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Carnevale By Michelle Lovric Carnevale A sensuous and intelligent historical novel set against the magic of Venice A moving love story featuring two of the greatest lovers the world has ever known Casanova and Byron and introducing a third

  • Title: Carnevale
  • Author: Michelle Lovric
  • ISBN: 9781860498657
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Carnevale By Michelle Lovric A sensuous and intelligent historical novel set against the magic of Venice A moving love story featuring two of the greatest lovers the world has ever known Casanova and Byron and introducing a third Cecilia Cornaro.
    Carnevale By Michelle Lovric

    Carnevale Traditions and Festivals in Italy Carnevale in Italy, known in the U.S as carnival or mardi gras, takes place in the weeks leading up to Easter Think of Carnevale in Italy as a big final party before Ash Wednesday, the restrictions of Lent, and the pious observances of Easter. Carnivle TV Series Sep , The carnival is owned by the mysterious and unseen Management, who has designs on the young Hawkins, for the boy is concealing an untapped gift he can heal the lame and raise the dead at a price Ben also finds himself disturbed by cryptic and prophetic dreams, which he shares with a Methodist preacher in California, Brother Justin Crowe. Carnival The History of Carnevale and some of Italy s best Parades Feb , Carnevale is the inheritance of pagan practices from ancient Greece and Rome Celebrations in honor of the god Bacchus in Greece the Baccanals and Saturn the Saturnalia in Rome are both counted among Carnevale s ancient relatives. What is the Date of Carnevale in Italy TripSavvy Carnevale, also known as Carnival or Mardi Gras and sometimes Fat Tuesday , is celebrated in Italy and many places around the world during the days before Easter, and a final party before Ash Wednesday and Lent Carnevale is one of Italy s biggest winter festivals and events often last for two to three weeks before the actual carnival day. Carnevale in Italy Facts, History, Costumes, Masks, Photos Carnevale is the last celebration before lent begins on Ash Wednesday Lent has historically been the time before Easter when many Catholics deprive themselves of something they enjoy The thought is to party until you drop and spend the period of Lent recovering.

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      446 Michelle Lovric

    One thought on “Carnevale

    1. Chrissie on said:

      This author writes historical fiction as it really should be written Few authors succeed as she does She takes all the facts of the time and people and teaches it all to the reader by adding a few fictional characters The only fictional characters added to this novel are a cat, a gondolier, the main protagonist and her family and husband Even the husband is a brother of a real person These fictional characters are expertly woven into the real events It is amazing how closely the author has stuck [...]

    2. Diana Matias on said:

      rumoencontrado 201 Uma leitura cansativa, com personagem cansativas Come ando pelo lend rio Casanova j com alguma idade, continua a partir cora es, at , de uma jovenzinha na flor da idade que pouco sabe de amor e de sexo Cec lia essa adolescente que se apaixona perdidamente por um velhote pouco sensual aos nossos olhos Essa paix o dura anos, e quando Cec lia come a a crescer, come a tamb m a tornar se uma pintora conceituada em Veneza, e mais tarde, por toda a Europa Esta a primeira parte do liv [...]

    3. Nina Lane on said:

      One of my favorite books of all time Venice in 1782 is a lush, gorgeous decaying city, and 13 year old Cecilia Coronaro, the daughter of a Venetian merchant, longs to become an artist She is lured from her house into the arms of Casanova yes, THE Casanova , who teaches her all the qualities of tender love With that education, Cecilia is unprepared for how to deal with the entry of the cruel and eccentric Lord Byron later in her life Though Cecilia becomes a successful portrait artist, her love l [...]

    4. Jenny Macdonald on said:

      Richly imagined historical novel about a portrait painter Cecilia Cornaro and her lovers Casanova and Byron Set in 1782 in Venice Lovric captures all the sounds, smells and life of a decadent, sensual, pleasure seeking city Beginning when Cecilia is just 13 years and seduced by Casanova through to her visit to Albania to paint the Pasha and meeting Byron, her prose and descriptions come to life in your mind However I do think the book a little long It started to drag somewhat at the middle and I [...]

    5. Rachael McDiarmid on said:

      This is a beautifully written book full of passion and poetry Carnevale links a fascinating Venetian artist with Casanova and then, later in her life, with Lord Byron It is superbly written In fact, I think this is one of the best historical fiction books that I ve read in recent years Lovric has awoken a hunger for information about these interesting, daring, naughty, bad and exotic men, and of course, of Venice the amazing, intriguing place that some of us fall hopelessly in love with.

    6. Alia on said:

      I feel like this book took me forever to read It s not that I didn t like it, because I did, mostly But the middle part I think the middle part was too long I really started to dislike the main character during her whole Byron drama, which just seemed to go on and on and on I liked the beginning of the book, and it ended the way I wanted it to, but I think the middle chunk could have been much shorter and still told the story effectively.

    7. Ellie on said:

      I am reading this at the moment, although I am bearly at the end and I have read it before but years ago I really enjoy the way the book is written, the narrator starts as a very young girl, who is seduced by Cassanova in Venice The story follows her life as an artist, and mixes history and fiction seemlessly and in a way that is both believable and real.The imagery is wonderful, and allows you to feel like you are part of the action, watching on as events unfold

    8. Michelle on said:

      A beautifully written book that takes you on a journey both through the waterways of Venice and time Two great historical figures Casanova and Byron equal in the fact that both were libertines and overcame tragic childhoods to excel at living life to full Stunning depictions of an age long gone, with dark twists and multi layered plotlines A must read

    9. Hawley on said:

      Nah, didn t like it, life it too short to read about characters you dislike.

    10. Sílvia on said:

      Nice tie in between facts and fiction.A good story about love and how it sometimes define us but not a love story.A good lesson on how important is to enjoy torta al ciocollato

    11. Nihan E. on said:

      anlat m ok s k c , gitmiyor, pedofili bir sap n a k hikayelerini okumak ilgimi ekmedi.

    12. Anne on said:

      I loved this witty and outrageous I read it when we returned from Venice which was great as I could imagine the setting.

    13. Sarah on said:

      A young Venetian women with two very different lovers Casanova and Lord Byron I loved the parts where her cat narrated and the chapter proverbs at the start of each chapter.

    14. Simon Brading on said:

      I loved this book enough to read it three or four times over the year If you re a fan of Venice or romance you like it.

    15. Hannah (fullybookedreviews) on said:

      DNF page 200 50 something Casanova seducing a thirteen year old girl from her bathtub Yeah Not my thing.

    16. Laura on said:

      DNF at page 80 The words are good, but the storyline is lacking No conflict, no growth, no plot.

    17. Marguerite Kaye on said:

      I m afraid I only managed about 100 pages of this I just could not buy into the relationship between a 13 year old artistic prodigy and a 58 year old Casanova It wasn t so much the sexual aspect of it, but the painting side He was far too knowing, and she, at 13, seemed to pack in about a decade s training in the space of a few months Her family didn t know she was painting, her convent didn t bother about her prolonged absences, and her sitters didn t bother about the fact they were being paint [...]

    18. Margaret on said:

      This book is very well written, M.R Lovric makes the sights and smells of Venice come alive, but she loses track around the middle, starts going in circles like a dog chasing its own tale, and the story just gets stuck You can cut, at least, 100 pages and not miss out on anything important The story is a journey through decadent Venice from the end of the eighteenth century to the fall of the Republic at Napoleon s hands In 1782, the young Cecilia Cornaro is willingly kidnapped by the irresistib [...]

    19. Danelle on said:

      Sometimes, I really ought to pay attention to the blurb on the back of the book.I picked up Carnevale expecting a book about a female portrait painter from Venice in the late 1700 s Which, it is But, I completely neglected the summary and was a bit shocked by what I had picked up So, just in case you missed the blurb as well Cecelia, at age 13, is lured out of her bathtub one night by Casanova s cat yes, THAT Casanova and she immediately becomes his lover He teaches her many things including ho [...]

    20. Serena on said:

      Hated skin is your best training ground, as it s the hardest thing to paint Paint lots of people you hate Or dislike When you have mastered that, you will know that you can paint anything In essence, Carnevale isn t for readers in search of instant gratification A lengthy, passionate and detailed historical romance, Carnevale will frustrate but delight readers patient enough.Frustrate This 634 page turner might not be as aggressive as a historical trilogy thrice it s size, but it s slow pace and [...]

    21. Tracy Terry on said:

      Silly o clock, Friday night Saturday morning I ve only just finished part one and already I m loosing sleep wondering how to review this complex, over long 628 pages , rambling four part debut novel.Mid afternoon Monday and I m finally finished what turned out to be an awfully long winded book that as well as the main story also saw many asides which included Casanova s cat voicing his opinions in chapters titled The Cat Speaks.Not as I had expected, this isn t so much the story of the fictional [...]

    22. Alyssa on said:

      This is a little known but exceptionally well written book It tells the story of Venetian painter Cecelia Cornaro a fictional figure and her first love, Casanova her bad romance sorry for the GaGa reference, but I couldn t help it Lord Byron and the love of her life, Venice itself Lovric uses a strange technique I ve never seen a writer use before, in that she has her narrator Cecelia herself interject into the story bits of information that she learned secondhand later on It s an interesting wa [...]

    23. Caroline on said:

      I can t decide if I loved or hated this book it was beautifully written as ever by Lovric and so well researched, the lives of Cassanova and Lord Byron so well told, but it was long and drawn out It does read like a classic and it s romantic you live through Cecilia s passion and her pain in each page laboured to the point where I wanted to tell her he s just a man , but then you remember we are in 18th Century Venice and this is the city of passion and Carnevale Read it, but read with patience [...]

    24. Jules Callister on said:

      While I loved the prose in this book and often escaped in its covers,I have mixed feelings about the story Cecelia was a good narrator but I disliked her feebleness and general naval gazing where Byron was concerned It also doesn t sit well with me that Cecelia was 13 when Casanova took her froom her bath tub THIRTEEN I am no prude but found it a difficult moral read due to my reservations about this Surprised no one else seems to have mentioned these undertones, and Casanova is seen as an extra [...]

    25. Macha on said:

      3 and a half stars the setting s really well done Venice in the period is possibly the most vivid character the whole thing s really a clinical study contrasting Casanova and Byron s approach to women, and as such definitely not a romance, but i found it fairly engrossing and there s a really nice treatment of Mary Shelley among the minor characters.

    26. Catie on said:

      Pffffft I spent a lot of time rolling my eyes at this book I feel like it would have been a lot better if not for the ENDLESS namedropping if Casanova and Byron were replaced as characters by fictional dudes with similar personalities, then maybe it would have been a little bearable.

    27. Olivia on said:

      Absolutely delicious prose, insightful portrait of Venice at the time, with a likeable narrator in artist Cecilia Unfortunately it isn t quite as convincing as Cecilia s paintings as the concept is an almost laughable fantasy.

    28. Mary Kate on said:

      I just couldn t finish this Casanova at 59 as the lover of a 13 year old Just gross Casanova beating a woman who refused him, having sex with 9 and 11 year old sisters of the woman he wanted No Couldn t do it.

    29. Phyllida on said:

      I read The Book of Human Skin before I read this so I had read about Cecilia Cornaro before I enjoyed her story but wasn t sure I needed potted biographies of Casanova and Byron I would read this author again.

    30. Leanne on said:

      3.5 I love Michelle Louvric s work, at least what I have read this far Cecilia Cornaro is a great character, who appears in some of the author s other novels Check out The Floating Book, which I enjoyed slightly than I did Carnevale.

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