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Fireproof By Eric Wilson Fireproof INSIDE BURNING BUILDINGS Captain Caleb Holt lives by the firefighter s adage NEVER LEAVE YOUR PARTNER Yet at home in the cooling embers of his marriage he lives by his own rules Growing up his wif

  • Title: Fireproof
  • Author: Eric Wilson
  • ISBN: 9781595547163
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fireproof By Eric Wilson INSIDE BURNING BUILDINGS, Captain Caleb Holt lives by the firefighter s adage NEVER LEAVE YOUR PARTNER Yet at home, in the cooling embers of his marriage, he lives by his own rules.Growing up, his wife Catherine always dreamed of marrying a loving, brave firefighter just like her father.Now, after seven years of marriage, she wonders when she stopped being good enINSIDE BURNING BUILDINGS, Captain Caleb Holt lives by the firefighter s adage NEVER LEAVE YOUR PARTNER Yet at home, in the cooling embers of his marriage, he lives by his own rules.Growing up, his wife Catherine always dreamed of marrying a loving, brave firefighter just like her father.Now, after seven years of marriage, she wonders when she stopped being good enough Countless arguments and anger have them wanting to move on to something with sparks.As they prepare for divorce, Caleb s father challenges him to commit to a 40 day experiment The Love Dare Wondering if it s even worth the effort, Caleb reluctantly agrees, not realizing how it will change his world forever.Surprised by what he discovers about the meaning of love, Caleb begins to see his wife and marriage as worth fighting for.But is it too late His job is to rescue others.Now Captain Holt must face his toughest job ever rescuing his wife s heart.
    Fireproof By Eric Wilson

    Fireproof Sep , Directed by Alex Kendrick With Kirk Cameron, Erin Bethea, Ken Bevel, Stephen Dervan In an attempt to save his marriage, a firefighter uses a day experiment known as Fireproof Records Moving Information Forward Columbus Fireproof makes sure your information is always in your hands and never in your way with workflow automation, document scanning, data protection and backup, offsite storage, certified Fireproof Rotten Tomatoes Fireproof is about a firefighter using a day experiment known as The Love Dare in an attempt to save his marriage. Fireproof Definition of Fireproof by Merriam Webster Adjective remember to store valuable papers in a fireproof box Verb The building was not fireproofed Recent Examples on the Web Adjective Although asbestos is banned in than countries, in the US, asbestos can still be used in many everyday products such as automotive brake pads and gaskets, roofing products, and fireproof

    • Fireproof Best Read || [Eric Wilson]
      303 Eric Wilson

    One thought on “Fireproof

    1. Mischenko on said:

      Couldn t put it down One of my favorites 5 stars from beginning to end.

    2. Elisha on said:

      I loved this book A super easy read that made me realize how good my relationship with my fiance already is Possibly, because of us meeting later in life, or because we appreciate and respect each other so much Either way, this is a good one to keep on the shelf for reference and to share with your significant other.

    3. Lorrie on said:

      I loved this book It was simple, and even a little predictable, but the message was profound I had a hard time putting it down.

    4. Hannah M. on said:

      Firefighter Captain Caleb Holt has always been good at his job, he never leaves a man behind, but his marriage is another story After seven years of marriage Caleb and Catherine just aren t feeling it any Constantly arguing or simply not talking to each other the two are ready to divorce When Caleb talks to his father about what s going on he asks his son to wait forty days, because he s got something to try.The Love Dare enters the picture Each day there is a task to try, simple things like don [...]

    5. Ashley on said:

      My excuse for reading this book is that the Verizon store is right next to a Christian bookstore, and it took Scott two hours to decide which Blackberry he wanted to purchase I was already halfway through with it by then and wanted to see how it ended That said, it wasn t as bad as I thought There is a lot of proselytizing in the second half as the main character finds God, but he seriously needed to find God The main character, Caleb, is this firefighter who is a complete bastard to his wife un [...]

    6. Hark Herald Sarmiento on said:

      This is a very good book indeed Not only it helps save marriage at the brink of divorce, it also gives tips on how to make it stronger Everybody, including those who aren t in a marriage relationship, can relate to the lessons it bringsThis will kinda be a spoiler but at least you may have a glimpse of the contents You never leave your partner Especially in a fire Caleb Holt Marriage isn t fireproof Michael Simmons Fireproof doesn t mean the fire will never come It means when the fire comes that [...]

    7. John on said:

      This book teaches you the importance of holding on and doing what is right although it may be extremely hard If you need ispiration or help with any problem in your life you should definitely pick up a copy of this book and get reading.

    8. Nora St Laurent on said:

      Caleb is a hero a hero, that is, to everyone but his wife.What has happened lately Things were so great When did things startto change Now his wife wants out fine he thinks I ll give herout He seems to be the only one doing anything in this marriageanyway He never gets any respect from his wife Doesn t she see allhe pays for and does in their marriage She just doesn t get it Caleb s thoughts begin to turn to divorce.When Caleb tells his father that he has been thinking of a divorce,his father as [...]

    9. Laura on said:

      I watched and enjoyed the movie Fireproof at some point in the last year or two My sister in law loaned me the novelization of the movie Sometimes novelizations of movies are miss than hit, but this novelization was definitely a winner.Caleb Holt is a fireman and is captain of his team While he is a fantastic firefighter and leader, his life at home is falling apart Caleb and his wife Catherine do nothing but fight or avoid each other It has gotten to the brink of divorce Caleb s father challen [...]

    10. Debbie on said:

      This book is a Christian Romance novel, though it s not typical of the category The romance is portrayed accurate to real life and is mainly from the male point of view I think men would find the book as interesting as women would.The book isn t terribly preachy and is a this character happens to become a Christian than a listen up, readers if you aren t Christian, you ought to be and here s how Unless you are vehemently anti Christian, the Christian content probably won t annoy you.Because the [...]

    11. Brent Soderstrum on said:

      This was hard for me to rate I gave it three stars because the story is awesome but it is a novelization of a movie Unlike most book movies, the movie was done first That being said the story is awesome It is a story about a marriage in which the couple had become strangers in the same house Really hit home for me Like the couple in the book I was married seven years and things got tough Caleb listens to his Dad and accepts the Love Dare in which he does various things to give sacrifical love to [...]

    12. Shannon on said:

      This book was absolutely amazing It was well written, the characters were relatable, and it really made you feel a part of the book I felt angry, sad, frustrated, happy throughout this whole book with the characters Being Christian, I especially loved the touch of faith brought into the story It wasn t overwhelming, yet at the same time, it was the foundation of the entire story It was real it was beautiful It s hard for a book to make me tear up, but this one did it Highly recommend, especially [...]

    13. Talleyfamily6 on said:

      Several people recommended the movie to me but the book was at the library so I picked it up It was ok nothing hard to read It was thought provoking as the husband began to take the love dare and do things for his wife to demonstrate his committment to their marriage and her friends at work caused her to question his motives A reminder that sometimes our friends don t give us godly advice and to always compare the advice people give us to what the Bible says.Fireproof

    14. Wendy on said:

      I thought this was just a novel about a firefighter when I picked it up, and only as I got well into it did I realize it s actually Christian fiction, which I normally avoid like the plague The book was indeed a story of a top flight firefighter, having trouble in his marriage, and the challenge his father sets to him to try to sort things out before he pulls the plug and files for divorce While the Love Dare is based in Christian theology, the message it sends, about how to really take care of [...]

    15. Karen on said:

      I read this book for my women s bible study The book was written AFTER the movie Fireproof was a success I never heard of it before, but I guess it s sort of a cult classic with the church groups I didn t think it was well written, and the background of the characters wasn t developed at all in my opinion, and I know from others who have seen the movie I haven t that the emotion from the characters was much evident in the movie than the book The story and message is good A firefighter named Cal [...]

    16. Susan on said:

      I found out after I started reading this book that it was written after the screenplay for the movie, rather than before The book does kind of read like a movie It doesn t have the deepest dialogue and the characters are not as fleshed out as they normally are in books I read Normally I don t even enjoy Christian fiction that much because they just seem a little light and don t ring quite true for me On that note I would have given this book, which was a really quick read, only three stars The r [...]

    17. Gabrielle Bernard on said:

      Fireproof is a strong work of God Christianity works through every sentence and leeks through every page A love story with some comedy, that also has a religious message that does not over power the book Proven stronly the message is shared in a most heart touching way For me this book earned a 5 out of 5 stars The text is not heard to read and you stay sucked into the book It is possible that this book will change the way we look at marraige these days It is not a gender bias through all of Cal [...]

    18. Jerry on said:

      A Quickie ReviewMost people say that the book is always better than the movie, but I m not sure in this case Though there are some great extra details, including how Caleb and Catherine ended up married in the first place, one plot thread not seen in the film messed things up SPOILER WARNING Catherine s mom goes on a special version of Wheel of Fortune and wins a boat for Caleb, which didn t sit well with me Too many times, I see stories where a hero gives up something only to get immediately re [...]

    19. Lisa Belcastro on said:

      I absolutely LOVED Fireproof I have watched the movie Fireproof a half dozen times It was a treat to read the book and delve deeper into the story behind Caleb and Catherine The creation of The Love Dare, and reading about how these two characters lived it out, was fantastic I mourned the breakdown of their marriage, and then cheered as Caleb made the commitment to do the Love Dare Even though I knew the outcome from watching the movie, I was completely drawn into the story as I read about their [...]

    20. Lori Henrich on said:

      Caleb and Catherine are having serious marriage problems Catherine wants out and Caleb isn t sure he wants to fight for it A conversation with his father puts The Love Dare into Caleb s hands It isn t easy for him but he wants to give it a try He struggles to figure out what he wants and whether giving his life to Christ is really the answer to save his marriage.I loved this story The book of course has than the movie but both are great and have a wonderful message I wonder what the world would [...]

    21. Brent Strandy on said:

      When rating this book I m not comparing it to other novels I ve read I found other novels to have much better stories and yet I gave them lower scores I give Fireproof a 7 10 because of the message it delivers Usually Christian novels are extremely phony and lack any semblance to our current culture This book does a fantastic job illustrating marriage albeit a nasty side of marriage It shows how a broken marriage reacts to the Love Dare I appreciated how real the book felt It wasn t a become Chr [...]

    22. Angie Rowan on said:

      Fireproof is a story that I believe every person can relate to It touches on relationships good bad, romantic friendship as well as just being a better YOU A quick read but part of that was the flow of the story as well as wanting to know the outcome.

    23. Cassandra Cox on said:

      This book was a very fast read It was so hard to put down I love the drama packed within it This fire fighter and public relations manager showed what true dedication, love and commitment, along with Christ can do.

    24. Kimberly on said:

      Very touching story Quick read for me because I couldn t seem to put the novel down Very enjoyable One that I will save and read again.

    25. Mary Robles on said:

      Good wholesome Christian book Liked the concepts of this book Reminds me that how I need to be in my marriage I would recommend this book

    26. Cassie on said:

      I haven t really read a book like this before but I found that I loved it I was so emotional through the whole read and now I want to do the love dare

    27. Sarai on said:

      I was surprised by this book I really wasn t expecting to like it after all the couple in the first part reminded me a bit too much of my previous marriage I also expected by the end to be wishing that my husband had taken the steps here That being said by the end I was happy for the couple I was happy for each of their personal growths I really enjoyed reading this It shed some light on what my ex might have been thinking and what I can do differently next time around REVIEW THOUGHTS OPINION I [...]

    28. dgw on said:

      Note There are some references to key plot points in this review I don t consider them to be spoilers per se not enough to check the contains spoilers box but it should be noted that you might have a hint at what happens if you pay close attention to my writing below.Fireproof was an engrossing, captivating book until I hit the second half, which proselytizes Jesus up the wazoo After it started proselytizing, the story became merely interesting It fell into predictability at some points, I thoug [...]

    29. Heather_baird on said:

      There was a young girl name Catherine, she wanted to marry a guy just like her father Twenty five years later Catherine married a captain Caleb, a firefighter At the fire house Caleb, always says, never leave a man behind especially in a fire However, at home Caleb and Catherine argue over everything Catherine, wanted a divorce, but Caleb dad, John, gave him a book It was called the Love Dare The Love Dare book is a forty day challenge, to try to keep your marriage by changing the way a spouse i [...]

    30. Christina on said:

      Every marriage goes through some tough times In this day and age, most of us accept divorce as acceptable and sometimes expected in a marriage It is refreshing to read a story that is based on renewing a couple s love for each other and showing the blessings you can reap from forgiveness rather than the continuing hurt of divorce.This story is realistic I felt like I was reading about an actual couple who had gone through feelings of separation and written a story about it They have been married [...]

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