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Humans By Robert J. Sawyer Humans Robert J Sawyer the award winning and bestselling writer hits the peak of his powers in Humans the second book of The Neanderthal Parallax his trilogy about our world and parallel one in which it

  • Title: Humans
  • Author: Robert J. Sawyer
  • ISBN: 9780765346759
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Paperback
  • Humans By Robert J. Sawyer Robert J Sawyer, the award winning and bestselling writer, hits the peak of his powers in Humans, the second book of The Neanderthal Parallax, his trilogy about our world and parallel one in which it was the Homo sapiens who died out and the Neanderthals who became the dominant intelligent species This powerful idea allows Sawyer to examine some of the deeply rooted assuRobert J Sawyer, the award winning and bestselling writer, hits the peak of his powers in Humans, the second book of The Neanderthal Parallax, his trilogy about our world and parallel one in which it was the Homo sapiens who died out and the Neanderthals who became the dominant intelligent species This powerful idea allows Sawyer to examine some of the deeply rooted assumptions of contemporary human civilization dramatically, by confronting us with another civilization, just as morally valid, that has made other choices In Humans, Neanderthal physicist Ponter Boddit, a character you will never forget, returns to our world and to his relationship with geneticist Mary Vaughan, as cultural exchanges between the two Earths begin.As we see daily life in another present day world, radically different from ours, in the course of Sawyer s fast moving story, we experience the bursts of wonder and enlightenment that are the finest pleasures of science fiction Humans is one of the best SF novels of the year, and The Neanderthal Parallax is an SF classic in the making.Humans is a 2004 Hugo Award Nominee for Best Novel.
    Humans By Robert J. Sawyer

    Humans TV Series Jun , With Katherine Parkinson, Gemma Chan, Lucy Carless, Tom Goodman Hill In a parallel present where the latest must have gadget for any busy family is a Synth a highly developed robotic servant that s so similar to a real human it s transforming the way we live. Human HUMANS Videos Trailers, Recaps, Previews, Behind the humans The cast and creators explore the world one year after Day Zero the day Synths became conscious and the looming war between man and machine Don t miss the Season premiere Tuesday, June at c. Humans TV series Watch Humans Series Prime Video The Humans story depicts society s rejection of synths protests, outrage, fear unlike Bladerunner, where they are accepted, but hunted when they break free of their shackles Even so, human than a human was not good enough for the replicants to be accepted as humans even though they are made of the same tissues as ordinary humans

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    One thought on “Humans

    1. Greg on said:

      This book is pretty terrible I shouldn t have gone on with the series Now that I m two thirds of the way through I feel like i should finish it Just to see where this train wreck is going It s the book equivalent of slowing down while passing a car wreck, hoping to maybe see a decapitated head Another reviewer called out this book as basically being an extended liberal strawman argument Yeah, it is that My friend Ceridwen said something about a part of a Sawyer book she read being like someone w [...]

    2. Laurie on said:

      I really love this author and want to read everything he s written His books are so good that at first I thought his writing was nothing special, generic This is because I become so wrapped up in his stories and the worlds he creates, I can t extricate myself enough to see his style or comment or even remember his particular wording From page 1, I am immediately absorbed I like his characters I care about them They are all really distinct and do not fall into cliches While I know who is good and [...]

    3. Bruce Kroeze on said:

      The second book in this series It won awards, though I can t figure out why.I found the characters to be even cardboard cutouts than in the first novel Also, the sharp insight and extrapolations based on science were notably lacking in this one.Of course, Neanderthals are good in every way Handsome men with giant units, they are great and sensitive lovers of course, sweet new age men who pull together for the good of all.Who wouldn t love this contrived utopia where no animal has ever gone exti [...]

    4. Fantasy Literature on said:

      Ponter, the Neanderthal from another dimension, is back on Earth our Earth.This time, Ponter has brought nearly a dozen of the most celebrated scientists and intellectuals from his world Though we humans are a difficult bunch to deal with, the Neanderthals seem determined to make contact work Thank goodness, since a lone gunman on our side shoots a member of their delegation as soon as he gets the chance Mary, meanwhile, is recruited into an American think tank that is determined to figure out h [...]

    5. Fred on said:

      More human bashing using our oh so perfect yet totalitarian neanderthal cousins Simplistic ideas tightly wrapped in bullshit and I wanted the main characters to die couldn t finish it Got it as an audiobook, I was sighing and rolling my eyes so much that people around me started taking it personally.This is sci fi for congenital idiots.

    6. Jorid Sørli on said:

      Wow, that was bad I guess the author was trying to be profound, but it was falling asleep boring Nothing new happens in this book and the religous discussion are just anoying and neverending I only finished because I was on a plane with no internet connection Bad Stop with book 1

    7. mlady_rebecca on said:

      This is one of those series that underscores science fiction as speculative fiction Beyond being a compelling story, it s an amazing forum for social commentary By looking at the alternate world where Neanderthals became the dominant human species, rather than homo sapiens, we can easily see many roads not taken, and the consequences that followed Things like overpopulation, slavery, and certain livestock born diseases would not exist if we were still hunter gatherers There would also be respec [...]

    8. Badseedgirl on said:

      What the hell just happened here The first book in Robert Sawyer s Neanderthal Parallax, Hominids, was a science fiction exploration of an alternate dimension in which the Neanderthal society became the apex predator, and how this society evolved in a modern day Earth It won a Hugo award, and if not perfect was at least an entertaining read It was good enough for me to want to read the second book in the series, Humans.This second book, well, let s just say it is not the same Humans now holds th [...]

    9. David on said:

      The story line for this series continues to be interesting but as I continue to read a number of Sawyer s books in rapid succession I am becoming less and less fond of his writing Some of it is just annoying For example, in this book a main character in the story is a female PhD Geneticist who works at York University in Toronto She is offered a job in Rochester, NY, and asks That s not far from here, is it Doh It s across the lake from you lady While in Rochester it is suggested that she go to [...]

    10. VanGogh's Beard on said:

      Ugggh I had to wait a day or two before I wrote the review for this book.The first was was amazing and offered such possibility for the exploration of a new world.This one is such a disappointment.What it ends up being is a weak romance rape revenge novel.If you re into that kind of thing, you ll dig this series or If you re a caucasian male and enjoy feeling responsible for all the ills of the world, this will tickle your guilt as well.I finished it and am curious to see if the last one redeems [...]

    11. Margaret on said:

      Really good Sci Fi Second book in the series was as good as the first Now on to the third.This is an alternate universe story and it is extremely well done.

    12. Lis Carey on said:

      Note This review is from several years ago, I m guessing 2005 or 2006 Clearly I had a very different reaction to Humans than to Hominids I have no idea whether the quality of the two books is really that different, or the change is in me, or whether Humans simply doesn t work out of sequence, but would work better if I read them in order.This is a 2004 Hugo Award nominee for Best Novel No, really, it is You can check the website.It s also the second of Sawyer s three novels about our kind of hum [...]

    13. Darren Vincent on said:

      An incredible book My review of the first book in the series was that I was not all that impressed in comparison to some of his other books This book than makes up for whatever I felt was lacking in that book THIS book is pure Sawyer Pure fiction backed by seemingly sound science And that is just the shell of the plot.What makes this book so great as well as some of his others is the ideas he brings forth from within the main plot There were some ideas and situations that I was not all that com [...]

    14. Merredith on said:

      A couple of years ago, I borrowed an at the time roommate s copy of the first volume in this trilogy It sets up that way back at the beginning of humanity, earth split into two parallel universes, and in the other, it was us who died out, and neanderthals who became the humans of the world they accidentally open a portal to canada, and the saga begins In this second of the three books, the main character Ponter convinces his government to let him reopen the portal, and crosses back into our real [...]

    15. Susanna on said:

      What I said about the first book of the trilogy Plus The author shouldn t have listened to whoever told him that it was time for a very explicit sex scene You should only write about the things you know after allAnd I won t even try to understand why the Neanderthal protagonist has to become a Christian I am afraid my head would explode if I did.

    16. Traveller on said:

      I found Humans a better read in almost every respect than its predecessor A subtle and natural style, yet action packed, and also containing even speculative ideas than the first one.Perhaps, also, I had to some extent become used to Sawyers far fetched ideas and scenarios by now Well, it is specualtive fiction, after all

    17. Scott Jann on said:

      The Neanderthal Parallax consists of three books which take us through the story of Mary Vaughn and the Neanderthal Ponter Boddit If I had to pick a favorite book, it would be the first of the series, but it made me want to read the complete trilogy so I wouldn t recommend reading only one of the books.The story was great science fiction, in that it gave great insight into our present day world The author showed many contrasting points about the Neanderthal which made commentary on religion, our [...]

    18. Jeff Terrell on said:

      I love this universe by SawyerBook two continues the good times This book is in some ways slower than the first, hence my four over five stars This is still an interesting reveal of Pontor s world and continued exploration of his relationship with Mare Go Read book one then run here and then run to book three Welcome to your three book escape from reality.Enjoy

    19. Titus Fortner on said:

      What a disappointment The characters are flat than the first book, and all of the preachy moralizing about how horrible humans have treated the Earth relative to their wonderful Neanderthal counterparts was a bit much I m giving the third book a hard pass.

    20. Hilary on said:

      Not quite as good as the first, but it continued the most interesting things at least, for anthropologists demonstrating the differences between two cultures with a similar background The human and neanderthal stories kept me reading into the night.

    21. Karen on said:

      Excellent readLittle slow at first But a nice new take on boy meets girl Some interesting science thrown in to boot.

    22. Dan on said:

      This was an enjoyable enough novel But Robert Sawyer has set his bar so high that I was mildly disappointed in this one Still, it was nice to get details on the Neanderthal world.

    23. Lisianna on said:

      An excellent second book That s often hard to do I can t wait for the third Of course, I love when a book incorporates some real parcels of science facts and contention too

    24. NormaCenva on said:

      I very much enjoyed the exploration of the unique world the Author crafted for this series The character s are still amazing And it is kinda great to read a book where humans are shown as complete inconsequential primitive idiots prone to unnecessary violence.N.B Mary Vaughan is such an ignorant idiot Just proves that religion fucks up everything, and especially the mind, even if it is a scientist s mind Her idiotic semantics really diminished the pleasure of re reading this.

    25. Ben Babcock on said:

      When something momentous, like a Neanderthal physicist from an alternate universe visiting our universe, happens once, it s a fluke When it happens a second time and when the portal that connects the two universes shows every sign of lasting indefinitely it s a paradigm shift Society will have to adjust to having Neanderthal neighbours like Ponter Boddit, who is not only redefining what we consider human he s also holding up a mirror to human society, forcing us to reevaluate all the practices w [...]

    26. Christy on said:

      Roughest book in a rough trilogy I did push thru and read the last one, and it recovers somewhat, although you can skip the first half I ve put effort into my review of the last one, if you re interested My thoughts if you get thru this one, you may as well press on If your considering stopping at 1, do so FYI There s a scene in here that would make most Harlequin novels blush, I think Careful if audible ing with kids in the car

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