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Bitter Harvest

Bitter Harvest By Ann Rule Bitter Harvest On the night of October in Prairie Village Kansas a fierce wind driven fire devastated the luxurious mansion of Dr Debora Green and her husband Dr Michael Farrar Trapped and burned to

  • Title: Bitter Harvest
  • Author: Ann Rule
  • ISBN: 9780751526691
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bitter Harvest By Ann Rule On the night of October 23 24, 1995 in Prairie Village, Kansas, a fierce, wind driven fire devastated the luxurious mansion of Dr Debora Green and her husband, Dr Michael Farrar Trapped and burned to death in the flames were twelve year old Tim and his six year old sister Kelly Lissa, ten, was barely able to leap to safety from the garage roof into the arms of her mothOn the night of October 23 24, 1995 in Prairie Village, Kansas, a fierce, wind driven fire devastated the luxurious mansion of Dr Debora Green and her husband, Dr Michael Farrar Trapped and burned to death in the flames were twelve year old Tim and his six year old sister Kelly Lissa, ten, was barely able to leap to safety from the garage roof into the arms of her mother, who was standing outside the house When Michael Farrar returned to the scene, he had lost than his children and his home His entire life was in ruins The fire was the climactic event of Michael and Debora s lives Until that summer, they seemed to have it all a happy marriage, successful medical practices, three bright and beautiful children Then they went on a trip to Peru with their son There, they met attractive, blonde Celeste Walker, whose husband, John was also a successful doctor But after that trip, nothing was the same again for either couple, and all the dark hidden places in Debora and Michael s marriage bubbled to the surface in a series of almost unbelievable horrors Bitter Harvest is the chronicle of this tragedy in the heartland of America, the true story of the disintegration of a marriage and its horrifying consequences Rule takes us deep in the psyche of a killer whose behavior was so twisted and so evil that it defies belief Gripping, powerful, and ultimately terrifying, Bitter Harvest is a vivid recreation of an unthink
    Bitter Harvest By Ann Rule

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    One thought on “Bitter Harvest

    1. Peggy Estrada on said:

      I read this book in the airport, on a layover in Jacksonville, Florida If my flight would have been canceled again, I would not have cared or minded More time to read Times just seems to fly when you re sucked into this book.It s a really sad ending, why didn t people see danger coming Where were the neighbors The police The teachers The own father Why didn t anyone do anything Yet another example why if you see something wrong, you should do something

    2. Obsidian on said:

      So it s weird I have owned this book for a while, but never got around to reading it I think it s because I watched this on a couple of television shows Forensic Files and Murderous Affairs So to read Ann Rule s insight into a couple that ended up in a toxic marriage that resulted in a fire that killed two of their children will have you reading each page while holding your breath.The incident takes place in 1995, but we go back to see the beginning of the married couple Doctor Debora Green and [...]

    3. Eric_W on said:

      Rule is well known for her true crime writing and justifiably so Ever since Truman Capote popularized the form in In Cold Blood, true crime has become a popular genre.This harrowing book tells the story of Dr Debora Green, a very bright Kansas physician whose life unraveled into a nightmare of murder and virtual insanity After her trial for the murder of two of her children and the attempted murder of her husband, Michael Farrar, psychiatrists attempted to answer why something like this could ha [...]

    4. Marus Jastrow on said:

      You may have noticed that many of my books are about murder and crime I am totally fascinated by human beings that have such anger or psychosis that they murder others It is beyond my ability to understand So I read about those who conduct these crimes in an attempt to somehow understand the behavior.Ann Rule writes about true crimes and she does so in an insightful manner that helps the reader see how these crimes could have been committed Bitter Harvest is about a female doctor, genius, mother [...]

    5. Kelly on said:

      I remember watching a Forensic Files episode about this case and it is deeply disturbing This was a thorough and interesting account of such a tragedy Fascinating as usual

    6. Heather Fineisen on said:

      One of Rule s better works from when she had murder to page mojo Fascinating and thorough in presenting the details without dumbing down the information The arson investigation techniques were especially interesting Presents the facts without sensationalism.

    7. Connie (Ava Catherine) on said:

      This is one of those truth stranger than fiction stories Debora Jones Green has an IQ of 165, but her emotional IQ is that of a child Because of her extremely high IQ, she is successful academically and sips through medical school easily however, in practice she has difficulty relating to her patients Debora Jones Green marries Mike Farrar in 1979 They met at the Truman Medical Vented in Kansas City when Michal was still in med school and Debora was a senior resident They had three children betw [...]

    8. Jill Hutchinson on said:

      Murder in any form is unimaginable but the murder of one s own children is beyond comprehension In this true crime novel, the author delves into the lives of a couple who seem to have it all are physicians, have a seemingly happy marriage and three bright and beautiful children But there are tell tale signs that all is not what it appears and then a series of events occur which eventually lead to the unthinkable This is a chilling book that reveals how jealousy and possessive behavior can twist [...]

    9. Amy on said:

      I am a huge Ann Rule fan I love true crime books and she nails the story every time This tale is fascinating in every way Both parents are Dr s and the mother descends into an unimaginable madness Chilling, devistating and a great read.

    10. Perry Whitford on said:

      On the night of the 23rd October 1995, qualified doctor, sometime oncologist and mother of three Debora Green deliberately set fire to her luxury three story house in Prairie Village, Kansas, then stood and watched unemotionally as two of her children were engulfed in the smoke and flames This extraordinary arson was the final, tragic act of vengeance by a scorned wife on her estranged husband, a woman so consumed with hate and self delusion that she could sacrifice the lives of her own children [...]

    11. Hot Cup O'Monkey on said:

      The subject of this book is very tragic Dr Debora Green,in a bizarre attempt to win back the attention and affection of her estranged husband, first tries to poison him, then burns down their home, killing two of the couple s three children.The book carefully documents the story of the couple s early years of marriage and parenthood, their disintegrating relationship, Dr Green s horrific crimes, the trial, and the aftermath.Since I live just a few miles from the site of the burned house, and my [...]

    12. Kati Bowditch on said:

      I have had a love of Ann Rule s style of true crime writing for a while now Bitter Harvest is the tale of Debora Green, a once doctor and mother who did the unthinkable and started a fire that left two of her own children dead The story chronicles the marriage, decay of the relationship, the tug of war with children and affair that brought her to that point.Ann s writing is as always, clear, quick paced, ever contentious and caring of the families involved, she manages to tell the story without [...]

    13. Jody Shee on said:

      This Ann Rule true crime story was particularly interesting to me because the crime happened a few miles from where I lived Debora Green continuously poisoned her husband but he didn t die and then she set her house on fire, killing 2 of her kids It was huge news in Kansas City in 1995 Everyone followed the story with facination It was an upscale neighborhood, and Debora Green was a doctor How could a crime like that happen around here Ann Rule was the perfect person to write the book, because s [...]

    14. brendabelg parlaman on said:

      this was a great read very hard to put down Ann Rule does it again

    15. Xanthi on said:

      If this wasn t true, documented crime, I would have a hard time believing this story.Murder by arson, poisoning, an affair, emotional abuse, dysfunctional family it s all there.A few random thoughts the children should have been taken out of the mothers care way before things came to a head All the signs were there that something terrible was building up to happen.Do people really get to know each other before they marry Before they have children together The psychiatrist s evaluation of the kil [...]

    16. Perri on said:

      Ann Rule s books are familiar, but fascinating exploration into the criminal mind This one seems tighter with a smoother arc of the background, crime and trial The crime is unspeakably sad and so very hard to comprehend I typically give her books four stars, so will add a half story because of Bitter Harvest s better writing.

    17. Kailey on said:

      I think this was the best Rule book I ve read so far Lighter on the misogyny and cop worship than the others with a tighter narrative.

    18. Ronnie Cramer on said:

      Definitely a good book, but very depressing I almost stopped reading when I realized it dealt with the deaths of children, but I managed to hang in there until the end.

    19. Barbara Haller on said:

      Real life crime story from the master Story of the ultimate dysfunctional, loveless marriage From the outside, the family had it all From the inside the mother, Deborah Green, was an emotionally devoid, manipulative person who events ally destroyed her whole life and that of her family.

    20. Lynn Spencer on said:

      I d heard good things about Ann Rule, but I have to admit that this one didn t impress me much I had only vague knowledge of the Debora Green case at issue before I read the book, but one of the stronger points of the story was how the author managed to portray the shattering, heartbreaking quality of what happened Two of Debora Green s three children perished in a fire in the 1990s, and Green was ultimately convicted of arson and murder.The portrayal of Green s substance abuse and mental health [...]

    21. Kristin on said:

      This book was recommended to me and at first, it was hard for me to get into it I was not familiar with the background story and did not realize at first that the way in which Ann Rule wrote the story included quotes from interviews and other documentation from the case However, once I got into the story I couldn t stop reading it When the book begins the reader knows that two of three Farrar children had died, and Debora their mother appears to be the main suspect Debora, a brilliant physician [...]

    22. Ashley on said:

      Reading this for book club I don t care for how the information is coming across It s reading as if it was an episodes of Forensics File or 48 hours or something Granted, it s a true story but I wish it was written with a traditional plot Through the eyes of someone The book seems dated, I didn t care for the references just because Deborah had cut her hair short, wore unisex styled clothes and had a low sex drive that these would be cause for concern of either her marriage falling apart or the [...]

    23. Cherie on said:

      I consider Ann Rule s books to be a guilty pleasure This one was especially intriguing for me because I used to live near Prairie Village KS where the action occurred and recognized many of the places in the book, including an Earl May Garden Center that was located across the street from a place where I used to work I have never been able to start on of Ms Rule s books without finishing it within a few days and this one is no exception

    24. ♥ Marlene♥ on said:

      I think this was one of Ann Rule s books that was translated in Dutch and I read just before I started to read English books because i wanted to read books like this one.What I only know is that it was very sad but very intriguing and that I loved it.

    25. Abbey on said:

      Shows how kooks can really be out there functioning in society pretty scary stuff

    26. Kay Usrey on said:

      The true story about a Dr from Kansas City that tries to kill her husband.

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