent one.

    22. Nur Shari on said:

      This is my all time favorite book, and I still bring them everywhere as my light reading Sad that it is no longer canon, as Jacen Solo character was beautifully depicted in this book, as a conflicting teenager struggling to understand about the force I would really recommend this book for anyone who wishes to re live the days of the Yuuzhan Vong war.

    23. Rob on said:

      This Book Had the best scene, in Honor of the Black Knight from Monty Python s Holy Grail, Ever.Being of the nerd persuasion, I am forced to give this book my highest honors Oh and really it was a good read.

    24. Andrea on said:

      Took a while to get in to but by the rend, I d changed my mind about Jacen Solo While he still may not resonate with me, I find him complex and an actual character now Present tense writing aside, I enjoyed the story once he ceased to be who he had been and became who he was.

    25. Wade Schacht on said:

      I found it similar to Dark Journey with it s focus on just one of the Solo twins It is quicker paced, but just, I don t know, similar.

    26. Vaughn on said:

      One of my favorites of all time Love vergere and how she challenges the paradigm of the force.

    27. Kristen on said:

      Damn That was some thought provoking stuff Stover is a Star Wars king Jacen is not even my favorite Solo and I loved this book.

    28. Zachary Sell on said:

      This has to be in the top Star Wars books I have ever read A great insight into the force and an excellent coming of age for one of my favorite legends characters.

    29. Daniel on said:

      I struggled to rate this entry in the New Jedi Order Four stars Five It s superbly well written, and definitely one of the influential books on some of my own writing ideas The philosophy and deep thinking push the concept of the Force in a daring direction one that s very good for Star Wars.Ultimately, I decided on taking out a star, mainly because, despite some incredible revelations and hints at revelations, I find myself fundamentally disagreeing with some of the conclusions drawn concernin [...]

    30. Jaime Krause on said:

      This book is about Jacen s captivity with Vergere and the Yuuzhan Vong The events are concurrent with those from the previous three books.There are very few characters listed in the Dramatis Personae, and Ganner Rhysode really stands out.The chapter beginnings confused me at first, which sometimes happens with Stover as he sets the tone By chapter 4 though, I was able to mentally catch up and understand the premise.From the onset though, Stover really brings the reader into Jacen s pain There ar [...]

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