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Max By James Patterson Max James Patterson s bestselling Maximum Ride series is back with Max and the gang as The Protectors Someone or something is decimating ships and sea life off Hawaii s coast and Max and her flock find

  • Title: Max
  • Author: James Patterson
  • ISBN: 9780316002899
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Max By James Patterson James Patterson s bestselling Maximum Ride series is back, with Max and the gang as The Protectors Someone or something is decimating ships and sea life off Hawaii s coast, and Max and her flock find themselves sucked into the Navy s top secret investigation of the catastrophe Their objective Rescue Max s activist mom from a wicked subterranean enemy The hitch TheyJames Patterson s bestselling Maximum Ride series is back, with Max and the gang as The Protectors Someone or something is decimating ships and sea life off Hawaii s coast, and Max and her flock find themselves sucked into the Navy s top secret investigation of the catastrophe Their objective Rescue Max s activist mom from a wicked subterranean enemy The hitch They must dive deep into dark waters, where gruesome evil dwells and for high flying Maximum Ride, could there be anything terrifying than being trapped in the great abyss This soaring new adventure takes Maximum Ride and the Flock into terrifying new territory fans, hold your breath
    Max By James Patterson

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      355 James Patterson

    One thought on “Max

    1. Kristen on said:

      Oh no the Maximum Ride books have officially turned eco friendly What happened to all the crazy mad scientist stuff Millions of fish are dying off the coast of Hawaii and someone or something is destroying hundreds of ships Unable to discover the cause, the government I read that in the description of this book on some website Hmm, first it goes global warming save the polar bears Now its saving fish Anyone else miss the Erasers I want the whole flock running for their lives from crazy people in [...]

    2. Sella Malin on said:

      Ergh This book SUCKS It s not as bad as the fourth one, but it s still really crappy.There is no plot There are just a bunch of random subplots that are stupid, full of holes, and that have nothing to do with each other There s just all these action scenes that have absolutely no point whatsoever They re not even done well This book is basically a soap opera a really badly done one with an attempt at action Lol.The ending was really stupid It was really abrupt and sudden Max just rescues her mom [...]

    3. Tricia on said:

      This book was so awesome and I couldn t put it down The group really had to lean on the support of others in this book, and I loved the new powers James Patterson finally got Max and Fang together which I loved This was the book to read in this series.

    4. Leanne on said:

      i do not think it will be as good as the first three, the fourth was a let down i personally like max better when shes on the run and kicking eraser flyboy butt rather than saving the world

    5. Anne Osterlund on said:

      Max is off to save the world Again This time on a submarine.I know you re in shock.My favorite parts of this book included .a Progress in the romance department always a good thing.b The B.S training aka Max and the flock whipping the pants off a certain navy training program that is supposed to take umpteen days and is completed by said bird kids in less than 24 hours.c Did I mention, progress in the romance department

    6. Manuel Arbanassi on said:

      This has been my entry point into the series, and honestly, my exit point as well I wasalled to be perfectly honest This book basically touched all the bad tropes that I ve seen around Mind you, I read this in Italian, so there might have been something lost in translation, and this is my personal opinion Feel free to disagree with it.The characters arerta annoying They won t shut up about having wings Not ever The powers are thrown in like hot candy, oh, sure, now two of them can speak with fis [...]

    7. Sarah Joy on said:

      Ugh Don t get me wrong I loved the first three Maximum Ride books, when Patterson only intended them to be a trilogy But the past two books have gone from bad to worse Remember when the flock fought, oh, maybe ten or twelve savage Erasers at a time Remember when every day was a struggle just to survive, when everyone was an enemy especially the average, wingless Joe walking down the street Now the flock takes down a thousand robots without breaking a sweat, and fights to save not only themselves [...]

    8. Jenny on said:

      it was awesome i hope he will write another, but it did leave it with a somewhat satisfying ending however, she didn t finish saving the world, and what is up with Angel and all her independence streak that was just annoying because she learned in the last book that she shouldn t get into situations where she needs to be saved, and then goes and Max has to go try to save her, even when she doesn t feel like she needs to be saved ugh one of the things that really bothered me was that the author w [...]

    9. Seth on said:

      I am sure that I might throw this at the wall while in the process of reading Machine Geeks Come on, Patterson, the Erasers were cooler than that At least they actually FIGHT something in this one I hope there will be some fang max stuff save the fish not really though it looks so gay what happened to itex i don t think they resolved everything of that matter in the first 3 books i want some good stuff here okay now i am just venting about how sucky they book sounds Grr EDIT I gained repec [...]

    10. Bex on said:

      Max is the fifth book in The Maximum Ride Novels This book is written for a younger audience perhaps eight to fourteen year olds but adults will fall in love with the characters too My favorites are Max and Angel As the oldest, Max sees herself as the leader who must look after the younger ones However, she finds herself becoming distracted as she realizes she has feelings for Fang another member of the flock Angel is the precocious six year old who, like typical six year olds, does what she wan [...]

    11. Olivia on said:

      Oh my god, I LOVE this series, it is soooooooooo epic I also love The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Alex Rider, The GateKeepers, Dreamhouse Kings, Danial X, Witch and Wizard, Gone, Leven Thumps, H.I.V.E Sisters Grimm, The Secret Series, The 39 Clues, Pendragon, The Cronos Chronicles, and a lot of other stuff, but that s just right off the top of my head.

    12. Ambs ❤❤ on said:

      What am I doing I must be a glutton for punishment because I keep reading on in the series Yes, I love James Patterson, but this is just bad I m hoping it doesn t taint my overall view of his work.Anyways, with that being said, here are the few many issues I had with this story in general 1 Max went from being very confused about Fang s intentions and wanting to keep the brother sister aspect strong to being head over heels in love They are also only 14 years old Plus, they live alone and travel [...]

    13. Reading Vacation on said:

      Maximum Ride Marvelous ReadingAs leader of her Flock, Max is tough and resilient This bird girl does not give up on her mission to save the world and protect her Flock She does it all with flair and a sarcastic edge Despite endless betrayals and growing up in a lab, Max shows that she can have a soft side too.The members of Max s Flock are tight and they each have unique talents Fang can disappear if he sits still long enough Iggy sees everything in white Nudge is magnetic The Gasman is an explo [...]

    14. GSGS on said:

      OK Prepare for a rant Starting off with the positives this was better than the Final Warning Moving onto the negatives The whole thing is random and not relevant to the rest of the series I mean, we heard basically NOTHING about Erasers and scientists It was just the random Mr Chu, and some random underwater pollution thing Mr Patterson, we hate pollution, global warming and all that crap as much as you do However, that does not mean we want books about it We get it we should be doing something [...]

    15. Kadbury on said:

      I don t know what has happened to this series After Book 3 WHICH WAS AWESOME by the way,the series has deteriorated I couldn t even get myself to finish this one and book 4 was ok but not good The storyI m sorry but what is happening Suddenly the focus is shifting to Global Warming and where are the criminals coming from and WHY are Max and Fang not together yet A little birdy told me the spoiler could spoil the next books for you view spoiler that Max and Fang don t end up together and some Dyl [...]

    16. Jen on said:

      How on earth did a series with so much potential and so much excitement get so bad This recent installment is better than the fourth book, but nowhere near as exciting as the first It bugs me how Patterson does a long, dragged out recap of EVERYTHING that s happened beforehand at the beginning of each new book Ergh Anyways,contrary to the fourth book, Max actually has a complete plot It also gives some purpose to the whole Save the world from global warming, everybody craze, and kicks it down a [...]

    17. Arielle on said:

      It s not like I expected much from this the only reason I read it was because it was just sitting there at the library, and I had a couple of hours to kill.The flock really isn t doing anything any, and they ve really devolved from fairly badass characters into mushy, cliched, idiotic teenagers Come on, Patterson If I can have some sort of coherent thought process, can t MAX I ve actually gone through the first three books after reading the stupid fest that was Max Were they even written by the [...]

    18. Riley on said:

      So, I m rereading this series for the thousandth time I can t help it, I love these books Stop judging me and I ve forgotten how much happens in the last three book view spoiler I will think about things like Dylan, and Max forgiving Fang about Maya Max 2 or even how Angel was the voice hide spoiler I ve also forgotten how much The Final Warning and Max talk about global warming At first I was thinking okay, that sounds legit , but then everyone was talking about global warming facts That s when [...]

    19. Muse on said:

      To be frank, this book was a pile of dog poop Yes Dog Poop.Please Don t hate on me I really did love Max.Well until the third bookH FAAAAANG wails gets a serious look Oookay, I m going to be serious now It s been what, one, two years since I read this book, so stuff are gonna be fuzzy.Soooo Starting off This series should ve ended on the third book Really Final Warning was god awful I almost puked YES PUKED Oh my, I ll bet the Max fans are puking now Hahaha Wasn t that just a hilarious joke Yes [...]

    20. Rachael on said:

      4.5 I really liked this book there was a lot of character development through out the book I love all of the flock members of course except for angel, she still creeps me out, she may be a 6 year old, but she can control other peoples minds and read thoughts like, just think about that O.o Max will always be one of my favorite characters for sure.Now, what s going on between Max and Fang they seriously just need to admit their feelings for each other already before I explode because they are jus [...]

    21. B.A. Wilson on said:

      This one is far better than the last one I don t love it, but it was a marked improvement Since it s quick to read these audiobooks about 3 hours on double speed , I ve decided to keep plugging For some reason, I want to complete the series, as I am curious how it will all wrap up If I were reading in print, I probably would have quit by now, but on audiobook, these are fast pasted They re interesting enough to keep my attention, but they re not so deep that if I get lost if I zone out for a min [...]

    22. Patrick on said:

      Aaaaaaaaaa It s not like Mr Patterson had some great rep to uphold, but the expectation for fun in this series was set high in the first three books Impossible, but fun, crazy action with funny bird kids Number 4 was a wretched turn to lame environmentalism which turned the series into something else and changed the story from a stretch, but interesting to an unbearable fake to make points about global warming.Number 5 suffers from some of the same random, forced environmentalism, but gets even [...]

    23. Travsssss!!! on said:

      I loved this book It was the fifth and final instalmant in the Maximum Ride series The book picks up right where the fourth one left off It has Max and the flock flying around doing air shows to help raise awareness of what is happening The kids get shot at and are forced to leave They go through the book stuggling with their wings and special gifts, discovering new talents and trying to get through life with out getting killed Max s mom, Doctor Martinez gets kidnapped and it s up to Max to save [...]

    24. Alison on said:

      I didn t really enjoy this Maximum Ride book as much as the ones in the Fugitives series The plot, which started off as running for their lives , somehow ended up as saving the world I really don t get it does James Patterson mean saving the world, as in environmentally Because the plots of the series usually focuses on Max getting kidnapped or someone else In this case, it s Doctor MartinezAlso, I really want to know where all these powers breathing underwater, invisibility, etc come from, and [...]

    25. Shayla on said:

      After ordering this book at the library in March, it finally came in yesterday I was incredibly excited and started it immediately And then I finished it What a letdown it was If I were simply comparing this book to the fourth book, it would get four or five stars But I m writing a review, so it gets two stars And here s why 1 Nothing makes sense any Why did the flock develop superpowers There is absolutely no explanation for that Especially the gills Gills Seriously 2 The series has officially [...]

    26. Brooke ♥booklife4life♥ on said:

      Basic InfoFormat Audio Pages Length n a Genre Young Adult Fantasy At A GlanceLove Triangle Insta Love Obsession Obsession Cliff Hanger ehTriggers n aRating 2 starsScore SheetAll out of tenCover 6Plot 4Characters 5World Building 4Flow 5Series Congruity 6Writing 5Ending 5Total 5In DeptBest Part Short Worst Part Bored Thoughts Had SHUT UP ConclusionContinuing the Series ehhhhhhhhhRecommending No.Short Review Hey do you remember that these kids had gills, i sure as hell don t SINCE IT WAS ALMOST NEV [...]

    27. Amruta on said:

      Imagine having wings and superpowers For Max and her flock it s actually true But within the wings package, they also have lots of trouble and responsibility Like saving the world from crazy polluters and protecting themselves from robots Will Max and her flock be able to save the world or will all their efforts go to waste I picked up this book because I simply loved the previous books in this series They were all breathtakingly amazing and I also fell in love with the whole concept of having w [...]

    28. Valalc on said:

      this is nothing but my personal opinion and im not going to bash on james patterson but the first three original max books i read them as soon as they came out for the very first time they were amazing and i immediately fell in love with Patterson for those of you who read the original three books now that i read the add ons i think his writing style has changed for the worst in my opinion i found books four and on pretty boring and read up till book 6 for the sake of my love of the orginal thre [...]

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