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Stay the Night

Stay the Night By Lynn Viehl Stay the Night From the USA Today Bestselling Author of Twilight FallRead a novella about the Darkyn from Lynn Viehl Outlaw immortal vampire and art thief Darkyn Lord Robin of Locksley has evaded authorities for

  • Title: Stay the Night
  • Author: Lynn Viehl
  • ISBN: 9780451412669
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
  • Stay the Night By Lynn Viehl From the USA Today Bestselling Author of Twilight FallRead a novella about the Darkyn from Lynn Viehl.Outlaw, immortal vampire, and art thief, Darkyn Lord Robin of Locksley has evaded authorities for the last 700 years At the moment, he s falling for undercover federal agent Christina Renshaw, who has no time for an affair She hopes to snag an elusive art thief, but soonFrom the USA Today Bestselling Author of Twilight FallRead a novella about the Darkyn from Lynn Viehl.Outlaw, immortal vampire, and art thief, Darkyn Lord Robin of Locksley has evaded authorities for the last 700 years At the moment, he s falling for undercover federal agent Christina Renshaw, who has no time for an affair She hopes to snag an elusive art thief, but soon has no choice other than to join forces with Robin When the chase becomes dangerous, both will have to choose between losing each other and losing everything they value
    Stay the Night By Lynn Viehl

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      489 Lynn Viehl

    One thought on “Stay the Night

    1. Zeek on said:

      We all know the back story of the hero of Stay The Night, but unless you ve read Viehl s Darkyn Novel titled Ever, you haven t gotten the complete story.In Viehl s world, Robin of Locksley is a Darkyn Vampire Living for hundreds of years, his business is still the same rob from the rich and give to the poor His arch enemy Guy of Gisborne is also a Darkyn Vampire and he hasn t given up on hunting the notorious Robinhood.Robin s story moves into present day when FBI Agent, Chris Renshaw, takes it [...]

    2. Mara on said:

      3 1 2This series has suffered from the original sin I didn t like the heroine of the first book , and I have read it in chunks all out of order which has not helped Still, I came gradually to enjoy it, and I admit it s a pity we had such a shaky relationship I m sorry to see it ended, there were so many stories I would have liked to read, from John onward The spin off Kindred wasn t a success for me again first book sin syndrome , I wonder if the Lord of the Kyn is any better.I love this author [...]

    3. Mary Cushnie-Mansour on said:

      I decided to do one review on this entire series of the Darkyn books by Lynn Viehl I found them to be intriguing from the first one If Angels Burn right through to the final chapter Stay the Night Alexandra Keller is a first class reconstructive surgeion, who is drawn into the world of Michael Cyprien, who is the head of the vampire jardin in America Michael needs her expertise to reconstruct his face, which was badly mangled by a group of individuals who were on an ageless vendetta to destroy t [...]

    4. Melindeeloo on said:

      7th and final Darkyn Novel, but don t fret it s not really the end I thoroughly enjoyed the first half of the Stay the Night I liked Robin, we met the infamous charming thief of Robin Hood fame two books ago in Ever A Novel of the Darkyn Signet Eclipse Robin s love interest Chris is the perfect torture for him, a woman who is totally immune to his Kyn power of charm As an FBI agent out to catch the Magician, as Robin the thief is known to the art world, Chris is also the nemesis to Robin s thiev [...]

    5. Jennifer on said:

      I liked this book a lot, but was slightly disappointed with the ending The author has said that this is the last book in the Darkyn series, yet there were several loose ends that weren t resolved Overall this is a great series The characters are believable and engaging, and the writing is excellent I was also lucky enough to have won my copy of this book in a contest on the author s website And it s autographed Woo Hoo

    6. Cid Tyer on said:

      The Setting in this one also jumps around a lot One moment you re in Atlanta, the next Rome or Venice or Chicago or London you get the point Current day, not too much out of the ordinary, really.The Characters sigh are probably my love obsession with the books Stay the Night features drum roll please Robin Hood as a vampire Yup How awesome is that I liked how Robin evolved from just our lovable thief to a dark character with lots of appeal I especially like how Special Agent Chris just walks awa [...]

    7. Shannon C. on said:

      Disappointing ending to an otherwise good seriesI enjoyed the continuation of Michael Alexandra s story, as well as the plotlines around the new Kyn creations of the Brethren I would have liked interaction between them so much focus was on her research and work as a doctor I was disappointed with Chris, the FBI agent that Robin falls for She was so bit chy and self centered, I didn t like her and didn t buy into Robin falling in love with her He s such a good character and she definitely wasn t [...]

    8. Cindy on said:

      Good read The primary plot brings together a federal agent trying to track down a thief the Feds call the Magician and the archetype of all thieves, Robin Hood Throw in bioterrorism, revenge, and secrets long buriedA good conclusion to the Darkyn series and less dark than some of the earlier books I enjoyed the interweaving of Michael and Alex through the series, gave everything a great sense of continuity A new series about the Kyndred related to Darkyn is nicely teased.Order is very important [...]

    9. Louisa on said:

      Really enjoyed rereading this book It s the end of the series, but there s a spin off series, yeah Really enjoyed this couple, and they were a fitting end to this series First read April 2011 Great book It was just a great way for a famous character to end, and I really liked it

    10. Megzy on said:

      I absolutely hate it when an immortal becomes human while everyone he or she knows remain immortal except for their brand new mate they just met like few days before

    11. Mary on said:

      Hm, I m just not a fan of historical figures still being around because they are vampires I don t think I would bother with in this series.

    12. Paranormal Romance on said:

      Undercover for the FBI, the heroine will stop at nothing to apprehend the art thief known as the Magician The criminal is responsible for the suicide of her dead parent as the man has the gift, if seems, to make people think and do whatever he wants them to Staking out a bar where the Magician is known to frequent, the heroine instead finds herself in the presence of a very hansom, very rich, very alluring Englishman Dedicated to her job and not one to engage in one night stands, the heroine sur [...]

    13. Marissa Dobson on said:

      I was very much looking forward to reading Robin s story in Stay the Night I was also sad to hear that this was the last book in the series and I was curious as to how it would all end Robin of Locksley has been stealing from the rich for the last 700 years With the help of his Darkyn powers, he can charm just about anyone into handing over anything The FBI dubbed him The Magician for his most recent larcenous exploits involving the theft of priceless works of art Chris Renshaw is a special agen [...]

    14. Tania on said:

      Stay the Night by Lynn Viehl Book 7 of the Darkyn series finale So this is the last book in the Darkyn series and I really enjoyed Robin and Chris s story But this is not the end of the Darkyn.I know there are two series after this the Kyndred series and the Lords of the Darkyn trilogy And I m SO glad there are stories but I ll tell you why at the end of my review.I was really hoping that Robin would get a happily ever after because I was wondering why he wasn t happy already Robin is the lege [...]

    15. Britta on said:

      It seems that Lynn Viehl is trying to take the route of J.R Ward and turn what was a good paranormal romance series into a mediocre urban fantasy Mediocre That s what Stay the Night had written all over it This was to be Robin and Chris s novel but just like Lover Enshrined which was everybody s book but Phury s this is everybody s book but theirs We figure out pretty early that Rob or Robin is Robin of Locksley aka Robin Hood And he s got a grudge against his cousin, Guy who is Sherwood of Sher [...]

    16. Theresa on said:

      Half the book is a repeat of Twilight Fall It probably made it easy for Ms Viehl, but is very repetitive and boring for us, the reader Half the book were repeated scenes that occurred with Robin and or Chris in Twilight Fall , only now we get the filled out story through both Robin and Chris POV It s only until they get to Rome and Venice do we get new, very interesting scenes The new parts are very good, though somewhat predictable I just don t feel the connection between Robin and Chris He s v [...]

    17. Alice Janell on said:

      The seventh and final book in the Darkyn series by Lynn Viehl centers around Robin Hood as a vampire.Robin of Locksley is introduced earlier in the series, but it s not until Stay the Night does he truly come to the foreground as a major character with his own story When I was reading the Darkyn series, I was most excited about Stay the Night , especially after reading Ever , the fifth book in the series.Throughout the series, Viehl has created some really great, interesting characters One of my [...]

    18. Natasja on said:

      Robin of Locksley is one of the Darkyn kind and has been stealing from the rich for centuries His Darkyn powers will help him with these cases, but it also leads the FBI on his tail, especially when they think he is involved with the disappearing of priceless art work.Chris Renshaw is a special agent for the FBI and she s lead the operation to find this Magician who steals all those art works So she goes undercover as an art dealer and decides to use The Maiden s book , an ancient manuscript as [...]

    19. Vale on said:

      I can honestly say that after reading every single book in this series, I did not expect all the twists in Stay The Night How the series all start, making it seem like it was just a random coincidence that a human made the change after so many centuries In this book we have as main characters Chris Renshaw and Robin Locksley We ve come to known Robin from the previous books and I can honestly say this was one of the books I was looking forward to reading the most Chris is an FBI agent, assigned [...]

    20. Nancy on said:

      Stay the Night is 7 in a series entitled Darkyn What I really liked about this book is that, 7 or not, you don t have to read the prior novels to enjoy it Admittedly, there are times something would have been a bit better with background but this was a great book and now I m going to have to go visit half to get the other 6 The characters in the book run true to historic form in many ways and it was interesting to see how they were coping with the 21st Century.Chris is a Federal agent assigned [...]

    21. Cheryl on said:

      Robin of Locksley has gained notoriety throughout the centuries as a skillful art thief and powerful Darkyn vampire lord For the past seven hundred years, it seems the authorities have not been able to apprehend Robin Another quality Robin has going for him, besides being an art thief is the ability to steal women s hearts with just one look You could call Robin a bit of a Casanova FBI agent Chris Renshaw has gone undercover to seek out an art thief She plans to use a priceless artifact called t [...]

    22. Lisa Lap on said:

      I like Robin and Chris together but felt a lot of their story was detracted from because of all the loose ends the author was trying to tie up in this story I also kind of hated the fact she let Alex find the cure to being Darkyn I don t know why I hated it but I did like it somehow make the Brethren was even justified in their horrible methods of breeding their own Darkyn because it was something curable so those who chose to remain Darkyn were evil Nope Hated that plot point I also felt short [...]

    23. Heather Dalgarno on said:

      This book is the final installment in the Darkyn series by Lynn Viehl To be honest, it was one of the ones I enjoyed the least.This book revisits some of the characters and themes last seen in Ever Robin Hood, a Darkyn lord, finally comes to terms with his past and his feud with Nottingham and falls in love with a mortal FBI agent Chris.In general I found this book to be pretty unbelievable I just didn t buy the whole Robin Chris love affair Like some of the worst Sherrilyn Kenyon books it was a [...]

    24. Jennifer on said:

      OK I feel bad about this one, I really do I liked Robin as a character and Chris was an acceptable match, but for being the conclusion of a series this story in no way tied up the many running plot lines I think I m confused than when I started Plot developments over the last 1 2 books were fairly well covered Robin and Nottingham The Darkyn cure is discovered, but I felt this was such a strange goal of Alex to begin with I got the impression that most of the Darkyn like being who they are, des [...]

    25. Lani on said:

      Well, little did I know I was reading the 7th book in the series first For some reason, I thought said it was book one but I must have been sleep buying when I did cause it is not book one.Honestly, this book was different than anything I d ever read I didn t characterize it as a romance novel, fantasy adventure with romance added My problem of course was that I didn t know it was close to the end However, I did start to realize what was going on and it was good There were a few surprises thoug [...]

    26. Sloan McBride on said:

      This is a Darkyn novel, one of many in the series I rush to get them every time a new one comes out The Darkyn are vampires but not in the relative sense They are something different Steeped in ancient ritual they attempt to survive in current times without being detected In Stay the Night, the reader is introduced to Robin of Locksley Yes, THE Robin of Locksley Ever the thief, Robin has spent the last 700 years stealing priceless works of art In this story, he s after Maiden s Book of Hours, t [...]

    27. Shinyfox on said:

      2.5 starsI liked Robin s character and got a kick out of who he actually was, it amused me to no end I believe that I should read the previous books in the series because I was a little confused in this book The low rating is not for the confusion that I felt I knew going in to expect a certain amount of being lost because it is a book so late in the series.The book overall was pretty good It wasn t great, in my opinion, but it was entertaining enough to finish The sex scenes were fair not the h [...]

    28. Jen on said:

      Looks like I m finished with the Darkyn series That s so sad Everything wrapped up nicely AND it left it wide open for Lynn Viehl s newest series Kyndred which is where this book leads off Alex figured it out everything from what the Bretheren were doing with the abused Darkyn s to finding the cure to bring them back to human Robin of Locksley this book was about him and his true love Chris For some reason, Robin was a LOT Dominate then I would have thought he didn t ASK Chris things, he TOLD h [...]

    29. Susan on said:

      Lynn Viehl s unique world of vampires will pull you into an intriguing story with the Darkyn s medieval lifestyle and legendary characters that tie in with historical figures of fact and fantasy Robin and Chris s passion and loyalties pull the reader into a fantastic journey of love and danger that will keep you turning the pages anxiously intrigued with a plot that runs in many directions, but conclude to one dangerous outcome All her characters play a major part in the plot and Ms Viehl dangle [...]

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