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The Line

The Line By Amie Knight The Line I was a thief The invisible girl only he could see The woman who wanted to be He was the mark The extraordinary cowboy who stole my sixteen year old heart The damaged man who still owned it even four

  • Title: The Line
  • Author: Amie Knight
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Line By Amie Knight I was a thief The invisible girl only he could see The woman who wanted to be He was the mark The extraordinary cowboy who stole my sixteen year old heart The damaged man who still owned it, even four years later.The Line was where we began.Where fates collided Where truths derailed.The place where our love story ends.
    The Line By Amie Knight

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      197 Amie Knight

    One thought on “The Line

    1. ⊱✿⊰ Alicia ⊱✿⊰ on said:

      4.5 Time To Fly, Little Bird StarsI was too cold.Too hungry.Too tired.I couldn t afford to get off this line, no matter how much I wanted to Escaping abusive foster homes Everly had been on the streets or accurately the train station for years until she met Momma Lou at a shelter.She d stopped on the sidewalk on her way into the building and stared at my seventeen year old self hard Studying me She pursed her lips, and I knew what she saw I was so starved that I was practically skeletal.Before [...]

    2. Megan✦❋Steamy Reads Blog❋✦ on said:

      Now it s time for you to fly, Little Bird I have said it on than one occasion my love for cowboys is infinite yes infinite So, when I was given the opportunity to read The Line I literally jumped at the chance and couldn t wait to dive right in This is my first book by Amie Knight and I absolutely loved it to the point where I am already looking forward to reading future books by this amazingly talented author If you are looking for a heart achingly beautiful read, that will give you all the fe [...]

    3. Maria✦❋Steamy Reads Blog❋✦ on said:

      so behind on reviews O I really really loved this book and I think Amie Knight is a very talented lady Looking forward to reading of her work in the future My buddy s amazing review is on our blog page HERE.

    4. Olga therebelreader on said:

      I really loved this book, didn t want to put it down The author manages to get the emotions just right It had all of the elements that I look for in a great cowboy romance story The characters were intriguing and had depth and drew me into the story effortlessly A hero every woman dreams of A leading lady that is strong, sweet, and beautiful It was great to watch the protective instincts kick in for both of Cole and Every When they start to explore their sexual attraction the scenes get very hot [...]

    5. Barbara➰ on said:

      While riding the train, a handsome cowboy speaks to a 16 year old girl who s looking for her next mark He spends the day with her feeding her and just talking He wants to save her She can t help but fall a little in love Four years later he s different but she s different too She just wants to help him like he helped her He was betrayed by his fianc e and his brother But what s worse is the sweet little boy he thought was his isn t He s grieving for what he lost Can Everly soothe his soul Can he [...]

    6. NMmomof4 on said:

      3.25 StarsOverall Opinion This was better than I thought it d be, and I did enjoy it I did, however, feel a little disappointed at some of the lost potential in it I felt like we could ve gotten so much deeper with these characters, and that the overall premise was good but just was missing something I m not sure how to explain it, but I felt like it just missed the mark with the potential for some strong connections to these characters from their hurtful pasts I enjoyed the side characters tha [...]

    7. Karla on said:

      Well I guess I m in the minority here since I didn t love it as much but I did like well enough I think it was of a me because the writing was good and the story was interesting BUT I don t know I just didn t feel a connection with the Mc, at times I felt like the author was trying too hard with everything going on It did have its funny and sweet moments, overall it was a good read.

    8. Kiki on said:

      God this book I cried at my office in lunch room Not even ashamed of that The hero He called himself an ass, but god, he was perfect.WHY IS THIS BOOK FREE I ll review this book once I sleep on it because right now I m still sobbing Quick safety tip there s a 4 year gap between meetings Neither were celibate Hero s engagement broke off about 3 months before they met again HOWEVER, hero was not in love with his ex fianc e He was NOT a manwhore and he DID believe in love H and h had a chance encoun [...]

    9. Janie on said:

      This book gave me all sorts of mixed feelings I liked the way it started and ended but the middle just pissed me off Here s Everly one of my favorite heroines ever who has lived such a rough life not knowing love, giving everything to those around her Then we have Cole, who for the most part has had a great life until recently, and he s the one screwing everything up and holding himself back We get his pov so we know how much he loves Everly but he makes some dumbass decisions and then NEVER exp [...]

    10. Alex ♈ on said:

      3.5 starsMany stars for the kindness and side characters I adored Mamma Lou The romance wasn t quite my coppa.The hero pushed her away, she came across as weak sometimes I didn t enjoy sex scenes much This whole thing with him wanting her to ask to beg him was a bit annoying Overall a very good book with moral and humanity.

    11. Katy Loves Romance ❤️ on said:

      5 Healing Stars You know sometimes you read books you love, and you get to know authors and see into their hearts through their stories and words And when that happens they just know how to touch your heart, those books just make you feel something FIERCE and with Amie Knight I ll tell you this she just does it for me oh my goodness does she ever This story is wholeheartedly about second chances and falling love About family, about learning to live and to accept the gift your given I love everyt [...]

    12. Gitte TotallyBookedBlog on said:

      4.5 stars I was too cold Too hungry Too tired I couldn t afford to get off this line, no matter how much I wanted to Don t you just love when you start a book and you ve never read anything by this Author before nor have you got any idea where the story is going to take you A book that takes you so completely by surprise you actually have to stop and think why did I not read this sooner and how fast can I go find everything out about this new to us Author Well this was us when we read The Line b [...]

    13. Jenny - TotallybookedBlog on said:

      4.5 stars I was too cold Too hungry Too tired I couldn t afford to get off this line, no matter how much I wanted to Don t you just love when you start a book and you ve never read anything by this Author before nor have you got any idea where the story is going to take you A book that takes you so completely by surprise you actually have to stop and think why did I not read this sooner and how fast can I go find everything out about this new to us Author Well this was us when we read The Line b [...]

    14. Melanie on said:

      5 Baby Bird StarsThis is such a beautifully told story I loved every moment of this book and didn t want it to end Everly grew into such a strong beautiful woman after a horrible upbringing Cole found love and peace after losing everything Together the chemistry between Cole and Everly was undeniable Loved the crazy and outrageous BFF Cody This is a great emotion read that I feel everyone will enjoy.

    15. Anne OK on said:

      WOW This story blew me away I could not put it down it was such a unique and special book Superb characters that not only entertained but enchanted me.It s that HO HO HO time of the year, so there won t be a full review although this one certainly deserves many accolades.HAPPY HOLIDAYS to one and all

    16. Danielle on said:

      5 SMOOCHES I read and reviewed this book on behalf of RED CHEEKS READSVIEW redcheeksreads the line by The Line was an addictive mix of heartbreak and hope combined with the perfect balance of angst and humor, and it came together beautifully into this charming, tender and passionate romance Friend, follow or find RED CHEEKS READS on Blog redcheeksreadsFacebook facebook redcheeksreadsTwitter twitter redcheeksreadsInstagram instagram redcheeksreadsPinterest pin 8qoEAup user show 2

    17. AC Book Blog (Anne Christine) on said:

      Welcome to The Line where you ll make enough memories to play for a lifetime.Wow This is the second book I read of this author and it is my new favorite Such a poignant story of love, hope, healing and a second chance at life.Everly had a sad life, abandoned as a baby and ending up living in various foster homes As a teenager she ended up on the street homeless, stealing from people on trains to survive One night while she was making her usual rounds on the train she met the young cowboy who som [...]

    18. Mandy Laliberte on said:

      OMG How do I begin I know this isn t your typical review I m a book freak, I read everyday Even when a book is part of a series, I have to read them all sometimes they are really bad I know, I m a bit crazy So, let me begin by saying I am so proud of this author of THE LINE, Amie Knight, My beautiful, funny, witty and extremely talented daughter SEE THROUGH HEART was a great book and had pieces of my heart all through it, It was difficult for me to read, but THE LINE is phenomenal I cried, I lau [...]

    19. Bianca on said:

      This is my first book by this author and certainly not my last Her words grabbed me from the first page Her characters bewitched me I needed to read I wanted to know their story And I am so glad I did Everly Woods and Cole Briggs met one night A night where just for a minute, Everly didn t seem invisible Someone saw her A night where Cole saw a broken girl and had no idea that just one small kind action would change everything Fast forward four years and fate brings them together again Except t [...]

    20. Deb Markanton on said:

      A gorgeous story that is so cleverly layered, designed, and beautifully written that I devoured it in one day It will gut you in the best possible way, and teach you a thing or two about love, hope, determination, forgiveness, and family Happenstance may have introduced a homeless young girl and a compassionate cowboy, but destiny reunites them four years later in the most delicious of circumstances Everly and Cole are the epitome of soulmates, and Amie Knight proves it with heart wrenching poig [...]

    21. EpicRomanceReviews on said:

      An Epic Romance Reviews Top Pick PLAY ME A MEMORY Hallelujah Cowboy romances are making a comeback And THE LINE by Amie Knight is the cr me of the crop So you know how you get butterflies of nervous giddy excitement fluttering in your belly right before you start a book from a new to you author Like you are preparing for a hot first date and don t know quite what you re in for, but have a gut instinct that you are gonna be swept off your feet And then, to your relief and delight, every single ex [...]

    22. Alison on said:

      This book had me up all night and I didn t want to put it down as the sexual tension was burning up the pages.Everly Cole had meet on a train four years early when Everly was homeless from going through the foster system Cole was the only person who really seen her, there in counter was brief but had an effect on them both, Four years later Cole is not the cowboy who Everly meet and she has blossomed into a beautiful inside out There is a little snag at the end you didn t see coming, such a beau [...]

    23. Joli on said:

      rating 4.5 out of 5THE LINE is a wonderful story about fate, love, and finding your truths.There is a great amount of tenderness in THE LINE that made my heart both ache and feel full It stirred my emotions and kept me reading well into the night I just had to know what was going to happen between Everly and Cole What I loved Getting the backstory of how Everly and Cole met there was an authentic sadness that immediately made me want to read and wish that Everly would receive her HEA The imager [...]

    24. Tricia Bartley (iScream Books) on said:

      Is this what happened when people loved you They just accepted you the way you were Flaws and all The Line by Amie Knightdang girlI really enjoyed reading this book This book will definitely give you the feels And y all, lets take a moment to enjoy this Hawt Cowboy on the front cover Goodness, he is just perfect for our leading man So this book is about Everly, who is homeless and she is broken She finds herself on a train where she meets a brown eyed, brown haired man in a black Stetson a beaut [...]

    25. Tanya from Get Your Book On on said:

      This is my first novel by author Amie Knight And honestly, she has blown me away with this love story If you re looking for a book with all the feels, this is the story for you Emotion pours off of each and every page It has the perfect blend of sensuality, humor, and sweet romance And I m claiming Cowboy He s mine ladies Sorry not sorry.Cole s caring, and protective nature just sucked me in, and then bam he opens his mouth in the bedroom and my knees go weak The guy is bossy in the best kind of [...]

    26. Pauline (Passionate About Books) on said:

      Welcome to The Line where you will make enough memories to play for a lifetime A broken girl meets a selfless young man who willingly offers her a helping hand and fills her empty heart with so much warmth and love, she cherishes it for years to come Healing and moving forward, she bumps into him again only circumstances are reversed and it is he who needs to be healed now An epic love story which is so full of goodness that you feel the sun warming your body and soul No matter what your flaws a [...]

    27. ellieisuhm on said:

      Final Score 5 Stars Amie Knight has done it again she is the queen of making me UglyCry.This book was an emotional, fabulous, and heartwarming story I dare you not be effected by it s Southern charm and sass as well The heroine, Everly, was bold, and strong and she s a rock star to survive all that she has she completely stole the show for me and it s because of her strength that cried so hard and loved every minute of it The Line is about a young homeless girl and what she does to survive in ru [...]

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