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Reservoir 13

Reservoir 13 By Jon McGregor Reservoir Midwinter in an English village A teenage girl has gone missing Everyone is called upon to join the search The villagers fan out across the moors as the police set up roadblocks and a crowd of news re

  • Title: Reservoir 13
  • Author: Jon McGregor
  • ISBN: 9781936787708
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Paperback
  • Reservoir 13 By Jon McGregor Midwinter in an English village A teenage girl has gone missing Everyone is called upon to join the search The villagers fan out across the moors as the police set up roadblocks and a crowd of news reporters descends on what is usually a place of peace Meanwhile, there is work that must still be done cows milked, fences repaired, stone cut, pints poured, beds made, seMidwinter in an English village A teenage girl has gone missing Everyone is called upon to join the search The villagers fan out across the moors as the police set up roadblocks and a crowd of news reporters descends on what is usually a place of peace Meanwhile, there is work that must still be done cows milked, fences repaired, stone cut, pints poured, beds made, sermons written, a pantomime rehearsed As the seasons unfold and the search for the missing girl goes on, there are those who leave the village and those who are pulled back those who come together and those who break apart There are births and deaths secrets kept and exposed livelihoods made and lost small kindnesses and unanticipated betrayals An extraordinary novel of cumulative power and grace, RESERVOIR 13 explores the rhythms of the natural world and the repeated human gift for violence, unfolding over thirteen years as the aftershocks of a tragedy refuse to subside.
    Reservoir 13 By Jon McGregor

    Reservoir by Jon McGregor Apr , Winner of the Costa Book Award and Booker nominee, Reservoir was such a fulfilling read The book is considered a mystery of sorts as it starts with a year old girl going missing when vacationing in an English village with her family. Reservoir A Novel Reservoir is a unique feat of communitarian storytelling, full of humanity, humility, drama and mystery Turning within a natural almanac, the lives of its characters ebb and flow as the years pass, as they encounter tragedy, conflict, the best and worst aspects of each other. Reservoir by Jon McGregor review a chilling Apr , Reservoir is an enthralling and brilliant investigation of disturbing elements embedded deeply in our story tradition Tessa Hadley s Bad Dreams and Other Stories is published by Cape. A Review of Reservoir by Jon McGregor The Literary Review Reservoir follows the village for as many years as Becky had lived, allotting a chapter to each As the thirteen years methodically tick by, the narrative drifts in and out of people s lives, assembling a patchwork quilt of a community forever altered. Reservoir A Novel Kindle edition by McGregor, Jon Reservoir is an extraordinary achievement a portrait of a community that leaves the reader with an abiding affection for its characters, because we recognise their follies and frailties and the small acts of kindness and courage that bind them together. Reservoir The Booker Prizes Reservoir Jon McGregor th Estate, HarperCollins Midwinter in the early years of this century a teenage girl on holiday has gone missing in the hills at the heart of England. Reservoir Summary Study Guide BookRags Reservoir Catapult, The novel takes place over a year period, with each chapter spanning one year The novel takes place in a single unnamed town in the English countryside. A Girl Vanishes But in This Novel, Time Is the Real Jan , McGregor s fourth novel, Reservoir , begins with a telegenic tragedy A year old girl disappears on the moor in an English village where Jon McGregor The real meaning behind Jon McGregor s village tale of a The real meaning behind Jon McGregor s village tale of a missing teenage girl Each chapter of Reservoir begins at New Year, as the local crime story morphs into an observation of the passing of time.

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    One thought on “Reservoir 13

    1. Paromjit on said:

      This is the first novel that I have read by this author and I loved it This is less a novel about crime and a reflective meditation of the flow and rhythms of nature, the lives and actions of characters throughout a period of years It is a story of ordinariness, the reality of how life is in the country and delivered with understated prose I could not help but be moved by the narrative and enchanted by the poetic and lyrical writing.It is set in a village in the Peak District and is ostensibly [...]

    2. Hannah Greendale on said:

      Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel, From Beginning to Bookend Lovely descriptions of nature are insufficient compensation for an uneventful plot and a slew of forgettable characters.

    3. Kris on said:

      I m not sure that the world needs another review of this fine novel, so I m going to keep this short I think by now most of you may already know the basics the novel opens as a search begins for a teenage girl, Rebecca Shaw, who has gone missing while her family was vacationing in the village for the New Year However, the novel is not a mystery or a thriller, but instead provides, year by year, micro updates on life in the village Each of the novel s 13 chapters covers one year, just as the vill [...]

    4. Cheri on said:

      Beautifully written, with an ever present sense of the narrator being less of a person or a being, and as the all seeing village that overlooks all, and looks over all It looks over the landscape that surrounds them, the village and the villagers, watching as life changes with the seasons and the passing of time Once my heart was filled with the love of a girl.I held her close, but she faded in the nightLike a poem I meant to write.And the leaves that are green turn to brown,And they wither wit [...]

    5. Jaline on said:

      This is my kind of book Slow moving like the surface of an undisturbed river, yet with currents underneath prepared to carry one away, toss a person like dross in its swirling, or pull one into subterranean depths.From the beginning, we know that a young girl of 13 goes missing and the village where this occurs is never the same Each chapter explores yet another year in the life of the village and its people, and for me there was a slow growing undercurrent of nebulous unease as and time passe [...]

    6. Hugh on said:

      This is my second book from this year s Man Booker longlist, and for me it already looks like a potential winner I had been intending to wait for the paperback but decided to buy the hardback as soon as the longlist was announced, since it was the one I was most looking forward to, especially after the positive reviews.Update 29 8 17 Having read all but four of the longlist, this one is still my favourite The rest of my shortlist would be Autumn, Home Fire, Days Without End, Solar Bones and Elme [...]

    7. Adina on said:

      I first gave up on Reservoir 13 after the first chapter and I should have left it there After I read a couple of praising reviews from friends that I trust and it got shortlisted for the Goldsmith prize I decided to give it another change I struggled to read another chapter but I cannot continue I guess it is because of the higher importance the writer gives to the structures than to the plot and characters There are too many characters and too many lives to follow and I just don t care The nove [...]

    8. Marita on said:

      The girl s name was Rebecca, or Becky, or Bex She had been looked for, everywhere She had been looked for in the lambing sheds on Jackson s farm, people moving through the thick stink of frightened ewes and climbing up into the lofts and squeezing behind the stacks of baled hay, and in the darkness outside great heaving lungfuls of fresh air were taken as people made their way across the field to the other barns She had been looked for in the caves, and in the quarries, and in the reservoirs and [...]

    9. Jenny (Reading Envy) on said:

      I am SO TORN about this book I ve been thinking about it for days I think part of my issue is that how it is being sold to the reader the disappearance of a girl, the fallout is not really what the book is It is true that there is a disappearance but it s a much slower book about the town, the nature in the town, the seasons, all the little people and all their little lives, the cycles they go through, the long reaching effects of all of the tragedies, the girl included the way secrets last and [...]

    10. Carol on said:

      The Hook There are many fine reviews of Reservoir 13 written by my GoodReads friends but it is this one by Kasa Cotugno that convince me I must read this book Thank you The Line s On the reservoirs the water was whipped up into whitecaps It was a decade now the girl had been missing, and although little talked about she was still in people s thoughts Her name was Rebecca, or Becky, or Bex She d been wearing a white hooded top with a navy blue body warmer She would be twenty three years old by no [...]

    11. Emer on said:

      This book has deservedly been added to the long list for the Man Booker Prize 2017 Reservoir 13 opens with the case of a missing persons a young girl who had been holidaying with her parents in a quiet English village But what follows isn t the expected crime thriller or whodunnit but a quiet look at the effects of this mysterious and tragic occurrence on village life over the following thirteen years And it is utterly spellbinding I highly recommend this to anyone who loves reading for the joy [...]

    12. Rebecca Carter on said:

      13 year Rebecca, or Bex, or Becky Shaw goes missing over New Years from a small village in the Peak District area She had been staying in a rented holiday cottage with her parents over the New Year period Search teams, emergency services and volunteers relentlessly look for her up the hills, rivers, cloughs, streams, valleys, moors and reservoirs, but to no avail She just appears to have vanished The media appears in full force, following the search teams, appeals, and the press conferences the [...]

    13. Doug on said:

      Top 13 Alternate Titles for Reservoir 13 13 Stone Sisters Vs Millennium Milestones Discuss12 The River Rushed Under the Packhorse Bridge, or At the Allotments11 Cathy Richard On Again, Off Again, On Again, Off Again 10 A 325 Page Shaggy Dog Story9 Mundane Minutiae of Village Life8 Her Name Was Rebecca Becky Bex.7 ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ AKA 13 Zs 6 Match the Aberrant Behavior to the One Dimensional Character5 Twin Peaks Minus the Weird Stuff4 Who is Responsible for This Year s Harvest Day Display, Dammit [...]

    14. Paul Fulcher on said:

      Longlisted for the Booker, shortlisted for the Goldsmiths, now winner of the Costa Prize indisputably the book of 2017.In April he first swallows were seen, swooping low over the pastures in the early morning and taking the insects which rose with the dew And still the sound of a helicopter clattering by was never just the sound of a helicopter but everything that sound had once meant.Update The book that should have won the Booker but was inexplicably dropped at shortlist stage but now shortlis [...]

    15. Roger Brunyate on said:

      WINNER OF THE COSTA NOVEL AWARD, 2017.A Pennine AlmanacThey gathered at the car park in the hour before dawn and waited to be told what to do It was cold and there was little conversation There were question that weren t being asked The missing girl s name was Rebecca Shaw When last seen she d been wearing a white hooded top A mist hung low across the moor and the ground was frozen hard They were given instructions and then they moved off, their boots crunching on the stiffened ground and their [...]

    16. Simon on said:

      I read this in two sittings I just need a bit of time to think on it before I review and I might make it a 5 5 Maybe I need to think.

    17. Maxwell on said:

      I didn t really enjoy this one, sadly I thought the novel s structure 13 chapters, each representing a year in the life of a village after the disappearance of a 13 year old girl was interesting but had me struggling through the book It was repetitive by nature and while some people might enjoy that I found it to be tedious and was glad to be done by the end The writing about nature and the village s surroundings were beautifully mixed into the story, but I didn t care enough about the character [...]

    18. Meike on said:

      Winner of the Costa Book Award 2017 sigh I have thought long and hard about why I dislike this text, especially because so many people whose opinion I value just loved it, and I could even find all the points they have raised in order to explain why they liked this novel so much in the text, but their well made arguments did not change the fact that this book did almost nothing for me So here are some attempts to explain why I found myself so underwhelmed The structure of the book dominates if n [...]

    19. Trish on said:

      McGregor s remarkable achievement in this novel long listed for the 2017 Man Booker Prize is the flammable combination of his intimacy and his distance He is daring in never mentioning Reservoir 13 again after naming his novel after it and insinuating, merely by its prominence, that it had something to do with the disappearance of Rebecca, or Becky, or Bex, the 13 year old girl who disappeared one year and was never accounted for, though she d been looked for and not forgotten for the thirteen y [...]

    20. Susan on said:

      I have never read anything by Jon McGregor before, but had heard good things about his books and was interested to read his latest It begins with the disappearance of a thirteen year old girl, who was staying in the village with her parents The police and emergency services arrive, along with the media, and the small community reacts in difference ways As helicopters search, a local farmer has to collect his panicked flock others organise search parties and the local vicar attempts to bring sola [...]

    21. Elaine on said:

      A truly beautiful and moving book Not a conventional novel at all Rather, Reservoir 13 is the chronicle of a village over 13 years, with each chapter taking the reader through a cycle of seasons in a rhythm that gradually becomes familiar McGregor pays as much attention to the animal life of the village badgers, foxes, butterflies, birds and a handful of pet dogs as he does to its human inhabitants The portrait is of a place that is at once timeless set amidst ancient standing stones, with farme [...]

    22. Gumble's Yard on said:

      Finally recognised for an award The Costa beats the Booker and Goldsmith this year as second most perceptive judging panel of the year.Re read this book after its longlisting for the Booker I can t add anything to my review below and it remained my firm favourite to win the Booker prize I was therefore very disappointed that it did not even make the shortlist However delighted now that it s innovative approach has been recognised by the Goldsmith judges so much so that with a small group of Good [...]

    23. Teresa on said:

      Similar to his If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things, McGregor shines his light on the everydayness of a particular community, though here his focus is widened, not just on one particular street in one neighborhood over one day, but on a whole village the town and its surrounding environs over 13 years, one chapter for each year, starting with the day a 13 year old visitor to the village goes missing Certain details of the life of certain villagers are told amidst seasonal changes to local and i [...]

    24. Peter Boyle on said:

      This is an extremely rare case of Did Not Finish for me I tried reading Reservoir 13 back in January when I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy from NetGalley, but ended up abandoning it a third of the way through I returned to it last weekend and again it defeated me Apologies to Jon McGregor and Fourth Estate it s just not my cup of tea.The story is set in a remote village of England s Peak District Rebecca Shaw, a 13 year old holidaymaker, vanishes without trace The locals organise a [...]

    25. Issicratea on said:

      This is some kind of quiet masterpiece, I think I haven t read a contemporary novel that has impressed me so much recently, except for His Bloody Project I read it immediately after another Booker longlisted work, Kamila Shamsie s Home Fire, and I felt McGregor s book was in a quite different league.Reservoir 13 takes us through thirteen years of community life in a Peak District village following the disappearance one New Year s Eve of a thirteen year old girl visiting the village with her pare [...]

    26. Emma on said:

      Wonderfully beautiful I savoured every last sentence of this book because I enjoyed it so much Longer review to follow but definitely as good as I d hoped

    27. Jill on said:

      I think what I loved most about Reservoir 13 is that it is both ordinary and extraordinary at the same time It is ordinary only in the sense that it talks about ordinary people and their day to day lives, but it is extraordinary in its style and subtlety The structure of the book required me to slow down and be a patient reader, and once I settled in to that mindset I thoroughly enjoyed the experience I m thrilled this book is on the Man Booker Long List, because this is the kind of layered com [...]

    28. Robert on said:

      Shortlisted for the Goldsmiths PrizeA simple premise but an affecting one A 13 year old girl disappears in a small village and was last seen at Reservoir 13 Meanwhile, despite a search live goes on and the book describes the village developing, relationships starting and ending Families expanding, traditions evolving all in the course of 13 years.Numerical connections aside this is a book about life and how it passes Each chapter starts with new year celebrations and ends with some major develop [...]

    29. Neil on said:

      There s an ordinary story running in parallel with this one The starting points of both stories are the same a search party assembles to look for a girl who has gone missing The ordinary story would then tell the tale of the search for a missing girl It would be a crime thriller and possibly similar to many other crime thrillers This extraordinary book, however, tells everyone else s story It is the story of a community from which a young girl has gone missing.It is not spoiling anything to say [...]

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