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It's a Mall World After All

It's a Mall World After All By Janette Rallison It s a Mall World After All It s too bad they don t give out diplomas for what you learn at the mall because I could graduate with honors in that subject No really Since I ve worked there I ve become an expert on all things sh

  • Title: It's a Mall World After All
  • Author: Janette Rallison
  • ISBN: 9780802788535
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It's a Mall World After All By Janette Rallison It s too bad they don t give out diplomas for what you learn at the mall, because I could graduate with honors in that subject No really Since I ve worked there, I ve become an expert on all things shopping related For example, I can tell you right off who to distrust at the mall 1 Skinny people who work at Cinnabon I mean, if they re not eating the stuff they sell, hIt s too bad they don t give out diplomas for what you learn at the mall, because I could graduate with honors in that subject No really Since I ve worked there, I ve become an expert on all things shopping related For example, I can tell you right off who to distrust at the mall 1 Skinny people who work at Cinnabon I mean, if they re not eating the stuff they sell, how good can it be 2 The salesladies at department store makeup counters No matter what they tell you, buying all that lip gloss will not make you look like the pouty models in the store posters.3 And most importantly my best friend s boyfriend, Bryant, who showed up at the food court with a mysterious blonde draped on his arm.Yeah, I saw it, and yeah, I told my best friend all about it.You would think this would mean trouble for Bryant, but you would basically be wrong Somehow, the evil boyfriend turned everything around, and now I m the one who has to prove myself But I will Even if Bryant and importantly his best friend, Colton keep trying to stop me.
    It's a Mall World After All By Janette Rallison

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      279 Janette Rallison

    One thought on “It's a Mall World After All

    1. Marilee on said:

      Rallison is laugh out loud funny When I first saw this book I thought, just another silly teen romance novel And it is a teen romance, but it s smart and absolutely hilarious It s fluff, but it s the kind of fluff that I can read and recommend without guilt Rallison s plot just races along as Charlotte, a high school senior with an uncanny ability to get herself in humiliating scrapes, tries to manage an attraction to her best friend s boyfriend s best friend, while simultaneously trying to prov [...]

    2. Katie W on said:

      12 17 I read this one years ago and loved it just as much then as I did this time around Rallison has a great snarky teen voice that really makes the characters come alive and keeps the reader laughing.Not all smart girls areart Charlotte works in the mall and is determined to prove to her best friend that her boyfriend is a cheating slime ball Charlotte can t get over how mean boys were in Jr High, which is a shame, but she s strong enough now to dish it right back out and take her flaws and aw [...]

    3. Suey on said:

      A new author I love She s like Meg Cabot without the crap or the gray areas She s funny She s easy to read She s perfect for teen readers This book s story is about a girl who decides that she learns some great life lessons while working as a perfume promoter at the mall She gets herself into some pretty sticky situations while trying to prove that her best friend s boyfriend is two timing her Cute, cute story This one of the authors that I met at a signing the other day at Barnes and Noble She [...]

    4. Jennifer Wardrip on said:

      Reviewed by Cayla Carhart for TeensReadTooIf you like witty and hilarious page turners that keep you interested and laughing all the way through, then IT S A MALL WORLD AFTER ALL by Janette Rallison is the book for you This is the kind of book that keeps you wondering what hilarious twist is coming next Charlotte is a girl who works in a mall, spraying perfume on unsuspecting costumers She s a high school student, has red hair, she s taller than normal, and she has a strict policy against dating [...]

    5. Jessica on said:

      This book is really interesting It starts out with the protagonist, Charlotte, who works at the mall In the mall, she analyzes people based on what they buy She also learns about things in the mall This book is about one day while she was working, she notice her best friend s boyfriend with someone else She then tries to find out what s going on While she was trying to find out what is going on between them, she falls in love with her best friend s boyfriend s best friend There s a lot of twists [...]

    6. Jeanette on said:

      It s a Mall World After All is a witty, fun filled high school romance that actually had me laughing out loud at times.Charlotte is a good intentioned but accident prone teenager While working at the mall she sees her best friends boyfriend cheating on her When Charlotte tells her best friend, she sides with her boyfriend and Charlotte feels a wedge begin to form between them Charlotte becomes determined to prove she is right and gets herself into several sticky literally situations.I thought th [...]

    7. Susan on said:

      It s a Mall World After All Janette RallisonWalker Books for Young Readers,2006,230pp 16.95 ISBN0 545 01290 2 What s the point of doing anything when someone doesn t trust you Well that s not what Charlotte in It s a Mall World After all by Janette Rallison thinks, like a genius, smart and confident that something is fishy when she finds out something about her best friend s boyfriend cheating on Brianna behind her back Even though Brianna doesn t trust Charlotte and have arguments with her beca [...]

    8. Susan K on said:

      Romance, YA, cleanThis is probably the funniest thing I have read this year Truly a gem of a read, although it you don t like YA, you might not enjoy it JR has written a clever, fast paced novel that truly is a fun social commentary Charlotte and Colton both have some introspection to do and experience Charlotte s loyalty, her giving heart, and her bias for not dating any of the guys who mercilessly teased her in Junior High made for a witty, clever, and light hearted read that had some foundati [...]

    9. Mikaela Tynski on said:

      It s a Mall World After All , by Janette Rallison, is about a girl named Charlotte who is having some troubles with her flamboyant best friend, Brianna Charlotte suspects some infidelity between Brianna and Brianna s boyfriend, Bryant, when she unexpectedly spots Bryant and a blond chick at the mall Charlotte jeopardizes her best friend s relationship by breaking the news to Brianna Brianna then accuses Charlotte of being jealous Will Charlotte continue her junior high school year filled with di [...]

    10. Yanmei on said:

      this book is about charolette who finds out that her best friend is being cheated by her boyfriend the first day of for in the mall she told her friend, but she did not believe her charolette asked the guy s friend if it was true but he also said it was a lie Now, charolette will do anything to prove that she is right, even asking a favor from the girl that stole her ex boyfriend.

    11. Akansha Gupta on said:

      This is such an outstanding book, every page of the book keeps you entertained I definitely recommend this book for teens.As books name says It s a Mall World After All P P

    12. Jessica on said:

      This was surprisingly a cute and fun read It was a great mental break from things I ve had going on, so I m glad I read it.

    13. Heather Clark on said:

      Five stars for humor and a killer voice This character is a lot of fun Quick read, and fluffy light It made me want to sit down and write.

    14. Kristen on said:

      Super cute There were a few laugh out loud moments One page had me laughing pretty hard Quick finished it in a few hours pretty clean read Moral Note Says hell a few times.

    15. NaDell on said:

      Fun, fun story about a girl at a mall who is just doing her job, but keeps finding herself in little tangles, like accidentally almost encouraging a young boy to steal shoes for his mom and many other situations that make her out to be the bad guy when really she just wants to help I liked the story a little extra knowing quite a bit about retail and felt for her with her perfume spraying job The characters were entertaining and realistic Clean book I d love my daughters to read.

    16. Graylark on said:

      The heroine could be annoying at times, but every page was interesting I quite liked the hero, too.

    17. Briana Yanson on said:

      It was a bendy book it has your mind thinking The theme of the book is don t believe everything you hear.

    18. Liliana on said:

      Reviewed on Lili Lost in a BookGuys, you know I don t typically read contemporary books because I just find them too everyday life for me I need something supernatural in my life and not just the TV show which I love So it s strange that I would start off 2017 with this book, right But I just felt like reading this I love Janette s other paranormal books including those under her pen name, C.J Hill so I thought I might give this a try and oh my god I am so glad I did because I loved it It was so [...]

    19. Kathy * Bookworm Nation on said:

      Second Read Oct 2011 Rallison is the Queen of writing Teen Lit I really enjoyed this book, even the second time around I just love the Charlotte and Colton I liked Charlotte a lot this time around, after re reading my previous review, the things that bothered me before I didn t even notice this time around Such a fun story with a lot of heart I love it Definitely a five star read First Read Aug 2009 So, this is my third Rallison novel and I m quickly becoming a fan She writes fun, original sto [...]

    20. Melissa T on said:

      I m enjoying this oneese are a few examples of quotes that cracked me up Let me say right now that when someone asks you what you want to be when you grow up, there s a good reason no one answers Cupid This is mostly beause being Cupid is a thankless job that often requires you to act like an idiot I never found the opportunity to talk to Wesley about KelleyI did, while passing him in the cafeteria lunch line, nod and say, Live dangerously Try the meat loaf But that was it And there s just not a [...]

    21. Taffy on said:

      What a fun book I laughed out loud numerous times I finished this book around 11 30 PM and had to laugh quietly which shook the bed and woke my husband anyway The story is about Charlotte who was teased in jr high and is still smarting from the teasing in high school Her family moved away for a few years and when Charlotte moves back she is hot But she takes revenge out on the boys in her school and refuses to date any of them.Charlotte works in the mall and sees her best friends boyfriend flirt [...]

    22. Tiffany on said:

      Charlotte has a grudge, or bad feelings toward the majority of the male population in her high school After a miserable jr high she moved away and came back as a junior still with bad feelings especially when it comes to Bryant There were aspects of this story that were adorable I was disappointed with the romantic interest in the story It seemed like they were kind of friends and then without anything really being said they were maybe than friends at the end I don t know exactly I loved that C [...]

    23. Luke on said:

      This is one good book It starts off when Charlotte, the main character, is working at the mall when she sees her best friend s boyfriend, Bryant, flirting with another girl Charlotte immediately talks to her best friend, Brianna, and Brianna calls Bryant andlong story short, the evil boyfriend gets away with it Now, Charlotte is out to prove that Bryant IS in fact evil and Brianna needs to know the truth.With twists that I could never have predicted, Janette Rallison is definitely an author I ll [...]

    24. Elena on said:

      FUNNY I LIKE it Too bad you can t do bold on here ANYWAYZ, I recommend this to you, all the people on my friends list It s funny AND if you like again ROMANTIC ISH books that are fuddy THIS BOOK IS FOE YOE XDXDXD It truly is O.K GO READ THIS STINKIN jkjk it s NOT stinkin BOOK, YOU PEOPLES

    25. Brenda on said:

      Adorable, hysterical insight into the teenage world Totally took me back to High School Poor Char is a one woman disaster coming your way She is quirky and witty and fiercely loyal Loved the characters, funniest dialog and situations ever My kids are now reading it I m going to buy it tomorrow

    26. Michelle on said:

      Cute story about a girl who is trying to save the world by helping underprivileged kids, her best friend all while learning to trust in guys again I liked Charlotte s quirkiness she gets into some great situations and the author has great comedic timing A fun read, pretty light, but does scratch the surface of some heavier topics.

    27. Emily on said:

      I almost didn t admit that I had actually read this book It took me between 3 and 4 hours to read, but I thought it was hilarious I was actually laughing out loud I love books that make me laugh out loud Make fun if you want, but it was entertaining

    28. Erin on said:

      All of Janette Rallison s books are a clean, fun read Not snarky teenage girl stuff, but still realistic ish I didn t laugh out loud for the latest 3 I ve read, unlike Fame, Glory, and Other Things on My To do List But they re still very fun She s a quality writer.

    29. Tiana on said:

      This is a super funny, quick read Loved the voice, loved the humor and loved all the crazy situations Charlotte kept getting into while she tried to simultaneously look out for her best friend and get Colton to like her.

    30. Sierra mcroy on said:

      it is great for teens and adults it is a love story a hate story a break up story a friend story a christmas story and a mall story all wrapped up in one i would definitly recommend this book for teenage girls

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