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The Last Hero

The Last Hero By Terry Pratchett Paul Kidby The Last Hero Cohen the Barbarian He s been a legend in his own lifetime He can remember the good old days of high adventure when being a Hero meant one didn t have to worry about aching backs and lawyers and civi

  • Title: The Last Hero
  • Author: Terry Pratchett Paul Kidby
  • ISBN: 9780060507770
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Last Hero By Terry Pratchett Paul Kidby Cohen the Barbarian He s been a legend in his own lifetime.He can remember the good old days of high adventure, when being a Hero meant one didn t have to worry about aching backs and lawyers and civilization But these days, he can t always remember just where he put his teethSo now, with his ancient yet still trusty sword and new walking stick in hand, Cohen gatherCohen the Barbarian He s been a legend in his own lifetime.He can remember the good old days of high adventure, when being a Hero meant one didn t have to worry about aching backs and lawyers and civilization But these days, he can t always remember just where he put his teethSo now, with his ancient yet still trusty sword and new walking stick in hand, Cohen gathers a group of his old very old friends to embark on one final quest He s going to climb the highest mountain of Discworld and meet the gods.It s time the Last Hero in the world returns what the first hero stole Trouble is, that ll mean the end of the world, if no one stops him in time.
    The Last Hero By Terry Pratchett Paul Kidby

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      386 Terry Pratchett Paul Kidby

    One thought on “The Last Hero

    1. Lyn on said:

      Ankh Morpork, we have an orangutan.Only Terry Pratchett could parody Houston, we have a problem with that kind of brazen aplomb While The Last Hero, A Discworld Fable, is Pratchett s 27th Discworld book, the real HERO here is his collaborator Paul Kidby who provides a book full of illustrations.Is it me, or does Cohen look a little like Terry Pratchett Pratchett s original Discworld illustrator Josh Kirby died in 2001, and Kidby has been drawing Rincewind and the Wizards ever since I m an audiob [...]

    2. Melki on said:

      And the thing ise big thing about Cohen ishe s contagious You mean he s a plague carrier It s like a mental illness, sir Or magic He s as crazy as a stoat, butonce they ve been around him for a while, people start seeing the world the way he does All big and simple and they want to be part of it This must be how Cohen the Barbarian got his Silver Horde to follow him up the highest mountain in Discworld to return something that was stolen from the Gods BUT for reasons too complicated to go into h [...]

    3. Antonio on said:

      Este es uno de los libros que me ha gustado del mundodisco, por varias razones, no solo tiene al cobarde de Rincewind salvando al mundo una vez mas, aunque el solo quisiera huir y o esconderse sino que tiene una cofrad a de personajes de todo el disco, tenemos a todo El cuadro acad mico de la ilustre universidad invisible, al Patricio de Ankh Morpork Lord Vetinari, al Capit n Zanahoria de la guardia de la ciudad, a La muerte que no podr a faltar y lo mejor de todo a la Horda de plata Este grupo [...]

    4. Patrick on said:

      This was the the last book on Terry Pratchett re read binge While not as substantial as some of the rest of his books I m pretty sure the wordcount is less than half of his usual this book makes up for it by being beautifully illustrated by Paul Kidby I ve never seen an artist do such spot on interpretations of an author s characters Kidby s work is really amazing.

    5. YouKneeK on said:

      The Last Hero is the seventh book in the Rincewind subseries It s actually an illustrated novel, the first one I ve read It was only available as an illustrated version unlike Eric which I read in a non illustrated format , and I do think some of the illustrations were important to the story If nothing else, the ending might not make much sense without the corresponding picture The reader could probably guess what it showed if they d been paying attention to the story, though.The story itself is [...]

    6. S.A. on said:

      I found this slim book tucked away behind other books I think I hid it like a last bottle of really excellent wine This time the sassy, wonderful, snide, silly, colorful, twisted thingamabobs associated with Sir Terry s wordsmithery are augmented by Paul Kidby s frantic illustrations What a visual and verbal banquet In my volume, page 130 131 is particularly enchanting.It s hard to pick a favorite character in Sir Terry s pantheon, but damn, Lord Vetinari, the cultivated, calculating, well manne [...]

    7. Tfitoby on said:

      A small story, clearly germinated whilst working on the previous Disc instalment, covering the effects of time and ageing, the desire to live longer, see , put a mark on the world you are about to leave behind Perhaps a clear example of the authors knowledge that he was going to have his life cut short by Alzheimer s And also using the story to kill off one of his earliest creations, leftover from the silly days when the Disc was basically a spoof of fantasy novels Cohen the Barbarian is bored, [...]

    8. Bronislava Sencakova on said:

      Mrakopla , Barbar Cohen, Leonardo da Vinci, Schr dingerova ma ka, Prometeus a hlava XXII no, st le spr vny pratchettovsk mix, aj ke krat v zva 2016 116 do tan kniha

    9. Wastrel on said:

      An installment that it s very easy to overlook it s only a very short illustrated novel, after all More a lengthy short story than a novel, to be honest And when you think about the plot, the characters and so on, it s all very simple, very small, nothing all that impressive.But the flip side of that is that there s no room for most of Pratchett s vices Combine that tight focus with an author at the peak of his powers, and the result is near perfect execution The comic bits are very funny, the t [...]

    10. Ashish on said:

      So many worlds So little time In the course of the last 26 books, Pratchett gave us a brilliant cast of characters We ve watched them appear, grow, evolve, and become a part of the Discworld Universe Cohen was the only one who was who he was, in the beginning and till the end That s what defined him, and that s what also, I thought, made him increasingly irrelevant in a Discworld with high speed communications, reformed and societally assimilated monsters, the rule of law order and, most of all, [...]

    11. A Bald Mage** Steve on said:

      I was hooked on these books in the late 1990 s and I had to have every book that came out without fail Unfortunately during the mists of time all the books have merged into one, but I still remember Death and Rincewind to this day and the over top adventures they had But I have to admit my favourite novels were the ones that contain the city watch and the adventures of Sam Vimes, these novels still to this day stick out as the best of the series, but I never really got on with the books that fea [...]

    12. Amanda on said:

      I NEED TO OWN THIS BOOK ASAP It has pictures Of old men And dragons Even without the illustrations, I d buy it anyway.The Last Hero is technically a Rincewind book but it s mainly about Cohen The Silver Horde and Leonard of Quirm, served with a side of Carrot It also has a bunch of other people It s glorious I loved Vena Mrs McGarry one of the reasons I love Pratchett is because he writes awesome women I like that Vena doesn t do much in the realm of swashbuckling, even though we know that she s [...]

    13. Matt on said:

      The Gods are on notice as the greatest heroes of the Disc are headed for their heavenly abode on a quest to return the fire stolen by the first hero, except there s a catch The illustrated Discworld novella The Last Hero is the twenty seventh in the humorous fantasy series written by Terry Pratchett and assisted by artist Paul Kirby And once again Pratchett follows his first protagonist Rincewind racing to save the world.Cohen the Barbarian and his Silver Horde have left their imperial possessio [...]

    14. Elise on said:

      I didn t really like my first couple of experiences with Terry Pratchett The first book I tried from Discworld was The Color of Magic I figured I start with it because it was the first book, but I was really disappointed with it and found it unfunny I still wanted to give Discworld another chance though because I really wanted to like Terry Pratchett So, I read around and found out that most people found his funniest book was Guards Guards So, I decided to buy it I found it slightly better than [...]

    15. Michaela on said:

      Kniha bola tajn dar ek pre man ela Zh ala som ju ROKY A pod haluz roku 2016 ju aj dostal jasn , e som neodolala a aspo listovala v nej, ale na svoju obhajobu m em poveda , e som ju ne tala A dnes, lebo mu ju dorazil pred p r d ami Barbar Cohen a jeho partia vyzeraj ako invent r domova d chodcov, ale len vyzeraj Vedia prekvapi V takomto ve kom form te vynikn ilustr cie, kriedov strany, proste lah dka Oproti zvy ku, o vy iel v bro ovanej v zbe 1 es vydanie , je to riadny rozdiel, sa mi ani do poli [...]

    16. Aimee on said:

      From time to time, you just need some Pratchett This is a small dose one of his shorter books and just the medicine I needed It s not quite up there with my favourite Discworld novels, although it does have Carrot Ironfoundersson in it, but it was funny, over the top, and full of references and in jokes in short, everything a Discworld novel should be.

    17. Maša on said:

      Cohen and the Horde are on the quest that s going to end all quests if Rincewind, Carrot, Librarian, and Leonard da Quirm don t stop them, that is The good Oh, so many good jokes are crammed in this short book I was giggling constantly The pacing is awesome there is almost no boring moments.The bad Hmm Well, to fully appreciate this book you really have to know all the characters, it s not as standalone as others The ugly Nada.

    18. Cynthia Egbert on said:

      This is a fun fable indeed My kids love this one for the amazing illustrations Not all of which I appreciate as much as they do But the story is still a delight I think it to be a perfect ending to Cohen the Barbarian Pure Pratchett Some favorite quotes The messages were in code, of course If you have news about the end of the world, you don t want EVERYONE to know No, not craftsmen, my lord, he said I have no use for people who have learned the limits of the possible One of my ALL time favorite [...]

    19. Aoife on said:

      It is impossible to rate just the story, because of the really really beautiful Kidby pictures on almost every page well, every page, the few pages without colour pictures have nice background images I mean there are swamp dragons, moon dragons, kitties actually Death with a kitty, and a kitty playing with the Tail of the Death of Rats , the wizzards, and of course the heroes, the silver horde They are all awesome, and incredibly detailed, I want all of them as poster for my room XD.Now for the [...]

    20. Myles on said:

      Due to the large format of this book which after reading I would never dream of having scaled down it is not carried in many places As I was too impatient to wait for it to come in on order, I instead had read it at the local library.The Last Hero is a great story, when long standing characters are illustrated it often comes out wrong, but Kirby nailed it, especially with Rincewind and the Gods The basic story is in two arcs, focusing on the aging Silver Hoard last seen in Interesting Times trav [...]

    21. Mary Catelli on said:

      An illustrated tale, somewhat shorter than usual, of the Discworld Involving Cohen the Barbarian, Rincewind, and Carrot.Cohen and his Silver Horde set out, kidnapping a minstrel, to return fire to the gods The Counterweight Continent sent word by albatross to Ankh Morpork, where, they figure, they can do something about it.One thing they can do is figure out that the heroes plan would destroy the Discworld in minutes.The resulting story involves rubies, Cohen and the Silver Horde applying the Co [...]

    22. Felipe Guerrero on said:

      El ltimo h roe le devolver a los dioses algo que el primer h roe les rob No pod a ser mas pica la premisa Cohen el Barbaro, junto a su Horda de Plata, son mis personajes favoritos de esta saga de libros Me encant este libro, ahora este es mi libro favorito del Mundodisco Gracias se or Pratchett, gracias por escribir este magnifico libro.

    23. Skip on said:

      Cohen the Barbarian and his troupe set off to return fire to the Gods, when their real plan is to set off a bomb Meanwhile, the Patrician organizes a team to thwart them, anchored by Leonard of Quirm, Captain Carrot, and Rincewind, which involves rocketing undenearth Discworld Nicely illustrated, and good to see the characters from a number of Pratchett novels.

    24. Ahmad Sharabiani on said:

      The Last Hero Discworld, 27 Rincewind 7 , Terry Pratchett

    25. Jasmiina F on said:

      A great story with some of my favorite characters, but what I loved the most was the art I m glad I bought this from England and this is definitely staying in my permanent shelf.

    26. Katerina on said:

      Un libro di Terry Pratchett sempre una garanzia ma ci sono volte che cominci con qualche riserva The Last Hero un libro illustrato di 176 pagine con, credo, un terzo delle parole che ci sono di solito.Che sia brutto non te lo aspetti Che sia meno s.Ma Terry Pratchett un genio e non dobbiamo mai, mai, dimenticarlo.A volte non riesco a non pensare a come avrei voluto conoscere Terry Pratchett durante la mia infanzia, e come i miei eventuali figli lo conosceranno durante la loro se si spicciano a t [...]

    27. Miranda Kate on said:

      Another hilarious Discworld novel from the brilliant Terry Pratchett Cohen the Barbarian and his mates are a comical band of heroes And then you have the Gods, and their arrogance Mix in the Patrician, Rincewood, Captain Carrot, plus a flying machine that must be slung shot under the disc and only hilarity can ensure Terry Pratchett s had the exceptional gift of writing irony and making comic observations of the real life world through his writing This particular edition is illustrated by Paul K [...]

    28. Ondřej Puczok on said:

      Je to opravdu kr sn kniha lov k se prob r str nku za str nkou a s posv tnou ctou N kter z ilustrac jsou pro fanou ka Zem plochy, jak m j jsem do morku kosti, a spln n m snem Klasicky Vetinari, Smr s ko tkem, vesm rn v jevy Velk A Tuin, elvonauti, bohov , dr ci, n kresy vesm rn ch oblud, Lu ka atd Samotn p b h je velmi jednoduch a psan sp e na m ru obr zk m, ne naopak, ale p esto m bavil Nen to tak siln , jako ty nejlep Pratchettovy kousky, ale pot nap klad odkazy na Hlavu 22 apod Je to ale oprav [...]

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