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The Waste Lands

The Waste Lands By Stephen King Ned Dameron The Waste Lands Roland The Last Gunslinger moves ever closer to The Dark Tower of his dreams and nightmares as he crosses a desert of damnation in a macabre world that is a twisted image of our own With him are tho

  • Title: The Waste Lands
  • Author: Stephen King Ned Dameron
  • ISBN: 9780670032563
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Waste Lands By Stephen King Ned Dameron Roland, The Last Gunslinger, moves ever closer to The Dark Tower of his dreams and nightmares as he crosses a desert of damnation in a macabre world that is a twisted image of our own With him are those he has drawn to this world street smart Eddie Dean and courageous wheelchair bound Susannah.Ahead of him are mind rending revelations about who and what is driving him ARoland, The Last Gunslinger, moves ever closer to The Dark Tower of his dreams and nightmares as he crosses a desert of damnation in a macabre world that is a twisted image of our own With him are those he has drawn to this world street smart Eddie Dean and courageous wheelchair bound Susannah.Ahead of him are mind rending revelations about who and what is driving him Against him is arrayed a swelling legion of foes both and less than human.
    The Waste Lands By Stephen King Ned Dameron

    • Unlimited The Waste Lands - by Stephen King Ned Dameron
      175 Stephen King Ned Dameron

    One thought on “The Waste Lands

    1. Kemper on said:

      This book contains the biggest lie a writer ever told me It s in the Author s Note at the end The fourth volume in the tale of the Dark Tower should appear always assuming the continuation of Constant Writer s life and Constant Reader s interest in the not too distant future.It took six years for the next book to come out Six Goddamn Years.Six years may not seem too bad to fans of authors who only release a book every decade or so, but there s a couple of factors that made this false statement p [...]

    2. Stephen on said:

      DISCLAIMER Many aspects of THE GUNSLINGER ACTION ADVENTURE EXPEDITION are comprised of potentially dangerous activities involving giant cyborgs, possessed buildings, demon rapists and extras from the cast of Deliverance, do you ken it There is a risk of serious injury, being Roont or even Charyou Tree Therefore GUNSLINGER KA TETS WITH DINH ONLY While training and remembering the face of your father can reduce the inherent risks, Ka is a wheel and they cannot be completely eliminated do you ken N [...]

    3. Luca Ambrosino on said:

      English The Waste Lands ItalianoHappiness while watching the drawing of the metal plate found on the just killed bear, happiness that I feel for the unpredictable and the inexplicable My personal journey into the world of The Dark Tower goes on, together with the gunslinger, Roland, escorted by Eddie and Susannah, the two tale gunners recruited in the previous chapter, The Drawing of the Three However, there is still somebody to recruit for the company to be completeIn the author s note at the e [...]

    4. Mark on said:

      I rated the Gunslinger 4 stars and I loved it The reason I said at the time was that I thought that at least one book in the series will blow me away So this is book three and here it is, a five star rating.This volume of the Dark Tower brings all of the characters together We learn about their histories, how they link to each other in their previous lives in our world and what their role is as they join Roland on the quest for the Dark Tower.Now permanently in Roland s world, although it has mo [...]

    5. Dan Schwent on said:

      After the events of the Drawing of the Three, Roland the Gunslinger has two people from our world along side him in his quest for the Dark Tower However, he s also going mad because of a strange double set of memories in his head, memories of a boy he crossed the desert withThe Waste Lands is probably my favorite Dark Tower book and epitomizes what I like about the series It s got the lost technology, lots of action, bits about Roland s world, and makes Roland s ka tet complete The story of Jak [...]

    6. Jeff on said:

      Take the guesswork out of your next vacation FORSPECIAL Travels and Tours presents Lud, the Jewel of the SendYour Guided Mid World adventure starts here Charming Local Accommodations See the amazing, bumbling Shardik, Mid World s largest, comedic bear, searching for picnic baskets Glimpse and maybe chat with an elusive billy bumbler Pick some devil grass We won t tell Chat with the oldest people in Mid World Find out what their secret is to long life Hint It s not yogurt Small Group SizesAuthent [...]

    7. Adina on said:

      4.5 I almost, almost, gave 5 stars to this one I consider this volume to be the best out of the three that I ve read so far If the book had stopped midway it would have got the maximum recognition from me, no doubt I love and hate King s way of writing too much He managed to keep me at the edge of my seat for 100 pages, hungry for , promising my undying love and then, after the climax, he slightly bores me with for the next 100 Maybe the plot got too intense and he thought we needed a cool down [...]

    8. Delee on said:

      Fabulous buddy read with my Dark Tower Posse Quick Draw Stepheny, Jumpin Jeff, Calamity slow poke Bev, and last but not least Bronco Bustin Black Jackin Jason The name stands PERVERTS Five weeks after The Drawing of the Three Roland, Susannah, and Eddie are deep into the woods of The Out World where they encounter Shardik a ginormous cyborg bear on his last legs.After putting him out of his misery they realize they have to follow the path of the beam to The Mid world.but first they need to bring [...]

    9. Markus on said:

      Behold ye, the return of the White After evil ways and evil days, the White comes again Be of good heart and hold up your heads, for ye have lived to see the wheel of ka begin to turn once What a journey From incomprehensibly horrible to absodamnlutely fantastic to okay.This book was all over the place Both literally and metaphorically.The first half is of what we re given in The Drawing of the Three That is a painfully boring story about Roland leaving his wildly interesting world behind to p [...]

    10. Stepheny on said:

      4.5 stars The Waste Lands is the third installment in the Dark Tower series I ve been through this series so many times over the years I have lost count But what has made this trip so important is all of the wonderful people I have gotten to take along the Path of the Beam I would like to thank my posse for allowing me to hold their hands and guide them on this most epic of quests Rootin Tootin Pistol Packin Delee,Jumpin Jeff ,Calamity Bev and last but certainly not least, Bronco Bustin Black Ja [...]

    11. Algernon on said:

      Some day if there s time, I ll tell you all the old stories the ones I know, at least They form a large tapestry, one which is beautiful but very sad Some fine day but not today and not in this third installment of the Dark Tower series For now, Roland and his friends are too busy doing nothing much for about six hundred pages They travel, they fight the ocassional monster or deranged mob leader, the sit by the campfire and have some obscure nightmares and prophetic visions All wrapped up in a h [...]

    12. Will M. on said:

      The thing with this series is that it just gets better along the way This review might contain some spoilers I m not sure if some people would consider them as spoilers, so read at your own risk You ve been warned.The most amazing thing about this book would be the fact that Jake fucking Chambers is back If you ve read my review of The Gunslinger book 1 then you d know how much I love that kid We can be friends again King, that much I can say view spoiler Fuck you, Roland You let him go again Yo [...]

    13. R.K. Gold on said:

      As usual I have nothing but positive things to say about this book Well, actually there is one negative and that s the ending It was of course an incomplete work ending at a climax, however, since it s not 1991 any and I do not have to wait years for a new book to come out, I will not fault King for this In fact, I will look at it as a positive, for I cannot wait to begin book 4 Mid world is continuing to grow, and the questions to its existence continue to be answered It s funny, while reading [...]

    14. Ahmad Sharabiani on said:

      The Waste Lands The Dark Tower, 3 , Stephen KingThe Waste Lands subtitled Redemption is a fantasy novel by American writer Stephen King, the third book of The Dark Tower series The original limited edition hardcover featuring full color illustrations by Ned Dameron was published in 1991 by Grant The book was reissued in 2003 to coincide with the publication of The Dark Tower V Wolves of the Calla The story begins five weeks after the end of The Drawing of the Three Roland, Susannah, and Eddie ha [...]

    15. Apatt on said:

      Ka the word you think of as destiny, Eddie, although the actual meaning is much complex and hard to define, as is almost always the case with words of the High Speech And tet, which means a group of people with the same interests and goals We three are a tet, for instance Ka tet is the place where many lives are joined by fate This is the book where Roland s ka tet is fully formed , with the addition of eleven years old Jake Chambers and Oy the billy bumbler a Mid World species Ka Tet Art by Mi [...]

    16. Emma on said:

      3.5 stars and I was frustrated enough with this volume in the continuing saga NOT to round up to 4 Steven King has a reputation for waffling, but this is the first time in the Dark Tower series, where I really felt the reader suffered because of it I loved Oy the Bumbler Had I not been listening to this rather than simply reading it, I am not at all sure I would have finished it.I consider myself very lucky not to have to wait the many years between the writing of this novel and the next in the [...]

    17. Char on said:

      Even though I m not crazy about this narrator, Frank Muller, I ended up giving my audio re read of this book an extra star.All my old friends are together again Roland, Susannah, Eddie, Jack and even Oy I forgot how much I loved Oy and his golden eyes Even some of my old enemies are here, Gasher and Blane the Mono It s nice re reading these via audio, even if I have to wait a few weeks in between books while waiting for the next audio book to come in to the library This time I don t have to wait [...]

    18. Lynn on said:

      I loved this book I love the connections between the characters past lives and between Mid World and Our When I also felt a strong link to other Stephen King books a mansion in Brooklyn comes to life and it was The Overlook all over again for me The middle of the book the mansion part was the most amazing part of a completely amazing story It could have just ended there for me emotionally, but it s all about the quest So, onward to Lud which brings every nuked out NYC full of mutants and psychos [...]

    19. Ashley Daviau on said:

      I honestly think this might just be my favourite book out of this series I say might because I must admit, my memory of the books that follow IS quite vague So I might end up loving them even than this one But I somehow doubt it because this magnificent book reintroduces one of my favourite characters from the series, introduces another favourite character AND introduces my favourite villain from this series I won t name any names because I don t want to spoil it for anyone I also thoroughly en [...]

    20. Kyriakos Sorokkou on said:

      DTProject2017 Book 3It was in August 2012 when I 1st read this book and now almost 5 years later, with a better command of the English language I see many things in a much different way than what it was when I was reading it for the 1st time I saw different landscapes, different views of the city and train station etc Here we see Roland The Gunslinger with the people he drew in the previous book from our world to his world moving towards their destination Before they reach an abandoned city the [...]

    21. Monty desai on said:


    22. ♛Tash on said:

      And I will show you something different from eitherYour shadow at morning striding behind youOr your shadow at evening rising to meet youI will show you fear in a handful of dust T.S Eliot, The Waste LandReview to come.

    23. Ashley on said:

      It s so funny, as I m reading this series for the first time, to see the very polarizing opinions about each book One person gives it up after the first thirty pages of the first book because it s so fucking weird, the next wants to read all of them in a mad, passionate frenzy One person thinks book two is the greatest me , another thinks it s boring as shit an opinion I can t understand Yet another counts this here book as their favorite and reviles book four Etc, etc.I find this fascinating, a [...]

    24. Cindy Newton on said:

      Stephen, really Are you kidding me with that cliffhanger I mean, SERIOUSLY how could you That s painful, right there I weep not for myself I m sitting here in 2016, with the next book comfortably at hand All I have to do is reach out and grab it, flip it open, and find out what happens to Roland and the rest of his ka tet I weep for those who have gone before me those brave souls who purchased this book fresh from the presses, all crisp and new and inviting on the bookshelves those Constant Read [...]

    25. Jason Parent on said:

      2.5 books That s how long it took me to become a fan of the Dark Tower I read 40 pages of this 3rd installment a year ago There it sat, a plain donut among a box full of sprinkles, and jellies, and chocolate frosted oh so niceties, a shit stain on the underpants of my mental library collection.And there I was, dreading going back to it, not really digging it but knowing deep down in my small, black, oil pumping heart funny, those adjectives work for many of my various parts that I should like th [...]

    26. seak on said:

      Another stunning installment in the Dark Tower series, The Waste Lands brings our quest for the dark tower that much closer, and actually giving it plenty of momentum which is, I m told, possibly to be dashed in further installments.Where The Gunslinger was a correlating collection of stories and The Drawing of the Three brings the main characters together, The Waste Lands actually moves the quest forward, gives some background not a ton mind you , and gives us some direction.I m really enjoying [...]

    27. Brian on said:

      I started reading this to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack but started losing interest in the book When I turned off the music I discovered the book has its own music I mean that almost literally because it seemed so real to me This book is like the first time you saw Star Wars or Return of the Jedi when Luke was flipping around fighting his Dad It s like some epic story that covers the primary elements of the Greats the deeper, intimate, secret, unknown elements of these stories They are the e [...]

    28. Karly *The Vampire Ninja, Luminescent Monster & Wendigo Nerd Goddess of Canada (according to The Hulk)* on said:

      Bubby read with the ever awesomeKatset to commence approximately November 17thHere s hoping we both love this one as much as The Drawing of the ThreeReview maybeOkay, so this one DIDN T do it for me like The Drawing of the Three I have a reader belief that you may, or may not, share and it s this I LOVE brilliant writers I love the spastic tug and weave of trying to figure out what this, obviously smarter than I, person is trying to pull forth with his her story I love the head smack feeling whe [...]

    29. Dawn on said:

      Let me start off by saying that I didn t rate this five stars because of its stand alone content I rated it five stars because of the level it elevated the series too I wasn t very interested in the Dark Tower series after Gunslinger, but I kept going After Drawing of the Three, I was intrigued, I liked it a lot better than Gunslinger, but I still could have not continued and not really cared But now, after Waste Lands, I m hooked I can t wait to continue, and learn of the story I want to devo [...]

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