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Battle Cry of Freedom

Battle Cry of Freedom By James M. McPherson Battle Cry of Freedom Filled with fresh interpretations and information puncturing old myths and challenging new ones Battle Cry of Freedom will unquestionably become the standard one volume history of the Civil War Jame

  • Title: Battle Cry of Freedom
  • Author: James M. McPherson
  • ISBN: 9780195168952
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Paperback
  • Battle Cry of Freedom By James M. McPherson Filled with fresh interpretations and information, puncturing old myths and challenging new ones, Battle Cry of Freedom will unquestionably become the standard one volume history of the Civil War James McPherson s fast paced narrative fully integrates the political, social, and military events that crowded the two decades from the outbreak of one war in Mexico to the endiFilled with fresh interpretations and information, puncturing old myths and challenging new ones, Battle Cry of Freedom will unquestionably become the standard one volume history of the Civil War James McPherson s fast paced narrative fully integrates the political, social, and military events that crowded the two decades from the outbreak of one war in Mexico to the ending of another at Appomattox Packed with drama and analytical insight, the book vividly recounts the momentous episodes that preceded the Civil War the Dred Scott decision, the Lincoln Douglas debates, John Brown s raid on Harper s Ferry and then moves into a masterful chronicle of the war itself the battles, the strategic maneuvering on both sides, the politics, and the personalities Particularly notable are McPherson s new views on such matters as the slavery expansion issue in the 1850s, the origins of the Republican Party, the causes of secession, internal dissent and anti war opposition in the North and the South, and the reasons for the Union s victory The book s title refers to the sentiments that informed both the Northern and Southern views of the conflict the South seceded in the name of that freedom of self determination and self government for which their fathers had fought in 1776, while the North stood fast in defense of the Union founded by those fathers as the bulwark of American liberty Eventually, the North had to grapp
    Battle Cry of Freedom By James M. McPherson

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      350 James M. McPherson

    One thought on “Battle Cry of Freedom

    1. Jan-Maat on said:

      Embarking on reading or in this case rerereading McPherson s civil war at 800 plus pages feels like committing to refighting that four year conflict One feels the need of a logistics corps to support the reading effort at the front as the page counts mounts and mounts The book itself particularly in a hardback incarnation is virtually a civil war, it could be lobbed with hostile intent at a passerby, or laid on the ground to make a defensive position or strapped to the chest to protect the heart [...]

    2. Mustafa Ahmad on said:

      Being a young history buff, it took me 3 weeks and 3 days to read this That is, 3 weeks of contemplating reading it and proceeding to finish it in 3 days This book is undoubtedly the best 1 volume book on the war that divided and reunited America but ended some of our back then traditions such as slavery In other words, the Civil War It has a good balance of the battles such as Gettysburg and Antietam while it does discuss the social, political, and economic factors that also fueled the war It s [...]

    3. BryanJones on said:

      It is reported that there are 15,000 books on the Civil War in the Library of Congress, so the natural question is where do you start Further, Most of the seminal Civil War works are volumes and thousands of pages Well in 850 pages, McPherson provides succint, yet thorough historical writing of the highest caliber It unmuddies the waters as to the reasons for the country s schism and the start of the war and provides the necessary level of detail as to the prosecution of the war without going in [...]

    4. Eric on said:

      The times, they change so fast, and the Young People Today know nothing of drive ins of paper routes of bizarrely racist street parades Indiana Democrats organized a parade which included young girls in white dresses carrying banners inscribed Fathers, save us from nigger husbands p 159 A Democratic float in a New York parade carried life size effigies of Horace Greeley and a good looking nigger wench, whom he caressed with all the affection of a true Republican A banner proclaimed that free lov [...]

    5. Steven Peterson on said:

      If you want detailed discussion of battles, this is not the book for you If you want detailed descriptions of key actors during the Civil War, this will not be the book for you But if you want an all encompassing volume, linking the battles, economic issues, social life, culture, and politics, then this book will be a wonderful resource.Where does the title of the book come from A Civil War song, The Battle Cry of Freedom, written in 1862 Illustrative lines The Union forever, Hurrah boys Hurrah [...]

    6. Nick on said:

      As I have gotten older I have definitely become interested in reading about history, especially books about the Civil War My reading tastes have evolved from someone who only used to read Fantasy to someone who now reads a lot of non fiction Battle Cry of Freedom has been touted as the best SINGLE volume account of the Civil War I have read Shelby Foote s magnum three book, 3,500 page opus, found that to be an amazing experience and one that kept me engrossed for over a year So I picked up McPh [...]

    7. Ken Moten on said:

      The terms oface and the dimensions of black freedom would occupy the country for a decade or Meanwhile the process of chronicling the war and reckoning with its consequences began immediately after it ended and has never ceased More than 620,000 soldiers lost their lives in four years of conflict 360,000 Yankees and at least 260,000 rebels The number of southern civilians who died as a direct or indirect result of the war cannot be known what can be said is that the Civil War s cost in American [...]

    8. Aaron Arnold on said:

      Widely acclaimed as the best single volume history of the Civil War around, this is another entry in the Oxford History of the United States, which I am enjoying immensely The preface had an interesting observation though this book covers the shortest span of all the books in the series albeit with some significant overlap , it s one of the longest books in the series The Civil War is the most written about period in American history simply because there s so much history in it, as it did to tu [...]

    9. Esdaile on said:

      This work is certainly very extensively researched and annotated and abounds in comments from contemporaries quotations, extracts from diaries etc This is so much the case that it is arguable that McPherson did not so much write a historical account as piece together as produce a series of quotations from eye witnesses and those who lived through events and has interspersed them with a linking narrative and his own biased comments The book is rather like a printed version of popular tv histories [...]

    10. M on said:

      THE Civil War book Many thanks to the blogging of Ta Nehisi Coates to teach me this fact Reads like Greek myth or Shakespearian tragedy, but with incredible footnotes And with an unbelievably good first 300 pages about the politics that made war inevitable, and which includes evidence that demolishes the idea that some unsullied struggle for states rights was what spawned the secession.All I can think about now is who would play Grant in the movie, and how much of a dick McClellan was, and how i [...]

    11. Richard on said:

      James McPherson has created a monumental work on the Civil War and its origins I read it several years ago and recently re read the first half, which concerns the United States at mid nineteenth century and the many political and social issues working toward a collision course between the northern and southern states over the cause of slavery McPherson is very possibly America s highest regarded Civil War author This book won him the Pulitzer Prize The first time I read this book, I was amazed a [...]

    12. Jim on said:

      As other reviewers have noted, this magnificent book is almost certainly the best single volume history of the American Civil War It is hard to imagine that there will ever be another to match it.Here is the way that I have heard the question I think I might be interested in learning something about the Civil War If I wanted to read one book and find out for sure, what should I get The simple, unequivocal answer to that question is Battle Cry of Freedom.James McPherson is, for me, one of the tru [...]

    13. Pete Sikora on said:

      Any review that starts with this is the definitive X of Y has to be suspect But this really is the definitive history of the civil war The political pressure on Lincoln the battles the economic conditions the battles the run up to the war the battles the increasingly impossible slave free state compromises the battles the generalship and did I mention the battles It s readable, exciting and insightful The most interesting segment of the book is the run up to the war itself McPherson blows away t [...]

    14. Jim on said:

      Battle Cry of Freedom The Civil War Era by James McPherson is widely considered to be the best one volume history of the American Civil War era ever published When I first read it twenty years ago I came to that same conclusion Re reading it again now has not led me to alter my opinion If you are looking for a comprehensive survey of the cultural, political, economic, and social landscape of the period, the nature of which all fed into the ultimate decision by the South to try and leave the unio [...]

    15. Jeremy Perron on said:

      James McPherson s Pulitzer winning work Battle Cry of Freedom The Civil War Era is often referred to as being the best single volume account of the American Civil War This book is all it was cracked up to be It exams the major causes leading up to the conflict and the war itself by exploring them from multiple angles The book shifts smoothly from the bottom Union ranks to the presidential chair, from radical abolitionists to powerful slave holders One of the main themes of the book is liberty , [...]

    16. Max on said:

      Comprehensive, concise and well written, Battle Cry of Freedom digs deeply into the politics, economics and social attitudes leading up to the Civil War as well as giving a blow by blow accounting of the battles and their greater impact on the home front Disparate economies pave the road to war as the North takes off with the transportation and industrial revolutions and the South remains a stagnant agrarian society dependent on slavery McPherson highlights many points in the conflict where oppo [...]

    17. Mary on said:

      McPherson s book is a wonderful history of the Civil War He begins by setting the scene describing what was happening politically, culturally, and socially in the United States before the war began Using this same wide scope he takes readers through the war years, through the end of the war, and Lincoln s death I had not read anything about the Civil War since my college American History survey and so I learned a great deal Although it took me a longtime to read this book, it wasn t because I wa [...]

    18. Carol on said:

      This is a book I have long intended to read The hard bound edition is 860 pages so it was a challenge I have long had an affinity for books about the Civil War and biographies of Abraham Lincoln This book starts at the Mexican War in 1847 The politics of this war shows clearly the persistent greed for land and the lengths we would go to obtain it More to the point, many of the best who fought in the Mexican War became the officers who would fight against each other in the Civil War The fighting [...]

    19. Mickey on said:

      I had the very good luck to attend a lecture by James McPherson at NCSU right as I was finishing up reading this book He was an extremely gracious and engaging speaker He even made a joke about the technical difficulties involving his microphone causing him to have to talk from the corner of the room right near where I was sitting instead of in the center He also did a good job of dealing with the crowd, which had some very outspoken Lincoln buffs who shouted out answers Of course, I m simply bi [...]

    20. Mary JL on said:

      I have always been interested in the Civil War So when this book was described as one of the best one volume histories of the Civil War , I set out at once to read it And I agree It won the Pulitzer Prize for History and deservedly so MCPherson s style is easy to follow No words seem wasted He takes a history we all know at least some details of and keeps you reading It is long, but omits very littlet only miltary details are given, but the political and social feelings of the era are not neglec [...]

    21. Mark Mortensen on said:

      McPherson appears to have written the best single volume history of the Civil War The 860 plus pages flow smoothly and chronologically with an abundance of interesting information Throughout the North South conflict the author reveals both the political atmosphere as well as the character of generals in a very impartial manner The often hyped battles are relegated to their proper level of significance, while many other engagements that I was not as familiar with were appropriately referenced in [...]

    22. sologdin on said:

      probably the standard one volume political history of the US civil war lotsa good maps is not a military history, however and should be supplemented with something like How the North Won.

    23. Jerome on said:

      I was at Gettysburg yesterday and decided to purchase a copy since I have only a grade school knowledge of the war.In Battle Cry of Freedom , the author does an excellent job portraying the views of all sides and tracing the American Civil War back to General Scott s victory over Mexico 25 years earlier While slavery was always an issue in America, after the Revolution many felt it would eventually wither on the vine The constitution prohibited the slave trade after a few years, many northern st [...]

    24. Brendan Hodge on said:

      This passes a little lightly over the details of some individual battles than some of the bigger three volume works on the Civil War, but it is absolutely outstanding in its coverage of the lead up to war and the slave economy in the South which caused it Its coverage of the overall strategic progress of the war is very good, as is its discussion of the evolution of Lincoln s and the North s attitude towards slavery during the course of the war Strongly recommended.

    25. Siria on said:

      This is a really magisterial overview of the US Civil War, especially when one considers the sheer amount of material that McPherson compresses down into less than a thousand pages I was left longing for coverage of other aspects of the war what women were doing the social impact things from an African American perspective but McPherson clearly set out to write the political and military history of the war, and in that he succeeds triumphantly It s clearly a work of synthesis my impression was [...]

    26. JoséMaría BlancoWhite on said:

      Comprehensive, entertaining, passionately pro northern though not disrespectful nor detrimental to the South I liked the fact of the author implicating himself with the North s cause, since a impartial attitude could only be expected by a non American or a pedant There s respect though, even sincere admiration for the capacity for fight and the stubbornness to never give up of the South Plus the book is readable enough for the amount of pages it has, what else can one wish for The book covers al [...]

    27. Amy Kannel on said:

      I picked this one up after an awkward conversation with some Southern friends in which this Yankee girl stuck her foot in her mouth I wanted to better understand the South s perspective on the War Between the States, and this is supposed to be the definitive, balanced book on the subject I didn t realize it was going to be 800 pages OY I persevered through 557 of them before I stopped being able to renew it at the library and gave up And to be honest I still didn t come away from the book unders [...]

    28. Mitchell on said:

      This book is an amazing treat There really isn t much to say It is a highly readable, fast paced journey through our Civil War years This masterpiece should be required reading at the High School and College levels As Shelby Foote said Any understanding of this nation has to be based, and I mean really based, on an understanding of the Civil War I believe that firmly It defined us Highly recommended

    29. Thing Two on said:

      This Pulitzer winning Oxford History collection is said to be the definitive book on the Civil War It is If you have a Civil War fan in your family, this would be the perfect gift McPherson covers everything, and in such a way that the scenes come to life, the complexities are complex, and the war is harrowing, but ultimately understandable Great history book.

    30. Mitchell Szczepanczyk on said:

      Maybe the best history of the U.S Civil War in print The book is a joy to read, assumes nothing from no one, goes through a ton of intricate detail, and takes the reader on a great ride through a hugely influential episode in American history.

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