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River Boy

River Boy By Tim Bowler River Boy Fifteen year old Jess s grandfather has just had a major heart attack but he insists he finish his painting River Boy At first Jess cannot understand why this painting is so important to her grandf

  • Title: River Boy
  • Author: Tim Bowler
  • ISBN: 9780689848049
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Paperback
  • River Boy By Tim Bowler Fifteen year old Jess s grandfather has just had a major heart attack, but he insists he finish his painting, River Boy At first, Jess cannot understand why this painting is so important to her grandfather, especially since there doesn t seem to be any boy in it at all But while swimming in the river herself, Jess begins to feel the presence of a strange boy Could thisFifteen year old Jess s grandfather has just had a major heart attack, but he insists he finish his painting, River Boy At first, Jess cannot understand why this painting is so important to her grandfather, especially since there doesn t seem to be any boy in it at all But while swimming in the river herself, Jess begins to feel the presence of a strange boy Could this be the same one her ailing grandfather struggles to paint And if so, why has he returned
    River Boy By Tim Bowler

    • Unlimited River Boy - by Tim Bowler
      232 Tim Bowler

    One thought on “River Boy

    1. Dabin on said:

      There are no endings to anything, like happily ever after is still a going on thing, an end is just a period to end the sentence to start a new one The book River Boy by Tim Bowler is about how an end can be a start to anyone, even if you die and end your life, but story about you would still continue People would still have memory about you, the traces of you all around the world would still be there, your achievement, and your dream, would still exist in the world no matter if you still exist [...]

    2. Neil MacDonald on said:

      I just re read this, after a gap of a couple of years The aura of the book had lingered with me in a way that few books do I still find it extraordinary, and completely worthy of the plaudits it has won This time round I tried to concentrate on the way it was constructed Tim Bowler weaves a completely satisfying mesh between the river and the oft repeated description that it flows all the way to the sea , Jess the agile swimmmer her artist grandfather, and the mysterious river boy who moves betw [...]

    3. Ana on said:

      Opini oJess uma adolescente que adora nadar, adora a sensa o de furar a gua, de quebrar a resist ncia do elemento aqu tico e dar bra adas atr s de bra adas at sentir que o seu corpo j n o aguenta mais Vive com os pais e o av paterno, com quem tem uma rela o especial, nica No in cio da narrativa, enquanto Jess faz umas piscinas atr s das outras, o seu av sente se mal, tem um ataque card aco que o vai debilitar seriamente e deix lo com poucas hip teses de sobreviver por muito tempo mais Mesmo assi [...]

    4. Komal on said:

      Utterly underwhelming Jess s grandfather is dying and she meets this mysterious boy swimming about in this river He becomes and visible as her grandfather s health fails while he paints a river All very metaphorical and everything isn t it Sigh Let s do this in list formOS of the book 1 Convincing aura of spirituality2 Themes run deeper than one thinksCONS of the book 1 Written very VERY prosaically2 Cripplingly obvious plot twists3 Utterly boring, half baked characters4 Nothing new in the the [...]

    5. Chloe ♥ (Blushing Bibliophile) on said:

      A lot of my friends say this is a boring book, but I absolutely disagree.This is a beautiful story I was touched by Jess s love for her grandpa and her willingness to help him fulfill his wish view spoiler The last chapters made my heart ache I have lost loved ones in my life before, and I know how hard it is to let go and move on, so I can totally relate to Jess hide spoiler This is an exceptionally good book Five stars

    6. SungMin Cho on said:

      There is a book that reminds readers about grandpa every time we read it The book is called River Boy by Tim Bowler In this novel, the author expertly engages the reader through the use of interesting chapter breaks, words that explain situation, and foreshadowing, which occur throughout the story.This book has interesting chapter breaks where the author breaks chapter at the moment where readers would wonder what will happen on the next chapter.For example, on last sentence of chapter 4 Grandpa [...]

    7. Michele Brenton on said:

      I read this book a number of years ago and was reminded of it today as I drove along a road which follows the river Usk As I gazed at the river I experienced my usual longing to be in the water swimming I have only once actually tried swimming in a river and I remember how this book drew me in with its tale of a young girl who finds it perfectly natural to swim in rivers and who is well equipped to do so.The general storyline is lovely, very real and believable and the surreal supernatural eleme [...]

    8. Liz on said:

      All about a girl coming to terms with her Grandpa dying Amazing approach to death for children and young adolescents And if you teach English, it is full of some wonderful phrases and similes that jump out of the page at you

    9. Lily on said:

      This one was a lot like Frozen Fire, also by Bowler It is about yet another mysterious boy, and ends with a smiliar case It kept me going with adventure and mystery, and it was an interesting tale It isn t one of my favorites though.

    10. Ümit on said:

      P rasa gibi bir kitap yi oldu unu ya da olmas gerekti ini bilirsiniz ama hi tat almazs n z ya yemekten te bu da b yle maalesef ok yavan bir slup Ba ar s z.

    11. FeelTheFeels on said:

      In this book, Jess who is 15 has to face a horrific reality of life or death, after her grandfather who is extremely stubborn and insisted on going on holiday has a heart attack in a swimming pool He leaves hospital and goes on holiday, to paint by the river Jess is an extremely good swimmer so she decides to swim in the river whilst he is painting His condition doesn t get better.In my opinion, this book is brilliant It may have a slow build up, but, at the end, it holds you tight and doesn t l [...]

    12. Cheryl on said:

      Not mysterious, because not subtle Or original Grandpa, esp is such a character as we ve met so many times in books, but never irl Also boring which is not a complaint I make lightly, as those of you who know me understand Inexperienced readers might enjoy it I did like Past and future are merely bandits who steal from the present and give nothing back I didn t like the scene where Mom has just learned from Dad that Jess didn t sleep last night, so she immediately goes to Jess s room and sits d [...]

    13. Amber Scaife on said:

      A young girl and her parents struggle with her grandfather s swiftly declining health as they all travel back to the rural area where he was born Jess s grandfather is a painter, and his efforts to finish his last painting seem to be bound to both his own life and the mysterious boy who appears to Jess in the river near their vacation home.The idea behind this one is really good, and potentially could be a great way to open up a conversation with kids about how to process the death of a loved on [...]

    14. YujinJang on said:

      death is not something horrible but beautiful Jess had hated death of her grandpa, but later she understood what life was and how beutiful death is Of course, people don t like death It feels like the end of our life However, death means another start of life, like river flowing the life of the river It s born here and it runs its allotted distance, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes straight, sometimes twisting, sometimes calm, sometimes turbulent, and it keeps on running until it reache [...]

    15. Ryce on said:

      This is a wonderfully written book It s kinda emotional but it s not too hard to bear Personally, it reminded me of the time when i was coping up with the loss of a loved one Life is beautiful even though it has to end.

    16. Kevin Lee on said:

      Kevin LeeMs.ElshoffDec 8 2015Literal elements River boy Story of River boy is about Jess and Jess grandpa s dream which is very touching Also these methods make this book intense and kept reader s focus The River Boy, by Tim Bowler, which genre is Bildungsroman, expertly engage the reader through the use of an interesting theme, extended metaphor, and foreshadowing to engage the reader First, the theme of River Boy is about people s life and death, and relationship This book tells vividly about [...]

    17. Yaerin Ku on said:

      Fifteen year old Jess, who possesses exceptional swimming techniques, has forged indestructible bond with her fractious but sometimes gentle grandfather However, there comes a time when people have no choice but to embrace their farewells to their loved ones This is exactly what happened to the protagonist, Jess After the first major heart attack, her grandfather s condition plummets from the usual dynamic and independent grandfather to a delicate and sagged wheel chair bearer Yet, he insists on [...]

    18. In Seo Woo on said:

      River boy is about a girl named Jess who loves to swim As much as she loves swimming, she also loves her grandfather, who is an ill artist As her grandfather s health gets worse, her family decides to go for a trip to her grandfather s homeland, where her grandfather is devoted to finish his final masterpiece, the river boy However, his health gets worse and worries Jess, but she is disturbed by the river boy she met by the river while swimming After all, the river boy she met was an illusion of [...]

    19. Tony Park on said:

      Review of the River Boy River boy is a young adult by Tim bowler Fifteen years old swimmer Jess, and stubborn grandfather go to trip to grandfather s hometown And this novel show reader the strong and silent mood In this novel, the author expertly engages the reader through the use of interesting simile, mood, and suitable prediction In this novel the author is used interesting simile in the story he used She tried to imagine what Alfred must have been like as a boy page 70 This means Jess just [...]

    20. Caroline Ryu on said:

      Oh My God This book the SADDEST BOOK I ve ever read in my entire life It was my first time crying this hard after reading a book The story starts off by Jess family visiting her grandparent s hometown Jess is the main character who is a passionate swimmer Though her grandpa suffered a heart attack, he persistently wanted to go, so they did Jess had a special relationship with her grandfather they loved and cared each other a lot He used to be an active, sometimes irritatingly stubborn artist, bu [...]

    21. Alexa SOF2014 on said:

      This is a heartfelt story of a 15 year old girl and her deep love for her grandfather who has just had a serious heart attack The grandfather insists that the family travel to his boyhood home on the river so he can finish his painting, River Boy Jess helps her unwell grandfather with his painting She becomes mesmerized by the scene he is painting She also becomes aware of a strange presence or aura in the river It is a bou who needs her help and challenges her to swim to extreme lengths Jess ha [...]

    22. Rachal on said:

      I think that this is one of a kind book that s going to be hard to copy, for any of you guys that are looking to write books.Jess s grandfather, a painter, is a strong spirted person, that has everything his way, and hardly ever takes no for an answer So when he has a heart attack and is in the hospitable, it looks as if he won t be back in time to go on the vacation that Jess, an avid swimmer, and her parents planed To everyone s dismay he checks himself out of the hospitable, insiting that he [...]

    23. Dee-Ann on said:

      This was a freebie library give away, and it was a little treasure.I probably should have given it 5 stars, and I suspect I have given 5 starts to a lesser book in the past But at the end I just wanted a little something extra and magical There was a slight magical feel to it, which is why I dubiously put it in the paranormal section, but felt there could have been .This story is about Jess, a teenage girl who swims, whose grandfather is dying She is very close to him and is taking it hard Her g [...]

    24. Kiho Park on said:

      It has been several months that I ve read this book This book is about a girl named Jess who is a good swimmer Her grandfather is an artist who was ill In order to improve his health state her an unfinished painting called river boy However, there is no boy in the painting and Jess has always wondered why Jess meets the river boy while she was swimming in the river After all, Jess figures out that the river boy she met was an illusion of her grandfather and swims to the sea with him I really enj [...]

    25. Andrew Solens on said:

      I enjoyed reading this book because it was about the arts in the world and I can relate to the main character because I enjoy the arts as well River boy is a fascinating book that is about a fifteen year old girl named Jess who is a big fan of the arts and her grandfather Her grandfather has been ill recently and wants to go back to the place where he had grown up as a kid with his new family So, he decides to go on a vacation to the place where he grew up and as he got and ill he is desperat [...]

    26. Stephen Misiti on said:

      I think this was a very good book because of how interesting it was This book was about a girl who always went swimming and felt this weird presence of a boy in the river She found this painting that her grandpa never finished, it was of a river so she thought it had something to do with the boy This book was a cool and well written book, and there should be books like these It could have been a little interesting though The whole book was just about them traveling to a cabin and swimming and [...]

    27. Kim on said:

      This is a really good book Its about the ending of life and the magic of love between a grandfather and granddaughter It s about pushing yourself to acheive the unacheviable It s hard to put into words sometimes the way a book makes you feel while reading and this is one of them The grandfather is near the end of his time on earth and wants to go back to a place to finish something that has weighed heavy on his heart The grandaughter finds a way to help the grandfather achieve the impossible and [...]

    28. Julia on said:

      River boy is about fifteen year old girl named Jess who likes to swim and loves her grandfather who is artist Her grandfather have bad health and as the health get worse, Jess parent decides to go to grandfather s hometown In grandfather s hometown, while she is swimming in the river she meet river boy Later on when grandfather dies Jess realizes the river boy she met was grandfather soul as a child River boy was emotional book and i enjoyed reading this book My favorite part of this book is whe [...]

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