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Openly, Honestly

Openly, Honestly By Bill Konigsberg Openly Honestly Rafe Goldberg was planning to spend winter break at home in Colorado openly mourning what he almost had with Ben He wasn t expecting his best friend Claire Olivia to kidnap him And he definitely was

  • Title: Openly, Honestly
  • Author: Bill Konigsberg
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Openly, Honestly By Bill Konigsberg Rafe Goldberg was planning to spend winter break at home in Colorado openly mourning what he almost had with Ben He wasn t expecting his best friend, Claire Olivia, to kidnap him And he definitely wasn t expecting what she has planned to cheer him upBen Carver was honestly planning to spend winter break at home in New Hampshire not thinking about Rafe But he wasn t eRafe Goldberg was planning to spend winter break at home in Colorado openly mourning what he almost had with Ben He wasn t expecting his best friend, Claire Olivia, to kidnap him And he definitely wasn t expecting what she has planned to cheer him upBen Carver was honestly planning to spend winter break at home in New Hampshire not thinking about Rafe But he wasn t expecting to run into his ex girlfriend, who s still interested in him And he wasn t expecting to find himself still attracted to herOpenly, Honestly tells two funny, sad, beautiful stories that were made for anyone who has longed for one person to see you, to understand you, and to love you exactly as you are.
    Openly, Honestly By Bill Konigsberg

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    One thought on “Openly, Honestly

    1. prag ✨ on said:


    2. ⚔ Silvia ⚓ on said:

      It was okay.I actually cared much about Ben s chapters than Rafe s, but it s totally a personal thing I think after having read Openly Straight I, as an introvert, was completely fed up with Rafe s extremely extroverted parents and best friend , if that even makes sense.But now I m really excited to read the sequel with Ben s PoV

    3. RavenclawReadingRoom on said:

      Well this wasunexpected, to be honest I had no idea it was even a thing, and then I was searching to see when Honestly, Ben comes out and was like Not until the end of March, dude But in the meantime, maybe consider this novella that goes between Openly Straight and Honestly, Ben and I was like OMG YES GIVE IT TO ME Look, it s a 50 page novella that s meant to tell you what happened in between the two books There isn t a huge amount I can say about it, except that I love both of these characters [...]

    4. Vernie on said:


    5. Sapphire on said:

      A cute novella, but I don t think it was really necessary Nothing substantial really happened, it was like a very short intro into Ben s life at home If you really love Rafe and Ben, you might enjoy this than I did.

    6. Fandolatry on said:

      For such a short book, this really gave me a lot of feelings And provoked a lot of tears I d love exposition, but I can understand that this wan t intended to be a novel and I appreciate it for what it is.

    7. Kerry A on said:

      I am so excited for Honestly Ben, but I m nervous too The pragmatist in me knows that Ben being happy and healthy is the main objective, but the other part of me who loves Rafe selfishly wants them together, whatever the price.

    8. Ami on said:

      3.75 stars rounded upBasically a short visit to Rafe and Ben during Christmas break at two different places geographically It offers a glimpse about their state of mind and what might happen ahead before moving forward with Ben s story in Honestly Ben I forgot how I enjoyed Konigsberg s writing I m in a terrible book funk for the past week and this helped a bit Though I m not jumping into Honestly Ben soon, afraid that my current mood will ruin it

    9. Kaje Harper on said:

      This is a free short story, in between Openly Straight and the soon to be released Honestly Ben It doesn t open a lot of new ground, but it does give us a feel for where these two guys are at, in the weeks after the end of the first book It also gives us a look at Ben s family, which will no doubt inform our understanding of the next novel.The biggest complaint I have here is that it is in alternating first person POV, and at least in my epub version, there is no warning of that The second chapt [...]

    10. Rodolfo on said:

      Cuando termine de leer Openly Straight tuve muchos sentimientos encontrados por aquel final tan amargo que nos dio el autor e incluso en mi rese a escrib que era uno de esos libros que no quieres que termine por lo mucho que gusta e incluso fue de mis mejores lecturas del a o pasado as que cuando supe que la historia continuar a no pod a estar m s feliz, pero entre Openly Straight y Honestly Ben que es el segundo libro de la bilog a, esta Openly, Honestly un libro que nos deja conocer un poco lo [...]

    11. Josh Hereth on said:

      A short sort of promotional thing for the second book of this series coming out later this month It was really refreshing to be back with Rafe and Ben Konigsberg was pretty smart to release this with such a gap between Openly Straight and Honestly Ben to bring the characters back into mind.

    12. Emma on said:

      A cute little short story that I would have enjoyed if I had read it at Christmastime, I guess.

    13. Amanda on said:

      I love hearing Ben s voice, as well as Rafe s and this makes me so excited for the new book

    14. Tom on said:

      This little short story from Bill Konigsberg is a perfect bridge from Openly Straight to its upcoming sequel, Honestly Ben out March 28 The story takes place during Christmas break and the five chapters alternate between Rafe and Ben in Colorado and New Hampshire, respectively It s a great way to ease us into the change of POV from Rafe to Ben in the sequel.As if that weren t enough, we also get a sneak peek of Honestly Ben, which I m already pretty sure will be everything I wanted it to be The [...]

    15. Susan on said:

      I d forgotten how much I liked Rafe and Ben This was a sweet little in between short story to get us ready for book 2 of the series It got me excited about the new book coming out and also pumped to reread book 1, Openly Straight

    16. Pjm12 on said:

      A glimpse into the lives of Rafe and Ben that fits between their novels I am saving my pennies a mum expression , until I can justify the purchase of Ben s book, which I desperately want.Although, there is lots to read about it, while I wait to actually read it.

    17. Sarah on said:

      This was a cute little quick read as a sort of I m assuming prequel to the second book in the Openly Straight series I really liked Ben s POV and I care for him much after reading this than I had prior to now I m excited for book 2.

    18. Renato on said:

      Al terminar Openly Straight quedan unas ganas de querer m s y este relato ayuda a saciar un poco esas ganas Aqu no hay un verdadero desarrollo de la historia en s , comienza justo en donde termina el primer libro y lo que hace es mostrar, con algo m s de detalle, el estado emocional en el que se encuentran los protagonistas luego de los sucesos que reci n experimentaron.

    19. Mary McFarlane on said:

      This was cute and short but I didn t really see the point of this book Glad it was free

    20. Andrea on said:

      My only complaint is that this was too short I liked getting to see Ben s side of things also It was refreshing

    21. Bev on said:

      Teeny, tiny freebie catch up with Rafe and Ben in that sad and awkward Xmas gap after Rafe admitted to Ben that he was gay and was sorry that he hadn t told him before, and prior to next semester starting at college.Ben s family life is unhappy to say the least, his dad is a farmer and seems to work all the hours there are just to keep things afloat, never seeming to have any time for his wife and kids His mum is miserable, the only thing that makes Ben happy at home is his relationship with his [...]

    22. Raymond Mathiesen on said:

      Life after the bombshell It s Christmas break and it s just days since Rafe delivered his bombshell confession to Ben Can these two guys go on together Can they overcome the hurt of a lie Rafe and Ben, physically miles apart, struggle with their feelings and wonder about the future.This story will work, both for those who want to hear of Rafe, and those who want to know about Ben Chapters alternate between Rafe and Ben s point of view, so from Rafe we see of Claire Olivia and The Laughing Goa [...]

    23. RoarOutLoud on said:

      A novella taking place during the school break between the end of Openly Straight and the beginning of Honestly Ben The chapters alternate between Rafe s and Ben s POV, so it s a nice transition to ease us right into Honestly Ben Basically, we re seeing how the two boys are dealing with their broken hearts post Openly Straight From Rafe s POV, we learned what an awesome friend Claire Olivia is and how lucky it is Rafe gets to have her as his best friend Then we get to meet Ben s family, and I mu [...]

    24. Deborah on said:

      This was so cute I love having both Rafe and Ben P.O.V.s I really like Rafe and Clare Olivia s friendship, even though she is still a bit much for me I also LOVED seeing Ben happy spending time with his family But I do wish he had a better relationship with his dad This was a very short but completely adorable novella that made me want to immediately start reading Honestly Ben.

    25. Michael on said:

      Segue to the next chapter in the Openly and Honestly seriesBen and Rafe trade chapters in this short story that brings us between Openly Straight and Honestly Ben It s holiday break and Claire Olivia is intent on cheering Rafe up, while Ben returns to boring, stagnant life on the farm Will he fall back for his ex girlfriend view spoiler No, he finds his ex girlfriend vapid compared to his still burning feelings for Rafe Will they get back together Probably Claire Olivia makes up Rafesmas to chee [...]

    26. Vicki on said:

      I absolutely love Claire Olivia, Rafe s best friend She is a loyal friend who gets Rafe I love that she created a new holiday for Rafe and that she kind of made him move on from his sadness after he and Ben ended the way they did.I also enjoyed reading about Ben, his brother Luke, and their parents playing in the snow Those are such good times for families I also love how this short book is about love, being loved, moving on from unrequited love, familial love, and love between the best of frien [...]

    27. Lex on said:

      What a beautiful ending Otherwise the story is pretty pointless and I don t think it was necessary I guess, the author s editor suggested it to be this separate short story but I might be wrong, maybe it was Konigsberg s decision It wouldn t have been a good start to the second book, no question about it Because it s about Rafe and Ben, and I love the boys, I give it 3 stars.

    28. Kiana Cook on said:

      Honestly Ben is easily one of my most anticipated books of 2017, if not the most anticipated But because of life being busy, I m probably not going to be able to read it until a few months after its release So this was an awesome, quick teaser that allowed me to spend time with these characters and will hopefully hold me over until I get my hands on Honestly Ben There s a sneak peek at the end of the story, but I didn t read it because I want to experience the entire book at once Openly, Honest [...]

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