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The Challenge of Dawa

The Challenge of Dawa By Ayaan Hirsi Ali The Challenge of Dawa None

  • Title: The Challenge of Dawa
  • Author: Ayaan Hirsi Ali
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 422
  • Format: None
  • The Challenge of Dawa By Ayaan Hirsi Ali None
    The Challenge of Dawa By Ayaan Hirsi Ali

    • Free Read The Challenge of Dawa - by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
      422 Ayaan Hirsi Ali

    One thought on “The Challenge of Dawa

    1. Alex Kondrashin on said:

      Very provocative narrative, seeking to shift the discourse on political islam Got a copy after seeing Hirsi Ali What a woman, what a fierce fighter

    2. Mike on said:

      Not a book but a long Think Tank paper on how the West, but especially the US, should respond to modern Islamist activities Policies are recommended that expand the current focus on violence to additional areas under the heading of Dawa the call to Islam view spoiler In theory, dawa consists of communication or proselytization In practice, dawa by Islamist groups constitutes a process of radical ideological indoctrination, often under the cover of humanitarian relief work that is connected to ji [...]

    3. Melinda on said:

      An interesting read Ayaan Hirsi Ali s case is that non violent Islamism, though generally tolerated or promoted as moderate, is in fact a problem Not only does it set the foundation for violent Islamism, the push for a theocratic state itself is a threat to democracy and human rights, particularly those of women, religious minorities, secularists, gays, and lesbians For background on Islamism, I recommend Maajid Nawaz s Radical, which offers an inside look at one such non violent Islamist group [...]

    4. Arvind on said:

      I think as the author herself mentioned in the introduction, this is a paper 75 pages that she has chosen to make available on the internet for reading and not a book If u follow international current affairs, the author Ayaan Hirsi Ali needs no introduction.The book has a crucial key idea the extraordinary importance attached to Jihad violence is wrong, and the core problem is seemingly non violent Islamism The division between the 2 is porous and the latter also acts as a supply base for the f [...]

    5. Charles on said:

      Ali has taken a step back from the clash of civilizations narrative in recent years, and now speaks deliberately about the problems of terrorism radicalization It s Islamism, not Islam, that she finds incompatible with liberal democracy Whereas she once called on Muslims to convert to Christianity, she now wants to empower reformers and Mecca Muslims within the faith This is progress Ali is right that we need a paradigm shift in the war on terror and most of her recommendations seem sensible en [...]

    6. Kbmaxwell Maxwell on said:

      Alarming and well researched, bringing a truly difficult area of legal and governmental policy to light.

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