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Small Change

Small Change By Roan Parrish Small Change Ginger Holtzman has fought for everything she s ever had the success of her tattoo shop respect in the industry her upcoming art show Tough and independent she has taking no crap down to an art for

  • Title: Small Change
  • Author: Roan Parrish
  • ISBN: 9780998967110
  • Page: 228
  • Format: ebook
  • Small Change By Roan Parrish Ginger Holtzman has fought for everything she s ever had the success of her tattoo shop, respect in the industry, her upcoming art show Tough and independent, she has taking no crap down to an art form Good thing too, since keeping her shop afloat, taking care of her friends, and scrambling to finish her paintings doesn t leave time for anything else Which is for theGinger Holtzman has fought for everything she s ever had the success of her tattoo shop, respect in the industry, her upcoming art show Tough and independent, she has taking no crap down to an art form Good thing too, since keeping her shop afloat, taking care of her friends, and scrambling to finish her paintings doesn t leave time for anything else Which is for the best, because then she doesn t notice how lonely she is She ll get through it all on her own, just like she always does Christopher Lucen opened a coffee and sandwich joint in South Philly because he wanted to be part of a community after years of running from place to place, searching for something he could never quite name Now, he relishes the familiarity of knowing what his customers want, and giving it to them But what he really wants now is love.When they meet, Christopher is smitten, but Ginger isn t quite so sure Christopher s gorgeous, and kind, and their opposites attract chemistry is off the charts But hot sex is one thing truly falling for someone Terrifying When her world starts to crumble around her, Ginger has to face the fact that this fight can only be won by being vulnerable this fight, she can t win on her own.Small Change is the first in a series that is set in the Middle of Somewhere universe It features crossover characters from that series but stands on its own The Small Change series will include M F and M M romances.
    Small Change By Roan Parrish

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      228 Roan Parrish

    One thought on “Small Change

    1. Judith on said:

      4 Stars.Ginger is Daniel s best friend from In the Middle of Somewhere and this book,kind of,runs parallel with that one.However this is a standalone and the first book in a new series by Roan Parrish that will also include MM stories.Ginger Holtzman is a tough independent woman.She s had to work hard to get where she is and she s not about to relinquish her independence any time soon.The owner of a Tattoo shop and currently working on an upcoming art show,she knows how hard it is for a woman in [...]

    2. Riley on said:

      This was such a great and diverse romance.The main character is a queer jewish woman who owns a tattoo shop I absolutely loved the theme of female power in this book It discussed a lot about the sexism in the tattoo community and how female tattooers aren t taken seriously Her shop was named most queer friendly and I loved the found family of people who worked there including a black woman and a trans man The love interest was adorable and I loved that he was genuinely a good person I am so sick [...]

    3. Avon Gale on said:

      Look, I ve read a lot of romance novels I ve been reading them since I was 12 historical, gothic, contemporary, paranormal, you name it And I don t think I ve read one quite like Small Change and that s why this book is so important It s also freaking fabulous, but it s Roan Parrish, so that goes without saying I won t reiterate the plot, but here s what I loved about this book GingerUm, I FLOVE her I want to be friends with her, I want to hang out with her, I want a Tattoo Bitch t shirt and I w [...]

    4. K.J. Charles on said:

      This was fantastic It s a very much emotion based romance, internal rather external conflict angry, prickly, defiant tattoo artist pushes away sweet, nurturing cook out of a combination of inability to express emotion, deep seated feelings of not being good for others, and rage Only, the tattoo artist is a woman and the cook is a man and my God I ve never read this before Ginger is a magnificent character, a woman living in a state of constant simmering rage at the world, the injustice of it, th [...]

    5. Mirjana **DTR - Down to Read** on said:

      4 Stars In cooking, you can swap out one ingredient for another Sometimes it doesn t change much, like oil for eggs in a cake Sometimes it changes everything, like salt for sugar The way I feel about you It s not like a recipe I don t want to swap out your moodiness for a smile, or your temper for a laugh It s like.emy or something The way people come together, and it s justMagic It s no secret that I m a fan of Roan Parrish s writing, and she s easily kept the magic going with her first M F boo [...]

    6. Elsa Bravante on said:

      Roan es una de mis autoras favoritas y esperaba con muchas ganas este libro, Ginger aparece en el libro de Daniel, In The Middle of Somewhere, y me gust desde el primer momento, no ser a genial leer tambi n su happy ending Sin embargo, he de confesar que en el primero 25% del libro mis sentimientos hacia lo que estaba leyendo estaban muy confusos, Ginger no me gustaba tanto como en el libro de Daniel, quiz s porque ahora no solo ve amos su lado divertido, hab a much simo di logo interno, y todo [...]

    7. Amy Cousins on said:

      God, this book I love it I stayed up all night reading it, so now I m an incoherent zombie, but as soon as I nap and wake up again, I m gonna write something so damned eloquent about it, everyone who knows me will be unable to resist reading it on release day It s a gorgeous book 3

    8. Elle the ClosetRomanceReader aka Leftie aka Shoebelle on said:

      ARC received from author via A Novel Take PR as part of blog tour 2 things I want to say immediately 1 I m kicking myself for still not having read Roan s Middle of Somewhere series, even though they re all ready to go on my tablet A friend is doing this for me mentally already anyway, I m sure hehe somanybookssolittletime2 If you only read M F in your romance, with diverse representation at that, I think you can safely put Roan in your radar.The first bk in a new series, it s Roan s first foray [...]

    9. Meep on said:

      I liked this a lot at first, can totally get saying the wrong thing and hitting out at the nearest target when tired and stressed, because you re on the warpath and their there in your sights I got that part Didn t so much get the easy forgiveness when she finally got around to apologising Christopher is lovely I m married to a Christopher who gives hugs and makes me frequent coffees and occasional bagels they re worth holding onto Would LOVE of these nice guys in books as opposed to the manly [...]

    10. Lana ❇✾Dirty Girl Romance❇✾ on said:

      Review to comeARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on

    11. Mel on said:

      Surprisingly for me, I didn t love the book Until now all of the author s books were 5 star reads and favourites of mine, but Small Change sadly couldn t live up to my expectations Which isn t to say it s a bad book as you can see from my rating but I wish it would have been better There are some aspects here that I really loved, some that I didn t like, and others that I am quite conflicted about.I am delighted that the female male relationship was awesome There are no stereotypical gender role [...]

    12. Rafa Brewster on said:

      4 StarsThis struck me as a great romance story for the modern woman Ginger is a strong, independent woman who s very set in her ways I thought the author did a thorough job showing us the many sides of Ginger her passion for her tattoo shop, Daniel and her employees who are essentially her family, her art, her staunch feminism, her quirkiness and her intensity While I was fascinated by her and thought I got a pretty good handle on her, I don t really know if I ever actually connected with her be [...]

    13. Carol (bookish_notes) on said:

      We finally get Ginger and Christopher s story We ve seen them as side characters in the Middle of Somewhere series, and I ve always wondered how a tattoo artist and sandwich shop owner ever got together The timeline for this story takes place in parallel with In the Middle of Somewhere While this book totally works as a standalone, I would highly reading the other series as well to fill in some of the gaps and because the m m series is wonderful.Ginger has fought her way in the tattoo industry t [...]

    14. Maria Rose on said:

      Small Change by Roan Parrish is the first in a new series, a spin off from her Middle of Somewhere novels It s set in the bustling busy streets of South Philadelphia and stars a feisty tattoo shop owner and her business neighbor down the street who runs a sandwich cafe It s my first experience reading this author, and definitely won t be my last Ginger Holtzman is a workaholic Getting her tattoo shop off the ground has come with a price, most notably the lack of time for a personal relationship [...]

    15. Liz Jacobs on said:

      Oh my god Oh my god, I m just so happy and satisfied and full of FEELINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG What a wonderful, human, loving story I loved this to bits and pieces

    16. Lauraadriana on said:

      To start, I will say that this book, Small Change by Roan Parrish is the kind of romance novel I ve been waiting for since I started reading this genre as a teen Finally, I got to read a heroine who didn t mold her womanhood to the social constructs girls and women are expected to assume Those things that we are told we need to be, in order to be deserving of love Feminine, nice, thin, proper Ginger has been fighting all those paradigms fiercely her entire life, and she s pissed She demands that [...]

    17. Maygirl7 on said:

      I really, really liked this story I could so identify with Ginger s anger Maybe will be added later to make this of a review and less of a few disconnected sentences thrown into the same space Side note It was nice to see Daniel from In the Middle of Somewhere again.

    18. Sarah on said:

      Small Change was an emotional read for me Ginger s journey and her growing awareness of finding some balance was so well written I think it depicted very accurately what it is like to be a woman in a profession and striving for excellence And, hello toxic masculinity, and some serious frustration and anger The writing about tattooing captured perfectly that relationship between artist and subject too So good One of the stronger parts of the book for me was Ginger s anger It really resonated, eve [...]

    19. Rita on said:

      One of the first things that stood out to me in this book was how well Roan knows the city of Philadelphia She mentions all the coolest places so if you ever visit I suggest hitting all the spots mentioned in the book I just may do my own Small Change tour later this year Okay, so Ginger is a total badass I knew this from In the Middle of Somewhere but since we only get quick glimpses of her I definitely wanted to get to know her better I found that she s someone I could definitely relate to She [...]

    20. Gillian on said:

      4 starsThere s a lot to like about this book The relationship between hardworking, prickly, talented Ginger and the eminently lovable, loyal Christopher is certainly something to behold, even if I didn t get always get the attraction on Christopher s part Then again, I know plenty of couples IRL who shouldn t work but who just I loved Ginger s passion for her art, for her shop and for her co workers who are than just employees, they are her family She s tough, uncompromising and unafraid of har [...]

    21. Xan West on said:

      Gonna think about this one for a while before writing an actual review but wanted to note something and to put in trigger warnings Want to note that this has a queer heroine, named on the page, and its rooted in queer community Most of the secondary characters are queer, including a trans man secondary character who is an MCs ex Trigger Warnings view spoiler One of the major arcs in the story is about an MCs sibling having depression and having attempted suicide in the past It is referenced freq [...]

    22. namericanwordcat on said:

      Pick up this book and read it It is a great romance which mediates within this great love story on gender roles, sexism, introversion, female community, women s rights, tattoos, relationship of all kinds, innate personalty Ginger and Christopher are in their 30 s and both small business owners Ginger is a lot of things like we all are But so is Christopher even though he seems a lot clear cut than Ginger but really he is just as complex I don t want to go into all the complexities because this [...]

    23. Rachel on said:

      What can I say about this book other than wow Small Change absolutely blew me away, it s amazingly good But I guess I need to say than that right Well, this was my first read of Roan Parrish but after finishing this, I can honestly say that it won t be the last because I m going to dive into her back list Why have I not read this author before Bad reader.There is just something about this book that sucks you in and keeps you reading long after your eyes start to glaze over just because you don [...]

    24. J a n n i (erchomaiii) on said:

      Ginger is the main character in this novel but for readers of the Middle of Somewhere trilogy she isn t a stranger Ever since Ginger started raving about this guy she met to her best friend Daniel in In the Middle of Somewhere I knew I wanted this book as much as I wanted air and the wait was worth it Ginger is this gorgeous tattoo artist with a very deep love for coffee and sassy comments who is also such a strong and tough woman you cannot help yourself but by the time you realize it you are i [...]

    25. Jude Sierra on said:

      5 StarsI ve been waiting for Ginger s book since the first installment of Parrish s Middle of Somewhere series Parrish is an absolute must read author for me Small Change is yet another example of a book rooted in excellent character work and wonderful prose.Small Change is structured in a way that reminds me of Parrish s Where We Left Off it doesn t completely follow genre conventions for romance novels While this difference was very clear in Where We Left Off, it s subtle in Small Change, and [...]

    26. The_Book_Queen on said:

      Oh damn, I loved this book Absolutely, completely loved it It s sexy and emotional but is also ridiculously adorable and sweet Christopher is such a sexy sweetheart and I want to keep him Full review is up on TBQ s Book Palace now.If you wish to look at some quotes thoughts I highlighted, please check out my Twitter feed

    27. Les Joseph on said:

      First off, a confession I m a HUGE Roan Parrish fan girl For anyone who reads in the MM genre, you ll recognize her name She is the author of the fantastic Middle of Somewhere series For everyone else, be prepared to be wowed and impressed by this author s talent Small Change is the first book in her new Small Change series which will feature both MF and MM couples This first book showcases Ginger and Christopher, two characters who I absolutely adored and who were so perfect both together and a [...]

    28. Em on said:

      3.5 stars.I wanted to like this so much than I did I m still mulling over why.Review to come.

    29. Aleksandra on said:

      4.5 stars Small Change is a PHENOMENAL book I love it so much The writing, the characters, the plot, topic and issues addressed The book is feminist af, it s very honest, it s sex positive, body positive the romance is swoon worthy I have so much love to this book.Ginger is the main character She s 34, she s the owner of tattoo shop in Philadelphia She s Jewish, bisexual fat woman and proud af Ginger is talented artist and she s so passionate about her work I fell in love with from page one Beca [...]

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