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The Last Jihad

The Last Jihad By Joel C. Rosenberg The Last Jihad Jon Bennett and Erin McCoy are two of the shrewdest strategists on Wall Street and close friends of the president of the United States Their secret project a billion dollar oil deal off the coast of T

  • Title: The Last Jihad
  • Author: Joel C. Rosenberg
  • ISBN: 9781414312729
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Last Jihad By Joel C. Rosenberg Jon Bennett and Erin McCoy are two of the shrewdest strategists on Wall Street and close friends of the president of the United States Their secret project a billion dollar oil deal off the coast of Tel Aviv and Gaza that could form the basis of a historic peace treaty and bring enormous wealth to every Israeli and Palestinian But nothing has prepared Jon or Erin for thJon Bennett and Erin McCoy are two of the shrewdest strategists on Wall Street and close friends of the president of the United States Their secret project a billion dollar oil deal off the coast of Tel Aviv and Gaza that could form the basis of a historic peace treaty and bring enormous wealth to every Israeli and Palestinian But nothing has prepared Jon or Erin for the terror that lies ahead Terrorists hijack a jet plane and fly a kamikaze mission into an American city Israeli commandos foil a nuclear attack, but find evidence that the next targets could be Washington and New York And suddenly the United States finds itself in a war in the Middle East over terrorism and weapons of mass destruction that will forever change the course of human history.
    The Last Jihad By Joel C. Rosenberg

    The Last Jihad Rosenberg, Joel C Hill, Dick In this book the first of five in the Last Jihad series, Joel Rosenberg writes a fast moving and gripping political thriller In a televised interview the author says that his goal in writing is for the reader to not be able to put the book down and stay up until the wee hours of the night until the book is finished. The Last Jihad The Last Jihad, by Joel C Rosenberg The Last Jihad takes place in ten years after the the World Trade Center attacks and enough time later for the current president to have persuaded the Ame I cannot remember who recommended this to me, but I m fairly certain I was told to read it because it s not the kind of book I normally check out. The Last Jihad The Last Jihad series Book Kindle In the spirit of Tom Clancy s Sum of All Fears, Rosenberg s The Last Jihad absolutely crackles with high energy and a chilling premise what if the war on terror goes nuclear Rush Limbaugh, host of the nationally syndicated, Rush Limbaugh Radio Show The Last Jihad, Last Jihad Series Joel C Rosenberg The Last Jihad is a high speed, heart pounding, edge of your seat roller coaster ride into the heart of darkness Feels ripped from tomorrow s headlines this stuff could really happen Sean Hannity, radio host and New York Times bestselling author A wild rocketing read. The Last Jihad Series by Joel C Rosenberg Joel C Rosenberg CD Collection The Last Jihad, The Last Days, and The Ezekiel Option by Joel C Rosenberg . Ratings Reviews published editions Tyndale The Last Jihad The book that started it all, The Last Jihad is the first of Joel C Rosenberg s New York Times bestselling series, with , in print The first page puts readers in the cockpit of a hijacked jet on a kamikaze mission into an American city but it was written nine months before . The Last Jihad Book Series In Order The Last Jihad Books In Order Publication Order of The Last Jihad Books The moment you begin reading this series, you realize the kind of immense knowledge that the writer has in plot twisting as well as characterization that is just in a class of its own Joel C Rosenberg brings out the best of both worlds in the Middle East as well as the US. The Last Jihad Series, Book Set Joel C Rosenberg Explosive stories seemingly ripped from tomorrow s headlines Will surging oil prices, a rising Iraqi dictator, Asian powers preparing for battle, and Israel s construction of the Third Temple herald disaster Softcovers The Last Jihad Series, Book Set by Joel C Rosenberg Order of The Last Jihad Books OrderOfBooks The Last Jihad is a series of conservative political thrillers by American novelist Joel C Rosenberg The five part series is about terrorism and what it has to do with Bible Prophecy The Last Jihad came out in but was written mere months before the September th attacks.

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    One thought on “The Last Jihad

    1. Dustin on said:

      Author s Note Inexplicably, New York Times author, Joel C Rosenberg predicted 9 11 In fact, he wrote about being deep in the writing process of the rough draft on the morning of that fateful day Needless to say, he was taken aback He was mortified and did not know what to do, or I d imagine if he should even proceed After much introspection and prayer, Rosenberg consulted his editor, whom urged him to get back to work and assured him that with minimal alterations, his novel would pan out The cha [...]

    2. Jerry on said:

      Synopsis Several years after the 9 11 attacks, President Elect MacPherson is celebrating his recent victorywhen the unthinkable happens a suicidal terrorist drives a plane into the motorcade With the entire nation in an uproar, Erin McCoy and Jon Bennett, two personal friends of the Chief Executive, are employed to ensure the security of the leader of our country Between threats from Saddam Hussein, double agents within the United States government, and the nationwide panic that ensues, Bennett [...]

    3. Paul on said:

      I have a bone to pick with 2,721 readers, who gave this book an average rating of 4.01 How can that possibly be The writing was terrible, the plot was the same as hundreds of other hackneyed plots and the characters were so stereotypically flat that it was laughable It s essentially the story of what would have happened if Saddam Hussein had actually developed and deployed a nuclear weapon Of course the book was first published in 2002, so I ll forgive the author for being totally wrong on his e [...]

    4. booklady on said:

      A cross between Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum the Bourne series The Last Jihad is a speculative political thriller and as such not the kind of book I usually read, but I found myself really enjoying it Written in 2002, The Last Jihad envisioned a world where Saddam Hussein had not only acquired the wherewithal to produce fully functional ICBMs Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles but was launching one against the United States A fascinating and terrifying scenario then, it is no less relevant now [...]

    5. Apokripos on said:

      First Strike A Book Review of Joel Rosenberg s The Last Jihad Do you still remember where and what were you doing on the fateful day of September 11, 2001 On that historic Tuesday morning, Joel C Rosenberg was putting the finishing touches on what will be his first novel Written some nine months before 9 11, it opens with a chilling and ominous scene where radical Islamic terrorists hijack a jet plane on a kamikaze attack mission into an American city But what really brought The Last Jihad to in [...]

    6. Lucy on said:

      I cannot remember who recommended this to me, but I m fairly certain I was told to read it because it s not the kind of book I normally check out I knew right away that it might not be my kind of book after seeing the rave reviews by both Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity on the back cover Hmmmm In spite of their warning, I forged ahead.The Last Jihad takes place in 2011 ten years after the the World Trade Center attacks and enough time later for the current president to have persuaded the American [...]

    7. Robert on said:

      Mr Rosenberg writes an interesting political thriller that portrays Middle Eastern nations, with the exception of Israel, as evil and the United States as the good.In Mr Rosenberg s view, radical Muslims are to blame for the problems in the Middle East Any student how history will know that, the often bloody, Western intervention in the Middle East is largely responsible Radical Muslims only make up a small percentage of Islam, with the vast majority wishing to live in peace and free of Western [...]

    8. Trekscribbler on said:

      I ll get this out of the way first the single greatest distraction to THE LAST JIHAD is the fact that, in large sections of the prose, it is written just a touch too cinematically You can read whole sections and see passages heavily influenced by the films of the Tom Clancy novels, the James Bond adventures, and even Fox Television s stellar action suspense series 24 That s not to say that it s a bad thing I just found it occasionally distracting.However, THE LAST JIHAD deals with a real world s [...]

    9. David on said:

      This book is kind of hard to explain The first draft to the publisher or editor was complete before September 11th Because of the subject material, after 9 11, they put this book on hold for almost a year Once it felt appropriate, they modified some of the plot to be post 9 11 by almost 10 years The reason that is important is because it was released before the U.S invaded Iraq as a preemptive strike So, in this book, Saddam is still alive and leading Iraq Since the invasion of Iraq, we have le [...]

    10. Nancy on said:

      One of the best books I have ever read The author takes you on a geopolitical roller coaster ride from the first page His knowledge of the behind the scene workings of the political, intelligence, military, Biblical and all other players involved in national and world crises makes the storyline believable The author is from a Russian Jewish family and a devout Christian He weaves his Christian faith and his knowledge of Jewish prophecies into the theme of his books The narrative of this book is [...]

    11. Bear on said:

      An earlier title before Dead Heat by the same author written right after 9 11, but before we invaded Iraq I won t go into details other than to say it s a well written book he writes in a simliar vein as Clancy which kept my attention with many little twists and character changes As his other book, this one pretty well reflects what is going on in the middle east, with plausible scenarios And given the current world situation, this guy s crystal ball is a lot clarified than most of us Read it r [...]

    12. Sally Schueler on said:

      This is the first of several political thrillers for Joel Rosenberg and I m looking forward to the rest of this series and seeing how he ties in possible Middle East scenarios with his extensive knowledge in Biblical Prophecy I felt that the characters and some of the storyline could have been fully developed but it didn t bother me so much that I didn t enjoy the read and there are 4 books in this series so I expect to see the characters grow Even though this book was written in 2001, the con [...]

    13. Dana on said:

      What an exciting book I didn t want to put it down get anything done but I did I m excited that it is just the first in a series of 5 books Yeah Jon Bennett worked as a Wall Street analyst and was working on a deal that would make him into a billionaire But, the world changed the instant the president, Jon s friend, was attacked in an assassination attempt And then the president asked Jon to become one of his close advisors Jon doesn t realize how completely his life changed on that fateful day. [...]

    14. Perri on said:

      A friend recommended this book, but I couldn t really get into it I kept losing track of the many characters, and it seemed dated with Saddam Hussein I enjoyed some of the break neck action sequences.

    15. Geri H on said:

      As a 3rd generation Marine this book made me stop and reflect on previous battle situations.It is amazing to me how a group of people can have so little a regard for human life Their religious belief teaches them otherwise but I guess hatred will always win over the one s spiritual beliefs.FABULOUS book and can hardly wait to start the next one in the series.

    16. Andrea on said:

      The book was published in 2002 If I had read this earlier, I would have given it a higher rating, but passage of time dulls the brilliance of Rosenberg s ideas.The POTUS has been attacked as his motorcade leaves the Denver airport A Gulfstream G 4, first in the line waiting for clearance to land after the presidential motorcade leaves DIA The Gulfstream is reportedly out of Canada, and goes silent after being cleared to land and instead aims directly for the president The president survives, bad [...]

    17. Scott Ivlow on said:

      I liked this book a lot Even reading this book 12 years after being published it was still fun to read The events take place in Nov.2010 The chapters aren t timed stamped like Patrick Robinson book But the author skips from place to place So to follow events I liked best from what was happening in Washington I would skip ahead and then read backwards to forward The only mistake about guns Rosenberg makes is referring to a.45 cal as revolver instead of a pistol Also predicting the future in curre [...]

    18. Karen on said:

      Political thriller I picked it up because I recently saw the author interviewed on CNN by Glenn Beck about his latest book I first read and enjoyed his book, Epicenter, in which he describes how he arrived at the ideas for his series of political thrillers This is the first book in the series He bases the series on prophecies about the last days in the Book of Ezekiel I was interested in trying one of the books out I ve given it only two stars because I had to struggle through it There were some [...]

    19. Julie on said:

      I wish I could give this one stars, because I like the premise and thought it would be like a Clancy or Ludlum political espionage thriller.It tried to be, but the writing was not up to the challenge The characters were not realistic, the dialogue was painfully bad There was a lot of unnecessary descriptions and background that did nothing to add to the story I found myself wishing he would get back to the suspenseful part.He did pretty good at crafting an idea that had you wondering what was g [...]

    20. Skip on said:

      Some excellent action, starting with the opening sequence where a rogue Gulfstream IV is shot down, but the explosion trashes the President s limo, the ending shootout in the former top Mossad agent s house in Jerusalem with the four horseman of the apocalypse Arab hitmen, and the roughly simultaneous sniper sequence prior to the memorial service for the secret service agents killed in the opening scene However, there were some parts that could have been better, with some of the denouement comin [...]

    21. Gopal on said:

      I got these out of our local library on a whim, the title was intriguing and the geo political implications were looking better on the book blurb.Once I started with the book, it almost became a chore to finish it The characters are not well etched and as I write this review I have already forgotten what the book was all about The book opens explosively with a kamikaze plane attack on the POTUS motorcade but it sort of writes itself down from there with conveniently forgotten characters and not [...]

    22. Maurean on said:

      This was really a fantastic book Fast paced and action packed from the very first page, the storyline was tense and authentic and I found myself completely engrossed from start to finish The premise what if the war on terror goes nuclear is so timely great food for thought One particular quote I found that resonated for me particularly The instruments of war are not evil.Not in and of themselves Not unless they are in the hands of those who use them for evil Preventing the slaughter of innocent [...]

    23. Jacob Aitken on said:

      Actually written before 9 11 and sort of predicted it A fair apologia for American involvement in the War on Terror Somewhat idealistic Even Bush at his best was nowhere close to President MacPherson and certainly Obama isn t Shows the utter failure of liberalism and pacificism in the face of evil Written in the style of Tom Clancy and just as good Even better, it doesn t have the grisly rape scenes or drug underground.

    24. Martha on said:

      An interesting premise made for a good book club discussion, but this first book in a series by Rosenberg featured too many characters, too many places, too much action and too little character development to make it onto my favorites list.

    25. Kristina Ruttan on said:

      The characters and action were a good action read, although nothing outstanding What makes this book so incredible is the fact that it predicted major world events before they happened and that it jives so closely with world events.

    26. Kimberly Harms on said:

      Good story but I had a hard time following all of the many characters and understanding all the lingo.

    27. Charity U on said:

      Wow Definitely an amazing part of the series Do read them in order, it s an immense help This book was awesome Highly recommended.

    28. Ben on said:

      The Last Jihad, in my impression, gives a good commentary on today s political setting I enjoyed some of the settings that went to different parts of the world showing some of the reactions and retaliations of other world powers I do feel though, that this book deserves of a movie setting instead since the constant between settings and detailed jargon on some settings a little too heavy for the flow the story Perhaps these characters will recur in the next story, but the sudden paragraph of cha [...]

    29. Doug on said:

      Overall like a B movie on a rainy dreary Sunday afternoon You read several favorable reviews on this one and others in the series.The price was less than what I usually spend, so what the heck.I really wanted to like this I tried to overlook basic development, until I couldn t.It s a shame really The concept was intriguing, the players feasible, the suspense was dead balls on.But there was a flawed execution in the character development of Jon Bennett.An adept stroke of aligning this kid global [...]

    30. Mart-Jaap Van leeuwen on said:

      Even wat ontspannende lectuur Een spannende thriller met bekende namen zoals Saddam Hoessein etc Omdat het al een aantal jaar geleden is dat deze boeken werden geschreven klopt het niet helemaal meer met de werkelijkheid, maar voor ontspanning is dat niet erg Het jammere van christelijke lectuur is vaak dat geloofszaken er wat te dik bovenop liggen, het moet er op de een of andere manier ingevlochten worden, maar dat maakt het verhaal wat ongeloofwaardig Jammer, gemiste kans Toch leest het lekke [...]

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