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Blaze By Richard Bachman Stephen King Blaze Once upon a time a fellow named Richard Bachman wrote Blaze on an Olivetti typewriter then turned the machine over to Stephen King who used it to write Carrie Bachman died in cancer of the pse

  • Title: Blaze
  • Author: Richard Bachman Stephen King
  • ISBN: 9781416554844
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Blaze By Richard Bachman Stephen King Once upon a time, a fellow named Richard Bachman wrote Blaze on an Olivetti typewriter, then turned the machine over to Stephen King, who used it to write Carrie Bachman died in 1985 cancer of the pseudonym , but this last gripping Bachman novel resurfaced after being hidden away for decades an unforgettable crime story tinged with sadness and suspense Clayton BlaisdeOnce upon a time, a fellow named Richard Bachman wrote Blaze on an Olivetti typewriter, then turned the machine over to Stephen King, who used it to write Carrie Bachman died in 1985 cancer of the pseudonym , but this last gripping Bachman novel resurfaced after being hidden away for decades an unforgettable crime story tinged with sadness and suspense Clayton Blaisdell, Jr was always a small time delinquent None too bright either, thanks to the beatings he got as a kid Then Blaze met George Rackley, a seasoned pro with a hundred cons and one big idea The kidnapping should go off without a hitch, with George as the brains behind their dangerous scheme But there s only one problem by the time the deal goes down, Blaze s partner in crime is dead Or is he Includes a previously uncollected story, Memory the riveting opening to Stephen King s new Scribner hardcover novel, Duma Key.
    Blaze By Richard Bachman Stephen King

    • Unlimited Blaze - by Richard Bachman Stephen King
      367 Richard Bachman Stephen King

    One thought on “Blaze

    1. Matthew on said:

      Wow This book was fantastic Why does King start the book with an apology warning This book is now definitely in my top 10 favorite King books if not the top 5 Seems like this one is even frequently skipped by King fans please, stop skipping and read This book has a great story and great characters It is quick and easy to read and kept me interested every page Blaze is a flawed but easy to sympathize tragic hero who doesn t really know what he is doing, but thinks he is doing it for the best The [...]

    2. Carol on said:

      OMGI cannot believe how good this book is.well, there were a couple things that bothered me in the narration sequence, particularly the final flash from the past, but I m still surprised at the overall low ratings.This is not your typical Stephen King Richard Bachman read, as a matter of fact, King did not originally think it worthy of being published, but be prepared, there are scary times, a kind of horror of a different sort you might say, that caused me multiple OH NO and OMG moments.It s no [...]

    3. Dan Schwent on said:

      Aided by the voice of his dead friend George in his head, a slow goliath named Blaze kidnaps an infant and holds him for ransom Can Blaze hold things together long enough to collect the ransom Blaze is a straight up crime book from Stephen King, aside from the voice of George in Blaze s head, which might not even be supernatural in origin I have to wonder why this wasn t the book Stephen King offered up to Hard Case instead of The Colorado Kid.The story of Blaze unfolds in two parallel stories, [...]

    4. David on said:

      This was a bit of a return to the old classic King, sans monsters and gore It s a novel King wrote 30 odd years ago, then rediscovered and polished up and released as the last of his Bachman books Ironically, I found it to be one of the better stories of his I ve read recently, but I always have had a bit of a preference for his older stories his newer stuff often just doesn t quite strike the right chord with me.King has always been good with stories that pull up the carpets on small town Ameri [...]

    5. Medhat The Book Fanatic on said:

      DNFed on page 76I hated this book from the very first page I didn t like the atmosphere of it I didn t like the writing, which, to me at least, felt very dry And I didn t like the two main characters not even Blaze, who is soft in the head I am sorry if that sounds inhuman to say, but it is how I felt , and I thought that he isn t an interesting character, as far as I ve read I just didn t care about anyone and anything.Also, I need to say that I was very excited to read Blaze, especially since [...]

    6. Amar on said:

      Zadnja Bachmanova knjiga napisana davne 73 godine, a manuskript prona en na tavanu poslije 30 i kusur godina Stvarno teta to je Bachman preminuo pisao je prokleto dobre knjige Iako ovdje nema pr tenja ideja na sve strane i iako je pri a poprili no banalna, ima ono ne to, a to je karakterizacija Blaze, iako negativac ove pri e, je tako draga i fina osoba, a la John Coffey iz Zelene milje, da ti srce ugrije toplinom i dobrotom kojom lik zra i, uprskos u asnim djetinjstvom koju je imao, i pomalo ne [...]

    7. Jennifer Wardrip on said:

      Stephen King may be the master of horror, but with BLAZE he proves that he s also just a plain ole good writer This story is a mixture of a thriller, a mystery, a police procedural, and a personal struggle to figure out who you are Blaze, aka Clayton Blaisdell, Jr is a dummy, and he knows it Ever since his father threw him down a flight of stairs and then hauled him back up and did it a couple of times , Blaze hasn t had the brains for learning The dent in his forehead might make him look scary [...]

    8. Mindi on said:

      Considering that this is one of King s earliest works, even under the Bachman Pseudonym , I think it s rather good It s certainly not in the same league with his best fiction, but I was drawn in from the very beginning, and the story continued at a good pace up until the tense, nerve wracking ending.I like the way King introduced his main character in the beginning with a sparse amount of information, and then interchanged chapters the character s past with the present We know that Blaze has don [...]

    9. Thomas Strömquist on said:

      I thought this Mice and men inspired little trifle was a enjoyable read than I was afraid of, but it surely did not feel like an important one What really made it was the flashbacks showing what shaped the brain injured baby napper to what he is The story itself unfolds and ends following the only logical pattern except for the very ending which is probably not too realistic, but still very predictable I m not sure why King felt compelled to publish this after so many years and certainly not wh [...]

    10. LeAnne on said:

      Am I the only person on the map to not know Stephen King s early pseudonym was Richard Bauchman Huh This was the last book written under that pen name, and it is not of the horror genre but a bit like Of Mice and Men with a crime story thrown in A kind but slow fellow named Blaisedell is befriended by a small time con called George who uses him in his cons, but genuinely cares for the big lug Blaze continuously talks with George throughout the snatching of a six month old baby, but the twist you [...]

    11. Gregory Del Duca on said:

      LookFirst and foremost, I am a self described and unembarrassed King Head I have devoured Stephen King s words since reading Thinner as a fairly young boy with a slightly twisted mind that loved to be challenged, expanded, and scared.I am also a person who has read loads of classic and contemporary fiction, non fiction, science fiction, scientific journals, periodicals, etc My point I don t simply spend my time reading one author or genre, and I am a fairly discrimiinating reader.I feel that Ste [...]

    12. FrancoSantos on said:

      Buen libro de King bajo su seud nimo de Richard Bachman Es muy entretenido, ameno, fluido y r pido sin embargo, hay alguna que otra parte que se me hizo un poco pesada y quiz s hasta mon tona Es curioso que con el personaje principal de esta historia lleg s a sentir una especie amor odio Tiene un buen final a muchos no les gust , tal vez no fuese el mejor, pero es aceptable, y arriesgado Me encanta que los autores se arriesguen con las conclusiones En fin, buena novela de King, para pasar un rat [...]

    13. Doreen Petersen on said:

      An earlier work by Stephen King but I thoroughly enjoyed it The ending sucked me in and I just couldn t stop reading it until I finished A sure sign of outstanding writing I would recommend this one.

    14. Horace Derwent on said:

      this book brought me tears and laughter with moving pathos and humorsk had the wonder of using different approaches to achieve equally satisfactory results like Of Mice and Menif i were a director directing an sk s novel, this book would be my first choice

    15. Essi | morrisongrl on said:

      This was one of the few King books that I hadn t read yet A new,unread King book is always a treat And this one didn t disappoint puts this in the horror category,which it isn t It s of a crime mystery type of story It took me some time to really get into it,and at times it felt a bit slow That took away that one star But other than that,I really enjoyed this The character of Blaze was so well written,I really started to care for him The story tells his life story as well as follows him in pres [...]

    16. Wayne Barrett on said:

      After reading this I am a little surprised that it doesn t have a higher rating I thought it was pretty damn good.Written around the same time he wrote Carrie, King listed this one under his pseudonym, Richard Bachman maybe that s fitting because one thing that stands out to me in this novel is that there is a complete absence of the supernaturaldazipzilch Blaze, the nickname given to our main character here, is a hardcore crime novel This is one of those stories that is told in such a way that [...]

    17. Alissa Patrick on said:

      2 2.5 Stars.I just kept waiting for something to happen, but nothing really did This felt like Stephen King lite Yawn Not a fan of this story.

    18. Zoeytron on said:

      Although there is nothing I like better than to pick up a 1000 page novel by this extraordinary storyteller, sometimes less is better This is one of those times A simple plot, great characters, and a perfect ending Blaze is a big hulking galoot who doesn t have much going on in the brains department, complements of his abusive father Irretrievably damaged with a dent in the middle of his forehead, he is removed from the home and plopped into the uninviting lap of the state orphanage After a part [...]

    19. Jason on said:

      The novel was so so Honestly, the best part was the short story included at the end, Memory It was the genesis for Duma Key, which I m now really looking forward to reading Otherwise, the novel itself only gets about 2 stars.

    20. Stefan Yates on said:

      There is no doubt that this definitely has the feel of a Bachman book As is true to the normal style of Kings novels attributed to Bachman, this novel is a gritty pared down version of what you would normally expect from Stephen King That is in no way saying that the book is bad, to the contrary, it was a very well written and moving story that I thoroughly enjoyed.The thing that sets the tone of the Bachman entries apart from other works of King is that, while still very detailed and developed, [...]

    21. Kandice on said:

      I liked this book even better this time around It WAS sentimental, but in an honest way Blaze had a heart of gold, but he was certainly no angel I don t believe was written by Bachman I know Who am I to say, but Bachman s books are always depressing or bleak This one was neither It was sad, but that s not quite the same thing, is it

    22. Janie Johnson on said:

      I read this book as a buddy read with a friend This was the only Bachman book I had not read by King, so I thought I would give it a shot Was this a masterpiece No not even close, but I did find it somewhat entertaining and it does seem to fit in with the Bachman books If you read King or you are a fan, you learn his writing style pretty quickly and you can tell that this is one of his earlier novels Even though, I still thought that the book moved along with a decent pace and with the mix of da [...]

    23. Brian on said:

      3 5 The longer you live, the dirtier you getThis review contains spoilers.Written before Carrie, then edited before its release in 2007 as a posthumous Bachman book, Blaze tells the story of sympathetic rogue Clayton Blaisdell, or Blaze King tips his hat to Steinbeck in this one, it being a shadow of Of Mice and Men Our narrator splits the story between Blaze s tragic childhood and adolescence, and his life in the present And, presently, our big galoot dull witted but big and burly is carrying o [...]

    24. Andrew on said:

      Okay I was asked if I wanted to read this along with a friend and I thought why not In the early days of my reading I will admit I voraciously read my way through Stephen King s publication list and for the most of them I loved them some were so so while others were amazing and I still refer back to them even today However reading Blaze I realised two things The first was that its been far too long since I immersed myself in Mr Kings work and secondly and I guess this will come across a little p [...]

    25. Kinksrock on said:

      This is an ok book that I would not recommend as a first book you read by Stephen King However, I highly recommend it if you are a Stephen King fan, but need a break from his books with complicated plots and multiple characters This one focuses on two characters only one of whom is actually alive and one simple plot, with some flashbacks Blaze is a brain damaged man who plots to kidnap a baby for ransom, following the instructions of his former partner in crime, who is only alive in his head Th [...]

    26. Dave on said:

      Poor Blaze Throughout the whole book your heart just goes out to him He seems to be one of those that if life had taken a couple of different turns could have had a great life I think Blaze ranks close to Snape Harry Potter and Spike Buffy the Vampire Slayer as the bad guy character who is good deep down and you just want to pull for.

    27. Nick Iuppa on said:

      In his introduction to the Pocket Books edition of the novel Blaze, Stephen King says that he wrote the book after his other early novels The Running Man, Roadwork, etc but before his success with Carrie After re reading Blaze he decided it just wasn t very good He stuck it in a box somewhere and forgot about it After releasing his other early novels under the pen name Richard Bachman, King gave Blaze another read and decided that it still wasn t good enough and stuck it back in the box Fast for [...]

    28. Sarah on said:

      I read this for the 2017 POPSUGAR Challenge prompt A Book by an Author Who Uses a Pseudonym 1 4 I really enjoyed Blaze This is the first King book I ve read in nearly five years I read The Dead Zone in August 2012 and I was a bit worried about the quality considering the low average rating here, but I was pleasantly surprised by what I thought was an interesting thriller sorry guys, definitely not horror, there were some supernatural goings on but it wasn t in the least bit scary with a surprisi [...]

    29. Aymen Ben cheikh on said:

      Blaze, a geant who was beaten by his father when he was a kid and grew up in the Hetton House, lives by stealing money with his friend George They decide to kidnap the baby of a rich family, but George dies, and Blaze decides to do it alone This book is amazing I loved the fact that King made a main character without trying to give the readers what they want, and he makes us like the characater who is a mentally sick criminal who decides to kidnap a baby, by showing us how he grew up and the acc [...]

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