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The War of Don Emmanuel's Nether Parts

The War of Don Emmanuel's Nether Parts By Louis de Bernières The War of Don Emmanuel s Nether Parts This rambunctious first novel by the author of the bestselling Corelli s Mandolin is set in an impoverished violent yet ravishingly beautiful country somewhere in South America When the haughty Dona

  • Title: The War of Don Emmanuel's Nether Parts
  • Author: Louis de Bernières
  • ISBN: 9780375700132
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Paperback
  • The War of Don Emmanuel's Nether Parts By Louis de Bernières This rambunctious first novel by the author of the bestselling Corelli s Mandolin is set in an impoverished, violent, yet ravishingly beautiful country somewhere in South America When the haughty Dona Constanza decides to divert a river to fill her swimming pool, the consequences are at once tragic, heroic, and outrageously funny.
    The War of Don Emmanuel's Nether Parts By Louis de Bernières

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    • The War of Don Emmanuel's Nether Parts Best Read || [Louis de Bernières]
      364 Louis de Bernières

    One thought on “The War of Don Emmanuel's Nether Parts

    1. Kevin Ansbro on said:

      This is the first of Louis de Berni res Latin American threesome I once read Se or Vivo and the Coco Lord without realising that it was the second book in the trilogy Ay, caramba not that it really matters In homage to Gabriel Garc a M rquez, the godfather of magical realism, de Berni res serves up a rhapsodic, riotous, rollicking and any number of adjectives beginning with r snortfest of salacious surrealism it seems I m bedevilled by alliteration today.It would take me all day to explain a sto [...]

    2. Fabian on said:

      This is the type of book I relish Epic, with myriad POVs and, therefore, a plethora of characters satirical, tragicomic How can somebody possibly populate this South American Question Mark of a Town de Bernieres is on the same line as Tolkien and John Kennedy Toole his characters are fleshy and complicated The war is fought at many angles and everybody has a part to play.Don Emmanuel makes a Queen Elizabeth in Shakespeare in Love like cameo Dame Judy Dench in all her splendor , yet his name is b [...]

    3. Michael on said:

      I couldn t resist tapping into the early work of an author who flashed like a comet into my reading pleasure with his delightful and stirring Captain Corelli s Mandolin 1994 and Birds Without Wings 2004 While the former delved into a Greek island community invaded by Italians in World War 2 the latter rendered a portrait of a multicultural community in Anatolia shaken from death throes of the Ottoman empire and World War 1 Here our ensemble cast is from a village in some nameless South American [...]

    4. Algernon on said:

      Life is nothing if not a random motion of coincidences and quirks of chance it never goes as planned or as foretold frequently one gains happiness from being obliged to follow an unchosen path, or misery from following a chosen one How often can one refrain from wondering what portentuous events may not have arisen from some trivial circumstance which thereby has acquired a significance far beyond itself A spoiled matron wants to divert the local river in order to replenish the water in her stag [...]

    5. Max on said:

      What can I say This book is great Louis de Bernieres really gets Latin America I mean, any author can write about how tragic it is to live in a contemporary Latin American country amid crushing poverty, constant unrest, military rule, etc What de Bernieres recognizes is that everyday life in Latin America is also totally hilarious This book empathizes with people in tragic circumstances by laughing at them And, just as important, laughing with them and having them laugh at the reader No one is s [...]

    6. Scribble Orca on said:

      Aaaahhhh How could I have forgotten this gem This is what arises when one reads old letters intended for friends that have remained unsent, a kind of temporal journal of misplaced memories in which startling revelations unfold did I do that Ohs, I remember that s what happenedoh, that wasn t very clever, was it Sois book I have no idea why it was so impressive so many years ago It just was Here s what I had to say about it in this long lost recently resurfaced piece of correspondence I have star [...]

    7. Elizabeth (Alaska) on said:

      This is the first of Louis de Berni res Latin American Trilogy and his debut novel Although I was drawn in from the beginning, it seemed at first that the story was too fragmented There are a lot of characters making up several groups of characters, each having its own plot line I was inclined to want of the one with Don Emmanuel and his nether parts, much of which was laugh out loud funny But this novel is also described as tragicomic In fact, one of the plot lines is particularly dark and som [...]

    8. F.R. on said:

      I last read The War of Don Emmanuel s Nether Parts about twenty years ago I remember it as being a frustrating experience, that for all its colour and vibrancy it was a book which annoyed me But then, as some books manage to do, it lingered in my mind like the shadow of some half forgotten dream and even though two decades had passed I couldn t shake the feeling that there was something in The War of Don Emmanuel s Nether Parts worthwhile exploring further.So I read it again.Written before Capta [...]

    9. Salathiel on said:

      I feel inherently bad whenever I decide to rate a book with such a dismal rating as 1 Star Yes, I am fully aware that my opinionated 1 means diddlysquat in the totality of things that I am just a minuscule reader, one of millions, and my less than stellar rating is predictable should a publisher or an author apply even the most rudimentary standards of the law of averages Yet even so, there is a dread and a hollowness that comes when I find myself decisively clicking 1 as a measure of the qualit [...]

    10. Bucket on said:

      There are far too many characters and events to offer a sensical summary, but I ll give it a shot We re in an imaginary South American country where an endless battle is going on between the government, the military, and guerilleros many are communist with civilians or less suffering the consequences This book is hilarious and fun to read and doesn t feel even remotely tragic, despite the fact that it s extremely violent and gory there is rape, murder, torture, kidnapping, gun and machete battl [...]

    11. Reid on said:

      Anyone who wishes to write fiction should read this book but prepared to be disappointed in your own abilities in comparison with de Bernieres, who has swiftly become one of my favorite English writers His style, plot, humor and candor make him irresistible, as does his subject matter, in this case, the impoverished campesinos of a mythical South American country De Bernieres is like an English Marquez, crafting a land of magical realism with all the ugliness of the real world De Bernieres wide [...]

    12. Charlaralotte on said:

      Wow Stupendous Magnificent This ranks right up there with Garcia Marquez and Allende Glorious Latin American magical realism So wonderful to read every step of the way Brilliant, insightful, incisive, sly And every character so fully drawn I could pick each one out in a crowd To write like this, in epic proportions, drawing from all walks of life and all types of human reasoning what a truly wonderful talent to have Can t wait to read his other books.Too bad that movie version of Captain Corelli [...]

    13. A. Dawes on said:

      I m in two minds whenever I enter a de Beneieres novel I loved Captain s Corelli s Mandolin please don t judge this book by the subpar film, and or Nicolas Cage s joke of a performance yet I loathed Birds Without Wings and after three swings at the very twee Partisan s Daughter, I eventually struck out without finishing Yet this novel works it has a cast of larger than life characters, it s satirical and darkly comical, and it also has liberal doses of South American style magical realism The st [...]

    14. Jonathan on said:

      It has a great many ideas but often seems like de Bernieres is just using them without reason When it s good, it s very good, it has the power to be charming, heartfelt, shocking and humorous all at the same time the chapter introducing of Parlanchina is a great example Unfortunately, some of the less powerful ideas drag the pace, especially when each idea rarely has any significance in later chapters of the book It s like 40 odd loosely connected short stories about a fictional south American [...]

    15. Robert on said:

      At first I felt The War pretty frustrating but when de Bernieres stopped giving detailed explanations about each character s background this takes approximately a 150 pages then the story becomes addictive AND then you find out that all the faffing about in the beginning was necessary for the plot s development Like Captain Corelli s Mandolin, I spent about a week getting used to it and then finishing the book in one all nighter well in my case it was a bus ride during rush hour Really my only o [...]

    16. Jan on said:

      This ripping good read is almost too perfect written by a no doubt crotchety Englishman, this farce is a distillation of Latin American magical realism, with a plethora of outlandish stories all boiled down into sparkling and colorful set pieces set loose to writhe on a sultry chessboard of human misery and almost cheerfully morbid political skullduggery.The prose style is excellent as twisty but of course far accomplished than the sample provided by this amateur in the preceding paragraph , an [...]

    17. Eric on said:

      Beautiful story made up of many little stories Loved reading it, especially when the many short stories came together and added to the already dense narrative While at heart it was a war story, this particular book shines as an example of magical realism, carrying with it the people of an imagined country, making you either love them or hate them, leaving you weeping or cheering at their various exploits Parts of the book were also highly relatable, with Kenya going through the same absurdities [...]

    18. Amyss on said:

      I guess the comparisons to Gabriel Garcia Marquez are inevitable, but come on, you could do much worse than be compared to THAT icon And tho I absolutely adore Garcia Marquez, de Bernieres is accessible and injects humor in his amazing creations If I could exist in any fictional world created by an author, it would be in this town I cannot recommend this book, and the rest of his trilogy enough Brilliant, hilarious, brutal, and vulgar I am in love.

    19. Angela on said:

      This was quite possibly one of the most violent and strangest books I ve ever read, and I ve read a lot of strange and violent novels over the years It was also one of the most fascinating, clever and enjoyable ones, too impossible to put down Loved the cats, General Fuerte, Aurelio was just wonderful, and the narrative was simply magical I can t wait to get lost in the next one

    20. Lara Calleja on said:

      Its a masterpiece A hullabaloo which somehow succeeds to make sense of all the highlights of Latin America, its forests, its magic, its corruption, its revolution, its heat, its way of life, its passionate people and all of its energy all merged into this fictioutius country which Bernieres creates.

    21. Robert on said:

      Dense, radiant, and all too politically familiar A great part of the trilogy I can only read a few pages at a time It takes a while to figure out this book.

    22. Jgrace on said:

      The War of Don Emmanuel s Nether Parts Louis De Bernieres4 stars Life is nothing if not a random motion of coincidences and quirks of chance it never goes as planned or as foretold frequently one gains happiness from being obliged to follow an unchosen path or misery from following a chosen one Louis De Bernieres The War of Don Emmanuel s Nether PartsI m reading Bernieres backward I started with Birds Without Wings and I ve been working my way backward through his publication history This book w [...]

    23. Roseb612 on said:

      Z evropsk ho pohledu na v c je Ji n Amerika ten kontinent s arm dn mi pu i, drogov mi kartely a p epjat m n bo ensk m c t n m a p esn t mto t em fenom n m se ve sv trilogii Berni res v nuje A tak vzpour m proti nim, proto e v echny t i se sna ovl dat a omezovat lidi a n kte z hrdin trilogie se proti tomu rozhodnou bojovat.Prvn d l se zam uje na arm du, opakovan vojensk p evraty, intrikov n , n silnosti a mizen nep tel A tak na zhoubn vliv moci proto e velitel likvida n jednotky je naprosto klasi [...]

    24. Malin on said:

      This is the first of de Bernieres Latin American trilogy, set in a fictional South American country, heavily resembling Colombia but with elements from many other Latin American countries as well The plot follows multiple story lines and protagonists, including several villagers in the town of Chiriguan , who are terrorized by corrupt militia, and the selfishness of the local landowners, and eventually decide to fight back Other parts of the story show the terrible corruption of the military, wi [...]

    25. Mitch on said:

      I like Louis de Bernieres writing quite a bit He manages to do some very difficult things and make them look easy, too always the mark of someone expert at what they do Somehow he can combine humor with very sad or violent situations.And there is certainly no lack of these types of situations in his work The amount of cruelty from man to man in Louis books is appalling There is so much graphic torture, violent death, rape, etcat it s terrible.And still, somehow I like his work I just usually giv [...]

    26. Julee T on said:

      It seems to be an idiosyncrasy of novels set in Latin American countries that there must be underlying or overt sexual yearning, gratuitous violence and miscommunications, duplicitous actions verging on the ridiculous, corrupt government and mystical events The penchant for the ridiculous seems to have been a standard set in Don Quixote transferred to Latin America by a conquistador heritage and amplified by sexual yearning Whilst I have not read extensively on the Latin American theme, I can dr [...]

    27. Corinne on said:

      It took a while for me to really get into this book even though the writing is simply astounding and the set up and character intros are incredible I think that s why it took me so long though I kept having to go back over certain passages again and again and ultimately the story was not solidifying or coming together because of this I finally had to stop re reading passages and looking up every word I didn t know literally every other word in some parts in order to get into the story and unders [...]

    28. Cheryl Wolfe on said:

      I loved this book It was so fun to read, the characters so colorful I would love to see this made into a movie, but the book is wonderful because you d never fit all of that into a couple hours There are a thousand small stories here, deep little vignettes which make the book feel very layered, and each of them entertaining It is set in the jungle and on the plains and in the mountains The magic starts gradually, with the cats slowly becoming larger than normal cats, all the way to well, I can t [...]

    29. Stephen Kimber on said:

      This is the novel that hooked me on de Bernieres This is the first of a trilogy of magic realist novels set in an unnamed country in South America The second and third have equally intriguing titles they are, respectively, Senor Vivo and the Coca Lords, and The Troublesome Offspring of Cardinal Guzman The characters feature the somewhat boorish don of the title, rebels, spoiled and subsequently unspoiled indolent female landowners who become by virtue of the power of love something significantly [...]

    30. Madhurabharatula Pranav Rohit Kasinath on said:

      Bernieres is one of my favourite authors he has written two of my favourite books of all time Captain Corelli s Mandolin and Birds Without Wings There is no one better suited for the epic historical novel, capable of writing in a heartfelt manner about everyday people faced with circumstances and events outside of their control threatening to uproot their life.In Captain Corelli s Mandolin, his focus was on a small Grecian town during the Second World War while in Birds Without Wings he concentr [...]

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