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The Wedding

The Wedding By Nicholas Sparks The Wedding After thirty years of marriage Wilson Lewis son in law of Allie and Noah Calhoun of The Notebook is forced to admit that the romance has gone out of his marriage Desperate to win back his wife Ja

  • Title: The Wedding
  • Author: Nicholas Sparks
  • ISBN: 9780446615860
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Wedding By Nicholas Sparks After thirty years of marriage, Wilson Lewis, son in law of Allie and Noah Calhoun of The Notebook , is forced to admit that the romance has gone out of his marriage Desperate to win back his wife, Jane s, heart, he must figure out how to make her fall in love with him again Despite the shining example of Allie and Noah s marriage, Wilson is himself a man unable to eAfter thirty years of marriage, Wilson Lewis, son in law of Allie and Noah Calhoun of The Notebook , is forced to admit that the romance has gone out of his marriage Desperate to win back his wife, Jane s, heart, he must figure out how to make her fall in love with him again Despite the shining example of Allie and Noah s marriage, Wilson is himself a man unable to easily express his emotions A successful estate attorney, he has provided well for his family, but now, with his daughter s upcoming wedding, he is forced to face the fact that he and Jane have grown apart and he wonders if she even loves him any Wilson is sure of one thing his love for his wife has only deepened and intensified over the years Now, with the memories of his in laws magnificent fifty year love affair as his guide, Wilson struggles to find his way back into the heart of the woman he adores.Did You Know The Wedding is a follow up to The Notebook The Wedding was inspired by a few unnamed couples that Nicholas knows well The novel is set in the North Carolina town in which Nicholas now lives
    The Wedding By Nicholas Sparks

    The Wedding TV Movie Feb , Directed by Charles Burnett With Halle Berry, Eric Thal, Lynn Whitfield, Carl Lumbly In s Massachusetts, a wealthy black woman engaged to a poor white beatnik learns about her Nicholas Sparks The Wedding The official website of Nicholas Sparks, American novelist, screenwriter and producer He has seventeen published novels as of September plus one non fiction Eight have been adapted to films, The Wedding Sparks, Nicholas The Wedding by, Nicholas Sparks To the gals, I say nothing, for nothing needs to be said, as the fairer sex does not lack for the finely tuned touchy feely emotional sentiments normally required to The Wedding The Notebook, by Nicholas Sparks The Wedding is a romantic novel by Nicholas Sparks It is about a couple who celebrates years of marriage, and has been described as a sequel to Sparks previous novel The Notebook The book The Wedding by Dorothy West Jan , The Wedding is a beautiful, forgotten black classic about love, racism and how history can shape a family in many ways This story could easily be pages longer, because Dorothy The Wedding A Novel West The publication of The Wedding by Dorothy West, the last surviving member of the Harlem Renaissance, was not only a landmark literary event, but a commercial success as well. The Wedding La Novia Julie Rogers YouTube May , Originally in Spanish and titled La Novia The Bride , the song was written recorded in by Joaquin Prieto In , this version by The Big Wedding Apr , The wedding revolves around lies obviously and religion with Robin Williams as the drunken Catholic priest And it also includes lots and lots of sex jokes The surprising thing that

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    One thought on “The Wedding

    1. Greg on said:

      A friend of the family loaned me two Nicholas Sparks books The friend is very nice However, reading Nicholas Sparks, to quote Tommy Smothers, makes me realize why some animals eat their young.

    2. Jen on said:

      The Wedding almost seemed like it was specifically written for me to hate and it s been a long time since I ve disliked a book this much There s no real art to it people are white as paper and so forth , but it s written for people who don t exactly have alternative lifestyles or world views The baby boomer housewife married her husband because he respected her desire to be a housewife at a time when most people our age wanted to change the world, and she knew he d be a good provider As someone [...]

    3. Beatrice Masaluñga on said:

      Most Nicholas Sparks books are tear jerkers and heartbreaking, I just didn t expect this one to make me cry a little It s of happy tears than sad ones I m just incredibly touched with the story Noah Calhoun s words helped Wilson Lewis to become a better man to his wife, Jane Realizations of how much time he lost because he s too busy at work and doesn t pay much attention to his family Wilson made a mistake of forgetting their wedding anniversary and hurts Jane s feelings To make up for it, he [...]

    4. Margaret on said:

      So this is basically part 2 of The Notebook, the book and movie which made grown men cry OK So, Wilson forgets to bring a big bouquet of flowers and an expensive bottle of perfume through the door on their 29th anniversary He has forgotten Jane pouts until bedtime when she tells him what he has done now That is the beginning of all the trouble Then, Jane runs off to spend time in her son s out of state flat Apparently thinking about leaving Wilson, The Husband Who Has Forgotten Their Anniversary [...]

    5. Robin on said:

      I read this book right after I read Twilight because I was on a romance kick very rare, I promise and I couldn t get my hands on New Moon At first I was worried it was going to be lame because it makes it seem like it s going to be another story about what a jerk the main guy is and how he s neglecting his wife However, I really liked the way the author made Wilson not a bad guy, but a good guy who just doesn t know any better I usually don t like mushy books because it always seems like it s wa [...]

    6. Kimmie Cocchiola on said:

      This was my very first Nicholas Sparks book I never had time nor made time for reading, other than educational reads for health and career I decided to choose a book in the airport before boarding the plane I figured it may keep my mind off of flying I never in my life thought I would spend the next 3 days unable to put the book down From that day on I continue to read Nicholas Sparks books For me I find his books to be captivating, always drawing me in and keeping me there as I continue to be u [...]

    7. Tabby Kat on said:

      Noah is now living at Creekside, where he and Allie had moved toward the end of her life He spends his time feeding a lone female swan, distinguished by a dark patch of color on her chest Noah feels that this is Allie come back to him, and his children feel that he s lost touch with the world Noah, however, never gives up on his theory and insists that it is his dear beloved wife.Noah and Allie s oldest daughter, Jane, is married to Wilson Lewis They ve been married for nearly 30 years and have [...]

    8. Buggy on said:

      Opening Line Is it possible, I wonder, for a man to truely change Although not the best book in Nicholas Sparks s collection this is an easy and sweet sometimes sickly read without the usual gut wrenching heartbreak at the end I found it amazing and a credit to Sparks as a writer that he was able to craft an entire book out of the simple premise of a wedding and a few flashbacks This is almost like a Seinfeld episode in that it s about nothing but still intriguing to watch unfold And even though [...]

    9. Tatiana Khaykina on said:

      How many people are ever given that chance To have someone you love fall in love with you over and over The book was not typical for me because I was used to read romantic stories about young or middle aged people who haven t been married yet But this story is about a married couple and at first I thought that I would get bored Wilson wanted to prepare something special for his wife, Jane on their 30th anniversary but a week before the date their daughter announced that she was getting married W [...]

    10. Reem Alomari on said:

      This book was different in two ways First, it was written in one person s point of view, the male character Second, it is not a story about two people meeting and falling in love No These couple met and married each other And the story starts off thirty years later This book was so adorable I thought it was realistic and it had zero percent cheesiness I learned a lot about marriage from Wilson, the husband I learned that marriage is a battle everyday where you have to fight to keep the romance a [...]

    11. Cristina on said:

      Nicholas Sparks the author who never disappoints.Once again I was blown away by a book written by Sparks It was so intense, so pure and the ending was a great surprise for me Books like this one change the way people think It was so perfect in all the ways possible I don t know why I didn t read this book sooner I don t have words to describe what this book made me feel But peace, tranquility, love and special seem to be the suitable words.

    12. Delores on said:

      This is the second Nicholas Sparks book that I have read the first being The Notebook This is a follow up to that book focusing on one of Noah s daughters It was a decent read but not quite as engaging as The Notebook It could be the male perspective that comes across so clearly to me However, that being said, I suppose as a married woman, I should be glad to have a closer look at the male perspective I am getting used to Sparks style of writing which I wouldn t say is quite chic lit.The story w [...]

    13. MiaBakhthiar on said:

      Most love stories happen before and end with marriage, and the story ends and they ve supposedly lived happily ever after This book, however, shows that even after the rocky path that follows marriage, there s still a loving ending.The concept of the book is so beautiful, but the way it was presented was very difficult to get into at first I also found that after reading many of his books, they start to become very similar, and predictable.The story was incredibly heartfelt, nonetheless, and I w [...]

    14. Hiba Arrame on said:

      Wasn t as good as The Notebook, but it was fine Sparks has this effect on me of always being able to shed at least a tear throughout his books, and even in times I think that the story is going to be plain he comes up with a surprising turn in the events.This is a story of the renewal of love, of vows, of compassion, and how it is possible for a couple to learn how to love each other again no matter how disappointed one is in the other.

    15. valee on said:

      What an amazing read, I enjoyed every page Actually it will be really hard to rate this book as I feel I loved it but it wasn t as deep and tragically as most Spark s books usually are I have been dying t read this book for years as I heard it was the only one with a HEA this author wrote Well, I m happy to tell you guys that s true Not a single person dies in here which is usually how Spark s books go This has pro s and con s While I enjoyed everything being happy and nice, I missed those deep [...]

    16. Jess on said:

      It s been a really long time since I ve read this probably about 12 years ago and I thought since this is my wedding year it would be a good time for me to read it again Although I remembered what happened, I loved reading this in a whole new light I could definitely use some help from Wilson to finish planning my own wedding

    17. Marianne on said:

      2 stars is a bit harsh, I d give it another half if I could It s not that I didn t kind of enjoy this book, it s just that it seemed a little, okay a lot contrived There is no way a man would ever behave this wayeven a good and decent and worthwhile one Even a romantic one I just think books like this contribute to divorced women who sit at home reading sappy romances and wondering why they can t find a man like that Give the guys a break How does Nicholas Sparks come up with this stuff It remin [...]

    18. Martha on said:

      Okay so nobody died Yay Still, it was boring.It was basically this guy who was making calls the whole year to get things in order I was waiting for a conflict but there was none whatsoever That s a lot coming from someone who doesn t like conflict very much It also got predictable halfway through the book As in I knew, somehow, who the wedding was for I think it was because she said her daughter would regret it if she didn t have a proper wedding but that s just me.The book was well written as i [...]

    19. Kristy Trauzzi on said:

      Is this book a sequel to the Notebook Because it makes references to the Notebook, but maybe he s just trying to get your interest piqued so that you want to go and find his other books and read I loved this book It was so cute I want to find rose petals all throughout the house and find a cute dress and high heels I don t even need to be picked up in the limo I think a great romantic night planned would be absolutely incredible I swooned when I read it.While I personally don t agree with renewi [...]

    20. Book Concierge on said:

      Audio book read by Tom WopatThis is a sequel to Sparks s incredibly popular The Notebook This book focuses on Noah and Allie s oldest daughter, Jane, and her husband Wilson After forgetting their anniversary, Wilson spends the next year trying to figure out how to make it up to Jane, with some sage advice from his father in law, Noah But when their daughter announces she s getting married on their anniversary, all Wilson s plans are circumvented I ve read a couple of books by Sparks I actually e [...]

    21. Ruth Hyland on said:

      way too sappy for me i do like feel good books, but not sappy love stories i just didn t buy that all their relationship issues were his fault as a feminist i believe women are accountable for their happiness and if they aren t happy with their relationship they need to speak up do something about it i do believe that people can change and that theme in the book was good.

    22. Ninoska Goris on said:

      Ador esta segunda parte de El cuaderno de Noah.Es la historia de la hija de Noah, Jane.Tiene una sorpresa que, por ser tan inesperada, sorprende.

    23. Imene Tl on said:

      Nicholas Sparks sure knows how to keep things real Marriage isn t always roses and butterflies, even between those deeply in love There will be hardships and doubts and moments of dispair, but anyone can find their way back if they fight for what they are sure is true love.

    24. Marleen on said:

      On a rare ocassion, I tend to read a Sparks book that hasn t been made into a movie, so that the story still sounds fresh and new to me Unfortunately, this one disappointed me This was a rather stagnating story meaning that nothing much happened besides the musings of fifty something man, Wilson, who s married to Jane, the daugther of the eldery Noah Calhoun and Allie who were the main characters of the Notebook After a thirty years of marriage, Wilson has finally realized that maybe his wife ha [...]

    25. Miss Kim on said:

      Some of my friends here know how I feel about Mr Sparks, and may wonder, why the hell is she trying another of his books Well I ask myself the same question However, I saw it on my shelf and the swans on the cover drew me Yes, sometimes I am easy I blew off the dust I ve had it forever , and peeked at page one 10 mins and 20 pages later I realized, Well, I spose I m giving Ole Sparks a chance again.If you are a fan of The Notebook, you may enjoy this sequel Having been married for double digit y [...]

    26. Harish Kumar Challapalli on said:

      Awesome I loved the book its one of the best romantic books i have ever read Though its a sequel to The Notebook , there is no compulsion that one shud that before reading this Frankly, i liked the sequel than the prequel I am sure that people in their mid 40s wud def feel connected

    27. Ahmad Sharabiani on said:

      The Wedding The Notebook, 2 , Nicholas Sparks 1383 358

    28. Devon on said:

      i have to admit that at first i didnt really want to read this book, for some reason a long time ago i bought it because i love nicholas sparks but the back description of the book bored me to death Well, i m glad I finally took the time to read it because i absolutely love it and i mean LOVE it It was better than the notebook Definitely now in my tops of nicholas sparks and i ve read them all.The Wedding is a story about a couple that has fallen out of love because the Husband chooses work over [...]

    29. Pragya on said:

      First off, I like Nicholas Sparks books usually I know many people scoff off at his name But amongst the books of his that I have read, I have liked a few while others have been average If you are into travel, you should read Three weeks with my brother , I really liked it About this book, it was good to begin with, and then it slowed down considerably in the middle It s been quite some time since I picked up a Nicholas Sparks so I forgot how it read like I have got so used to fast paced books n [...]

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