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White Crosses

White Crosses By Larry Watson White Crosses Larry Watson s previous fiction evoking contemporary Western small town life has won him awards a dedicated readership and unqualified critical praise Now he has written a novel that envelops the ri

  • Title: White Crosses
  • Author: Larry Watson
  • ISBN: 9780671567736
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback
  • White Crosses By Larry Watson Larry Watson s previous fiction evoking contemporary Western small town life has won him awards, a dedicated readership, and unqualified critical praise Now he has written a novel that envelops the rich emotional terrain of his beloved Montana in a mystery that is both unexpected and unforgettable After a nighttime accident at the bottom of Sprull Hill in Bentrock, SherLarry Watson s previous fiction evoking contemporary Western small town life has won him awards, a dedicated readership, and unqualified critical praise Now he has written a novel that envelops the rich emotional terrain of his beloved Montana in a mystery that is both unexpected and unforgettable After a nighttime accident at the bottom of Sprull Hill in Bentrock, Sheriff Jack Nevelsen is compelled to try and protect a part of his hometown that even a hero would have trouble saving its innocence For most everyone in the community would agree that June Moss, the quiet girl who had just graduated from high school, and Leo Bauer, the principal of Bentrock Elementary and a married man like Jack, had no business heading out of town together As Jack sets out to unravel the mystery of their deaths, he begins to create a story to shield his town, a lie that will reverberate throughout an entire community, and into the shadows of his own heart.
    White Crosses By Larry Watson

    White Crosses White Crosses album White Crosses Watson, Larry Books White Crosses is a novel worth reading, and Larry Watson an author worth following Mr Watson weaves a compelling tale of a small Montana town in the s, the citizens, the secrets, and the twists and turns as numerous as the back roads which snake around the mountains, leading to White cross drug Article about White cross drug by Find out information about White cross drug any one of a group of drugs that are powerful central nervous system stimulants stimulant, any substance that causes an increase in activity in various

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    One thought on “White Crosses

    1. Adam on said:

      The first 45 chapters are actually pretty good for a book that i never heard of and picked up from the free shelf at the library The author does a great job looking at what happens to the lives of people affected by a deadly car accident, and how the main character s life begins to unravel because of a single bad decision to try to change the true story of this accident I would have given it 4 stars except for the end Completely silly I closed the book and felt cheated by an ending that made no [...]

    2. Monty on said:

      I decided to read this book after finishing Montana 1948 because I enjoyed it so much This one also takes place in NE Montana and does a wonderful job of describing the area, climate, culture, etc Plus the author has a knack for going into detail about the main character s personality while leaving room for the reader to make inferences as well This story is a great example of how one decision to lie can lead to multiple undesirable consequences I still want to read by this author.

    3. Scott Smith on said:

      An extremely well written book Watson s command of his prose is top notch The biggest appeal for me was the many smaller characters who populate the world of Bentrock, Montana in 1957 Through the lens of their quirky, sometimes lovable, sometimes maddening, eccentricities and nuances, we learn all the about Sherriff Jack Nevelson and his flawed if well meaning approach to solving a simple case that needed no solving His attempts to hide a plain truth end the way most such endeavors do, but with [...]

    4. Marc Roberson on said:

      Another Watson novel set in Montana in the 50s and depicts perfectly the struggle between acting like a member of the community and being one The characters draw you in and you can almost hear the voices inside Jack s head as he struggles to fit in.Great read.

    5. Mary Ronan Drew on said:

      White Crosses by Larry Watson is a slow moving book about a good and well meaning but misguided man, insecure, self critical, and ultimately a failure Jack Nevelsen is the sheriff of a remote county in Montana near the Canadian border, a man with a lot of responsibility but not a great deal to do Serious crime is not a problem in his county and he and his deputy are easily able to handle the complaints about barking dogs, a drunken man wandering in the street, and the occasional invented problem [...]

    6. Rachel on said:

      Actual Rating 1.75 stars White Crosses is the story of two deaths and the sheriff who decides to cover them up Leo Bauer, principal at Bentrock High School, dies in a car accident on the night of graduation With him is June, a high school graduate Sheriff Jack Nevelsen puts two and two together, then decides that the knowledge will destroy the town So, he concocts a tale to prevent the townspeople from figuring it out This book spends an awful lot of time in Jack Nevelsen s head And it s a prett [...]

    7. Cindy R on said:

      Cerebral, which works for me, but if you need action packed, go elsewhere Good job at writing about small town life and how we can too easily surrender our true selves to the alter of worrying too much about what other people think, or of rocking the boat, etc I enjoyed it but it made me sad for the hidden, unfulfilled lives of almost every character in the book.

    8. Tammy Howard on said:

      I like the story this book has to tell but overall was disappointed The main character spent entirely too much time thinking about things that really had nothing to do with anything I had to force myself to keep reading It got better towards the end but I was just ready for it to be over It s a shame because I think it could have been a really good book.

    9. Bamboozlepig on said:

      DNF The book held my interest for the first few chapters, but then I got tired of constantly being inside Jack s head and listening to him overanalyze everything There were also pointless backstories on minor characters that really served no purpose The ending was completely out of placewe hear through most of the story what a moral character Jack is and how it bothers him that he convinced Bauer s son to lie about the accident, then at the end, Jack throws all his morality out the window and de [...]

    10. Alana Cash on said:

      This book is all about the writing style which is very interesting It s told from the point of view of Jack Nevelson, sheriff of the town where he grew up Strictly from his POV And his story covers a lot of ground people, relationships, and Montana This is a smallish town there s not real description of how big it is which I would have liked and he knows a lot of people there The book starts with a deadly car accident and continues throughout the book with Nevelson s neurotic campaign to cover u [...]

    11. Susan on said:

      I picked this up at random on a visit to the South Coastal Library in Bethany Beach while on vacation, and I enjoyed it I had never heard of the author, and this novel was published 20 years ago I particularly liked the portrayal of a small town in Montana in the 1950s, although I wish the ending had been different.

    12. Linda on said:

      I m a big fan of Larry Watson but this was not his best effort The reader spends way too much time inside Jack s head That ending though I never saw it coming

    13. Laurie on said:

      From the onset you know this is not going to turn out well and spending so much time in the sheriff s head .Glad it is over DEPRESSING

    14. Kris on said:

      As a native Montanan, I know all about the white crosses that are placed by the side of the road to mark traffic fatalities So I was intrigued by a book that uses these crosses and the fatalities thereof as the main plot device I wish I could say that the book was as good as the premise, but it was not The ending was horrible, and did not fit with the rest of the book It ruined the entire book for me.The story takes place in a fictional eastern Montana town, and is set in 1957 Sheriff Jack Nevel [...]

    15. Ellen on said:

      Set in Montana in the 1950 s, this is the story of a well meaning but misguided man who wished to save the reputation of a prominent citizen and preserve the innocence of his town On the night of the Bentrock High School graduation, sheriff Jack Nevelson is called to the scene of a fatal accident where two people have been killed The driver of the car was Leo Bauer, the principal of the Bentrock elementary school His passenger was June Moss, a teenager who had just graduated that very evening Ja [...]

    16. Kendra on said:

      Its difficult to think of how to review this book I finished it and wanted to know how it all wrapped upd the book surprised me So, you d think my opinion would be good, but unfortunately, its not I was continually frustratedIts a simple story, set in a small Montana town in 1957 and our main character is the sheriff In the first chapter the principal of the high school dies in a car accident and his dead passenger is an 18 year old girl from the school our assumption throughout the story is tha [...]

    17. Peter on said:

      2 stars is not meant to be a bad rating, it really was ok, but had some flaws Watson s Montana 1948 , and In a Dark Time are two of my all time favorites, so this one was all the disappointing He is so good at developing fully realized characters and evoking a sense of time and place The main character here is so concerned with maintaining the status quo in his mid 50 s Montana town, and is so concerned with morals and appearances, that some of his choices late in the novel seem both odd and co [...]

    18. Suki on said:

      I was so irritated and upset about Jack s willingness to actively instigate and pursue a lie to save his town while destroying so many innocent people that it interfered with my enjoyment of reading the book He didn t even particularly like the town where he lived Or the man whos reputation he was supposedly trying to save So I never really understood why he did what he did Unlike others, however, I felt the ending to be fitting and loved that the entire town would now be talking about the badge [...]

    19. Carla on said:

      I ve read three other works of Larry Watson, and find this last one, an earlier one, less enjoyable There is still that instinctive Larry Watson voice in the book, but not as evolved as his later books The book is written about a small Montana town Mr Watson, and his enviable ability to describe without doing so ad nauseam is what I love about his writing The characters are full of flaws and make choices that are not always the best This book however revolves around an accident, a lie, and an en [...]

    20. Serena on said:

      Despite the time period, this book reads like a modern day western but with all of the neuroses of the present day and none of the excitement of the western The sherriff protagonist has an unexplained fascination with ensuring gossop os not perpetuated, no matter how true it might be He is also such a miserable fellow its hard to reconcile his poor choices Perhaps I m not giving enough credit to the customs of the time but I had a hard time understanding his motivations, even to the bitter abrup [...]

    21. Pat on said:

      Ultimately rather disappointing It starts off quite well but then goes downhill I enjoyed the evocation of 1950s Montana, and the idea of one man taking a step that is essentially him trying to stem the social changes that are on the point of taking place, and the repercussions that act has for him and everyone else But I didn t find the main character very likable And the ending is a bit of a cop out.

    22. Claudia Mundell on said:

      I have liked Larry Watson s unusual work that is usually set in Montana, but I was prepared only somewhat for this story set in 1957 Sharp details and edgy story, but the internal monologue got to me at times Yet I knew it was important and pushed on The ending was a shocker, not something a reader forgets If a reader likes something a bit different and with multifaceted writing, this is the book.

    23. Sarah on said:

      I actually read this book in high school, probably 15 years ago at least, and I ve never forgotten it A real page turner, and really interesting insight into what we leave behind when we die and a lot of that has to do with how we die the questions our loved ones ask themselves, the answers to which they may never know I started thinking about this novel lately and have added Larry Watson works to my to read list.

    24. Jess on said:

      I was so disappointed in this book Maybe I m a sucker for happy endings, but this was a drag The story itself sounded intriguing and it takes place in Montana, where I was heading on our road trip , but it left me with no hope for small towns, or really any town, in their ability to conserve any sort of innocence or morality Maybe I missed something, or maybe that s the point there is no hope Why try I m going to go cry now.

    25. Kirsten on said:

      A neighbor gave me this book yesterday as I was trying to buy a plant stand from her for my porch She didn t say it was good she said it was interesting So we ll see I saw some Danielle Steele on her shelf, but I also saw a lot of Bertold Brecht.UPDATE It was interesting A lot of insight into a mind that I would otherwise probably never encounter I m interested enough to read his other work some day.

    26. Joe Stack on said:

      When does how does a lie take on a life of its own The local sheriff wants to protect the reputation of two people This is a story of the consequences of this action Outstanding on all accounts As with other books by Larry Watson, well written, carefully chosen words, characters who are real and in very degrees of likability, and a premise that is possible An exploration of what happens when a good person tries to do what he thinks is good to do.

    27. Joyce Reynolds-Ward on said:

      Three stars only for the excellent and evocative writing The ending was somewhat of a copout, in my opinion, and left me with a bad taste about the whole story While I would normally enjoy the work of a writer like Watson, the dark turns of his writing with no redeeming qualities ends up leaving me feeling like I ve just delved into a different form of grimdark Not my thing, even though he s an excellent writer Not sure I ll read any .

    28. Chi Dubinski on said:

      Sheriff Jack Nevelson dreads graduation day each year The new high school graduates, who drink than they should, end up with their brief lives marked by white crosses at the side of the highway When he s called out to an accident on Highway 284 he discovers the bodies of two people who should not be together the elementary school principal and a teenage girl The story is set in Montana in the 1950s.

    29. Anne Van on said:

      I enjoyed this book It s set in rural Montana in 1957 and is almost entirely the inner thoughts of a middle aged sheriff during a several week period The scene is set with a fatal two person car accident, and the sheriff makes a decision to insinuate a different perception of what happened It s a bumpy ride for the sheriff, and along the way, the reader is allowed to evaluate the sheriff s perceptions and judgments.

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