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Persuasion By Jane Washington Jaymin Eve Persuasion Willa Knight Dweller Bad ass Notorious pet to five magical beings In Blesswood there are rules and someone is trying to teach her how to follow them The only problem is Willa Which shouldn t be anyt

  • Title: Persuasion
  • Author: Jane Washington Jaymin Eve
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Persuasion By Jane Washington Jaymin Eve Willa Knight Dweller Bad ass Notorious pet to five magical beings In Blesswood, there are rules, and someone is trying to teach her how to follow them The only problem is Willa Which shouldn t be anything new, since she has been a problem since birth something her pseudo sister Emmy would agree on So it definitely shouldn t be new but it is Because things are staWilla Knight Dweller Bad ass Notorious pet to five magical beings In Blesswood, there are rules, and someone is trying to teach her how to follow them The only problem is Willa Which shouldn t be anything new, since she has been a problem since birth something her pseudo sister Emmy would agree on So it definitely shouldn t be new but it is Because things are starting to happen that have never happened before Things are starting to getchaotic This is a full novel, 90,000 words Book 2 of 5 in the Curse of the Gods Series
    Persuasion By Jane Washington Jaymin Eve

    Persuasion Definition of Persuasion by Merriam Webster Persuasion definition is the act or process or an instance of persuading How to use persuasion in a sentence Synonym Discussion of persuasion. Persuasion Persuasion TV Movie Apr , Directed by Adrian Shergold With Sally Hawkins, Alice Krige, Anthony Head, Julia Davis Anne was in love with Frederick, who was rejected by her snobby parents years ago They ve now hit hard times and rent out their mansion to his brother in law He returns a Royal Navy captain Will he remember Anne Persuasion psychology Britannica Persuasion, the process by which a person s attitudes or behaviour are, without duress, influenced by communications from other people One s attitudes and behaviour are also affected by other factors for example, verbal threats, physical coercion, one s physiological states. Watch Persuasion Prime Video Originally created as television movie, Persuasion was eventually released in movie theaters in Ciaran Hinds is an impeccable and dashing Captain Wentworth Amanda Root is a quiet, shy, and clever Anne Elliot If you re not a Jane Austin fan, see this movie for the look of the film as a period piece set in the early s. Persuasion Psychology Today While persuasion is a science, it s also an art If a person pushes too hard, he will risk being aggressive If he nudges too lightly, he will get nowhere If she grinds on too loudly, she s just a

    • Persuasion Best Read || [Jane Washington Jaymin Eve]
      239 Jane Washington Jaymin Eve

    One thought on “Persuasion

    1. Cece ❀Rants, Raves &Reviews❀ on said:

      Willa freaking Knight Baddass Extraordinaire Best Dweller in the World What makes Willa so great Well I actually was pretty special, but not in a kick the gods asses kind of way More in the dropped on my head at birth kind of way She s not good at many things, but she excells at getiting in the way Especially if its something dangerous So for those of you who were concerned Don t worry Willa is still the same quirky clumsy awesome heroine you loved in the first book What have we told you about d [...]

    2. Sh3lly ☽ Guardian of Beautiful Squids and Lonely Moons ☽ on said:

      Second Read First Read New thoughts I enjoyed this than my first read, but it s still not as good as the Seraph Black series by Jane Washington That series has so much depth and the romances are done much better Maybe it s because that series is complete and this one is on going, so it feels satisfying This one is much light and ridiculous, not as much drama, not as much world building The Abcurses are totally swoon worthy Willa is 18, so not sure why they can t push the envelope a bit with [...]

    3. Helen 2.0 on said:

      New favorite Abcurse is Siret, Mr Trickery I like a guy with a decent sense of humor.

    4. Jessie Ramsay on said:

      I JUST CAN T WAIT ANY LONGER Can we get an official release date Full Review to come D

    5. Tink Magoo is bad at reviews on said:

      I told myself over a year ago not to pick up a book that s part of an ongoing series until it s complete and yet I obviously didn t listen when I picked the first book in this series up Now I m stuck waiting very impatiently AGAIN for the third book to come out I don t know why I do it to myself, self inflicted torture is bollocks.Anyway, I loved this book, not quite as much as the first but still than a lot of books I ve read lately.I have a few niggles First Willa was verging on just plain st [...]

    6. Jennifer G on said:

      I loved Trickery and had ridiculously high expectations for Persuasion Expectations so high that I honestly couldn t expect them to be met Never underestimate the JJ s Persuasion is excellent, excellent, excellent Without a doubt, I have never loved a lead female like I love Willa with her ridiculous in the best way inner monologue, and the Abcurse s are beyond male perfection Jane Washington and Jaymin Eve are two talented writers individually Together, they are brilliant The book picks back up [...]

    7. Anya Kothari on said:

      I neeeeeeed this book Like yesterday I can t even deal with how long I ll have to waitUpdate Like the first book, there were than a few passages that had me in hysterics I can t help it I love Willa She s not the heroine we wanted, but I think she s the heroine we need I m patiently awaiting the third book, minus the patiently.

    8. Alexandra Harris on said:

      Holy shit balls I knew she was and that this would but omfg best ending ever I will update review after a cold shower, Xanax Dude Though For Real.Thank you, pain and seduction for making my morning betterJustOk, I m done, be back later.XoxoI need the next book today Like now

    9. Me_LissaH on said:

      4.5 stars I just love Willa, she s just so ridiculously funny and likeable I love how she gives out funny nicknames Fakey Stabby Slappy Mountain man , so funny I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what crazy thing Willa would do next The guys, I can t choose between any of the Abcurse brothers, love them all This book has me convinced that Willa will not choose between them either, she s gonna end up will all of them This book was filled with lots of twists and turns, and I was left with [...]

    10. Alana • thebookishchick on said:

      I ve said it once and I ll say it again, I M ONLY HERE FOR WILLA ROME That s it, so they better be a thing This was highly predictable but still an entertaining quick read.

    11. Saya ☽ Queen Of The Night on said:

      5 FUCKINGTASTIC STARSI love this series, and everything about it I am Willa and I need my Abcurse brothers, right this second to complete my soul I had strong feelings for the Abcurses, it was a fact, I needed each one of them I needed Siret s grin, Aros s heat, Coen s hardness, Rome s gruffness, and Yael s stubbornness Gods dammit This book is my soul, and the only people in this crazy world I can entrust my soul with are my Abcurse brothers Waiting for this book was brutal, and it ate at me Ev [...]

    12. Fatimah Alfareed on said:

      4.5 Stars Just as fun as the first one but with a bit PG 13 porno momentsIs it wrong that I wish it was a tad bit smuttier ughI think I hate that stupid pact even than Willa did Anywho, I do love all the five, but Siret is still my babe

    13. Jasmine on said:

      3.5 starsOkay you guys, imma be honest I love Jane Washington and I love her writing so of course I d love to give her books glowing 5 star reviews But I gotta be honest, I m not 100% in love with this book It kills me to say it but it s true I kind of found it a bitcking in plot Like I m not quite sure what the plot was other than Willa being incredibly clumsy and the Abcurses being incredibly hot.I mean it was entertaining to read about Willa and her journeys and all, like it s a fun and light [...]

    14. Maria Dimitrova on said:

      OMG I m in love With an idiot What the hell is wrong with me I don t really understand it but I ve grown quite attached to the protagonist of this series despite her being everything I usually hate Yes, yes, I know, I m repeating myself but Will Knight is just so damn adorable Her clumsiness and total lack of strategic thinking make for one hell of an entertainment No wonder those 5 gorgeous gods adopted her Though the sexual tension between them is bound to kill me If they don t do the deed soo [...]

    15. Monty Cupcake ☠ Queen of Bloodshed ☠ on said:

      The first book in this series was funnier, but that s probably a given This one still managed to be funny and keep me entertained I think the author did a good job at the second book, enough of a new plot to keep interesting while keeping the old dynamic of the 5 brothers to one Willa Willa is definitely still almost dying all the time in this book and having to be saved from falling down stairs, etc How the brothers assign her to one each time cracked me up She had a chaperone to make sure she [...]

    16. Marguerite (Lady M.) ❀ on said:

      Rating 5 stars I love Willa and her inner thoughts I love the brothers i m having their babies I fucking adore this series.

    17. Lauren on said:

      I feel like there was absolutely no forward progression of the plot in this installment The big reveal in the last chapter was something that I predicted at least a halfway through the first book Stuff happened, but because Willa is such a special snowflake, I never felt like it mattered It s rare that I call a character a Mary Sue, but between Willa and the Abcurses, they re perfectly perfect, and she s perfectly UNperfect I felt like I was getting beaten over the head with exactly how unperfec [...]

    18. AMY ♥(pronounced AH-MEI)♥ on said:

      3.5 stars I finished it in record time Still TeamRome but the rest of the brothers are so hawt

    19. Jacob Proffitt on said:

      This is second in a series and it s pretty sequential So you definitely want to read in order.The tone and plot and characters are much like the first book so you mostly know what you re in for having read that one right I m giving it a lower rating because I thought Willa acted uncharacteristically stupid a few times most of them in the first chapters For example, I can understand being reluctant to kill folks herself, but actively intervening to prevent the boys from taking out someone who has [...]

    20. Brittain *The Baddest Female* on said:

      This book, I swearI m not even sure where to start This book, hell this series is so crazy and over the top but it s just so much damn fun that it is well balanced schweed For a moment, not a single person even dared to breathe Cyrus looked confused, but the others seemed to be torn between rage and amusement What Coen paused, taking a deep breath, the hell is a schweed It s a cross between a shit head and a weed, I said, causing everyone to turn to me Her idiocy is contagious, Cyrus sta [...]

    21. ❤Rachel Anne's Romance Must Reads❤ on said:

      I m so pissed at myself because I KNEW this would happen This book was just as good as book one and now I m dying for book 3 I hate waiting This series is ya all grown up but still semi clean Even though no actual sex has happened the tension is really hot between all give brothers and her There is steam here than most yas I love the h She is a disaster I thought that would get old but it just hasn t There s not an mc that I don t like and not a brother that I m rooting for because I m rooting [...]

    22. Charity on said:

      Brillient read I enjoyed this book just as much as I have for the first book The conversations between the boys and Willa made me laugh so much It is such a fun and fantastic read Definitly cannot wait for the sequal P.S I really liked how all the books are named after one of the boys powers And definitly cannot wait to get to read Seduction , which acording to the back of the book, should be coming out this year Excited

    23. Olga on said:

      This lovely sequel that has me so confused, in a good way I don t know if I am happy or sad that I ve read the book As usual I m completely in love with the characters and all the shenanigans that they got into Love how the story picks up right were we left off and that the relationship between the characters is progressing I cannot wait to see what Jaymin and Jane have in store next for my 6 peeps Way to go ladies

    24. Anne on said:

      I love this story, it is sooooo much fun.I was laughing so hard out loud on the train If you re looking for a great literary read, this isn t your book.But if you love to read for entertainment, if you re looking for a fun adventure, this series is one of the best.

    25. JemimahZafoune on said:

      It s not often that you find yourself wanting to be an incredibly clumsy and slightly ditzy character like Willa But, Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington have created such a likeable character, and one that seriously makes me laugh so hard I feel like I might pee my pants, that I find myself wishing I was Willa Of course, having five hot guys around her like the Abcurse brothers might also be a majorly big incentive Persuasion jumps right back into where Trickery, book 1, left off In fact it feels li [...]

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