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Men Against the Sea

Men Against the Sea By Charles Bernard Nordhoff James Norman Hall Men Against the Sea MEN AGAINST THE SEA is the epic story of the loyal men who with Captain Bligh at the helm were set adrift in a foot open launch Their mile voyage remains one of the greatest feats of cou

  • Title: Men Against the Sea
  • Author: Charles Bernard Nordhoff James Norman Hall
  • ISBN: 9780316738880
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Paperback
  • Men Against the Sea By Charles Bernard Nordhoff James Norman Hall MEN AGAINST THE SEA is the epic story of the 19 loyal men who, with Captain Bligh at the helm, were set adrift in a 23 foot open launch Their 3,600 mile voyage remains one of the greatest feats of courage and adventure in the annals of the sea.
    Men Against the Sea By Charles Bernard Nordhoff James Norman Hall

    Men Against the Sun Men Against the Sun h min Adventure, Drama UK An adventure story dealing with the building of a railway in Africa at the turn of the century It tells of a group of white people and the many difficulties that beset them, including that See full summary. Men Against the Sea Men Against the Sea is the second installment in the trilogy by Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall about the mutiny aboard HMS Bounty It is preceded by Men Against the Sea A Novel Unsurpassed as a gripping tale of historical adventure, Men Against the Sea is the epic account of the eighteen loyal men set adrift on the high seas after the mutiny on the Bounty With Captain Bligh at the helm of a foot open launch, the loyal sailors are alone on uncharted waters, struggling to survive on scant rations and taking pains to avoid war canoes and inhabited islands under cover of night. Men Against the Sea by Charles Bernard Nordhoff Unsurpassed as a gripping tale of historical adventure, Men Against the Sea is the epic account of the eighteen loyal men set adrift on the high seas after the mutiny on the Bounty With Captain Bligh at the helm of a foot open launch, the loyal sailors are alone on uncharted waters, struggling to survive on scant rations and taking pains to avoid war canoes and inhabit. Men Against Fire The Problem of Battle Command in Future First published in , Men Against Fire is one of the most famous books in the military canon Based on hundreds of interviews undertaken almost immediately after combat actions during the Second World War, the book sets out the key lessons derived by S L A Marshall often known as SLAM. Men Against Fire Men Against Fire The Problem of Battle Command Marshall Chapter , Men Under Fire, illustrates how combat morale ebbs and flows Adaptable leaders must fit the situation and still focus on responsibilities Chapter , Footnote to History, stands alone and applauds the decision to chronicle the fighting line as weapons alone are valueless Men Against Maciste e la regina di Samar Directed by Giacomo Gentilomo With Sergio Ciani, Jany Clair, Anna Maria Polani, Nando Tamberlani Hercules is summoned to oppose the evil Queen Samara, who has allied herself with aliens and is sacrificing her own people in a bid to awaken a moon goddess. Mole Men Against The Son of Hercules Full Movie The young Princess Saliura has been captured by a fierce underground cave dwelling people Maciste and his friend Bangor, in whose care she was left, allow t Domestic violence Mayo Clinic Recognize domestic violence against men Domestic violence also known as intimate partner violence occurs between people who are or have been in a close relationship Domestic violence can take many forms, including emotional, sexual and physical abuse, stalking and threats of abuse.

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      128 Charles Bernard Nordhoff James Norman Hall

    One thought on “Men Against the Sea

    1. Dipta Akash on said:

      The thing is that its based on a true story About seven thousand kilometers, in an open boat Captain Bligh, I wish I could be like you One thing I saw here again People tend to break down and show their utmost character during survivals, thus you can know them Always interesting.

    2. Walter on said:

      In this, the second installment of the Bounty trilogy, the jettisoned crew of Captain Bligh s 23 foot launch travels 3600 miles from the island of Tofoa to the Dutch colony of Timor This novel is based on a true story of Captain Bligh s miracle, whereby he saved the lives of 18 of the 19 men who were marooned with him on the little launch to fend for themselves in the vastness of the South Pacific.Honestly, I enjoyed the Mutiny on the Bounty better, but Mutiny had it all adventure, the interacti [...]

    3. Bernard Norcott-mahany on said:

      Captain Bligh is my hero I know you re likely reading that statement and assuming that I ve gone off the deep end Captain Bligh, a hero But I m not alone in saying that So says Thomas Ledward, Acting Surgeon of HMS Bounty and the other loyal seamen put off the Bounty by the mutineers, when they took control of the ship on 28 April 1789 While the mutineers had enough scruples not to execute Bligh and those who remained loyal to him, the only alternative they had was to set them adrift in the ship [...]

    4. Kashfia Nehrin on said:

      though took a little time to finish it but it s fact that captain Bligh is one of the greatest inspirational characters I have ever met while reading books Awesome classic and yes indeed this is Mr Captain Bligh has got an awesome personality The days in sea is the perfect reminder for all , the perfect adventure and struggle.

    5. Nicholas Whyte on said:

      nwhytevejournal 2927397mlI read Men Against the Sea during a particularly insomniac night it s the shortest of the three books, told in the voice of the historical surgeon s mate of the Bounty, Thomas Ledward, explaining the epic 41 day, 6,500 km journey taken by Bligh and 18 others in an 7 metre long open boat from the site of the mutiny near Tofua, one of the Tonga islands to Kupang at the western end of Timor, avoiding the potentially hostile shores of Australia and other islands one man was [...]

    6. Rolf on said:

      A classic tale I read it when I was in high school and enjoyed it again while we were in the South Pacific recently.

    7. Paul Cornelius on said:

      This book continues the story of mutiny aboard the British armed vessel, the Bounty It picks up the story of its captain, William Bligh, following the mutiny and details the 3600 mile voyage across open seas he took with 17 other members of the crew.Nordhoff and Hall turned this adventure story into something than mere action it provided an alternative psychological insight into Bligh from the one detailed in the first book of the trilogy It is extraordinary how Bligh transforms from a psychoti [...]

    8. Mark on said:

      Men Against the Sea is a nice piece of historical fiction, set in 1789, based on the nautical log and personal writings of Captain Bligh chronicling the 3,652 mile voyage 19 men jammed into a 23 foot row boat These guys were on the losing side of the whole mutiny on the Bounty thing I liked Nordhoff and Hall s exhaustive research which produced a book that was both entertaining to read and as factual as possible After weeks of eating nothing but bread and water these guy s hit the Great Barrier [...]

    9. M. Patrick on said:

      It took me a while longer to read because I couldn t get into it as much as I did the first Also, the first book gave me such a negative view of Bligh that I found it hard to read this point of view which praised Bligh s leadership skills frequently However, it was excellently written, short, and despite the fact that they are simply floating at sea for 3 4 of the book, it was never dull unlike Hemingway s Old Man and the Sea By the end, as much as I hate to admit it, I found that I now have a h [...]

    10. Hope on said:

      Men Against the Sea is not as good as Mutiny on the Bounty, but how much purchase can you get with 19 men on a 23 foot launch with only 8 inches of freeboard amidships I seem to be going through a 12 year old boy phase At any rate, this is a truly amazing and horrifying account of Captain Bligh s heroic sail to safety over 3600 miles of the Pacific Ocean in an open boat Fascinating, unimaginable, and a true story.

    11. Chris on said:

      Fascinating account of an open water journey across the south Pacific Bligh s crew mutiny and send him off the ship with a small crew of faithfuls An expert seaman, he demonstrates incredible leadership when he pilots this small rowboat and a handful of men across hundreds of miles of open ocean Their bravery and resourcefulness are surpassed, in my opinion, only by Earnest Shackelton who made a similar trek under conditions even trying.

    12. Brian on said:

      You couldn t ask for any out of this story You know exactly what you re going to get, but it delivers The narration is straightforward and likable, and the perspective seems appropriately representative of the times I empathized with and admired the men s feelings for the sturdy launch that ferried them along their impossible journey, and felt a sadness once it had to go I only wish I knew could remember some of the many boat and sailing terminology used.

    13. George Heidemark on said:

      This is volume 2 in the Mutiny on the Bounty trilogy The first book is the best known of the series but this book is a ripping yarn It tells the tale of the loyal crew members of Captain Bligh who were set adrift by mutineers They crossed the Pacific in an open boat crossing 3,600 miles of sea They faced storms, Natives and starvation A good old fashioned read.

    14. Muriel Schwenck on said:

      I read the Bounty Trilogy over and over when I was a kid Several times, I read the trilogy over weekends, disregarding my homework of course Yes, I was a fast ad voracious reader.Men Against the Sea was always my favorite Nordhoff and Hall are good reads for any age I still enjoy and re read their novels over many decades.

    15. Charly on said:

      This was the second book of the Bounty Trilogy and I found it very entertaining It is the story of the Captain and men who were cast off the Bounty in a 23 foot launch and their perils as they crossed 3600 miles of open sea to find a European presence in the Southern Hemisphere A much better read than I expected.

    16. Barbara on said:

      It is nice to be able to follow the mutiny from all the different points of view and also to see what happened to the three different groups involved in this mutiny This was the second part of the story and I have just finished the third, can t wait to see what happens This is also a very compelling read due to the hardships the crew has to endure.

    17. Mike on said:

      Exciting true life tale of what happened to Captain Bligh after the mutiny on the Bounty Cast adrift with 17 loyal crew members in an open lifeboat, he navigated them across 3,600 miles of open sea to the Dutch East Indies This novel is very short and doesn t have the twists, turns, and emotional details of Mutiny on the Bounty, but it s a very enthralling sea adventure.

    18. Mary on said:

      Amazing story based on historical records of Captain Bligh s voyage of over 3600 miles with 19 men in a small boat over open sea to reach land after being ousted from the HMS Bounty Bligh comes across a bit too nice in the book, although he certainly deserves kudos for getting all but one man who was killed by unfriendly natives on an island on the way back to safety.

    19. Rebecca on said:

      4 starsA grand retelling of Captain Bligh s remarkable voyage with 19 men in an open boat across 3600 miles of ocean Regardless of Mr Bligh s actions which contributed to the mutiny, this trip is nothing less than heroic.Should be read shortly after Mutiny on the Bounty.

    20. Bill Westenberg on said:

      Second book in the Bounty trilogy, this book takes you on the stunning voyage of Bligh and the other members of the Bounty who were mutinied against Another wonderful look in to human nature One leaves the book with very conflicted feelings towards Bligh.

    21. read_gooder_more_fastly on said:

      One really gets to see the a very different side of Captain Bligh in this work, a hero vs the tyrant of the first book, Mutiny on the Bounty.

    22. Michael on said:

      So far, a very interesting and enjoyable trilogy I hope to stumble across the next installment some day.

    23. Billie on said:

      Another library discard I picked up 2nd in set Can t put them down.

    24. Joebacca on said:

      3600 miles in a boat story of survivalnow I want to go sailing

    25. Courtney on said:

      Nordhoff, Charles BernardHall, James NormanThe Bounty TrilogyIn compilation only.

    26. Dave on said:

      Incredible account of survival Just the right length and description.

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