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What Dreams May Come

What Dreams May Come By Richard Matheson What Dreams May Come A classic novel of love after death from one our greatest fantasy writers The premise is deceptively simple Chris Neilson has died in a car accident but his life force his spirit is still conscious

  • Title: What Dreams May Come
  • Author: Richard Matheson
  • ISBN: 9780765308702
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback
  • What Dreams May Come By Richard Matheson A classic novel of love after death, from one our greatest fantasy writers The premise is deceptively simple Chris Neilson has died in a car accident, but his life force his spirit is still conscious of this plane of reality And he is still too in love with his wife, Ann, to completely let go She in turn does not want to go on living without him, as each regards theA classic novel of love after death, from one our greatest fantasy writers The premise is deceptively simple Chris Neilson has died in a car accident, but his life force his spirit is still conscious of this plane of reality And he is still too in love with his wife, Ann, to completely let go She in turn does not want to go on living without him, as each regards the other as their soul mate What Chris will do to get back with Ann after she dies makes for one of the most unusual love stories ever told Even though the story can be enjoyed as pure fantasy, what makes What Dreams May Come unique is how the author spent years researching the subject of life after death An exhaustive bibliography is included to verify this And while Matheson admits that the characters are of course fictional, he also states that With few exceptions, every other detail is derived exclusively from research Whether, after reading this novel, one believes in life after death is of course a matter of opinion At least you ll entertain the possibility that, even though we may not live forever, true love can be eternal Stanley WiaterThe New York Times bestselling novel that inspired the Oscar winning movie What happens to us after we die Chris Nielsen had no idea, until an unexpected accident cut his life short, separating him from his beloved wife, Annie Now Chris must discover the true nature of life after death But even Heaven is not co
    What Dreams May Come By Richard Matheson

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    One thought on “What Dreams May Come

    1. Matthew on said:

      I enjoyed this thought provoking book I have read Matheson before and I like his writing style I feel like his prose is such that it will draw a wide variety of people in The fact that it is so accessible with very little filler or unnecessary flowery ness is a plus for me.When deciding whether or not to read this book, you must think about how you feel about stories that conjecture about the afterlife If that is a touchy subject for you or you are uncomfortable reading about possibilities outsi [...]

    2. Becky on said:

      I am going to start this review by talking about the one thing that caused this to be a 4 star book rather than a 5 star book That one thing is the author s note at the beginning Now, I almost never read author s notes or introductions, because I find that they inevitably ruin some aspect of the book for me Whether it is a spoiler, or an introducer s opinion which causes me to think of the book in a certain way, or interpret things in a certain way, or whatever the case may be, it lessens my enj [...]

    3. Rebecca McNutt on said:

      Also a film starring Robin Williams, this spectacular portrayal of life, death and interconnection is still as timely as ever, a classic tale that any reader can find meaning in.

    4. Nataliya on said:

      As hard as I tried to make myself care about this book and its characters, I just could not.First of all, it is very tedious, with too much exposition and endless infodumps in the dialogue form The story gets so bogged down in the exposition that it becomes very dull to follow At times it reads like a technical manual, with dry and repetitive narration In this book, Matheson for the most part tells instead of showing, which makes it hard for me to enjoy the story The characters are poorly fleshe [...]

    5. Brian on said:

      My fan went out on my laptop again so I m writing this from my iPhone So if I misspell or something I loved, absolutely loved this beautiful story I don t agree with the theology I m a Christian Nuf said bout that The story reads like a myth or legend, and symbolism abounds for the lives we live THE POWER OF LOVE That phrase describes the theme A man dies and goes to a heaven like place He wants his wife to come, but learns she has condemned herself to the lower regions through suicide He risks [...]

    6. Lubinka Dimitrova on said:

      I was probably not in the right mood for this book, it tired me, it was a bit verbose, a bit too dark, a bit repetitive Still, the last few sentences made it worth reading the whole thing.

    7. Bill on said:

      I picked this one up after I finished Barbara Gowdy s stories mainly because it was short and I wanted something quick to read and Hannibal wasn t being released for another couple of days What a find.This is the novel that the movie of the same name is based upon, starring Robin Williams In the introduction, Matheson explains that the only fiction in this story are the characters and their relationships The rest came from intensive research on the subject The end productmakes so much sense and [...]

    8. Shark on said:

      This book begins with an immediate fallacy the author gives an introduction claiming that all events that occur in the book are true to life though shown through fictional characters This reminded me of Dan Brown s similar claims in The Da Vinci Code The problem here is that theological supernature is impossible to prove simply through research Given that science and other such worldly ventures are based in what limited PHYSICAL proof we have, I don t believe for a second that someone can read a [...]

    9. Chris_P on said:

      First things first In spite of being brought up in a Christian Orthodox environment, I don t consider myself a Christian I guess you can call me an open minded atheist As for the afterlife, I think that all existing scenarios were created by the various religions either to concrete their earthly establishments, or to ease people s fear of dying, with the former being the most probable hypothesis Personally, while recognizing that one can only speculate about this matter, I m of the opinion that [...]

    10. Josh Caporale on said:

      4.5 starsI feel as if Richard Matheson is a brilliant writer that not enough people give credit to He wrote I Am Legend, The Shrinking Man often known as The Incredible Shrinking Man , Nightmare at 20,000 Feet for The Twilight Zone, Button, Button which was adapted into the film The Box , and there was also this particular novel that touches upon death While this book was published and released in 1978, many know about the film adaptation from 20 years later starring Robin Williams as Chris Niel [...]

    11. Dean on said:

      Wonderful.I was entrance by this book.A great bookMatheson at is best Powerful written, with insight and gutsI recommend it to everyone who feels eternity in his heart Dean

    12. Katherine on said:

      What was most fascinating to me was how well researched though it s fiction the book was People who are familiar with new age and scientific discoveries on research into the afterlife from different perspectives won t fail to recognize many influences into this story In addition, Matheson adds a bibliography of all the books he read before writing this work.What most find memorable and touching about the story, which is the story of the way people who love each other strongly cope with life afte [...]

    13. Kerry Connelly on said:

      Amazing,Inspiring,Life changing.Whether you choose to view this remarkable manuscript as a work of non fiction or the latter, two things can be said Richard Matheson is either a literary GENIOUS or this is the book EVERYONE has been waiting to read,yet may not know it A remarkable book which was meant for me to read It has reinstated my faith in the afterlife, helped in understanding of certain elements of what I believe to be involved with the process of the afterlife, as well as incorporated s [...]

    14. Katie on said:

      This is a book that has been on my shelf since, well, I got my first bookshelf at age 8 It was one of the many hand me downs my mother bestowed to me to get my collection started For this reason, I may be slightly biased, but I am and will always remain adamant in my love for this book I read it for the first time when I was ten or eleven, I can t remember specifically, and it was miles over my head at that time Which is why I am so glad I came back to it now, when my mind can better comprehend [...]

    15. Rachel on said:

      This book was VERY different from the movie, though much of it was very similar The book shies away from the idea of a God , where as the movie has very heavy theological tones and even goes so far as to state that there is a God I can t really say which one I liked better I feel like the movie was was so well, moving It is difficult to watch it and not cry most of the way through it The book is a far intellectual endeavor, no doubt aided by the hefty reference material in the bibliography I do [...]

    16. Stacie on said:

      Life on earth is only a panorama of vivid observations which seem real to you.What happens after we die is a question people wonder about The afterlife is debated about between the numerous religions in the world This was Matheson s look at what that afterlife is like and how we affect what it will be His running mantra throughout is that it is all in the mindwhat we think, whether dead or alive, makes a difference to our lives and our deaths.But, this was also a love storyIt was a sweet love st [...]

    17. Doğan on said:

      Bu kitap hakk nda notlar m tutarken sevdi im ve cidden rahats z oldu um konular hakk nda notlar m madde madde payla aca m Sevdi im k s mlar kitap bitince yazaca m tabi elle tutulur bir eyler karsa o da.Kitaptan so utan etkenlerAdam lm zerinden bi dolu sayfa ge mi hala, Ben lmedim modunda Abi sen neyin kafas ndas n bi gel hele, konu ak seninle.Neyse uzun bir s renin ard ndan cennete gittik Cennet te fos kt Akrabalar, len k peklerim filan Ben cenneti daha seksi bi yer olarak d nm t m hep Madem hay [...]

    18. Alicia on said:

      Why did I put off reading this book for so long That s actually easy to answer After losing my Dad I thought reading, in detail, about a man dying in a hospital, leaving his devastated family behind, and slowly moving into the afterlife would be difficult for me process To be clear, losing my Dad absolutely devastated me The circumstances surrounding his death prevented me from grieving for the better part of a year We didn t even get to celebrate his life and have his funeral for 10 months afte [...]

    19. Michael on said:

      Many of Richard Matheson s short stories and novels take a supernatural premise and make it relatable through the use of the characters and their reactions to it This isn t the case with Matheson s What Dreams May Come The novel is Matheson s attempt to look at what happens to us after death and while it s interesting, I never felt like it necessarily connected with me in the same way that other Matheson novels and short stories have.Driving home, Chris Nielsen is killed in a car accident After [...]

    20. Adam on said:

      What a supremely stirring and strange storyImagine that someone decided to research the most intricately detailed depictions of the afterlife from several religions, merged these ideas together into a cohesive whole, and wrote a tale about a man and his unbreakable love for his wife set in a fantastical setting utilizing said research Now imagine that the man responsible for this story is mostly known for tales of horror and the macabre That s exactly what you get with Richard Matheson s What Dr [...]

    21. Megan Lillian on said:

      I did not like this book The most upsetting and I suppose liberating to some idea presented is that we, as human beings, are destined to create our own heavens and hells simply by our mental patterns It struck me, as a trained social worker, that it is distinctly unfair that the mentally ill who suffer throughout an entire life time with depression self doubt schizophrenia etc are limited by their very diseases to an eternity of post mortem agony Upsetting to say the least If half the women in t [...]

    22. Amy on said:

      I really liked Somewhere in Time originally published under another title by Matheson, so despite disliking the video of this movie, I was looking forward to reading it I was disappointed.The cover of the book proclaims After life there is The end is just the beginning , a sentiment I firmly believe But I was sorely disappointed in this book I found it depressing and irritating However, I remembered I didn t like the beginning of that other novel of Matheson s, which I ended up really liking, so [...]

    23. Lisa on said:

      I really wanted to stay on board with this character, Chris, and his adventures in the lands beyond death The story is exciting, especially in the beginning, and has some gorgeous imagery I love the delicate purl of surf Chris notices on the shore of the lake in Summerland The story grows tedious as it progresses and is so didactic that it gets boring and seems to go on for.wellp, an eternity Ann s helplessness and goodness is annoying, too, frankly I was completely disgusted when I finally got [...]

    24. Heidi Garrett on said:

      After watching the movie and reading reviews that said the book was better than the movie, I was very excited to read this book However for me, the book wasn t better than the movie I really wanted it to be, but I found the book cerebral, while the movie was quite emotional The book is divided into three sections The first and third sections are a bit too new agey for my tastes I enjoyed the middle section the most But the end was rather preachy I just don t believe that we are responsible for e [...]

    25. Henrik on said:

      This book is a love story between a man and woman, and a very intimate, believable one, at that Add to that a wrestling with the large questions of life, death, existence and reality on a metaphysical scale, and you know this is an ambitious novel.There are many things in the story I do not believe in, and that, if the introduction is to be trusted, the author believes in, and there are reviewers of this novel that think this subtracts from the overall experience of the story I disagree The stor [...]

    26. Barbara on said:

      1 1 03This is one of those books that only provides a very loose basis for the movie If you pick this book up expecting Robin Williams quips, you ll be sorely disappointed What Dreams May Come is really about the author delving into his thoughts about the afterlife I had a hard time reading than a few pages at once because my mind would start to churn with thoughts about life after death and it would be impossible to concentrate on the book But it is an excellent book Just not one for easy, pl [...]

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