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Gnomon By Nick Harkaway Gnomon Gnomon which took Harkaway than three years to complete is set in a world of ubiquitous surveillance Pitched as a mind bending Borgesian puzzle box of identity meaning and reality in which the solu

  • Title: Gnomon
  • Author: Nick Harkaway
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Gnomon By Nick Harkaway Gnomon, which took Harkaway than three years to complete, is set in a world of ubiquitous surveillance Pitched as a mind bending Borgesian puzzle box of identity, meaning and reality in which the solution steps sideways as you approach it , it features a detective who finds herself investigating the very society she believes in, urged on by a suspect who may be anGnomon, which took Harkaway than three years to complete, is set in a world of ubiquitous surveillance Pitched as a mind bending Borgesian puzzle box of identity, meaning and reality in which the solution steps sideways as you approach it , it features a detective who finds herself investigating the very society she believes in, urged on by a suspect who may be an assassin or an ally, hunting through the dreams of a torture victim in search of the key to something she does not yet understand a banker who is pursued by a shark that swallows Fortune 500 companies Saint Augustine s jilted mistress who reshapes the world with miracles a refugee grandfather turned games designer who must remember how to walk through walls or be burned alive by fascists and a sociopath who falls backwards through time in order to commit a murder.
    Gnomon By Nick Harkaway

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    • Gnomon Best Read || [Nick Harkaway]
      175 Nick Harkaway

    One thought on “Gnomon

    1. Paromjit on said:

      This is a strange multi layered beast of a book set in a future Britain under total surveillance, governed by the System, where the majority of people remarkably believe this is a good thing It is a dense and demanding sci fi and fantasy read requiring attention and patience from the reader It would be remiss of me not to mention that at 700 pages, you need to prepared for the long haul This is a sprawling tale which goes in a myriad of directions and left me bewildered as to where it was headin [...]

    2. Liz Barnsley on said:

      Gnomon is actually a novel that defies description for all the right reasons, it is an epic, an ultimately rewarding read with so many layers inside the layers under the levels that hide the realities that your head will spin and you ll come out of it feeling dazed and probably weirdly wired Or maybe that is just me We ll see I guess The use of language is purely beautiful, a smorgasbord of differing voices all linked to the main bulk of the narrative through the eyes of the Inspector Probably B [...]

    3. Sara on said:

      I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I really struggled with this, unfortunately and couldn t finish it The premise seemed really interesting I love dystopian fiction, but I found the story overly long and convoluted It was very slow paced, with large sections devoted to descriptions, and unloading a lot of information in one go, making it difficult to hold my attention I also struggled to get emotionally invested in anything that happened Unfortunately not for me, but [...]

    4. Emma on said:

      This was far too dense for me I can see that this is literary fantasy dystopia, but I really couldn t get on with it I like books, generally speaking,that make the reader work for it but I was doing all the work and not getting much pleasure Many thanks to Netgalley for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    5. Quirkyreader on said:

      First off, I received this as an ARC from Penguin Random House Thank You.This book fits squarely in the category what in the heck did I just read It kind of has a House of Leaves feel to it It s like a Russian nesting doll and The Lament Configuration all in one big puzzle.It does start off slow, but give it time Once you start to work to puzzle out you will see why This story also screams undertones of Phillip K Dick So if you love Dick s work, this is a treat.

    6. Annie on said:

      The first novel that I have read by Nick Harkaway From the initial blurb that I read on Netgalley and , the book sounded great However, for me this was a very slow read and when I first started reading the book it felt like the author had swallowed a dictionary To be very honest and I know this sounds brutal, but I found it boring This is only my opinion and I am sure many other readers will disagree with me I m very disappointed.Many thanks to Netgalley for the copy in return for my honest and [...]

    7. Peter Tillman on said:

      Made Adam Robert s best of 2017 list, theguardian books 201 And then there is Gnomon William Heinemann , Nick Harkaway s most ambitious novel yet This story of near future mass surveillance, artificial intelligence and human identity reads as if 11 novels have been crowded into a matter transporter pod, emerging on the other side weirdly melded An enormous, shaggy, infuriating, amazing and quite unforgettable piece of fiction, it s the kind of thing only science fiction can do Not sure it s my s [...]

    8. Roy on said:

      This took me so long to finish One of the mist dense, confusing, intelligent and beautifully written novels Ive come across Dont go in wanting a quick easy read This 700 page behemoth will take awhile for thr average reader Thisi is also Lit than scifi There were times I had to re read passages and even look up words haha The blurb gives you a cergain background to the story but it doesnt really give you much Even trying to describe what I read is impossible My best friend also read it and we b [...]

    9. Paul McNeil on said:

      To put my review of this book in perspective, I wrote my MA thesis on the concept of memoria ajena, or characters remembering other people s memories, in works by Jorge Luis Borges, Ricardo Piglia, y Rodrigo Fres n, three Argentine authors whose works blend metafictional concerns, high culture, and science fiction and fantasy elements If Gnomon were written in Spanish, it would have been an ideal fit for my thesis, a perfect overlap with all my favorite fictional obsessions, and it s my favorite [...]

    10. Bridget on said:

      You need to be match fit for a Nick Harkaway, you need to prepare for massive vocabulary, difficult concepts, layer upon layer of story and get yourself ready to be taken on a trip where you don t have a map and you just have to surrender yourself to the captain of the journey and trust you will get there in the end Usually this works really well for me, but sadly not this time I just couldn t get into it I did love the complicated words, I liked the main character, but I got horribly confused I [...]

    11. Michael Cayley on said:

      Frankly I found this dystopian novel boring The prose was too convoluted, with lots of recondite or invented words there was too much information dumping what appeared to me like mini essays giving background information and the whole book seemed overlong and slow moving I am sure it is very clever, but that is not enough to keep the reader s attention.With thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for letting me have an ARC.

    12. Jane on said:

      Dystopian Science Fiction with a Confounding EdgeGnomon is both high and low concept science fiction at their absolute best At 700 pages, with a long, long cast of strong and strange characters, and a winding, snake like plot that doubles back upon itself and sniffs along the way the rarefied air of philosophy, religion, and some funky not too distant future science, Gnomon is an oft confusing, confounding work of near and maybe total genius.It opens as technology based dystopian fiction, in a n [...]

    13. S.J. Higbee on said:

      I normally read quite quickly I ve read 157 books so far this year But this one took me nearly two weeks to complete Partly it s the fact that it is something of a doorstopper at over 700 pages, but the main reason was that early on I took the decision that I wouldn t speed read through this one The prose is too rich, too dense there are too many allusions and clues scattered throughout and as you may have gathered from the blurb, the structure isn t all that straightforward, either.It might hav [...]

    14. Penelope on said:

      Like all of Mr Harkaway s books, this than any of them, requires you to trust that the author will carry you through, the at times, incomprehensible story, and reward your diligence and perseverance with a denouement that will quite possibly shake your world view Gnomon does just that It s not the easiest of books to read, and Angelmaker still remains my favourite book by this author, but the time and effort taken to read it is not wasted At the very least you will learn a 100 new words that wi [...]

    15. John Glover on said:

      Ok, I will make this a very short review I don t believe in giving bad reviews unless the book is awful This is not a bad book, but it is a long book.The story seemed interesting I love dystopian fiction, but I found the story bewildering It is the first novel that I have read by Nick Harkaway For me this was a very slow read and it felt like the author was using twenty five words when five would have done Be prepared to concentrate I did however struggle on and complete the book after bookmarki [...]

    16. Emily on said:

      I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I know this book would appeal to many people, however, I cannot review on the entire book as I struggled to finish it I was extremely interested in reading this book, however upon starting it I found after a while I did not want to carry on, I kept picking it back up but I found this story to be overly long and I found it very difficult to hold my attention to this book and for this reason I was not emotionally invested in this stor [...]

    17. Emma Victory on said:

      I think it s a work of art and we are lucky to have him The times when I enjoyed reading it the most were the longest uninterrupted stretches of reading I had When I had to stop and start it wasn t so easy to experience the story It s an immersive experience.

    18. Caroline Mersey on said:

      Every novel by Nick Harkaway is different, and Gnomon review copy from William Heinemann is probably his most ambitious book yet This is a complex, multi layered book that braids together a series of narratives to tell a story about society and our trust in its underlying structures Mielikki Neith is the key to piecing all this together Neith is the foremost Investigator for The System, the all seeing and all knowing system that governs society Part panopticon, part the ultimate in participatory [...]

    19. Karen on said:

      El autor se ha esforzado por crear una trama llena de vocabulario complejo, descripciones exageradas y alternando sucesos que a simple vista no encajan, dando as como resultado una novela demasiado densa.Me aburri totalmente desde la primera p gina, y creo que aunque sea una distop a algunas situaciones son inveros miles.

    20. Jemima Pett on said:

      I think it fair to warn you that Gnomon is a little like War and Peace meets Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Inception I read War and Peace on a beach holiday Once I realised the trick was to skip the boring treatises on the nature of war, I found the story excellent If you take Gnomon to a place where you will not be disturbed, skip the bits that are too dense for your particular interests in life, you ll find a really good story in there But the interesting bits as opposed to the story depend o [...]

    21. Anna on said:

      I adored The Gone Away World, Nick Harkaway s first novel Angelmaker was by comparison a bit of a let down, then Tigerman didn t have a weird enough concept to appeal so I haven t read it Gnomon , however, is a definite return to form and I found it very satisfying view spoiler That said, I realise now that the final twist is very similar to that in The Gone Away World It s a brilliant twist, though, and used differently enough that I still loved it hide spoiler My reading experience was pretty [...]

    22. Sean Randall on said:

      This was an epic work I can t quite quantify what made it such a delight, because it wasn t a light, fun, relaxing sort of a book If you missed something it mattered, and every page was seemingly confusing than the last in some ways The deep richness of the stories somehow kept me coming back though, and no matter how many times I wondered just where everything could possibly be going, I kept at it because I d become intrigued This is by no means a book for everyone, it s almost labyrinthine in [...]

    23. Gayle Noble on said:

      I requested an ARC of this book as the synopsis looked fascinating, and parts of the book were indeed interesting, however, this was lost under pages of information dumping, where I wondered exactly where the story was going Ultimately this book was not for me, and I think it s going to be like a certain product made from yeast extract you re either going to love it or hate it.Thanks to Netgalley and publishers Random House UK, Cornerstone, for the chance to review an ARC of this book I am volun [...]

    24. Matthew on said:

      I had expected a challenge from the get go What resulted was an all out prize fight, yours truly vs several opponents an Inspector, a shark, the number 4, my dictionary Most of all I battled with the author, Nick Harkaway, as I wandered my way through his maniacal, brilliant mind, fully on display throughout the 700 pages of his sprawling, frustrating epic Gnomon.First off, the novel is impossible to define in that it s my belief it ll conjure different opinions and emotions from each reader It [...]

    25. Vegantrav on said:

      Nick Harkaway is a literary genius, and we wander through his remarkably twisted in both senses mind as he takes us down a labyrinthine rabbit hole to rival any and all rabbit holes Gnomon is one of the most ambitious and imaginative books I have ever read It is its own unique self while hearkening to and perhaps paying homage to Jorge Luis Borges s short stories, Mark Z Danielewski s House of Leaves, Steven Hall s The Raw Shark Texts, and Thomas Pynchon s Gravity s Rainbow.I could no summarize [...]

    26. Bill on said:

      I have mixed feelings about the complex, difficult novel Though the basic story in compelling and the characters fully developed, I did not enjoy my time with the novel, wanting to move on to something new The structure of novel almost forces misunderstanding until later on some clarity is received I understand this is due to the nature of multiple character memory overlays on the protagonist But these scenes became too didactic for my tastes I was reminded of trying to figure out the logic of a [...]

    27. Princess on said:

      The plot has layers under layers inside layers, and it all goes sideways and then deeper in a dense wibbly wobbly way This is a long, demanding read that blew my mind a dozen times over.

    28. Ben Thurley on said:

      Like a trans dimensional demon shark devouring whole universes, it s possible that, in Gnomon, Harkaway has bitten off than he can chew Or, at least, than I can digest But a semi digested meal of such cracking portions is better than half the perfected stories you could choose to read instead.Gnomon begins as the investigation of an interrogation gone fatally wrong in a near future, surveillance state Britain The Witness chief investigator, Mielikke Neith, soon discovers that the victim, Diana [...]

    29. Breakaway Reviewers on said:

      Gnomon drops you into a futuristic world you could not imagine in your wildest dreams Master storyteller, Nick Harkaway, has created a science fiction thriller, where citizens live their lives under total surveillance and worlds interweave across time and space Diana Hunter appears to have opted out of the system She lives off the grid and runs her lending library on a barter system, where her daily life appears to be pretty mundane Well, that is, until she s arrested and dies while under intens [...]

    30. Drew on said:

      Phrases like mind bending and a puzzle box of a novel get thrown around a lot I m as guilty of that as anyone but this book is the genuine article in both cases What begins as a futuristic crime thriller, redolent of Minority Report and a handful of Black Mirror episodes, quickly becomes something else altogether, something both ancient and brand new Think of this book as though PKD wrote The Raw Shark Texts in 2017 and you ll start to see where the book will take you, but even that mashup eleva [...]

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