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Kiss Me

Kiss Me By Jillian Dodd Kiss Me This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B AEEFKZ I ve always written scripts for my perfect life But no way could I have ever scripted this My life is so far from perfect it s not even funny Al

  • Title: Kiss Me
  • Author: Jillian Dodd
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Kiss Me By Jillian Dodd This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00AEEFKZ2.I ve always written scripts for my perfect life.But no way could I have ever scripted this.My life is so far from perfect, it s not even funny.All because of a stalker.I m at a boarding school where I have to lie about who I am.I can t see my family.I m tutoring a Hottie God that tortures me with his smile.The most popThis is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00AEEFKZ2.I ve always written scripts for my perfect life.But no way could I have ever scripted this.My life is so far from perfect, it s not even funny.All because of a stalker.I m at a boarding school where I have to lie about who I am.I can t see my family.I m tutoring a Hottie God that tortures me with his smile.The most popular girl already hates me.But there s this boy.This hot, sweet, sexy boy.So I m going to stop trying to script my life and just live it.Because who knows how long I have left.
    Kiss Me By Jillian Dodd

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    • Kiss Me Best Read || [Jillian Dodd]
      219 Jillian Dodd

    One thought on “Kiss Me

    1. Tough Critic Book Reviews on said:

      I hated this book until I loved itOkay, I never hated this book, but me and the first half had a very dysfunctional relationship It wasn t giving me what I needed, what I wanted It wasn t until I finished, that I felt the need to return to the beginning of the book and beg forgiveness This is where I say it s not you it s me, right Well, it is was me It had nothing to do with the writing or the story, it was one hundred percent all me The first half was hard because there was no Cush ion No Cush [...]

    2. Jillian Dodd on said:

      Vote for Aiden from The Keatyn Chronicles in the YA Crush tournament If he wins the tournament, I ll be releasing a very long sneak peek for LOVE ME Please share with your friends ya sisterhood 201

    3. Beverly on said:

      5 I vote for Keatyn StarsKiss Me picks up where Stalk me leaves off Keatyn is attending boarding school in New York to avoid her stalker In this installment of The Keatyn Chronicles we meet her new friends, and even get a little peek at some of her old ones I will start with my favorite of Keatyn s friends Yes, I am 100% Team AidenWe meet Keatyn s current flame Dawson I like to refer to him as horndog, but in his defense he is a teenage boy Then we have a slew of other mouthwatering friends Rile [...]

    4. Alexis *Reality Bites* on said:

      Spoiler Free Review4 STARS out of 5Genre YA Mature Contemporary RomanceBook 2 in The Keatyn ChroniclesFAN FREAKING TAB U LOUS I LOVED IT I am totally addicted to this series If you enjoy YA then you need to read this series I finished hours ago and I still cannot get these characters out of my brain they are embedded there Boy s Boy s Boy s Boy sBoy s I do adore sighs Kiss me Date me Love me Hate me STALK ME Yes this says it all.This book picks up exactly where book 1 left off Keatyn decides tha [...]

    5. Angie - Angie's Dreamy Reads on said:

      THIS REVIEW WAS POSTED ON MY BLOG AT ANGIE S DREAMY READS5 SWOON WORTHY DAWSON STARSI m not sure what it is about this series but I just absolutely ADORE it I think it s the mix between Gossip girls meets The Hills which was a catty show on MTV with high school girls that makes me love it It s seriously like watching an entire season but better if that make sense Keatyn is just one of those girls you want to be She has the it factor Her personality is to die for and she makes you smile, laugh an [...]

    6. Muse-ic ♬ on said:

      Someone please tell me why this book got such good ratings Allow me to summarize this book for you Kissing, sex, popularity, and money, sprinkled with a dash of emotions Yupd this whole books takes place in the course of a few weeks.Within the first few days, Keatyn has decided that she s in love But then she decides he Aiden aka the God of All Hotties is a jerk because he won t have sex with her WTF Dude that s NOT the only aspect of a relationship Grow up The only thing that made me happy was [...]

    7. Christy on said:

      Another fabulous re read I can t get enough of this series On to the next xKiss Me starts off exactly where Stalk Me left off Oh I love these books I just adore Keatyn She is the funnest person And of course I love all of Keatyn s many boys, you seriously need an index to keep up with them Mr Gorgeous My Dawson And God of all Hotties My AidenThere was some tension going on between Dawson and Aiden I started out Team Aiden 100%, then I was Team Dawson for just a minute Now I am conflicted I think [...]

    8. Susanne on said:

      Updated review on April 11 after my first reread Ohmigawd, this book is still beyond adorable All I have to say is boarding school is no day at the beach It is way exciting My cheeks hurt from grinning so much There is no way you can get how awesome this book is And the cover, it really doesn t make this book justice Keatyn is WAY prettier And the book is WAY better.It is so funny, adorable and full of swoony guys You won t know who to cheer for Jillian Dodd has an amazing gift She capture the [...]

    9. Kala on said:

      Also posted on my blog at Kala s Book BlogI wasn t planning to read this because the first book made me so mad, but I decided what the hell and gave it a shot I didn t hate the first book because of the writing and I still liked That Boy though I wasn t a fan of the sequel I was hoping and praying this one would redeem Stalk Me for me And it kind of did and kind of didn t It s hard to explain.If Keatyn had started off at boarding school and I hadn t spent 300 pages in Stalk Me getting to know a [...]

    10. Jennifer Kyle on said:

      Keatyn DawsonOkay I want a redo of my high school experience with Keatyn Monroe as my bff roommate at this private school Oh the fun we would have the designer clothes we would wear and oh the boys we would kiss If you enjoyed the first book of this series Stalk Me then you will enjoy Kiss Me It s flirty, fun and a bit steamy The story has progressed along with Keatyn and I can only guess at what the last book of this series will hold My only complaint was the abrupt ending, I wanted to read but [...]

    11. Erin on said:

      Kiss Me was just as good as the first book in the series, Stalk Me My only complaint is how the books just end I hate having to wait Keatyn seems to have kept up her ways of jumping from boy to boy, at least in the beginning of the book I am not a fan of this, but suppose it is the way of some teenagers I am definitely Team Aiden and was shocked about the whole Dawson thing Though he is a sweetheart and seems to genuinely like Keatyn I still have a soft spot for Aiden and hope she ends up with h [...]

    12. HILLZ on said:

      BOYS BOYS BOYS Keatyn is living the teenage dream She is rich, beautiful and surrounded by tons of gorgeous boys I mean buff, gorgeous, dreamy, god like boys Her life is perfect, right Oh wait, except that she has a stalker and can t ever see her family again I love this series It is adorable Easy great read Love the inner monologue that goes on in her head.

    13. Laci on said:

      Another exceptional book in this series These books are witty and fun and I can t wait for Date Me

    14. Georgia on said:

      Stalk Me Spoilers While I wasn t completely blown away by Stalk Me, I was very excited for the release of Kiss Me I was not disappointed Kiss Me was everything and Dodd delivered a story full of the perfect amount of romance, boys and mystery I ve already fallen in love with Dodd s That Boy series and am so glad I was able to enjoy Kiss Me.Keatyn has left her beach lifestyle, friends and family for boarding school unfortunately, not by choice She was forced to leave after she was almost kidnapp [...]

    15. Ashley on said:

      I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review on Ashley s Book Nook If only boys came with warning labels Like, yours would be Do not kiss when drunk Riley s would be I m going to sleep with you and your best friend, too KeatynOkay, let me just start off by saying that if the boys at boarding school are all as hot, sweet, athletic, charming, adorable, funny and whatever other adjective I can think of, as they are in Kiss MeI wish I would have known about that sooner I probably would have b [...]

    16. Autumn Review on said:

      I can t deny it I m a KC groupie I m even in a Keatyn Chronicles discussion group There are theories flying around all over the place about WHO WILL KEATYN END UP WITH Well, we have a long way to go before we find that out In the meantimeI m enjoying all these yummy guys she gets to choose from While Keatyn s indecisiveness in Stalk Me, drove me nuts, it didn t seem to bother me much in this one Maybe it s because of DAWSON Oh my, Dawson I wasn t sure I could love anyone than Cush for Keatyn, b [...]

    17. J *deep in the heart of Texas* on said:

      4.5 Fun Filled Stars These are like the funnest books ever Like totally No, reallyey are They re like crackey re an addictiond I just can t quit And frankly, I don t want to This is how they make me feelOkayI m going to go out on a limb herebut I think I am stillTEAM AIDEN What can I say, I like the under dog Though I think Ms Dodd is just trying to get us all to fall in love with Dawson so we forget about Aiden and then he s going to make this huge comeback And don t get me wrong it was hard no [...]

    18. Brandi on said:

      Wow, Jillian has me switching teams constantlyese boysoh my Kiss me shows Keatyn acclimating to the changes in her life and new friends Very cute, fun read Anxiously waiting for the next installment.

    19. Kellie Maddox-Ward on said:

      THIS BOOK MADE ME SO HAPPY AND GIDDY.This was a lot of fun, and it was a bit sexier than the last with the little exhibitionist showings at the football game and the library DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA, boys boys boys boys, bitches, backstabbers, fun, laughs, tears, just the perfect amount of everything Just all round awesome YA NA As stated in my review of Stalk Me this series plays out like a TV Show, we pick up instantly where we left off At the Fair After kissing Aiden and making the dance team.Brief [...]

    20. Paula on said:

      Warning There are spoilers from the first book, Stalk Me I think I m in hot boy overload Keatyn, our heroine, puts my wild teen days to shame with her harem of delicious boys and naughty school girl outfits I never thought I would be saying this but I m actually pretty impressed with this series This series may be cute and fluffy, but the writing is addictive And the storyline is so much fun This story picks up immediately where Stalk Me ends After coming close to being kidnapped by her stalker, [...]

    21. Morgan on said:

      CLICK HERE TO READ MY FULL REVIEW AT READING, EATING AND DREAMING I WAS BLAIR WALDORF This isn t your traditional love story It s not a story about one girl and one boy It s a story about a girl s journey through adolescence and the many boys she meets along the way The many SEXY boys she meets along the way Basically, it s chick lit at it s best There are numerous boys to fall for, the story line is engaging and entertaining, and the main character Keatyn is hilarious Keatyn is boy crazy to the [...]

    22. Mia Asher on said:

      I feel like I ve died and gone to hottie heaven KeatynThis is how Keatyn feels when she arrives to her boarding school, a place that will be her home for the next year of her life, and it is NOT a joke It is a Hottie Heaven that only Jillian Dodd could create so well When I finished reading Stalk me vol 1 , I was left with an amazing feeling that I had just walked into my teenage dream of going to a boarding school with hot boys and, well, have fun Keatyn arrives to this boarding school and is s [...]

    23. Britt on said:

      4 stars I loved this book so much than the first, however once again I felt like I shouldn t have So I have said it a million times but I will say it again I HATE LOVE TRIANGLES The reason for this is someone always has to miss out, or neither of them in the end, or if the author is a masochist she just kills one of the characters off The only thing that gets me past a love triangle normally is those books such as the first in this series Stalk Me and Between the Lines by Tammara Webber where I [...]

    24. D on said:

      So loved this book I think I even loved it than the first Is that even possible because Stalk me was EPIC So what does that make Kiss Me UBER EPIC It probably doesn t even matter Except that you so need to read this book Jillian Dodd is like the Goddess of mature YA lit she just gets it Kiss Me, the second book to the Keatyn Chronicles, was so much fun There is still the God of All Hotties making his play on Keatyn but then there s Dawson OMG I personally think he should have the title of God o [...]

    25. C.C. MacKenzie on said:

      Did you guys ever watch Gossip Girl Or Beverly Hills 90210 in the early days Well, if you enjoyed those, you re going to love the steamy Keatyn Chronicles Readers have gone wild for Keatyn and her complicated life, never mind her even complex love life.Jillian s ability to write such a fabulously drawn character has readers coming back for again and again Keatyn may look as if she has it all, but she hasn t and she has the smarts to know it too This is no timid little doormat This is a girl wh [...]

    26. Megan on said:

      So where do I start Maybe with Dawson or Dallas or Riley or AIDEN.I didn t like this book, I didn t even sort of like this book I FREAKING LOVED THIS BOOK It picks up right where we left Keatyn in Stalk Me Literally I love Jillians writing b c you don t miss a beat You get the best description of Keatyns day to day life without wondering what is going to go down today.I LOVE her friendship with the boys Dawson, Dallas, Riley I am Team Aiden but for some reason I am ok with her sort of being with [...]

    27. Sara on said:

      Well holy shit Im on boy overload with a side of whiplash Team Aiden Dawson Brooklyn so disappointed with him Was not happy with Cush and his Facebook message Whitney thinks she s the queen but she s not Love Riley and Dallas and the other boys.

    28. Lori on said:

      omg More Pleaseke now The hottie overload continues with even hotties Review to come

    29. Luc on said:

      That girl is a hot mess, kissing on all those boys Loved it and can t wait for Date Me to be released

    30. Cara on said:

      Review So I had every intention of reading a few pages out the book, and going back to the book I am supposed to be reading for a tour A ton of hours later it is 5 am, and I am finishing the book This book sucked me in very much like Jillian s last book Stalk Me The only thing that truly upsets me is that I have to wait for April for the next book What a cruel world this is Okay maybe there is two things that upset me I can t decide what team I am on There s Team Dawson, Team Aiden, Team Dallas, [...]

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