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Equal Rites

Equal Rites By Terry Pratchett Equal Rites On Discworld a dying wizard tries to pass on his powers to an eighth son of an eighth son who is just at that moment being born The fact that the son is actually a daughter is discovered just a litt

  • Title: Equal Rites
  • Author: Terry Pratchett
  • ISBN: 9780060855901
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Paperback
  • Equal Rites By Terry Pratchett On Discworld, a dying wizard tries to pass on his powers to an eighth son of an eighth son, who is just at that moment being born The fact that the son is actually a daughter is discovered just a little too late The town witch insists on turning the baby into a perfectly normal witch, thus mending the magical damage of the wizard s mistake But now the young girl will beOn Discworld, a dying wizard tries to pass on his powers to an eighth son of an eighth son, who is just at that moment being born The fact that the son is actually a daughter is discovered just a little too late The town witch insists on turning the baby into a perfectly normal witch, thus mending the magical damage of the wizard s mistake But now the young girl will be forced to penetrate the inner sanctum of the Unseen University and attempt to save the world with one well placed kick in some enchanted shins Reissue.
    Equal Rites By Terry Pratchett

    Equal Rites Sir Terry Pratchett The Discworld novels can be read in any order but Equal Rites is the first book in the Witches series Pratchett uses his other world to hold up a distorting mirror to our own he is Equal Rites Discworld, Witches, by Terry Pratchett Jan , Equal Rites is a comic fantasy novel by Terry Pratchett Published in , it is the third novel in the Discworld series and the first in which the main character is not Rincewind The title is wordplay on the phrase Equal Rights. Equal Rites Discworld Equal rites is the third story in the diskworld series In this book we are introduced to Granny Weatherwax who is a witch Possibly the most powerful living which in the Ramtop Mountains in fact. Equal Rites Discworld Wiki Fandom Equal Rites is a comic fantasy novel by Terry Pratchett Published in , it is the third novel in the Discworld series and the first in which the main character is not Rincewind It introduces the character of Granny Weatherwax, who reappears in several later Discworld novels. Terry Pratchett Book Club Equal Rites, Part IV Tor Sep , Discworld Equal Rites Terry Pratchett Terry Pratchett Book Club BBC America s The Watch Has a Trailer and Release Date Doctor Strange Will

    • Equal Rites Best Read || [Terry Pratchett]
      268 Terry Pratchett

    One thought on “Equal Rites

    1. Patrick on said:

      I just recently re visited this book after a couple years away from it What s , I ve just recent re read several of the recent Witch novels from Pratchett, so they re fresh in my head Granny Weatherwax is one of my favorite characters of Pratchett s, and as an author, it does me good to see how she began as a character This book has some rough edges There s nothing wrong with it, mind you, but it was still very early on in Pratchett s career, and it doesn t have the smoothness of his later work [...]

    2. Manny on said:

      The problem with Terry Pratchett is that you keep wanting to read the good bits out loud In this particular case, I d just reached the line Her dress would have been both clinging and revealing, if it had had anything to cling to or reveal Too late, I realized that not all the people around me were going to find this equally funny I m still embarrassed Damn.

    3. Lyn on said:

      If I was not already a Terry Pratchet fan, I would be after reading this exceptional book.Equal Rites, Sir Terry s third installment in the Discworld series is a peach of practical magic Telling the story of a young girl s conflicting talents for wizardry and or witchery.In the Discworld, men are wizards and women are witches at least that is how it has been up to the point when young Eskarina Smith sort of becomes both Pratchett spins a deliciously tangled web about the age old contest between [...]

    4. Bradley on said:

      The Great Pratchett Re Read Continues The third book begins the real development of the whole Discworld mythos, and rather than focusing on setting, it goes whole hog or Witch into character and a rather deep social issue.It is, at its core, a novel about breaking down the walls that the sexes tend to put up to keep the other side out Witches can be wizards and vice versa I didn t appreciate this as much the first time although I got the whole social bit perfectly and mainly that was because I h [...]

    5. Trish on said:

      This was a blast Introducing Witch supreme or that s what I m calling her and that only because of her stare, to say nothing of her actual magical talents And yes, I can totally see Maggie Smith playing her in a movie Esk, 8th son of an 8th son on the Discworld, 8 is the most magical number , who inherits the staff of a pretty powerful wizard because instead of listening to Granny he is eager to pass on his wizard s staff before he dies and assumes that Esk is going to be a boy.The Unseen Univer [...]

    6. Murat Dural on said:

      40 n zerinde kitaptan olu an bir Fantastik Seri denilince Diskd nya bana okunmas zor, birbirine ba l , i ine girdi im zaman kamayaca m bir evrenmi izlenimi vermi ti Bu nyarg dan sadece sondaki nerme, i inden kamayaca m k sm ger ek oldu Seve seve kald m bir diyar oldu Fikrine ok g vendi im dostlar m zellikle Ozancan Demir k ve Hazal amur baz kitaplar n ba ms z oldu unu, istedi imden ba layabilece imi, muhakkak okumam gerekti ini s yledi inde Terry Pratchett ile tan mak istedim lk olarak Mort u ok [...]

    7. Melki on said:

      Similar in spirit to the first two books in the Discworld series, once again we have a delightful duo on a journey, encountering many a merry mishap on the way This book is not as funny as its predecessors, though the plot seems cohesive and a little less meandering Despite the distinct lack of trolls, this is probably my favorite so far I really enjoyed the Girl Power theme to the book At least I think I did It could just be those darned witches using their headology on me.

    8. Phrynne on said:

      This was a reread for me but it is years since my first read and I did not remember much of it Loved that Death popped up right at the beginning and then Granny Weatherwax made her first appearance Of course this book is vintage Discworld and these two, along with others, appear again and again later in the series and develop into much rounded characters Nevertheless Pratchett s humour is here in full force along with his wonderful descriptions and clever stories These early books are light rea [...]

    9. Lindsay on said:

      I m fairly sure that this is only my second time reading this book since I first devoured the early books of the series back in the late 80s Like The Light Fantastic it s forced a re evaluation of my opinion of the early Discworld books and in a positive way.A dying wizard passes his staff to a destined wizard, the eighth son of an eighth son Only he was a little careless and the eighth son is actually a daughter Eskarina Smith grows into her magic young under the watchful eye of the witch Grann [...]

    10. Rob on said:

      Executive Summary Not as funny or as quotable as The Light Fantastic, but very enjoyable for other reasons.Full ReviewI had to double check the year this was written This book still feels very relevant today.Wizards can only be men Witches can only be women Their magic is different and shouldn t be mixed A women has no place learning to be a wizard Witches have their place Does any of this sound familiar As someone who works in a field that is far too lacking in women the idea that certain disci [...]

    11. seak on said:

      For some reason I thought I wouldn t like this book all that much It s one of the first in the series, so for many people I talk to that s already a point against it, and I had it in my head that I will like other sets of characters better than the witches So far, of the 3 discworld books I ve now read, this was easily my favorite Granny Weatherwax is amazing and I had some great fun with this book I m glad to hear this series only gets better as it has already and this is why I m glad I m going [...]

    12. BrokenTune on said:

      There are storms that are frankly theatrical, all sheet lightning and metallic thunder rolls There are storms that are tropical and sultry, and incline to hot winds and fireballs But this was a storm of the Circle Sea plains, and its main ambition was to hit the ground with as much rain as possible It was the kind of storm that suggests that the whole sky has swallowed a diuretic The thunder and lightning hung around in the background, supplying a sort of chorus, but the rain was the star of the [...]

    13. Veronique on said:

      4.5 is well known that a vital ingredient of success is not knowing that what you re attempting can t be done I started this book yesterday and found myself snatching any time I could to get back to it, even staying up late to finish it This was a surprise I m always a little reluctant when starting what is branded as a funny book, worried that it wouldn t work on me, which is why I usually go for the audiobook version the performance and intonations of the voice artists being invaluable Celia I [...]

    14. Gary on said:

      Fun readingThis is book one of the Witches segment of Discworld The characters are lively and likable The magic system is comedic with a dark bite Mixed into the slapstick silliness is a grain of philosophy and social commentary that is often highly quotable and thought provoking.The story reads like Wicca meets Harry Potter meets the theory of relativity meets The Dark Crystal I found myself slowing down and rereading sections of the story to make sure I followed it correctly A lot happens in a [...]

    15. Suzanne on said:

      Everything was a different color in those days That s true It didn t rain so much in the summer time The sunsets were redder There were old people The world was full of them, said the wizard Yes, I know And now it s full of young people Boy ain t that the truth.Terry Pratchett is so very quotable I enjoyed this introduction to Granny Weatherwax I ve met her in some of the later Discworld books, and she s a great character This book looked at the issue of women s jobs vs men s jobs When I look a [...]

    16. Olga Godim on said:

      A mediocre novel, at least for this writer He s still stretching his wings, and it shows this earlier tale contains too much verbal clutter but almost no humor, which is abundant in his later novels I like the idea of this one a female should be allowed to be a wizard Oh, yeah, I m all for equal rights I dislike the execution though Why did the author make Esk, the protagonist, an 8 year old girl She is too young to behave the way she does and to know everything she is supposed to know She shoul [...]

    17. Anushree on said:

      This was 3 The town s name is Bad Ass.The University s name is Unseen University Esk has so much spunk Granny Weatherwax makes me laugh and proud at the same time I loved this sheer joy of a book Looking forward to reading the entire Discworld series over a period 3

    18. David Sarkies on said:

      Granny takes on the old boys club4 August 2012 There are a few things that I have to say before commenting on this book as such Firstly this is the second time that I read it, but I have listed it as a read book because when I read it the first time the friend who had lent it to me then proceeded to tell me all of the jokes In fact, every Discworld novel that he ended up encouraging me to read generally came with a running commentary, and as such I ended up getting put off of them quite quickly [...]

    19. Kaitlin on said:

      This is book 3 publication order of the Discworld books and after having read and enjoyed both The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic last year I was quite looking forward to getting into some of the books which major fans of the series say are good I can definitely say that this one is a lot better then The Colour of Magic in both writing style and ease of understanding By this point it seems the Pratchett had really honed and perfected his tone of voice and writing style, just the right a [...]

    20. Olivia on said:

      Mediocre, but not bad I can definitely understand why others like Pratchett s writing so much I m coming to terms with the fact that I m not a Discworld fan I just don t appreciate Pratchett s humour as much as I would like to Or maybe I don t like that humour takes the centre stage in his novels and I prefer a good story Pratchett s world is charming but not for me After 4 novels, I m giving up on the series.

    21. Tfitoby on said:

      A brave move from Terry Pratchett as he moves away from his established characters and takes a shot at world building.I ve been listening to the audiobook for the reread of this one as part of my exercise regime and it was quite the good distraction from the pain.The third in the now long running Discworld series moves away from Rincewind, The Luggage, Twoflower and the parodies of generic sword and magic fantasy epics After the success of the first two I imagine this must have been a brave move [...]

    22. Mangrii on said:

      Tercera novela de Mundodisco y la primera de la saga de las Brujas En esta ocasi n un mago moribundo cede su cayado m gico a un bebe reci n nacido, Eskarina Herrero, una octava hija de una octavo hijo El problema es que la magia de magos solo pasa de magos a ni os y las ni as en cambio solamente pueden ser brujas, ya que su magia es totalmente distinta A pesar de sus peros, la bruja Yaya Ceravieja decide velar por Esk, ayudarla a convertirse en bruja y tambi n en mago llev ndola hasta la Univers [...]

    23. Marta Álvarez on said:

      Como me viene pasando siempre con las novelas de Pratchett, esta es una historia que se disfruta much simo ya no tanto por la trama sino por la ambientaci n nica y el estilo divertid simo e inigualable del autor Por algo ser que, de julio a ahora, he pasado de no haber le do ninguna novela suya a haber le do cuatro En Mundodisco, Pratchett se salta todas las reglas de la coherencia narrativa hace lo que le da la gana y le sale bien Pues chap.En concreto, de ritos iguales me llevo unas protagonis [...]

    24. Ivan on said:

      My first venture into Witches series and I don t know why it took me so long Although this book isn t on par with my favourite Discworld books Small gods, Jingo, Hogfather, Interesting times it has all the charm, humor and cynicism of a proper Discworld novel Eskarina is great character but Granny Whetherwax wasn t nowhere nearly as interesting.Anyway, I am eagerly continuing the series and I plan to do with Witches what I haven t done with any other Discworld series Read it in order.

    25. Kaethe on said:

      December 10, 2009The first female wizard is exceptional, of course It was never meant to be Hahahahahahaha November 9, 2011Veronica s been feeling a little under the weather this week, and when that is the case, she likes me to read aloud And she couldn t locate the book we had been reading, so she decided on Pratchett instead They both seem to like it so far June 28, 2014The thing I really noticed this time is the way Pratchett makes up for his earlier omission of women at Unseen University by [...]

    26. Sophie Narey (Bookreview- aholic) on said:

      Published 13 09 2005 first published 1987 Author Terry PratchettRecommended for fan s of fantasy novelsFirst of all I love Terry Pratchett books, alothough this book was incredibly well written by one of the most talented fantasy writers, it isn t my favourite one in the Discworld series This book features Granny Weatherwax, The Librarian, and Eskarina Smith Eskarina was born a wizard even though it is very very rare for there to be a female wizard, Eskarina wants to become one and with everythi [...]

    27. ❀⊱Rory⊰❀ on said:

      I loved this book And I ve read a lot of Magical Person Comes Of Age books Funny, touching, original, this one has it all If you haven t read it, get thee to the library

    28. somuchreading on said:

      , Discworld Terry Pratchett PopCode , 38 Discworld Equal Rites Discworld, Pratchett , .Equal Rites

    29. Daniel (Attack of the Books!) Burton on said:

      What can be possibly said about the late and great Terry Pratchett I ve yet to open a book bearing his name that I do not like, that does not amuse and delight, and does not leave me thoughtful and wiser.Well, wiser at least in my own estimation I m sure Pratchett would have something to say about the narcissism of the self assessment.To Equal Rites itself Eskarina was supposed to be born the eighth son of an eighth son, an auspicious combination that a dying wizard seeks out in order to pass a [...]

    30. Molly on said:

      First in the Witches series, and another great Discworld story.Drum Billet, a wizard knocks on the door of Smith the smithy of Bad Ass, a small village up in the Ramtops The smithy s wife is about to give birth to her eighth child and the wizard wishes to transfer his powers before parting with his life as tradition demands, to the eighth son of an eighth son Little did he know that the new addition to the smithy s family was gonna be a girl because you know, only men can be wizards, and women w [...]

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