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Hogfather By Terry Pratchett Hogfather Susan had never hung up a stocking She d never put a tooth under her pillow in the serious expectation that a dentally inclined fairy would turn up It wasn t that her parents didn t believe in such th

  • Title: Hogfather
  • Author: Terry Pratchett
  • ISBN: 9780552154284
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hogfather By Terry Pratchett Susan had never hung up a stocking She d never put a tooth under her pillow in the serious expectation that a dentally inclined fairy would turn up It wasn t that her parents didn t believe in such things They didn t need to believe in them They know they existed They just wished they didn t.There are those who believe and those who don t Through the ages, superstitSusan had never hung up a stocking She d never put a tooth under her pillow in the serious expectation that a dentally inclined fairy would turn up It wasn t that her parents didn t believe in such things They didn t need to believe in them They know they existed They just wished they didn t.There are those who believe and those who don t Through the ages, superstition has had its uses Nowhere so than in the Discworld where it s helped to maintain the status quo Anything that undermines superstition has to be viewed with some caution There may be consequences, particularly on the last night of the year when the time is turning When those consequences turn out to be the end of the world, you need to be prepared You might even want standing between you and oblivion than a mere slip of a girl even if she has looked Death in the face on numerous occasions
    Hogfather By Terry Pratchett

    Terry Pratchett s Hogfather TV Movie Nov , It s Hogswatch equivalent to Christmas on the Discworld and the Hogfather has gone missing, requiring Death to take his place while his granddaughter Susan endeavors to find out what has happened Plot Summary Plot Synopsis Hogfather Watch Hogfather Prime Video From the mind of Terry Pratchett comes Hogfather, a fantastic miniseries set in a parallel universe It s the night before Hogswatch on Discworld, and the Hogfather has gone missing, in a plot by the evil Auditors to destroy human belief and make the planet their own. Hogfather Rotten Tomatoes Based on a novel by Terry Pratchett, Hogfather is an excellent fantasy film Michelle Dockery as Susan was an inspired choice, played her role brilliantly.

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    One thought on “Hogfather

    1. Nataliya on said:

      This is a book about the nature of belief the reminder that things we think of as essential, eternal, unbreakable are here because we willed them to be It is the book about origins, of sorts.This book is a reminder that what we think of as sweet harmless stories come from darker, scary places And that is for a reason So many things stem from the simple fact we, humans, need to believe we need to create and fantasize to make the world make any sense, to have the world we think of as permanent BE. [...]

    2. Joey Woolfardis on said:

      IT IS THE THINGS YOU BELIEVE IN WHICH MAKE YOU HUMAN GOOD THINGS AND BAD THINGS, IT S ALL THE SAME Hogfather itself concerns the Discworld, where there are things that control the Universe called The Auditors and they do not like Humans, because Humans are messy Well, they did invent dullness And Death is meddling again His grand daughter Susan is trying to be normal, but how normal is hitting bogeymen with a poker, really And we haven t even mentioned the one eyed Assassin yet, or the fact that [...]

    3. A Bald Mage** Steve on said:

      I was hooked on these books in the late 1990 s and I had to have every book that came out without fail Unfortunately during the mists of time all the books have merged into one, but I still remember Death and Rincewind to this day and the over top adventures they had But I have to admit my favourite novels were the ones that contain the city watch and the adventures of Sam Vimes, these novels still to this day stick out as the best of the series, but I never really got on with the books that fea [...]

    4. Наталия Янева on said:

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    5. BrokenTune on said:

      IT GETS UNDER YOUR SKIN, LIFE, said Death, stepping forward, SPEAKING METAPHORICALLY, OF COURSE IT S A HABIT THAT S HARD TO GIVE UP ONE PUFF OF BREATH IS NEVER ENOUGH YOU LL FIND YOU WANT TO TAKE ANOTHER When it comes to favourite Christmas reads, Terry Pratchett s Hogfather is as perfect as they come for me It certainly beats Charles Dickens when comes to spreading seasonal cheer and tell an uplifting tale of what makes humans human Hogfather has got all the classical elements of stories of woe [...]

    6. Mike (the Paladin) on said:

      This book is hilarious.The Auditors have decided that they need to remove the Hog Father they contact the Assassin s guild and Mr Teatime pronounce it Teh ah tim eh is sent to inhum him but Hog Father isn t human As you can imagine chaos ensues With Death taking over the Hog Father s role to keep belief in him alive, while Mr Teatime pronounce it Teh ah tim eh and Susan Deaths grand daughter are in the realm of the tooth fairyTeatime trying to use what s there to assassinate the Hog Father and S [...]

    7. Melindam on said:

      Charity ain t giving people what you wants to give, it s giving people what they need to get There s a tip, though Just ho, ho, ho will do Don t say, Cower, brief mortals unless you want them to grow up to be moneylenders or some such I first read the Hogfather in 2010 and it became a favourite by page 15 or maybe page 10 I have reread it before during Xmas ever since to get into out of the spirit of things.It is an awesome book never stops to amaze entertain me even after the Nth reread You can [...]

    8. Lyn on said:

      Humans need fantasy to be human To be the place where the falling angel meets the rising ape From Discworld s inception, readers have known that Sir Terry Pratchett has fired a shot across the bow of convention, especially religious institutions, with his concept of a flat world atop four elephants who themselves stood atop of great turtle Hogfather, his 20th Discworld novel first published in 1996, takes off where 1992 s Small Gods his 13th leaves off Hello, inner child, I m the inner babysitte [...]

    9. Kaethe on said:

      2 14 2008Inseparable in my mind from a Futurama Christmas episode Which is not a bad thing at all 6 21 2014Winter solstice holiday book at the summer solstice, why not A wintry book can be just the thing on a day it is too hot to move, let alone go outside.Here is Death, trying to maintain faith in the jolly man in the red suit, Albert along to coach and play elf, while Susan is diverted from her job as a governess to try and hunt the down the missing big guy There is the creepiest assassin ever [...]

    10. Paul on said:

      Still as good on every reread Pratchett at his best with better insights in to humanity than anyone else.

    11. Olivier Delaye on said:

      My 2012 two cents I just about peed my pants with this one My 2017 two cents and five mills just re listened to this last week, which is kind of appropriate this time of year, and I loved it just as much the second time around, if not The fun never seems to stop giving with these books, really Actually, I finished it while I was doing my cardio at the gym, and people must have thought I had a few screws loose, laughing as I was on the treadmill for, at least to them, no reason at all I mean, De [...]

    12. Pavle on said:

      Sve se to na kraju lepo skocka, ali mislim da ve po injem da vidim ablon iza Diskvrld romana Jeste ovo dobar roman, promi ljen, vispren, ali na trenutke mi se inilo da sam ga ve pro itao, iako sam Pra eta prvi put sreo pro le godine I onda malo razmislim i shvatim da naravno da nisam pro itao, ne ovo, ali da jesam ve itao ovu strukturu, u prethodne etiri knjige Diska koje su mi na kontu Tako da, bez obzira na tipi no inteligentna razmi ljanja Pra eta Smrti o ljudskosti, veri i smislu besmisla il [...]

    13. RavenclawReadingRoom on said:

      Trigger warnings death, murder, violence.25 12 2017Yes, I reread this even though I d just finished it in January Whatever It s amazing and I love it.21 1 2017I ran out of time to reread this in 2016, so I got in early this year There is so much INCREDIBLY clever writing in here that makes you think about yourself and your beliefs There are so many fabulous characters There are so many iconic moments meet the Hogfather at the fancy department store turning into watch the Hogfather s enormous hog [...]

    14. Max on said:

      I try to read this every year It s fantastic Needed it this year especially.

    15. Nicole on said:

      As usual, plenty of humour with an edge I did occasionally wonder where and how all the plot threads were going to meet up and how they were connected I m not sure the Auditors were strictly necessary to the plot, but maybe they figure elsewhere in Discworld novels I haven t read yet I enjoyed the hijinks at Unseen University than I expected to The daft old wizards were funnier than I d seen them be before underling wizard Ponder and the thinking machine, Hex, are charming The send up of Christ [...]

    16. Ashley on said:

      IT S THE EXPRESSION ON THEIR LITTLE FACES I LIKE, said the Hogfather You mean sort of fear and awe and not knowing whether to laugh or cry or wet their pants YES NOW THAT IS WHAT I CALL BELIEF YOU HAVE TO START OUT LEARNING TO BELIEVE THE LITTLE LIES So we can believe the big ones YES JUSTICE MERCY DUTY THAT SORT OF THING This is my favorite Discworld book in quite some time It s just so good It s not as quippy or joke heavy as some Discworld books, but what it lacks in goofery and wit, it makes [...]

    17. Richard on said:

      8.5 10It could be the festive cheer finally working its way into my bones it could be the snow on the ground adding to the overall feel of this Christmas season it might even have been watching Bruce Willis yell Yippee Ki Yay Mother Fucker at some Europeans in a building But there was something about this book which captured my imagination and put it atop the list of best Discworld novels I have read to date.I don t think there was anything really stand out in this one compared to the others I h [...]

    18. David Sarkies on said:

      Terry Pratchett s Christmas Special5 January 2015 I started reading this book because I thought it was going to be a great book to read in the lead up to the festive season, however the only problem was that my timing was completely off I finished it five days into the new year, which sort of defeats the purpose of reading a book for the festive season I guess the next time I decide to read such a book, such as Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol, I should time it so that I finish the book, and th [...]

    19. Connor on said:

      Brilliant I adored it I can t wait to get books in the series Maybe the witch books next

    20. Paul on said:

      I ll admit that at times I don t really understand what is going on in Pratchett books until the last 100 pages or so A lot of times it just seems like randomness and for whatever reason, my brain likes to sift out randomness while reading This is my second Pratchett book and I hope I find one that I end up loving I liked Hogfather but I was expecting a little I think I may have made a mistake by reading this book in small chunks instead of in large chunks Because there are no chapters and beca [...]

    21. Tanja Berg on said:

      Re reading of Hogfather , one of my all time favorite books, or so I thought It s almost 20 years since I read it the first time and I estimate that I ve read about 3000 books in the interlude Nope, all of them are not on , my memory isn t that good and I ve only been keeping track the past nine years Despite the number of new books under my belt, this held up incredibly well.Susan, the non biological grand daughter of Death, is employed as a nanny and trying to be normal This is made difficult [...]

    22. Monica Davis on said:

      Just short of four stars, but worth rounding up My first Discworld book, and admittedly it took a while to get used to his writing style, no chapters, and frequent movement from one storyline to another after brief passages Overall I found this to be clever, entertaining, and quite imaginative, with some interesting underlying messages Didn t hook me on the series, but every fantasy reader should experience at least one Discworld book I was not disappointed with Hogfather.

    23. Rebecca Foster on said:

      In Discworld belief causes imagined beings to exist, so when a devious plot to control children s minds results in a dearth of belief in the Hogfather, the Fat Man temporarily disappears and Death has to fill in for him on this Hogswatch night I laughed aloud a few times while reading this clever Christmas parody, but I had a bit of trouble following the plot and grasping who all the characters were given that this was my first Discworld book in general I d say that Pratchett is another example [...]

    24. Marina on said:

      Hilarious as always, Death sets off on another quest to save the world This time from reality auditors who are trying to erase humanity by killing the Hogfather Santa They do so by employing a monstrous human So when the Hogfather disappears Death steps in, which is of course where the hilarity steps in.There s a huge discussion about what belief is, when we are children, and why it goes away when we grow up Why we need to believe and what those beliefs do for us Why do some fairy tale character [...]

    25. Tfitoby on said:

      I have seen the TV adaptation so many times, it s a Christmas tradition around here, that it is hard to separate my affection for the show with my affection for the writing of Pratchett The guy from Hustle is great as Teatime and the girl from Downton Abbey perfect as Susan Death, and they both bring the two central characters to life in such a way that the book feels very flat in comparison but as a standalone Discworld novel on the nature of belief it s almost as good as Small Gods with the si [...]

    26. Sesana on said:

      This is, I think, the fourth year running that I ve read Hogfather in the week before Christmas So I simply can t even try to give it a real review It isn t quite my favorite Discworld book that would be Night Watch , but it s well on up there It s certainly my favorite Death book, which is saying something.

    27. D.L. Morrese on said:

      The midwinter holiday on Discworld is Hogswatch rather than Christmas, and the Hogfather is the Discworld s counterpart of Santa Claus He climbs down chimneys, gives presents, says, HO HO HO, and drives a sleigh pulled by four flying pigs Many children of the Disc believe in him, which is why he exists This is a fundamental characteristic of the magical system in Terry Pratchett s Discworld books Belief causes the thing believed in to exist, and when belief stops, that existence stops Teatime, a [...]

    28. Sarah on said:

      I have been a fan of Terry Pratchett s Discworld series for over 15 years now but I have to admit I ve fallen a little behind with the recent books I ve actually been promising myself for a few years now that I ll reread the series again from the beginning and catch up but for some unknown reason I never quite seem to get around to it I decided it s time to bite the bullet but rather than read the books in order I used Christmas as an excuse to read Hogfather This book is a perfect festive read [...]

    29. Punk on said:

      Discworld Someone s taken out a hit on the Hogfather, but the show must go on, so this year Death s putting on the red suit and delivering the Hogswatch gifts himself Every few years or so, I like to reread this in December It s about holidays and winter, but also about that small wedge of truth where myth and belief meet The story mostly focuses on Death and his granddaughter Susan Sto Helit, but there are cameos by the Assassins Guild, Foul Ole Ron s band of beggars, the Unseen University and [...]

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